A/N: EIGHT VOTES for Iris/Dent. Thank you so much guys! I got the title for this one from a song 'A Kiss is not a Contract' by the Flight of the Conchords. Look it up, it's a funny song.

I have not watched BW anime since episode seven. How embarrassing?

A kiss is a contract

They were so young. So peaceful. To see two kids in love was an adorable sight. To see two kids kiss was even more adorable. Dent always thought that her kisses tasted like chocolate or something sweet. On the other hand, Iris always thought his kisses tasted like mint or chocolate.

They may be too young to take it further, but still, they were truly in love. No one could deny it; even Ash noticed something strange about the two. Especially when they were flirting or when Dent was cooking. He always seemed to give her more than Ash. Kibago would hide in her hair when they kissed. Pikachu and Yanappu even noticed something going on with the two. They were smart; they knew the two were in love.

He started to call her kisses 'contracts', because they opened up his heart. Their kisses weren't too extreme. They were the friendly, romantic deep kissing as seen in films. The two smiled.

"Goodnight," he whispered to her, pecking her on the head.

"Goodnight," she blushed and kissed him on the cheek. He lied down next to her, to protect her. He loved her, more than anything in the world did.

A/N: So yeah… not sure if I want to do a chaptered story about these two yet. Maybe if someone really wanted me to. They would have to be older and more grown up. But I'm afraid of the OOCness... -shudders-