Baby Monkey

Chapter 1: Damsel in Distress

What if Bella Swan had a twin sister? Jenna had chocolate eyes while Bella had the lighter brown eyes. Bella was pale while Jenna had a golden tan from playing soccer. Bella was to uncoordinated to even try to play. Bella the reserved martyr. Jenna the center of attention and the apple of her father's eye. Bella hadn't really kept in touch with their father while Jenna had convinced her mother to let Jenna take small visits to see him.

Jenna had gone up to Forks at the beginning of the semester, since Jenna turned sixteen she had moved up with her dad while Bella had just recently made the trip. "So your sister is coming, excited?" Kit questioned, Jenna rolled her eyes. "So excited!" Jenna complained, sure she loved her little sister but she was a downer. The quite one. The one their mother had always fretted over. Phil, their step dad tried getting close to Jenna but she just ignored him. It was Friday's gym class. Her last period. Since most of the soccer girls had that gym class the teacher let them practice on one side of the gym.

"Oh Jenna, don't look now but Emmett's checking your ass out." Kit teased her, Jenna glanced behind her. She was standing up, leaning forwards holding her ankles as she stretched the back of her legs. Her eyes met with Emmett's amber ones and he smiled at her. She blushed slightly but smiled and winked back at him, his smile only widened. The dimples on his cheeks showing. "Oh girl, when is he going to ask you out already?" Kit demanded, Jenna rolled her eyes stretching her arms out. "I don't know what your talking about Kit" Jenna giggled, Kit rolled her eyes.

"All right ladies, let's warm up!" Jenna called out to the girls. She was second in command on the team and since the Captain wasn't here making her in charge. They did a couple practicing drills before they split up in teams and had a scrimmage. Kit and Jenna were really going at it. They were currently shoving each other, their ankles trying to trip each other for control of the ball. "Hey! Play by the rules!" The coach yelled at the two girls. Jenna smirked and tripped Kit successfully taking the ball and scoring. "No hard feelings?" Jenna asked extending a hand out to Kit. Kit mock glared at her but took her hand. "Jenna!" The coach shouted at the foul. "It was a scrimmage! It's not like it's real game!" Jenna fired back, "Laps Jenna!" The coach fired. Jenna groaned. "But…" Jenna started but the coach cut her off. "Now!" She yelled.

"Fucking A" Jenna growled and started her laps around the gym. She had to do it for the rest of gym class. "Looking good Jenna" Emmett snickered as she ran towards him, he had this class with Jasper. She smirked at him, "Glad your enjoying the scenery" Jenna snickered as she kept running. "Pass it!" Jenna shouted at the girls as she ran by them. Jessie did, and Jenna kicked it into the goal. "Cheating!" Kit fired off, "Jenna!" The coach complained, Jenna groaned again. "Detention!" The coach fired off. Jenna froze "But my sister's coming into town tonight! And it's Friday!" Jenna whined, "Then quite cheating!" The coach fired back. "But it's gym class!" Jenna complained, "Yeah come on Mrs. Q. After all it's been a while since Jenna's last seen her sister" Emmett persuaded, Jasper next to him. His face tight.

Mrs. Q expression's completely changed from a hard look to a soft and blushing look as she looked at Emmett's smiling face. "Oh well I guess this one time." Mrs. Q said, Jenna crossed her arms, her head tilted to the side as she watched Emmett. What the hell was he playing at. He intimidated the hell out of everyone but now he was smiling. Was he trying to flirt with her. "What are you playing at?" Jenna demanded when Mrs. Q walked away. "You know most people just say thank you" Emmett told her, Jenna just raised an eyebrow at him. "Well thank you" Jenna told him turning around and started her running again. Emmett smiled at her watching her run around the gym easily.

"Ah!" Jenna screamed as she tripped after running into a stupid freshman that had gotten in her way. She closed her eyes ready for impact when she felt two freezing arms wrap around her catching her before she hit the ground. "Wow" Jenna said retracting slightly at the cold skin out of shock. Opening her eyes Emmett was smirking down at her. "Why is that I keep saving your ass?" Emmett teased, she raised an eyebrow at him. "I don't know, why are you?" She questioned him, her body still hovering over her floor in his strong arms. She saw the hard muscles through his shirt and arms. He was very buff. But cold. His dimples showing brightly, his amber eyes sparking down at her. His eyes flashed between her eyes and lips. "Don't know." Emmett told her. "Oh are you going to find out?" She questioned him. He smiled standing her up on her feet, his hand holding hers briefly as he spun her pushing her along her way. She rolled her eyes at his behavior and kept walking. A smile on her lips, her heart skipping a beat and a slight blush on her cheeks. Damn him.

Jenna glanced over her shoulder and he was chuckling. The bastard thought it was funny. She stuck her tongue out at him and kept running. She would have passed them one more time but the bell rang. Jenna and Kit grabbed quick showers. "Jenna hurry up!" Kit complained, Jenna laughed. "I can't! You guys go ahead. I'll catch up!" Jenna told them, Kit was her ride to and from school. "You sure?" Kit questioned, "Go ahead" Jenna told her laughing. Jenna smiled at hearing the door close. She finished watching the shampoo out of her hair only to jump when the door opened again. She was the last one in there. Who else would be coming in. She heard a person's shoe squeak. She quickly grabbed a towel rapping it around her.

Cautiously sticking her head out of the shower she stepped out, holding her towel around her. She brushed a couple strands out of her eyes behind her ear as she looked around. No one was in the way. She held the towel and walked around. No one again. The locker room was empty. She turned around only to jump a foot in the air screaming. Danny, her ex boyfriend was standing there. "Danny what the hell?" Jenna demanded brushing past him, suddenly becoming very aware she was only in a towel.

He laughed, "Just wanted to ask you something" He told her, she narrowed her eyes at him. "Oh really like what? Because last time I checked we weren't talking" Jenna told him. He rolled his eyes, his hands in his pockets. "What's going on with you and Cullen?" Danny questioned. Jenna raised an eyebrow. A smile playing on her face. Danny saw it and glared. "Why do you care?" Jenna asked him, squaring her shoulders to him. She would never back down, not to him.

Danny glared at her. "Don't play games with me Jenna" Danny told her, "Why not Danny? It's not like we're not used to playing games" She told him coldly. His hand shot up stopping an inch from her face. "Don't think I won't hold back just because you're a girl" Danny growled she smacked him hard and turned to grab her bag. She'd change in one of the classrooms. Danny grabbed her arm, spinning her around. Her back slamming hard into the ground. His other hand grabbed at her towel to try to rip it off. She grabbed it holding it against her. Her leg coming up and kicking him in his gut. "Danny! Let go! Danny!" Jenna shouted at him trying to get him to stop.

Jenna fell to the ground when Danny was suddenly ripped off her and slammed into the opposite lockers. She looked up shocked, her body shaking slightly as she held her towel against her. Emmett stood there, one hand holding his chest into the lockers, his other wrapped around his neck. A viscous snarl ripping out of his throat. "If you touch her again there won't be anything left of you to put in a coffin" Emmett threatened, his teeth bared at him. "Emmett! Stop…please" Jenna whispered her voice shaking horribly. Emmett froze, looking over his shoulder at her. She shivered, his eyes were black, set off by the dark shadows under his eyes.

His jaw clenched, nodding his head for a fraction of second before throwing the half chocked, spluttering Danny towards the door. Glaring at him, Danny didn't waste any time getting out of there. Emmett walked over to her offering her his hand. She looked up at him, his eyes were soft again. She smiled slightly and took it. "You didn't have to do that you know" She told him, he smiled down at her. Dimples showing. "Oh just going for a third save." Emmett told her, she couldn't help it. She laughed at his words shaking his head. "Now finish your shower. "Don't worry I'll stand guard and won't peak." He told her, she raised an eyebrow at him. "Okay maybe just a little?" Emmett snickered, "Yeah that sounds about right" She laughed walking back into her shower stall to finish her shower.

After her shoulder Emmett handed her, her clothes so she could get dressed. "So you must be excited to have Bella coming to town." Emmett told her, she shrugged. "I guess." Jenna said stepping out sitting down on the bench and pulling her socks and tennis shoes on. "Yeah that's excitement right there" Sarcasm dripping from his words. She rolled her eyes at him. "We're just different." She explained, he nodded his head, his eyes staying on her. "Well God forbid if you're the same. I mean twins is just one thing but to be the same! That's just a death sentence" Emmett teased her, Jenna stuck her tongue out at him pushing. He laughed at her. "Any way thanks for helping me with Danny. Uh will you not tell anyone about that please?" She questioned, "Our little secret?" He asked and she nodded. He smiled and nodding his head. "Thanks" She told him shouldering her bag the two walking out the door. "What were you doing around here anyway?" She questioned him, "Uh late shower" He told her, his hands in his pockets pulling his hood over his head.

Her heart skipped a beat, he looked like a statue under his hood and she wanted so badly just to push him up against the lockers. "Jenna! Come on! I'm going to be late!" Kit shouted honking on her horn. Jenna turned to Emmett who was smiling at her. "See ya Monday?" She asked and he nodded. "Or sooner, depending" Emmett smiled, flashing his dimples. She blushed, her heart skipping. She'd have to get that checked, maybe she had a heart murmur that was just suddenly sprouting up?

He gave her one last smile before walking over, sliding into the drivers seat of his jeep. Jasper smirking from the passenger seat and Alice and Rosalie in the backseat. Alice smiled at her and she gave her a small smile back before Kit's car horn honking brought her back out of it. She sighed and ran over to Kit's car sliding into the passenger seat. "So have a quickie in the locker room?" Kit teased, Jenna blushed and glared at her smacking her arm. "No we didn't have a quickie! We just ran into each other outside the locker rooms and walked together that's all." Jenna shrugged. "Uhuh then why are you blushing?" Kit questioned, Jenna shrugged making Kit laugh at her.