Last time on Undercover, Richard and Miller have met with Sinclair, Browntooth and his pack, and have even met Gemma, everybody is now in Paradise Valley, as the new chapter begins.

Chapter 14: Training and love

After Richard, Miller, Littlefoot and the gang, even Gemma got settled in, Richard and Miller have decided to train Littlefoot and the gang the skills of a CIA agent and a U.S. Marine, Richard asked Miler if it was okay to teach Gemma some self-defense, Miller approved of it.

One day, Richard and Miller are leading the kids and Gemma up on a mountain in Paradise Valley, Richard then says, " Today everyone, we begin your training?"

Cera says, " You got to be kidding me?"

" But we are safe, Browntooth said that the Valley is isolated from the outside world, yep, yep, yep." Ducky said, as she remembers what Browntooth said.

" I really don't see how any will find us here." Ruby said, as she don't see any point of training.

Richard then says as he supports his reasons, " I know it's a safe place and all, but remember even if the Valley is isolated from the outside world, but the valley is still at risk for being found and word getting out, and if that happens, Doc, Dara, and Sharptooth will find us, then we got trouble, so Me and Miller are not taking any chances."

" I agree, Sharptooth have kept on looking for me and my friends in the past, and he will do it again." Littlefoot said, backing Richard up with his reasons.

" That's right, Sharptooth has done it to me and Miller, trying to train me to be as Fast as he is, two days ago." Chomper said, supporting Littlefoot and Richard.

Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Ruby, and even Gemma then decided that the training should be taking care of right away, as Gemma says, " Okay Richard, teach us."

Richard and Miller smile, as Miller says, " Okay first we start with this."

The training begins as a song is playing in the background.

The Winner- Coolio

Coolio: It's time to take you to its full potential.

Coolio: Peep this and drop some game on the instrumental and it's a symptom that you listen close and better tell your folks let the locest loc first things first since your date of birth you've been kinda confused about what your life is worth 50 million times don't wait and go, you gotta take control, those fools don't want to be home you can do anything that you want to do, all you got to do is to put your brain into it take you time and educate your mind in the long run I'm sure you're fine if you walk the walk you can talk the talk but don't wait too long coz life is short and remember, no matter what they tellin' you if you try, you can be a winner too.

Richard first teaches Littlefoot and the gang how to not be caught will being a spy, and also taught Littlefoot and the how to sneak behind and enemy and take them out, Gemma is also taught on how do spy moves, as Miller taught Ducky, Petrie, Chomper, Ruby, and Gemma how to use a firearm in case they can't fight use their tails, or to some teeth and/or claws.

Chorus: Keep on pushing, moving on up, everybody we're moving on up, moving on up, you're a winner, you gotta keep pushing, moving on up, everybody we're moving on up, moving on up, you're a winner.

Coolio: Everybody rides with the women boys and girls each one teach one but we can't save the world all in one day you could take it play by play and once you're on the path don't you ever go this way if your leader wants to holla' but you can't make him plead you can give a man some wisdom but you can't make him feel cause stitchin time says nine dirty bird gets the worm but all you can think about is gettin' attention for your firm if knowledge is power and power is knowledge, then how so many idiots be graduating from colleges better the b-side then the be gutted fool than to speakin' to move all out you know what I'm talking about when opportunity knocks you better let him in and sit him down and try to be his friend in order to be a professional first you got to be a beginner but if you keep on pushing you can be a winner.

Sinclair begin teaching Littlefoot how to do the tail whip, as Richard begin teaching Gemma how to do self-defense, soon Richard and Miller set up a ring, where Littlefoot and the gang, even Gemma fight each other to see who is ready and who still needs more training.

Chorus: Keep on pushing, moving on up, everybody we're moving on up, moving up, you're a winner, you gotta keep pushing, moving on up, everybody we're moving on up, moving on up, you're a winner.

Coolio: Red, yellow, black, white, or brown if every mind their business we can all get down it all starts and on cause once they're grown they're gone and once they're on their own their own you got to leave them alone be a leader and if you can't be a leader make your leader is a damn good teacher and imagine if you was in a car and your life was wasted somebody was on your back and you had to give him some space put the better to the matter where it match at low but make sure you stay in your lane and go strof to strof we don't need no penaltys or eliminations or disqualifications what we need in penetrations now what you heard before but sometimes life is what you make it I ain't the one thats known for fakin or perpetratin if Albert was an Einstein and Phillis was a Diller and Michael Jackson was a thriller then you could be a winner.

The chorus extends then fades out and ends, as it is now been two mouth, Richard and Gemma have both grown they are no longer teenagers, they are adult Fast-biters, Littlefoot and the gang are now teenagers, the relationship between Richard and Gemma started growing, as first it started just being friends, then they start to have feelings for each other, they didn't know where it came from, Richard went to ask Miller, as Gemma asks Browntooth, Miller smiled and told Richard that he is in love.

Browntooth also tells this to Gemma, Both Richard and Gemma have today been away from each other, instead of seeing each other like normal, but they were thinking about what to say, since they both found out, that they are in love with each other.

Soon night came, Littlefoot and the gang are already asleep, Richard is looking at the night sky, as the full moon is out, Richard then hears a voice coming from behind him, " Hello Richard."

Richard turns around and see's Gemma, " Hi Gemma."

Gemma come out and stands next to Richard, " Are you okay?"

Richard says, " Oh yeah, I'm okay, just looking at the night sky."

Both Richard and Gemma, look at the night sky, then Gemma looks at Richard, " Richard?"

" Yes Gemma?" Richard asks.

" I have to tell you something." Gemma said, being a little worried.

" What do you want to tell me?" Richard asks, wanting to know.

Gemma at first hesitated, then she decided to tell Richard, " Well, since you saved and met with me, two mouths ago, and have trained me how to defend myself, for two mouths, you have been a good best friend of my, but I want more, I want to be more then just your best friend, what I'm trying to say is, I love you."

Richard was shocked to hear those words come out of Gemma's mouth, as he then start to fall her, as he says, " I love you too."

Richard and Gemma then nuzzled each other, then out of nowhere, Richard kisses Gemma in the mouth, at first she was caught by surprise, but soon she falls for the kiss too.

( Warning lemons, if you don't like it, don't read it and skip to the end, but if you do, then enter at your own risk, but don't say I didn't warn you.)

Richard and Gemma kissed for two minutes, until they broke their kiss, soon they went to a place where they can have some private time, they found a cave, put a boulder in front of the entrance, then Gemma pounced on Richard, as he fell on his back, Gemma then licked Richard's face, then started licking his chest, as Richard growled in lust, Gemma then brought her head down to Richard's growing member.

Gemma licked his member, as Richard says, " Oh Gemma, that's good."

Gemma then toke Richard's member in her mouth as she moved her head up and down on his member causing him to slightly moan in pleasure from what Gemma was doing.

After about six minutes, Richard felt a pressure building up in his lower part of his body that it felt like it was about to be released as he screamed out in pleasure, releasing his fast-biter seed into Gemma's mouth as drank all of his seed removing her mouth from his member, only to have herself pushed back onto her back, as Richard moved his head to her entrance.

" My turn." Richard said seductively as he traced the outside part with his tongue causing her to gasp small gasp's of pleasure only to suddenly turn into a moan of pleasure for Richard had started to slide his tongue in and out of her.

After about five minutes, Gemma had the same building pressure feeling that Richard had as it began to reach an uncontrollable level, as she screamed in pleasure, as she sprayed her juices all over Richard's face, as he licked her juices off of his face as he positioned himself to enter her with his fully erect member as he looked at her with face of concern as he heard Gemma say.

" Richard please let me be with you." Gemma said with a voice filled with lust as Richard slowly pushed himself in as both of them releasing gasps and moans of pleasure as Richard's member started to feel a form of a barrier blocking his entry as he looked up at Gemma as she nodded her head ' yes' causing him to thrust forwards breaking the barrier, causing her to scream in pain as Richard looked up at her.

" I'm sorry, Gemma, I don't want to hurt you, I should stop." Richard said, only to have one Gemma's fore arm rub his back and kiss him for a short period of time, before adding, to reassure Richard, " No, please keep going, I've waited for this for so long."

Richard then started to thrust into her slowly causing both of them to moan in pleasure loudly, Chomper begun a slow rhythm of thrusts into Gemma, but only after a few seconds, Richard thrust faster and harder causing them both to moan out in pleasure as some of there reproductive juices started to leak out of Gemma's sacred area giving Richard's member lubricant making it for him to slide in and out of her easily as Richard made three contacts with her g-spot, but on the fourth contact, it forced them both over the edge as the both screamed in pleasure, as the walls of Gemma's entrance constricted around Richard's member as she sprayed her juices onto his member as Richard sent his fast-biter seed deep into Gemma's womb as he fell onto Gemma's stomach as he pulled out of her allowing himself to get to top of her and kissed her, now they are laying next to each other.

( End of lemons.)

Richard looks at Gemma and says, " Gemma?"

" Yes Richard?" Gemma answers.

Richard says, " Well you be my mate and be with me, forever."

Gemma gasps with happiness, as she says, " Yes, I will be your mate, and you will be my mate, and will love each other, forever."

Then Richard and Gemma kissed each other one last time, as they both slept together as mates, now they will do anything together, as their love for each other is now whole.

Richard, Miller, and Sinclair have started and finished their training, Littlefoot and the gang have grown a little bit over two months, Richard and Gemma are now mates for live, what will happen now? Read chapter 15 to see what happens.