Hey guys! I'm a new member, but I've been reading fanfics forever! This is my first story :) Happy New Year! I love love love Fairy Tail, and I love the Lucy Natsu couple, so I thought, why not try writing a oneshot?One day, I was bored, so I tried writing one myself. This one is a romantic one *_* Lol, anyway, I'm thinking of making a series of oneshots. I dunno, though . Sorry if there are any grammatical or spelling errors!

Combs and Kisses

From her comfortable bed, Lucy smiled at the sheer peace of this beautiful morning. It was sunny outside, and the skies were a lovely shade of blue. What should she do today? There wasn't anything planned, but she was sure her noisy Fairy Tail friends would come to bother her at one point. Maybe she should visit the guild, to avoid having her guild mates visit HER, eating her food, reading her novel.

But, then again, maybe Lucy wouldn't really mind if Natsu came. For a while now, she had felt a warm, tingly feeling whenever he was around. She smiled and got out of bed, and padded, barefoot, to her bathroom.

Lucy brushed her teeth, then washed her face. Finally, she took out a comb and begun to comb her hair. It was a daunting task. Lucy's hair was a bit longer than chest length. Her golden locks were currently tangled, messy, snarled, knotted, whatever adjective you wanted to use that was a synonym for "chaotic morning hair".

"Yo! Lucy!" came a loud and familiar voice from outside the door. She sighed, but smiled a bit, and moved to open the door, comb still in hand. Natsu bounded happily in, though he stopped when he saw Lucy. His smile faded, as he observed the somewhat skimpy nightie, and her small bare feet. He suddenly grinned devilishly, his fang-like canines glinting.

"The nightie looks great on you," he said with a hungry gleam in his eyes.

"Uh, thanks," said Lucy, blushing.

"Were you brushing your hair?" he asked, still with that odd, hungry look.

"Y-yeah. It... has a lot of knots in the morning, since it's so long."

"I'll brush it for you, if you want."

"N-no, it's fine..." said Lucy, looking weirdly at Natsu. Why was he acting so unusual?"

"Really. I want to brush it." Natsu stared intensely at Lucy, who faltered and quailed under his smoldering look. Finally, she angrily threw the comb at him. He caught it, and smirked triumphantly. He moved behind her, and she watched him gently untangle her hair through the mirror.

His face was completely serious and focused on Lucy's hair. His hands were feathery light, handling her hair as if it was delicate silk. He slowly ran the comb through her hair, halting when he reached a knot. He carefully worked through the knot, then worked on another lock of hair.

"Why are you looking so pissed off? Am I hurting you?" His questions jerked Lucy back to reality. She realized that her arms were crossed, and that she was pouting.

"No. But, you know, you don't hafta comb my hair for me. I'm perfectly capable of handling it myself."

A rumble of laughter hit Lucy's ears. She whipped her head around, and glared at Natsu.

"Are you laughing at me?" she tried to sound threatening, but his laughter merely intensified.

"No, 'course not. I know you're able. It's just... I like this," he said when he had finished laughing. "You hair is really soft and smooth. It's like silk, but better."

"Th-thanks," Lucy stuttered, turning pink. She watched as he put a lock of hair to his cheek. She was blushing madly now. He glanced at her pink face, smiled, and went back to work on her hair.

About ten minutes later, Natsu had combed through all of the knots, and was simply running the comb through her hair for fun. He played with her hair, twisting it and twirling it. Finally, he brushed it back from her neck. He leaned down, and kissed the back of Lucy's neck. His lips stayed there, hot on her skin, as Lucy stiffly stood there.

"You smell really good," said Natsu, his lava-hot lips tickling Lucy's neck.

They stayed in that position for a few seconds, then Lucy was suddenly spun around. Her back hit the bathroom wall, as Natsu stared into her eyes, and then, with no warning at all, he crashed his lips against hers.

The kiss was hot and heady. He was a great kisser. He kissed with passion and aggression, battling Lucy for dominance. Lucy was quite shocked at first, but found that she enjoyed this immensely. She fought back, her lips and tongue battling his. One of his hot hands slipped up and down her body, from her thighs up to her hips, then to her waist, and back down. The other was in the hair he had worked so hard to untangle. Lucy's arms were around his neck. He was pinning her hard to the wall.

After a few seconds, or maybe minutes, or maybe years, they broke apart, gasping for breath. While Lucy was still breathing heavily, Natsu moved his kisses down her jaw, and onto her neck. His lips latched onto her throat, as Lucy gasped and squirmed under his firm hands pinning her against the tiled wall. She felt his fiery tongue sweep across her neck, feeling a chill where his saliva remained in a trail after his hot tongue. He then focused solely on a certain spot on her neck; sucking on it and licking it. Lucy moaned and protested, but he ignored her weak attempts to stop him. His hands continued to pin her down and become familiar with her luscious body. When he finally pulled away, a bright purplish red kiss mark was on Lucy's neck. He smiled proudly, then moved his lips up to Lucy's. She was blushing furiously, looking pleased, disheveled, and embarrassed. He smirked, then kissed Lucy again.

This time, he was even more possessive, his tongue thrusting into her soft, wet, warm mouth, tasting her and exploring her mouth. Her tongue attempted to push his out, and they proceeded to have a steamy tongue battle. Natsu won, and Lucy found her mouth once more dominated by Natsu's demanding tongue.

Natsu felt ecstatic. Lucy was kissing him back. He basked in her flavor, finding it addictive. She tasted sweet and tangy. Her lips were soft and sweet as the fluffy marshmallows that they sometimes roasted on long journeys. He kissed her fiercely, not holding back. He tried to pour all the emotions he had felt since he met her into the kiss. He was overjoyed when she kissed back just as fiercely.

Finally he pulled back, his grip on her still not slacking. He surveyed her pretty face; noting the flushed cheeks and the expression of pleasure. He smiled at her, and she smiled shyly back. He bent forward and murmured into her ear, "Lucy... I love you." He saw her cheeks grow even brighter red, as she stuttered, "I-I love y-you t-t-too, Natsu." He grinned and kissed her one more time.

The other kisses were hot and possessive, whereas this one was sweet and gentle. Natsu's arms encircled Lucy's tiny waist, and they kissed slowly and lovingly. They stopped, their foreheads still touching, and Lucy grinned at him.

"I didn't know you liked me."

"Yeah, I didn't know either, until a while ago. I didn't know you liked me." He blushed, but a content smile settled on his lips.

"Why'd you kiss me then?" asked Lucy.

"Been wanting to do it for awhile now. Saw you in that nightie... and I couldn't resist." Natsu's hands began to roam Lucy's body once more. She giggled.

"So... will you go out with me?" asked Natsu hopefully.

"You know the answer is yes, so why ask?"

"Well... Do you want to get a mission today, or take a break?"

"I want to take a day off."

"I'm looking forward to spending a whole day with you. Alone."


"I know you're looking forward to it too."

"Well... yeah, I am. Hey- don't smirk at me, mister!"

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