Home Alone 5: Christmas in the Great Valley

Chapter 1: Mysterious Arrival

About year ago, Kevin McCallister, toke down Marv and Harry in New York City, after spending Christmas in New York City, they went back to Chicago, eleven mouths later on November 22, Kevin is now ten years old, everything was going good until Kevin was kidnapped from his home in Chicago, the bad guys that kidnapped him toke Kevin to Dallas, Texas, to a laboratory, the bad guys turned Kevin into a dinosaur and sent him back in time into the prehistoric past, by the time the Dallas Police Department came and arrested the bad guys, it was too late, the bad guys blew up the time machine and hid there dinosaur formula from the Police Department, when the Chicago Police Department got news from the Dallas Police Department, they told them that they would never see their son ever again, all of the McCallisters were devastated to hear this and knew that they would never see Kevin, little did they know that Kevin is alive, but is now a dinosaur.

65 million years into the past, Littlefoot and his friends including Chomper and Ruby, were playing in the Valley, they were playing at the bubbling mud, until they heard a young male voice calling to someone, " Mom, Dad." then said, " Mom, Dad, where are you?" Littlefoot says, " Someone is in trouble." Cera says being sarcastic, " I hear that, Littlefoot, we know someone is in trouble, it isn't that the person says that for no reason." then Chomper says, " It's coming from that way." Littlefoot says, " Lets go see." they started looking for the source of that sound, they looked everywhere, but found nobody, until they heard someone crying, they saw a backpack with weird symbols on it and didn't know what it was, when they looked in they found a Longneck, that is like Littlefoot's age and size, they walked in as Littlefoot says, " Are you okay?" the Longneck turned to Littlefoot and says, " No, I lost my family and I'll never see them again." the Longneck start crying again as Littlefoot says, " I know how you feel, to tell you the truth, I lost my mother years ago, but I have let it go, years ago." the Longneck is now starting to feel better, than Littlefoot says, " My name is Littlefoot, I am a Longneck." Cera says, " I'm Cera and I am a Threehorn." Ducky says, " I'm Ducky, I'm a swimmer, and this is Spike, the Spiketail." Spike nods as he grunts, Petrie says, " Me Petrie, and Me flyer." Ruby says, " My name is Ruby, and I am a Fast runner." and Chomper says, " I'm Chomper, I'm a Sharptooth, but I'm friendly." the Longneck says, " I'm not afraid, and besides I like you." Than Cera asks, " Well here's in easy one, what's your name?" the Longneck says, " My name is Kevin McCallister, but just call Kevin." Cera says, " That's an odd name for a Longneck." Littlefoot says, " Nice to meet you Kevin, can you tell us what happened?" Kevin explains to Littlefoot and the gang that he was kidnapped from his family and his home in a Valley called Chicago, then Kevin also told Littlefoot and the gang that the bad guys knocked him out and then he woke up in the this Valley, trying to find them but can't find them and also tells them that his family will never see him again, Littlefoot and the gang felt sorry for Kevin, Ducky says, " That is awful, it is, it is." Ruby agrees and says, " It is indeed, being taken from your loved ones and never see them again." Petrie says to Kevin, " Me fell sorry for you, Kevin." Kevin says to Petrie, " Don't worry Petrie, I'll be fine." then Littlefoot got an idea and says, " Why don't you stay with us in the Great Valley and stay with Me and my grandparents." Kevin than thought about it he had no place go and no family to be with, then Kevin turns to Littlefoot and says, " Alright I'll stay, and I would like to meet your Grandparents, Littlefoot." than Littlefoot says, " Follow us, Kevin." than Kevin follow the gang to Littlefoot's Grandparents, when they got there, Grandma Longneck, see the kids leading another Longneck about the kids size and says, " Hello kids, who is this?" Littlefoot says, " Grandma, this is Kevin, he has been kidnapped from his family, that very far away from here, and he does know how to get back." Grandpa Longneck craned his neck down to Kevin's eye level and says, " Hello there Kevin, I'm Littlefoot's Grandfather and this is his Grandmother." Kevin try's to be polite as he says, " Nice to meet you, I have lost my family and don't know my way back, it is very far away and I don't even thing they will ever find me or ever see me again." Grandpa Longneck says, " Seen you lost your family Kevin and can't get back to them in any way, you can stay with us." Kevin says, " Thank you, very much, for letting me stay in the Valley with you." Grandma Longneck says, " Your welcome, Kevin." than after a while the kids were being called back into their nests, the kids say good bye to Littlefoot and Kevin, than Littlefoot and Kevin went to sleep with Grandpa and Grandma Longneck next to them.

Chapter 2: Newcomers

The next morning, Littlefoot and Kevin went to meet their friends, they were playing at the bubbling mud until they heard young voices, Littlefoot, Kevin, and the gang, saw a Teenaged male Threehorn named Richard, leading a female Longneck named Kate, a male Swimmer named Carlos, a female Flyer named Annabel, a female Spiketail named Emily, that were children, while they saw a female Fast runner named Dr. Elissa, a male Fast-biter named Day-Day, and a male Sharptooth named Mike, that were teenagers, they saw that the Threehorn, Swimmer, Flyer, Spiketail, and the Fast runner, not afraid of the Fast-biter and a Sharptooth following them, Cera was interested that this Threehorn is leading this group of the mix dinosaur, they decided to welcome them, Littlefoot and his friends were in front of the group, Littlefoot says, " Hello everyone and welcome to the Great Valley."

The Threehorn says, " Hello there and thank you very much, it has been a long journey for all us, scene after we all have been kidnapped from are homes."

Kevin says, " You have been kidnapped too?" the Threehorn says, " Yeah, what mean by us, too?" Kevin says, " I have been kidnapped from my home in Chicago, a few days ago." Threehorn says, " Chicago, I heard about that, Your Kevin McCallister are you, I heard about you being kidnapped and taken to Dallas and you escaped from the kidnappers, than after you got kidnapped, Me and my friends come from other place but we are, including you are American like us."

Cera asks, " Who are you and where did you come from?" The Threehorn says, " My name is Richard, I am from Evansville, I am an artist, draw pictures with the right equipment, and these are my new friends, this Day-Day, he is an African American, he is from Los Angles, some of the herds in the region call it L.A. for short, he sell weapons to somebody that need them, this Kate she is from New York City, she is a professional at music, you should hear her sing, but maybe later, this is Carlos, my other friend, he is a Cuban American, he lives in Miami, he is a good dancer at Salsa, which is a Latin American dancing from where he come from and Jazz, this is Mike, he is a British American, is from a city in the west called Seattle, he is an artist to, but he does painting, he paints a picture that looks realistic, this is Annabel Oshiro, she is a Japanese American from San Francisco, and to tell you, pay some respect to the Japanese, they do not like to be blamed for nothing they didn't do and what whatever you do, do not insult her or her family history, she comes from a family of Samurai's and she still carries that family history and she will show you, what happens if you get on her bad side and trust me, you don't want to go there, This is Emily, she is from Nashville, her father is in the United States army, her father is stationed at South Korea, to help back the South Korean troops, and it is a hard time for her, and last but not least this is Elissa, she is from Dallas, she is doctor, she helps people who are sick or hurt and helps them get better."

Then Kevin says, " Nice to meet you all, you already who I am and where I come from, but I will tell you this, I am a singer in choir, and I sing good on some songs, these are my friends, this Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, and Ruby."

Richard says, " Nice to meet you and also no disrespect, but we need to find some place to sleep." than Littlefoot says, " Come with us, we'll introduce you to the residents of the Great Valley." Richard thought that it was a good idea and says, " Lead the way." then Littlefoot, Kevin, and the gang lead Richard and his friends to the meeting place. When they got to the meeting place the residents see a group of mixed dinosaurs, they see three teenagers and four children, Mr. Threehorn then see Richard the Threehorn, leading the group and was interested that a Threehorn was the leader of this group and the residents were concerned about Day-Day the Fast-biter and Mike the Sharptooth, when some would try to harm the group, Richard stepped in front of the residents and he huffed at them, some residents including Ms. Maia backed off, than after everybody let Richard and his friends past, Grandpa Longneck says, " Hello three and welcome to the Great Valley." Richard says, " Thank you, very much, My name is Richard, and these are my friends, there names are Day-Day, Elissa, Kate, Carlos, Mike, Annabel, and Emily and we are from a land called the United States, we live in parts of our country that are called Cities, me and my new friends have been traveling for a while scene are kidnappings from are homes far away." Grandma Longneck asks, " You all have been kidnapped from your homes, Richard?" Richard says, " Yeah, we have and are families will never find us and they will never see or hear from us ever again." Tria says, " That's awful for you kids to be taken from your homes and also you may never see your families again." Richard says, " We appreciate this, it is a very hard tine for all of us, especially for those that have to go on somewhere far away like Emily's father."

Everybody looks at the fast-biter and at the Sharptooth with looks of distrust than Richard says, " I know what you all are thinking, I know you don't like Sharpteeth or Fast-biters inside the Valley, but they was also kidnapped among side with us, the scientists did experiments on us, than we all escaped and ran away from here and we ended up, that is our story." for some reason, Littlefoot's Grandparents and the gang parents see Richard and his friends as family to them and as friends of the residents of the Valley, Littlefoot's Grandparents and the gangs parents started talking about their fate.

then after a while, Grandpa Longneck than says, " Seen you have no place to go and you can't get back to your families you can stay in the Valley and we decided that you live with are us, we have decided to adopt you and your friends and to start your new lives, Me and my mate, will adopt you Kate and even you Kevin." Kevin and Kate are now Littlefoot's brother and sister and they are now Grandma and Grandpa Longnecks grandchildren, then Mr. Threehorn says, " Richard, I would like you to be are new son and be my daughters older bother and to be Dana and Dinah uncle." Richard says while being polite, " I will accept you and your family as my family, Mr. Threehorn." Mr. Threehorn says, " You don't have to call me that, scene are now in are family, you can call me, Dad." Richard says, " Okay, Dad." Cera and her step sister Tricia, now have an older brother, Topps and Tria now have a son, and Dana and Dinah, now have an Uncle, then Mrs. Swimmer says, " I will take in Carlos and Emily into my family." Carlos says in his Spanish Cuban accent, " Thank you, Me and Emily would like to meet your family." than Emily says, " Yes, Thank you, it is nice to have a family again, it is nice to have a family member that don't go far away for mouths, like my Dad, he is in the U.S. Army, he is at place they call South Korea, to protect those people against North Korea." Mrs. Swimmer says, " I'm sorry about your father had to leave you at home to protect his country and many others in that country."

Emily says, " Don't worry, I'll be fine, like I said before, I now have a family again." Ducky, Spike and their siblings, now have another brother and sister, while Mrs. Swimmer, now have another son and daughter. Then Mrs. Flyer says, " Me and Petrie, will take in Annabel and we would like to know about her." Annabel than smiles and says in her Japanese accent, " Thank you, for letting me live with you and Petrie." even though she is a flyer, she than puts her hands together and does a Japanese bow to them, Petrie asks, " What that?" Annabel says as she does it again, " It's a respect that we do on the island of Japan, we respect are elders or we introduce ourselves in this manner to people we meet, it is to show respect to that person." Mrs. Flyer was interested on Annabel, now Annabel is Mrs. Flyers daughter and Petrie's older sister, the residents then tried to decide what kind of fate, Elissa, Day-Day, and Mike, will get to live in Great Valley, until Chomper and Ruby came up with a situation to the problem, Chomper says, " Elissa, Day-Day, and Mike can be are caretakers, until we are older and they can protect us and are friends from Redclaw and his two Fast-biters, Screech and Thud." Grandpa Longneck and Mr. Threehorn talked about this idea, after about fifteen minutes of talking, Grandpa Longneck says, " So be it, you are all welcome in the Great Valley." Day-Day says, " Thank you, Mr. Longneck."

Then after the meeting was over, Littlefoot, Kevin and their friends went to their nest with their new brothers or sisters, When Littlefoot and his new adopted brother and sister got to their nest, Kevin says, " Thank you, for adopting us, Mr. and Mrs. Longneck." Grandma Longneck says, " Your welcome and you don't have to call us by are formal names just Grandma and Grandpa will do just." Kate says, " Alright, Grandma and Grandpa." then Littlefoot, Kevin, and Kate went to sleep with their Grandparents.

At Mr. Threehorns nest, Cera, Tricia, Dana and Dinah with their new brother for Cera and Tricia, Uncle for Dana and Dinah and new son for Topps and Tria, then Topps says, " Welcome to your new, Son." Richard says, " Thank you, Dad." Cera was about to go sleep until Dana and Dinah was jumping on her and laughing as they says in their baby talk, " Richard, Uncle, yes, yes." she gets frustrated and says, " Stop it you two or else Auntie Cera is going to mad." Richard than says calmly to Dana and Dinah, " Dana, Dinah, leave your aunt alone, come over here to your uncle, you can jump me, I don't mind." Richard winks at Cera, Dana and Dinah went Richard and jumped on him as they were laughing and Richard didn't seem to care, Cera was thinking that Richard must have with kids like them once and was used to it and went to sleep with her step sister, than after a while, Dana and Dinah got tired and went to sleep next to their new Uncle, than Richard went to with his new nephew and niece.

At Mrs. Swimmers nest, Carlos, and Emily were welcomed into their new home, with Ducky and Spike and their new other brothers and sisters, when Mrs. Swimmer told them that it was bed time, Carlos and Emily went to their new nest, Carlos was already fast a sleep, Emily tucked into her nest, Mrs. Swimmer was happy to have to have a new son and daughter and she knew that Ducky and Spike were happy to have a new brother and sister, Mrs. Swimmer went to Emily and whispered, " Good night, Emily." then Emily says as she starts to fall to sleep, " Good night, Mom." Mrs. Swimmer felt very happy that her new daughter, just called her mom, then Mrs. Swimmer went to sleep as well.

At Mrs. Flyers nest, Petrie and his Mom, really like Annabel, she had told everything about her family history, she had told them, that her ancestors were Samurai's and that followed a code call Bushido the way of the warrior, she had told them that in World War 1, her great great grandfathers fought along side with the allied powers and fought against Germany to gain there Territory in China, and after World War 1, her family moved from Japan to the United States, she had told them that in World War 2, her great grandfathers fought against Japan, to stop it's new Empire from growing and told them that after World War 2, the Allied powers won against Japan and the other Axis Powers and her families never fought in wars again, but to continue the family generation, then after she told them everything, they went to bed as a family, before Annabel went to sleep in her new nest, Mrs. Flyer says, " Thank you, for telling about your family history, Annabel." Annabel says, " Your welcome." then they all went to sleep.

While at Chomper and Ruby's cave, Chomper and Ruby's new caretakers and protectors were given a place to sleep Chomper and Ruby excepted Elissa, Day-Day, and Mike as they're new caretakers and protectors, even if they are a Fast runner, a Fast-biter, and a Sharptooth, then Chomper says to Elissa, Day-Day, and Mike, " I love you guys." Elissa, Day-Day, and Mike says, " Love you too, Chomper." then they went to sleep in the peaceful valley.

Chapter 3: Introduction of Christmas

A mouth later, after Kevin, Richard and his friends were adopted by the Great Valley residents, at the beginning the residents didn't trust Richard and his friends, not even Kevin, except their new family members, by now everybody trust them, a mouth ago, it was November 22, today it is now December 22, Littlefoot, Kevin, Richard and the gang including Dr. Elissa, Day-Day, Mike, Dana, and Dinah were playing, then Richard says to his friends, " Guys, it is almost Christmas, and we got nothing up." Kevin says, " We can't forgot about Christmas." Littlefoot asks, " What is Christmas?" Richard says, " Christmas, is a time of the year, when everyone spend time with family, one those days, Me and my friends including Kevin celebrate it, every year we would put up a Christmas tree, have good food, give each other gifts on that day, but everybody spends time with their families, mostly." Ducky says, " That sounds nice, it does, it does." Carlos says, " Why don't we tell everybody about it and we can start our first Christmas here in the Great Valley." Ruby says with excitement, " I like that idea, lets do it." Chomper says, " This is going to be are first great Christmas." then the gang went to tell everybody about the Great Valley's first Christmas, after they told everybody about Christmas, then everybody started getting the Great Valley ready their first Christmas, they then found a Christmas tree, Richard, Dr. Elissa, Mike, Day-Day, Grandpa Longneck, Mr. Threehorn and the other residents of Valley helped push down a tree and carry it back into the Valley and put it up, then Littlefoot and the gang helped Richard, Kevin and their friends put the decorations up, than after the y were done, the Great Valley was ready for it's first Christmas, then they saw two Longneck herds coming into the Great Valley, Grandpa Longneck says, " We got two Longneck herds coming into the Great Valley." then Littlefoot looks at the entrance and says, " That is my Dad's herd and that must be the Old One's herd, that must also means that Ali must be here to." than they went to welcome them, the herds saw the Great Valley look really nice with everything around it, when they saw Grandpa Longneck came and he said, " Welcome back, Bron and Old One."

The Old One says, " Nice to be back, what is going on here?" Grandma Longneck says, " We are having are very first Christmas here in the Great Valley." Bron got curious and asked, " What is Christmas?" then they saw Littlefoot and the gang with some new friends, then Richard the Threehorn said, " I'll tell you everything about Christmas."

For about an hour, Richard, Kevin, Littlefoot, and the whole gang explained to them, what Christmas is about and now Bron's and the Old One's herds are interested and asked if they could stay in the Great Valley for Christmas, the residents of the Valley agreed, but told them that Christmas is in three days, Bron and The Old One decided to stay until the day after Christmas, then the Herds got settled in the Great Valley, Bron and Shorty meet Kevin and Kate, the adopted brother and sister of Littlefoot, Shorty somehow got interested with Kate, while Kate interested with Shorty, than Ali came, Littlefoot introduced Ali to Kevin, and they became friends right away, than she meet the new members of the gang, Ali heard their stories and she felt sorry for them, Chomper and Ruby introduced Ali to their new caretakers and protectors, at first she became unsure, when they said they protected the gang from Redclaw and his Fast-biters, Ali found them as friends, but was still shy, then after that they played until night, when night came they went to their nests and went to sleep.