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Natsu watches as Lucy twitches in her sleep. She is curled up in a fetal position, shaking slightly. He wonders if she is having a nightmare, or if she is just cold. Natsu inches towards her. He notices that she was clutching a book- did she fall asleep while reading?

Gently, he reaches out and brushes her hair from her face. Natsu is shocked to find that her forehead is covered with a light sheen of sweat.

Lucy winces at the light touch. She curls up even tighter, whimpering.

Now, Natsu is sure that she is having a nightmare.

"Lucy, wake up!" Natsu says softly, shaking her shoulder. She only groans.

"Lucy! Weirdo, you're just having a bad dream. Wake up already," he says as soothingly as possible.

Her eyes flutter open, and moonlight illuminates the tears that cling to her eyelashes.

She shrieks and recoils, seeing only a dark form beside her. Natsu is hurt and confused for a moment before realising that she doesn't see it's him- the night vision of humans isn't as keen as the night vision of dragon slayers.

"Who are you? Stay away from me," she says in a quavering voice, and Natsu knows she's trying to sound brave despite the fear he can smell on her.

"Silly Lucy, it's me. Natsu," he says, reaching towards her. She withdraws slightly, but Natsu moves past her to draw open her curtains. The previously small ray of light from the crack becomes a bright stream of moonlight, lighting up most of her room and revealing to Lucy the pink haired young man in her bed.

"Natsu," she whispers, relaxing slightly. He grins a big friendly grin and to Lucy's surprise, hugs her tightly.

"Bad dream?" he whispers in her ear.

"Yeah," she admits, her voice slightly muffled against his white scarf.

"It's okay, Luce. I'm here for you," he says with a wide smile.

Lucy blushes; glad he can't see her face at the moment. 'He's just saying this because he's nice. Natsu's friendly to everybody. He doesn't like me or anything. Get a grip, Lucy!' she thinks to herself.

"Thanks, Natsu," she murmurs, laying her head down on her shoulder, feeling warm and secure.

He holds her in his arms until she has fallen asleep, then places her down gently on the bed.

Natsu is about to draw the curtains, when he hears Lucy talk in her sleep.

"Natsuuuuu..." she murmurs. She smiles, a happy and adorable smile.

He blushes, and impulsively bends down towards her, kissing her gently on the lips.

After the kiss, he lethargically gathers her in his arms and falls asleep, hugging Lucy tightly and completely forgetting about closing the curtains.

The next morning, Lucy wakes up to find that Natsu isn't next to her. But, the wide-open curtains on her window assure her that he was surely there last night, comforting her in the moonlight.

She climbs slowly out of bed, feeling slightly chilly. Her window was left open. Natsu probably entered and left by her window. Lucy rolls her eyes at his silliness.

Lucy is about to walk over to her wardrobe and pick out a warm outfit before she hears someone calling her name.

She turns towards the sound, and there Natsu is, sitting on her windowsill. He's holding a large shopping bag and his cheeks are flushed.

"Lucy! I got something for you!" He says, panting. He throws the shopping bag at Lucy and she catches it, surprised at how light it is.

Lucy opens the bag and pulls out a large, fluffy teddy bear. She looks at Natsu, confused.

"What's this for?" she asks.

"The toy shop owner told me that if you sleep with it, you won't have bad dreams," Natsu exclaims proudly, nodding at his own genius. "It's a very special and magical teddy bear."

Lucy stares blankly for a second before bursting into laughter at his adorable childishness.

"Thanks, Natsu!" she chirps, skipping over to the windowsill and hugging him.

"Ah, it's no problem," he says, his cheeks slightly tinged with pink.

His whole face flushes when Lucy bends over and kisses him lightly on the cheek. In fact, he falls over. Lucy's muffled giggling soon swells into full-on laughter as Natsu gets up and furiously attempts to recompose himself, cheeks blazing.


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