Here is the last chapter of Home Alone 3, hope everybody likes it, here we go!

Chapter 7: Going home

Me: Hello everybody, were back.

Hyp: Sorry about what happen the last time.

Nod: Yeah last time.

Mutt: We hope that will never happen again.

Judgment: We got the mess straighten out.

Darth: It toke us a while but we massaged to do it.

Doc: But not just you, kids.

Dara: We helped too, along with Red Claw, Screech, and Thud.

Red Claw is speaking in the Sharptooth language.

Chomper: He said, ' Now that it is over with, Richard and Hyp are you two now friends?'

Me and Hyp look at each other, then they shock hands, then Judgment then gets my attention.

Judgment: Is there some people that you want to introduce, Richard?

Me: Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I want to introduce to everybody, some friends of Littlefoot and the gang, please welcome, Ali, Rhett, and Shorty.

Applause came as Ali, Shorty, and Rhett came from the curtains, Me, Judgment, and Darth meet them, as Ali, Shorty, and Rhett met up with Littlefoot and the gang.

Me: Good to have you here, Ali, Shorty, and Rhett.

Darth: Really.

Ali was a little shy, but she started talking to me.

Ali: Um hello there, you must be Richard.

Me: That I am, don't be shy, I won't bite.

Littlefoot and the gang were laughing from the humor, and even Ali, Shorty, and Rhett seem to like me, Judgment, and Darth, then Rhett see's that Darth is dressed like a Jedi, Rhett asks Darth.

Rhett: What are you dress up as?

Darth: I'm a Jedi.

Shorty: What do they do?

Darth then pulled out a lightsaber, the blade was red, Shorty and Rhett liked the lightsaber, but then the alarm's go off, as I see what is causing the alarm's to go off, on screen I see Marv and Harry broke inside and are trying to steal equipment from the show.

Me: Oh crap, it's Marv and Harry, lets go get them.

I get armed with an AKS74U machine gun, Judgment is armed with an Uzi, and Darth is armed with an MP5, Littlefoot and the gang follow behind them, then in ten seconds we all confront Marv and Harry, as I get there attention.

Me: Freeze, your under arrest.

Harry: Run Marv.

Littlefoot: Get them.

Me, Judgment, Darth, Littlefoot and the gang, along with Doc, Dara, Red Claw, Screech, and Thud run after Marv and Harry, the cameras turn to Ali, Shorty, and Rhett, they say to the people.

Shorty: Whatever happens...

Ali: Relax and read the last chapter of the story...

Rhett: and review this chapter.

Then Ali, Shorty, and Rhett then catch up with everybody else, as Hound from Hell song from the Movie Black Dog is on for the chase.

It is a snow white morning, it is December 25, Christmas day, Kevin, Littlefoot, and the gang woke along with Doc and Dara, then Annabel says, " Guys, it's Christmas."

Dana and Dinah got excited as they say, " Auntie, Uncle, It's Christmas."

That is when everybody head for the big Christmas tree in the meeting place, it is still snowing in the Great Valley, at the bottom of the tree, their was presents under the tree, the residents were wondering where these bright color boxes came from, then Ducky shakes the box and says, " I don't know what is inside, but I like the sound of it, yep, yep, yep."

Chomper asks, " What are they?"

Day- Day answers, " They are presents, they are boxes wrapped in Christmas wrapping, they are usually opened on special occasions, and Christmas is one of them."

Ruby asks, " Who put them under the tree?"

Kevin says, " Santa Claus, he was the one who put them there."

Ducky then asks, " What does he look like?"

Richard answers Ducky question with a smile, " He is a Fat guy with a snowy white beard, he wears a red suite and a red hat, once every year, on Christmas Eve night, he would ride his sleight with reindeer pulling it, but the sleight fly's in the sky."

Littlefoot says, " I hope we see him one day."

Mike says, " Who knows, you just might."

Then out of nowhere a portal came, then came out a group of dinosaurs, They were adult Longnecks, Threehorns, Swimmers, Flyers, Spiketails, Fast Runners, Fast-biters, and Sharpteeth, then the two Longnecks, looked at Kevin and recognized him as a female says to Kevin, that he recognize, " Kevin."

Kevin says, " Mom? Dad?"

Then Kevin ran to his mother, as Kate McCallster was crying to have her son back, then everybody else that got kidnapped, went to see there families, now Kevin, Richard and the others are reunited with their biological families, Kevin's Dad turns to Grandpa and Grandma Longneck and thanked them for taking care of Kevin, and the other families did the same to Mr. Threehorn, and many others, then everybody spent their Christmas in the Great Valley for the first time, then the next day, Kevin, Richard, and the others with their families said good bye to Littlefoot and the gang, Emily's dad toke Marv and Harry with them, Kevin, Richard, and their friends told Littlefoot and the gang to never forget them and not to forget what they learned, then the portal disappeared after they went through it, Littlefoot and the gang were sad they left, but they were happy to spent Christmas for the first time with them, then two days later, Ali, Rhett, and Shorty's heard left the Great Valley, then Littlefoot and the gang see a present at their meeting place, they opened it and inside were dolls that looked like Kevin, Richard, and the others, the found a tape recorder inside, Chomper then pushed the triangle button, the tape started playing Kevin's voice, " I know me and my friends don't deserve Christmas, but we did it, so you guys can have your first true Christmas, and you can pass these teaching of Christmas to your future kids, and also to those that had never even heard of Christmas, we would like you to have these dolls of us to remember us, we hope to see you again some time in the future, see you later, bye."

Littlefoot kepted the dolls of Kevin and Kate, Cera kepted the doll of Richard, Ducky and Spike kepted the dolls of Carlos and Emily, Petrie kepted the doll of Annabel, Chomper kepted the dolls of Mike and Day- Day, and finally Ruby kepted a doll of Dr. Elissa, Littlefoot and the gang kepted the dolls close to them, they knew that they will teach someone about Christmas, but what they don't know is that there are more holidays then just Christmas, and they will learn more things out there on their own adventures.

Me, Littlefoot, and others beat the crap out of Marv and Harry, then the cops came and arrested Marv and Harry, then we get back to the show, as I say.

Me: Hey were back, sorry about that, but we got them, we beat those thieves up for good."

Cera: Oh right Richard Calm down.

Littlefoot: Cera's right, there no reason to be excited.

Me: Your right, sorry about that guys, it was my first time to beat up Marv and Harry, and I wanted to teach them a lesson.

Judgment: Hey Richard, I think it is time to bring out another person out before we leave.

Me: Right, everyone we have just more person to bring out, this is another person of Littlefoot and the gang, and...

?: That is me.

Then came Guido from the curtain, the applause came after everybody saw Guido, then I shake hands with Guido, then everybody say hey to Guido, then Guido lands next to Petrie, as I talk to Guido.

Me: It was good to have you here Guido, thank you for coming.

Guido: Thank you for having me here.

Me: As you see Guido, we just finish the Home Alone 3 story, now I have to wait for Judgment to finish his story, so I can continue with the next story, just hope you get another chapter up soon, Judgment.

Judgment: I will write another chapter up, now.

Darth: Well everybody...

Littlefoot: We hoped...

Judgment: You liked...

Ducky: This story, yep, yep, yep.

Cera: But it is not over...

Me: Another story is coming up...

Ruby: after a another Judgment's story...

Shorty: Is done.

Ali: So Review...

Everybody: And favorite this story if you like it.

Me: So long, everybody.