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Chapter 1:"Foe's from the other side"

"Thank you all for coming."Izzy said, infront of him and Tai were the second generation DigiDestined and there Digimon, Davis, DemiVeemon, Kari, Gatomon, Yolei, Poromon, TK, Patamon, Cody and Upamon standing in the computer room of there school, "We've called you all here to discuss a important issue."

"Well spill it already! This is all valuable time we could be using to kick the Digimon Emperor's butt!" Shouted Davis impatiently.

"I have to agree with Davis!" Shouted Yolei "The longer we stay here, the more Digimon get enslaved by him!"

"And ever since hes created those Dark Spirals, more Digimon are being captured by the truckload!" Added Cody.

"Relax guys we already have Sora and the others taking care of things there,and I'll be joining them after this meeting."Tai said.

"We called you all here because recently, my Digi-Radar has been picking up Digital portals opening in Shinjuku." Said Izzy. "Not only that but there have been reports of odd fog banks somehow popping up around the city."

"So? What's that have to do with the portals?" Said Davis.

"We have reason to believe that these fog banks are the result of Digimon trying to crossover to our world." Said Izzy "Whenever these fog banks appear, electronic device's start going haywire, and not only that but..." Izzy took out his laptop and opened a picture file. "This is one of the picture's taken during the fog's appearance."

DigiDestined and there Digimon looked at the picture, much to there shock, inside the fog was the unmistakable silhouette of a Gorillamon!

"And here's some more." Said Izzy as he pulled up more files, showing them more silhouette's of Mushroomon, Penguinmon, and Tapirmon!

"Have the Digimon been causing any damage to the city?" Asked Gatomon.

"Not that we know of, but some the Digimon seem to vanish after the fog lifts, and since there are no reports of attacks or anything, this leads us to believe that there hiding out somewhere in the city." Tai answered.

"So basicly, you need us to go find and defeat any Digimon we find in Shinjuku." Said TK

"Not exactly, we just need you to send them back to the DigiWorld with my laptop's." Izzy replied handing TK and Kari his two said laptop's.

Cody: "Wait, why do you have 2?"

"I always keep a spare, after Tai wrecked my last one." He said, glaring at his friend.

Tai: "Dude! I said I was sorry!"

"Oh boy, here we go..." Kari said, palming her face.

"Yeah well sorry didn't get all the hamburger grease and pizza sauce out of my laptop did it!" Izzy snapped back.

Tai: "Jeez, what is it with you nerds and computers!"

"It was more than just a computer! It was my baby! YOU KILLED MY BABY!" Izzy yelled with anime tears coming out of his eyes, Tai and the rest of the gang gave him the "T_T" look.

Davis: "Dude, you REALLY need a girlfriend."

Yolei: "We should go."

And with that they all left the room, untill Tai called Davis back for some reason, the gang waited for a moment before Davis came back, and they were of to Shinjuku.


The 02 DigiDestined soon got off the Train, with there Digimon pretending to be dolls.

"All right! Shinjuku!" Shouted an exited Yolei "Let's go find us some Digimon!"

"Yea, who knows? Maybe we'll meet some new DigiDestined while were here!" Said Davis equaly exited. TK and Patamon however were feeling very nostalgic, as it had been a long time since they had been here, back when TK and his friends were kids and had just gotten back from the DigiWorld and accidentally ended up stranded in Shinjuku, were they fought Gesomon.

"Hey TJ! You coming or what?" Shouted Davis.

Snapping out of his thoughts, ran toward his friends, accidentally pushing past a random person, which was a kid around his age, a boy with blue hair, and a blue bandanna with yellow streaks on his head.

"Sorry!" He called before catching up with his friends before the boy could reply. Unknown to any of them however, thay were being watched by a large silhouetted figure.

"Hmmm...new prey.." It said before vanishing into thin air...


Deep inside the double skyscrapers lies the mysterious government team that deals with any abnormal activity, the Hypnos.

"Sir...I've pinpointed 2 massive bio-emergencies."

A blond man looked up at two women who sat on a towering computer chairs as he clicked his lighter. "Are they wild ones?"

" Yes, both are somewhere here in the Shinjuku area. There readings are going off the scale. Sir, I never have seen anything like it."

Yamaki studied the reading on the large blue radar ceiling. "2 wild ones. How lucky,"

"Send a tracer."

"Already on it."

The tracer on the screen tread towards the large red reading.

Shinjuku Park:

On a bench in the park, a lone girl sat listening to her Ipod, like she didn't give a care about the world around her.

"Rika..." an echo voice called that brought the girl's attention. The voice then showed itself in the shadows of a tree.


"A group of kids with Digimon have entered the city. Are you ready?"

A cold smile showed on the far bottom of her nose. "Is that a rhetorical question?"

Outside Shinjuku Park:

Outside in the city, the 02 DigiDestined had already begun patrolling the area to make sure no Digimon tries to harm the city. They had split up into 2 groups, group 1 was Kari, Gatomon, Yolei and Poromon(So Davis wouldn't complain about TK being with Kari), group 2 was Davis, DemiVeemon, TK, Patamon, Cody and Upamon, group 1 had decided to check out the park while group 2 searched the city. The "leader" of the group, Davis Motomiya, stood a lookout on the top of a street bridge near the park, as he looked out with familiar mini-telescope, with DemiVeemon by his side.

"Hey Davis, were'd you get that telescope?" Asked TK, noticeing how familiar it looked.

"Huh? Oh Tai gave it to me for good luck before we left" Davis answered without looking.

"Do you see anything, Davis? This is getting boring." Said DemiVeemon from on top of his head.

"Sorry, buddy, nothing yet...huh? That's defiantly not a stuffed animal."

"What is'nt?" Asked Cody.

"Take a look."

Handing Cody his telescope, he directed his eye to two kids running down the street. one child had brown hair, wore a blue, hooded shirt, gray paint, and golden goggles. The second kid was a boy with dark blue hair, black shirt and paints, and a orange vest. With him was a tiny creature, about pale green, and it had a little horn and long floppy ears that made it look like a bunny.

"You're right, that is'nt a stuffed animal. I think it's a Digimon."

"But I've never seen them before" Said Patamon. "And what are they running from?"

Looking inback of them, Cody saw that they were being chased by a...fog?

Upamon: "Why are they running from fog?"

"And since when dose fog travel as a small flat circle?" Patamon asked, noticing the shape and size of the fog. But before anyone else could speak, they heard to the kids speaking.

Brown haired kid: "But…shouldn't we go deal with it? After all, we are Tamers."

Blue haired kid: "Look, lets just run for it, maybe lure it somewhere with less people."

"Henry, quit your yapping, cause here it comes!" The bunny-like Digimon shouted as he pointed at the incoming fog.

Soon, the Tamers approached a street bridge, where the DigiDestined were.

"Let's split up, hopefully that field will leave us alone if we do."

"Is that a good thing for the city, Henry? I still say we should-"

"Takato, not now!"

The goggled boy ran up to the bridge. "Fine, I'll meet you with Guilmon!" As he tread thought the bridge, he peaked over his shoulder to find the fog following his friend "Oh no, it's after Henry!" but then he bumped into someone. "Oh…sorry…..."

Davis: "It's okay kid, so uh.…why are you running from that puff of clouds?"

"Um...well...you see..." Takato stuttered trying to think of a valid excuse.

"Relax kid, were just like you." Said Davis pulling out his D-3, Cody and TK did the same.

Takato's eye's widened. "Wait, so your Tamers too?"

"Whats a Tamer?" Cody asked.

"A Tamer is...oh, never mind, there's a digital field that's chasing my friend Henry. I gotta get Guilmon quick!"

"A digital field?" TK's memory drew back to when Izzy talked about Digimon somehow popping around the city in fog banks. Maybe that was a digital field he was talking about. "Where did your friend go?"

"Uh…I think he ran toward that construction site."

"Alright you go get your Digimon, we'll help your friend." Davis said.

"Thanks!" Said Takato as he ran toward the park.

Shinjuku Park:

Kari, Yolei and there Digimon walked deep into the park, where there were no civilians around.

Suddenly, Gatomon's fur stood up and she lept out of Kari's arm's and got into a pouncing position while hissing. Hawkmon landed next to her.

Hawkmon:"Gatomon, what's wrong?"

POW! Before she could respond, Gatomon and Hawkmon were sent flying and crashed into an iron fence.

"Wha...?" the girls gasped at there fallen Digimon who were seeing stars. "What was that?" sensing a presence, They turned around to find a yellow, humanoid fox glaring at them..., the humanoid fox that was as tall as a full grown adult. It had yellow fur, plus white fur on its chest. It also had long purple gloves that each had the yin and yang logo.

Yolei narrowed her eyes at the fox. "What is that Digimon?"

Hawkmon and Gatomon, who were still dazed by the the unexpected attack, slowly got up and looked at the new Digimon. Hawkmon spoke"I never seen a Digimon like that one before, Yolei.".

"What a lousy fighter...but a fight's a fight." A new voice said.

Yolei angrily growled under her breath. "Alright, show yourself!" she yelled, a girl that seemed around her age appeared from behind a tree. She had a ninja style pony tail, a blue and white shirt with a broken heart on it, and jeans with belts wrapped around the legs.

Yolei and Kari glared at the girl, but slid back a bit when the fox Digimon approached slowly. "What do you want?" Kari asked.

"That's the stupidest question I've ever heard. To fight! Duh!" The girl snapped back.

Kari expressed a confused look. "But we've never done anything to you! Look, we don't wanna fight."

"Don't wanna fight? Your such pathetic Tamers!" She said.

"What's a Tamer?" Yolei asked. "We're DigiDestined."

"You're Tamers with a clubhouse name? That's so childish. Renamon, be quick about this, will you?"

Quickly responding to her Tamer, Renamon lashed forth at the two Digimon, charging at them like a deadly ninja.

"Wait! Can't we talk about this!" Hawkmon shouted as Renamon charged at them.

Construction Site:

Henry did made his way into the construction site. Luckily, no one was around, so Henry stopped for a breather.

"Boy, its times like these that makes me glad to be small." Joked Terriermon.

Right as the boy glared at his Digimon, a fog slowly coated the entire area. "Oh great, it caught up…why is this thing after us?"

"I don't know, maybe because your the one with the Digimon."


The young Tamer twisted in every direction as that sound echoed throughout the area continued. "Where is it?."

"Thats it!" The small Rookie hopped off of his Tamer and balled up his little paws while getting into a fighting stance. "Alright, stop hideing and show yourself!"

The creature came out of the fog, revealing itself to be a large, red chicken.

Henry's eyes widened at this giant creature and pulled out his D-Arc.

Digimon Analyzer:

Name: Akatorimon

Level: Champion

Attribute: Data

A Giant Bird Digimon related to Kokatorimon, and has an impressive crest and sharp beak. Its body is large and its legs are quite strong, his Scar-Red Eye attack incinerates his enemies.

"Hey there, chicken boy! How's it hanging?"

"CAAAAW!" He screamed at the little Digimon.

"Jeez! Is that all you can say? Or are you as dumb as you are ugly?" Terriermon asked tauntingly. Words from the little Digimon only brought the creature's rage up to a over-the-top level.


Henry gulped when he saw Akatorimon snap his sharp beak at Terriermon. "Terriermon, you're only making him angry."

"So? He's gonna get his butt whupped by yours truly, right?"

"Scar-Red Eyes"

Akatorimon instantly shot red lasers from it's eye's.

Shinjuku Park:

Renamon darted towred Gatomon and Hawkmon, Gatomon dashed forward while Hawkmon flew up.

"Loop the Hawk"

"Lightning Claw"

Hawkmon fliped in midair and dived down toward Renamon while Gatomon charged at her with her claws. Renamon simply smirked.


Instantly a whirl of leaves surounded her and she switched places with Gatomon!

"Look out!" Hawkmon yelled, but it was too late and he slammed into the bewildered Gatomon.


"Power Paw"

Engulfing her fists and feet in a raging inferno of ghostly blue flames, she charged at the two helpless Digimon and slamed her fists into both of them, sending them flying into a tree.

"Pathetic..." The red head said(hey that rhymed!).

"Who are you and why are you doing this!" Yolei yelled "Our Digimon have done nothing to you!"

The red head girl snorted like these girls had never been taught a lesson about life. "The name's Rika and as for why I'm doing this, well what do you think Digimon were made for?"

"Uh...that's like asking the meaning of life." Yolei said.

Rika snorted and gave Kari a board look. "Oh for god's sake, your just like that gogglehead I met yesterday..."

Kari: "Wait, there are more DigiDestined here?"

Rika: "Never mind that, lets just get this over with!"

With one leap, the fox creature soared above the two Digimon, releasing many shards before her.

"Diamond Storm"

The shards quickly rained down toward two Digimon, who quickly dodged, Hawkmon flew upward again while Gatomon got in front

of Renamon as her eyes started to glow red.

"Cat's Eye Hypnotism"

Renamon was stopped in her tracks by Gatomon's piercing glare and was caught in a trance, she quickly tryed to shake it off, Hawkmon took this as a chance to attack from behind.

"Feather Strike"

Hawkmon threw his head-feather like a boomerang, witch spun rapidly toward her back, however Renamon recovered just in time to turn around and swat the feather away, but Hawkmon knew Renamon was still recovering from Gatomon's glare and darted toward her, rapidly thrusting his beak out in a pecking fashion. Gatomon saw an opening and ran toward her extending her claws.

"Lightning Claw"

"Beak Pecker"

"I will NOT have you losing to these weakling's!" With that, Rika slashed a card through her digivice. "DIGI-MODIFY...SPEED ACTIVATE!"

With the slash of the card, Renamon's speed increased, finaly snapping out of it, Renamon jumped upward and just barley dodged the attacks not having any time to use one herself. Gatomon and Hawkmon however, were able to cancel there attacks before they hit each other.

Kari cringed at how fast Renamon became. "Wow...she's gotten a lot faster when that girl slashed that card. This is gonna tougher than I thought."

"Power Paw"

Shooting down like an arrow, Renamon gave a fierce kick that made Gatomon and Hawkmon fly into a nearby pond.

"GATOMON!" Cryed Kari.

"HAWKMON! Why are you doing this! This fight isn't even fair!" Yolei yelled angrily at Rika.

"It might be if you weren't such a coward, foureyes." Rika spat.

Yolei eyes instantly became flames. "That's it! I'll show you!" she shouted as she pointed her Digivice at the pond."Ready Kari?"

Kari pulled out her D-3,"Ready!"


Both Gatomon and Hawkmon's body's were enveloped in a bright light.

Rika stood there in shock, "THEY can make there Digimon Digivolve?"



Gatomon transformed into an ancient egyptian queen-like cat with wings.


Hawkmon transformed into an a ninja with spring-like arms and legs, he had giant shuriken for his hands & feet, and his headband boar the Crest of Sincerity.

Rika blinked at the sudden twist. She wasn't expecting these girls to be capable of having her Digimon evolve into a new form, but then she smirked. 'Hmm...Armor Digivolve? ' She thought to herself, 'So, these loser Tamers have that ability, huh? Hmm...it could be useful after Renamon loads their data.'

But before they could continue, a large fog appeared and started to engulf them.

Kari:"What the...?"

Rika smirked "Perfect..."

Construction Site:

Davis, TK & Cody ran into the construction site, there Digimon(excluding Patamon) had already Digivolved from Fresh to Rookie. upon entering the construction site, they saw the small bunny-like Digimon fighting a large, red chicken that looked very familiar.

"Kokatorimon?" Shouted TK in shock."I haven't seen him since our battle on Etemon's turf! But why is he here?"

Before anyone could answer, a large shadow appeared on top of a nearby ramp, the size of this creature was about the height of a truck. Its fur was brown, and it looked more like a cross between a rabbit and a gorilla. It has floppy ears like a dog, and large lips. On its head, it wore a strange skull with swirly eyes.

"Where'd he come from?" Asked Cody, shocked by this new Digimon's sudden appearance. Davis who was equally shocked, simply pulled out his D-3 to scan the odd Digimon.

Digimon Analyzer:

Name: Wendigomon

Level: ?

Attribute: ?


"Dude, I can't get any data on this guy!" said Davis

Cody and TK pulled out there D-3's and tryed to scan him, but got the same result.

Cody: "Great, were fighting blind here!"

The large Digimon looked around itself, taking in it's surroundings it looked the area were Terriermon and Akatorimon were fighting, due to the incresing fog, all he could see was shadows, however, it seemed to recognize Terriermon's shape and slowly walked toward the area where they were fighting, untill Veemon and Armadillomon got in front of him.

"Sorry, but 2 on 1 just ain't fair." Armadillomon said as Patamon and TK ran past them, "We'll go help them! You guys take care of this one!" TK shouted back to Cody & Davis.

"Got it!" They said as they pulled out there D-3's.


Both Veemon and Armadillomon's body's were enveloped in a bright light.



Veemon transformed into a huminoid version of itself covered in red armor with flame patterns.

ARMADILLOMON ARMOR DIGIVOLVE TOOO...DIGMON, THE DRILLS OF KNOWLEDGE! Yeah I know, I said drill of power before...but this makes me sound smarter."

Armadillomon transformed into a large yellow insect with drills for claws and one on his "nose".

Both Armor level Digimon stood infront of Wendigomon, who growled menacingly before darting toward the the two Digimon.


Wendigomon let out a battle cry as he charged toward the two Armor Digimon, Digmon drove his drills into the ground creating a fissure that headed strait for the large Digimon, but Wendigomon jumped into the air.

"Koko Crusher"

Six cannons came out of Wendigomon's chest, firing an onslaught of energy bullets. Flamedramon and Digmon were more than prepared though.

"Gold Rush"

"Fire Rocket"

Digmon fired his drills towards the blasts witch destroyed every one they hit, while Flamedramon surrounded himself in an aura of fire and shoot itself towards Wendigomon while the energy bullets simply bounced his fiery aura, he slammed into Wendigomon's chest, sending him crashing into the fissure Digmon made.

Shinjuku Park:

In an area where few enter, where it's filled with lush trees, Takato had just gotten to Guilmon's hideout inside a concrete shed, which has an iron gate on the door. It was nothing much but a room with a dirt floor, but its not like Guilmon needed a hotel to live in. Guilmon was a red dragon with black markings, little wings on his head, and a hazard sign on his white chest.

"Takatomon! Did you bring more bread? I already buried some." Guilmon said.

Not taking time to ask why he did that, Takato simply grabed the red dino's claw and ran through the park.

"No time for that Guilmon! Henry's in trouble!" Takato said, not looking at Guilmon.

"What kind of..." before Guilmon could finish, his eyes switched into a threatening vision before he ran off deep into the park,

"HEY! Guilmon! Come back here! That's the wrong way!" Takato shouted as he ran after the red dinosaur."Great! He's ignoring me just like last time."

((Flashback Start))

"NO! Guilmon, run away!"

"Diamond Storm"

Takato watched in fear as the shards zipped down toward the dragon Digimon. Then one by one, they exploded upon Guilmon, making the girl smirk.


However, something very shocking surprised the girl and the yellow Digimon. When the smoke cleared, Guilmon was still standing like he never got hit at all.

The fox Digimon sprout her eyes, wide. "What the...?"

"Pyro Sphere"

Guilmon launched a powerful fireball. Noticing the blast, the fox Digimon swiftly dodged to the side, away from the attack, as she answered back with her own.

The young girl blinked, trying to comprehend what just happened. How could that thing survive the Diamond Storm like nothing? Not even some Champion levels can live through that.

"Guilmon! Stop, please!" the boy pleaded, but still, the Digimon fought on.

The yellow Digimon zigzagged toward her foe, dodging every fireball Guilmon threw. As she neared, her paws surged with white energy.

"Power Paw"

Leaping forward, the fox Digimon threw a fierce fist on Guilmon's face, with enough force to push him back. The red dino crouched down as he growled menecingly.

"Rock Breaker"

With swift agility, Guilmon launched forward, and thrust his claw, coated in fire. The fox was caught off guard and then dropped leapt away from her foe. After catching herself on her feet, the fox glared at her opponent. Never before had she faced a foe that was so indestructible at such a low stage.

'Who is he?'

"Come on! Sometime today..." Takato heard the girl rant. He noticed her looking at her own Digivice, as it made a blank halo screen above the monitor. "Argh! Stupid piece of junk!"

Looking back at the battle, Takato saw the Digimon known as Renamon tackle Guilmon to the ground. The two rolled around, trying to pin each other with a match of strength. Renamon's Tamer slapped her forehead like her Digimon was embarrassing her.

"Oh that's really childish, Renamon!" she spat while pulling out a card.

Takato leaned closer, wondering what she was going to do with a Digimon card. She slashed the card through the device and yelled "DIGI-MODIFY...HEAVY METAL GUN ACTIVATE!".

Suddenly, particles formed around Renamon's paw, and formed into some kind of a cannon. With it, as Renamon was pinned down with Guilmon biting her other arm, she pointed it at the dragon's head.

"Now that's more like it." the girl grinned.

"Oh no..." Takato gasped at the thought losing his Digimon. "GUILMON! RUN AWAY! I'M BEGGING YA!" Takato cried, but Guilmon still wouldn't snap out of it. "Oh man, it's like Guilmon doesn't even know I'm here...please Guilmon, snap out of it!" His heart beat rapidly when he saw Renamon's paw about to clench the trigger. "GUILMON!" But he failed to notice his Digivice, which he was wearing as a necklace, slowly glowing in a white light from the screen.

"Takatomon?" Takato breathed in relief of surprise when Guilmon's eyes returned to normal.

His Digivice's glow faded away.

Blinking, Guilmon let go of Renamon's arm and looked at his Tamer, not even glancing at the fox still aiming her weapon at his head.

"I'm not listening?" he asked as he ran back to Takato, and in a nick of time before the weapon fired. "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry,..."

((Flashback End))

'Strange, it's like his mind goes on autopilot whenever he senses a Digimon, does that mean there's one in the park?' He thought while chasing his friend. His question was answered when Guilmon lead him to a fog-covered area.

'ANOTHER Digital field? Great...'

Guilmon arrived at the fog-covered area, sniffing for a scent.

"Guilmon, wait right there!"

Guilmon's Tamer caught up from behind, and then stopped to catch his breath.

"I've(pant)REALLY got to(pant)stop cutting(pant)gym class" Takato said out of breath. Guilmon however, continued to growl. Takato was about to ask what was wrong when he heard the sounds of fighting, Guilmon stopped sniffing and darted toward the sorce of the noise.

"GUILMON! Argh, not again!" Takato yelled frustrated before running after him again.

They soon found the sorce of the noise, to Takato's shock, it was the girl that attacked him yesterday, along with to other girls who's Digimon were fighting what looked like a bunch of giant spiders.

Digimon Analyzer:

Name: Dokugumon

Level: Champion

Attribute: Virus

An Insect Digimon that has computer viruses running through its body. It capture's it's prey with it's Poison Thread attack.

Name: KoDokugumon

Level: Fresh

Attribute: Virus

These Insect Digimon are the children of Dokugumon. Although they are Fresh level Digimon, their attack power is very high. They tend to attack in swarms.

Takato looked at the info on his D-Arc, 'Sorry Henry.' he thought, "But I can't just leave those girl's on there own, I just hope those other Tamer's can help.' He then looked at Guilmon, who was already blasting some of the KoDokugumon out of the trees, and pulled out a card.


Construction Site:

TK and Patamon ran into the fog and toward the area where Terriermon and Akatorimon were fighting, Terriermon was dogeing Akatorimon's blast's with the help of the speed card Henry used, but it was starting to wear off and his attacks weren't doing any damage.

"Henry! Now would be a good time to for me to Digivolve!" He yelled while dogeing another blast.

Henry shook his head,"No Terriermon, you know what happend last time."


"Watch out, Terriermon! He's aggressive now!"

The battle grew in its difficulty. Gorillamon was now as furious as a bull, and continuously charged at the little Digimon charging up his canon, Henry already used a stamina card to recharge Terriermon's energy, but right now he needs a way to stop Gorillamon's rampage. He could use a card to trap Gorillamon like with webs or a vine attack, but now looking at a new card in his hand, perhaps he can fight fire with fire.

"Get ready, Terriermon! It's time to turn up the gas! DIGI-MODIFY! DIGIVOLUTION, ACTIVATE!"



The little bunny rabbit grew to about the size of a football player. His appearance didn't change much; he now wore a green mask that also covered his ears. His arms extended like his legs that worn baggy jeans. Around his waist and left shoulder was a belt containing bullets. In addition, upon his hands were large barrel-guns with five barrel cannons.

The tides had turned, now. With a slash of a card, Terriermon evolved to his Champion level, Gargomon. Using his new abilities, Gargomon fired his Vulcan cannons with trigger happy laughs. The bullets stung through Gorillamon's skin so bad, it drove the beast away.

"Yeah, way to go, Gargomon!"

With that all done, Henry would now continue through the level…if Gargomon would stop shooting like a maniac. The boy's eyes rose as he watched hid Digimon constantly blast everything, and every living thing in site.

"Gargomon, what are you doing? You already did your job."

All the innocent Digimon in the level ran in fear from the psycho Digimon; Most of them didn't escaped alive. The young Wong frantically pressed buttons to try to stop him, but nothing was working.

Even though it was just a game, Henry couldn&'t help feel guilty for all those deaths caused by Gargomon at this minute. Their cries of pain…it felt so real…Gargomon's mask of insanity…it was so real.

"Stop…no…you're just like the rest of them,"


"The game is programmed to use the cards as modify programs for the Digimon. The game supposed to have artificial intelligence for the Digimon; almost like they can think for themselves…well, not entirely like humans, but only to make them seem real…but they're not real, son."

That is what his father told him after he paused the game to have a talk with him. Henry went back to his room, staring at the wearily Terriermon. But…why should he feel symphony for this being of zeroes and ones? He's not even real…it's just a game.

"He's not real…it's only a game, he's not real."

Terriermon stood on his little knees, breathing hard for his lost breath. He was so much in pain…fatigue…all because of the energy he wasted…and perhaps been attacked for destroying everything as Gargomon. If it this is not real, why does it feel like it is? Why does it feel like this being has feelings? Why did he…force Terriermon to fight for unreasonable subjects?

"What have I done to you? You can't be real if you're not in pain, that I gave you." Frustrated, Henry slammed his palms to the desk. On his finger tips, he felt a smooth surface; a surface that felt like a card. "Huh…? I don't remember having a blue card."

It held it, examining the new card. How did this get here? Above all, what can it do? Terriermon…he looked so sad…so hurt…wait…maybe this card can help.

"Hang on, Terriermon!"

After he quickly slashed the card, the screen instantly flashed a white light that blinded the blue haired boy. Unknown to him, after the light faded, his card scanner system changed into a D-Arc; a green one. But that did not matter to him. What attracted his attention was Terriermon, live in the flesh, lying on his arms.

Henry felt cold and the loss to feel his body. He was holding…a real live Digimon…Terriermon, on his arms "Y..y..you're…real…and you're…hurt." his shiver of surprise and shock transformed into shock of guilt. His whimper became the sounds of crying. Tears dripped from his eyes, wetting the furry Digimon.

"Hey…can you cut off the water? It's wetting my fur."

Henry was helpless to stop. He had actually hurt a living creature, all for the lust of glory and respect over a game. What kind of a person is he; forcing a creature to fight and get hurt?

"No more…no more fighting."

"Hey, Henry…easy, I'm okay…Momentai."

((End flashback))

"Henry… HENRY!"

Once again, Henry snapped out of his trance. The first thing in his sight was Terriermon, still dogeing Akatorimon's blast's, he started looking for another card to use, just then he noticed TK and Patamon running up to him, "Who are you guys?"

"The name's TK ,Takato sent me to help."

"Good, cause this guy's one tough customer."

TK pulled out his D-3.

TK: "Ready Patamon?"




Patamon transformed into a masked Angel. He had six shining wings and pure white clothes

Angemon flew toward Akatorimon's back while he was attempting to courner the little rabbit Digimon.


"Hand Of Fate"

Angemon fired a sacred energy beam from his fist, hitting Akatorimon square in the back, he fell to the floor knocked out.

Angemon landed next to Terriermon, "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'll live, thanks for the save." The small rabbit replied.

Henry took out his beeping D-Arc, witch showed him a halo screen with Angemon's picture above the monitor.

Digimon Analyzer:

Name: Angemon

Level: Champion

Attribute: Vaccine

It is said that he is the existence of good and he brings happiness to many. Even though he is a Champion, he is strong enough to defeat Evil Ultimate Digimon. He is described as having a virtuous and compassionate heart.

Akatorimon slowly woke up, seeing another Digimon standing next to his target, he quickly got back on his feet and charged at the two Digimon. Angemon readyed another attack.

"Scar-Red Eyes"

"Angel Rod"

Akatorimon shot red lasers from his eyes, but Angemon swung his Angel Rod witch bounced them back at the giant chicken, badly injuering it as it screamed in pain.

"Now's our chance!" Said Henry, who pulled out a card, "What's that for?" TK asked as Henry slashed the card through his D-Arc.


"ANGEMON?" TK shouted in shock, and slight confusion.

A ghost like version of Angemon appered over Terriermon, who started spining in circle, creating a large blue tornado

"Omni Typhoon"

The large blue tornado slamed into Akatorimon, sending him flying toward the other side of the field, right toward the area where Wendigomon was fighting.

Terriermon: "Oops"

Back With Davis and Cody, Wendigomon was now unconscious in a body-sized crater.

"Good job guys! Now lets send him back! Cody, set up the laptop" Shouted Davis.

Cody started typing some commands on Izzy's laptop, but before he could finish, Wendigomon woke up!

"Cable Crusher"

Wendigomon's arms quickly extended like rudder, grabbed the two armor Digimon and slammed them into the ground.

"GUYS!" Davis and Cody shouted in shock as Six cannons came out of Wendigomon's chest once more, preparing to fire...


Right as he was about to fire Akatorimon slamed right into him, foceing him to release the two Digimon.

Terriermon: "Uhhh, I ment to do that!"

Angemon rolled his eyes under his mask, "Sure..." before flying in the direction Akatorimon flew with Terriermon following behind.

"Heh...nice shot." Said Flamedramon slowly getting up along with Digmon, "Thanks.."

"CAAAAW!" Akatorimon screeched as he got off of Wendigomon and was about to charge at them...

"Koko Crusher"

Only to scream and burst into data revaling Wendigomon with six smoking cannons sticking out of his chest.

"He...killed...him..." Digimon said, shocked at the cold heartiness of the Digimon.

But before they could do anything, a large gust of wind Wendigomon instantly disappeared in a large gust of wind, by the time Terriermon, Henry, Angemon, and TK got to the area where the rest were waiting, Wendigomon was already gone with two words echoing in the wind,


The group was silent for ta moment, before Davis looked at Henry and broke the silence, "So, I'm Davis...who'er you?" He said, trying to be friendly.

"Davis..." TK was about to speak, only to be interupted by a loud beeping sound coming from Henry's D-Arc."What's with the noise!" yelled Flamedramon.

"It only dose that when a Digimon is emerging," Answered Henry before pointing the D-Arc around like a compase "There! At the park!"

"Well that explans why Takato and Guilmon didn't come." Said Terriermon as they all ran toward the park with Henry leading the way, but as they were running, Cody thought about what Wendigomon had said,

'Go back to what?' he thought.

Shinjuku Park:

Back at the park, The DigiDestined and Tamers were fighting agenst group of Dokugamon and KoDokugamon. While Kari and Yolei were working together, Rika and Renamon were close by but were fighting on there own and Takato and Guilmon were fighting in a different area to make sure the spider Digimon didn't escape.

"Rosetta Stone"

"Double Stars"

Nefertimon fired stone slabs from a light issuing from her back, knocking the large spiders out of the trees while Shurimon threw his large shuriken, cutting off some of the branches that the webs were attached to and used them to tie them up.

"Perfecto!" Yolei cheered, flashing a V-sign. "Now go get the rest! We'll send these guys back"

"Alright Yolei, set up that laptop!" Kari commanded. Rika, who watching Renamon easily defeat her opponents, glared at the two girls.

"What are these idiots doing? They're gonna waste good data.…-sigh-...Renamon, "educate" them."

Yolei typed some commands on Izzy's laptop before pointing it to Kari so she could use his D-3 to open a gate.

"Here it goes. DIGI-PORT OP...!"

"Diamond Storm"

Before she could finish, shards rained down stabbing the tied up Dokugamon and KoDokugamon while they screamed in pain, seconds later they burst into data.

"WHAT THE...!" Nefertimon shouted.

Renamon landed where the spider Digimon had been, and absorbed the data into her body.

Nefertimon: "How did it absorb the data like that!"

Shurimon was equally shocked but said nothing, but there attention was quickly draw to a large group of KoDokugamon that were sneaking toward Kari and Yolei.

"Queen's Paw"

Nefertimon fired jewels from the bracers on her paws as a warning shot, witch forced them back and alerted the two DigiDestined.

"Pyrro Sphere"

A large fireball shot toward the KoDokugamon that were hiding in the tree above them, sending them flying toward the last remaning Dokugamon. The two DigiDestined looked at where the attack came from and saw a young boy wearing goggles and a red dragon-like Digimon with him. Yolei however, noticed that he had the same Digivice as Rika, 'He must be one of those"Tamers" that girl mentioned' she thought "Who are you?" she asked cautiously thinking he might attack them, but remembered that he had just saved them and eased her tone "Thank you for saving us."

"No problem, my name's Takato, and this is Guilmon" He replied.

Kari and Yolei were about to introduce themselves untill they heard Rika's voice.

"Walk all over them Renamon!"

Renamon shoot straight at the Dokugumon and her children with her arms crossed.

"Diamond Storm"

"Poison Thread!"

Fortunately, the KoDokugumon sprayed poisonous webbing to create a swirly shield around there "mother", blocking the shards. It caught Renamon off guard; long enough for the "queen" spider to catch her with a Venom Blast, throwing Renamon back through a field of webs. After she plowed to the floor, Renamon struggled back up as she felt the burns on her body and the webs stuck on her fur.

"That was sloppy Renamon!" Rika yelled.

Yolei, Takato, and Kari looked at Rika in shock, 'Doesn't she care if her Digimon gets hurt?' they all thought. They were about to tell there Digimon to go help, but they had already reverted to there Rookie/Champion forms, while Guilmon was tired out from the hords of KoDokugumon that he fought earlier.

"Diamond Storm"

The barrage of diamonds struck straight on the spider's face, like powerful hails forcing the arachnids back.

"Good work! Now to finish them!" Rika shouted, Renamon launched forward while Rika drew another card from her belt and slashed it. "DIGI-MODIFY...METALGARURUMON ACTIVATE!"

"GARURUMON?" Shouted Gatomon, who was shocked and angered that she was using one of her friends attacks "Who dose she think she is! Apocalymon?".

Suddenly, Renamon was surged with a blue aura. As if she couldn't hold it, she burst into flaming blue fire, that made Takato and the girls cover themselves while Guilmon hid behind him.

"IS SHE NUTS? RENAMON CAN'T HANDLE THAT KIND OF POWER!" Takato shouted through the noise of the raging inferno, "Takatomon, I'm scared!" Guilmon whined, however to everyone's shock, Renamon somehow gathered the means to focus and gather all that energy into one sphere between her paws.

"Howling Blaster!"

With all her strength, she launched the blue beam straight at the Dokugumon and her "children", crashing into them and engulfing them in a powerful blast. Takato, Kari, Yolei, and there Digimon could only watch in horror as the spider Digimon were annihilated and Renamon absorbed there data into her body.

"Good work Renamon." Rika said before looking at Takato "What are you doing here? Is your Digimon out of diapers yet?" she said tauntingly.

While Takato didn't say anything, Yolei stormed toward her, anger overwhelming her. "Who do you think you are, kid! How dare you let your Digimon attack us like that and kill those Digimon!"

The young girl snorted as she faced the purple haired teen, "She only did what I ordered her to, and that's to acquire its data and yours."

Yolei growled. "Data! DATA! What the heck do you mean by that!"

The young girl shrugged. "They're just data, nothing less, nothing more." She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"What!"An angery voice shouted, everyone turned around to see Davis, Flamedramon, TK, Angemon, Cody, Digmon, Henry and Terriermon came walking towards them, all of them, especialy the Digimon were giving Rika a dark glare. Davis, who had spoken first continued."What do you mean "just data"!"He yelled with heavy anger in his head and heart, "Digimon are not just data! They're living beings like you and me! They have feelings too, and you're just treating them as your little playthings!"

The red head rolled her violet eyes. "So naive and you're supposed to be older than me…? Puh-leeze! I don't have to listen to trash from lousy Tamers like you. I would be more than glad to finish this, but it's been a busy day, so I'll be back later. Renamon…?"

When the Digimon charged forth toward the girl, Renamon scooped her up, and jumped away like she disappeared in thin-air. The 02 Digimon skidded to a halt.

"She's gone!" Hawkmon stated in shock.

Anger came over the DigiDestined. TK shook his head with a scowl. "How did she became a DigiDestined in the first place with that attitude?"

Kari: "Who dose that girl think she is! And why'd she called us Tamers! What the heck is a Tamer!"

Henry and Takato walked up to them with there Digimon, "I think we can explane that..."

As the 02 DigiDestined began to talk to the Tamers, Davis looked the spot were the girl and her Digimon had just vanished, "Just what we need," Davis muttered "Another Digimon Emperor...scratch that. Make that "Digimon Queen"."

To be continued...

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