Chapter 41: Strongest Man I Ever Knew

Okay guys, I know I finished this story already but I got inspired and had to rewrite the ending. It's all in Emmett's POV

Piper straddled Jacob's back behind Nessie, Edmund behind her. Bella stood on the left hand side of Jacob, her hand holding Nessie's with Edward protectively in front of her. I had one hand resting on Piper's knee, the other on Jenna's hip keeping her and my family behind me. Bella hadn't told us specifics, but she had assured us that our children would be safe. That her and Alice made a plan and that things would be all right.

Aro's eyes swept over the three children, a possessive grin crossed his mouth. Piper hissed angrily at him bearing her teeth. I couldn't help but smirk, that's my girl.

Edward had stepped forwards at Aro's request to read his mind. Bella hissed angrily at Edward having to step out of the protective bubble that she had created for us. I watched Piper out of the corner of my eye, she was focusing, not only reading Edward's mind but Aro's as well. After a minute Aro had let Edward's hand go and Bella instantly covered him in the bubble once again before Jane could strike.

"Very intriguing," Aro smiled, "Aro quite with your games" Caius growled, quite annoyed. He was always more on the destructive side. Aro turned back towards his fellow leaders before stating his decision. "They are not immortal children, but… is unaware of what they will grow to be. They are far to dangerous to keep alive" Aro sentenced. We let out an angry growl at his declaration. The guard smirked as they stepped forwards only for their backs to suddenly arch, as painful screams ripped through them. We all looked to Jane, but she was in the same predicament.

Hearing a small, feral growl Piper had her teeth bared as she growled. Caius and Markus looked around curious for the culprit only for their eyes to rest on Piper. Fury crossed her little face, I chuckled. Pride swelling in my chest at my gifted daughter, she was so smart. Caius growled furious as he stepped forwards only for him to land himself in the same predicament. Markus not far behind him, only leaving Aro.

"Looks like you're a littler outnumbered their Aro" Edmund smirked from behind his sister. Jenna bit her lip as she laughed. Carlisle snickering as well. "Here's the deal, leave now and we'll let you live" Piper growled at him. Aro looked around him at his screaming guard before turning to look back at Piper. "You can't protect them forever Piper, what will happen when you're gone hunting? Will you take the whole family with you every time? Or when you sleep? What then?" Aro questioned her. Piper glared, instinctively intensifying the pain on his guard.

I watched her, her eyebrows furrowing. Looking back Aro was doing the same. They had switched their conversation to a more private setting. It was unusual she was sharing this privilege with Aro. She reserved that right only for Edmund and Nessie. Usually orchestrating some sort of trouble making scheme.

It only took a second before she softly closed her eyes, a winning smile crossing Aro's features as they stared at Piper. The guard straightened out immediately. Jane growled stepping forwards only for Aro to hold his hand out. "No, there is no need for your talents Jane. We've come to an understanding." Aro beamed. I turned to her immediately. What had she done?

"Piper?" Jenna questioned, only for her to give us an apologetic look. "Piper what is he talking about?" I demanded from her. She bit her bottom lip. "A trade" She said softly. "What kind of trade?" Jenna demanded, even Edward was confused. Piper had gotten rather good at blocking Edward out and loved to do it consistently. "Immunity for the Cullen clan and wolf packs" Aro smiled, Piper's eyes slowly met ours and it was obvious what she had traded for that immunity. "No" I snarled grabbing her off Jacob's back holding her tightly against me. There was no way in hell I was going to be giving up my baby girl, especially to be raised by the Voltouri. Who knew what kind of damage could be done to her!

Piper hugged me back tightly as she buried her face into my neck. "I love you daddy, but it's the only way for our family to come out of this unscathed" she whispered. "We'll find another way" I promised her. Jenna held Edmund as she also hugged us, Edmund had his face buried against his sister. "Yeah Pip, we'll figure it out" Edmund tried to convince her. She shook her head. "It wouldn't work and you know that!" She told him, "Aro won't give up till he has me. Besides he'll also leave Aunt Alice and Uncle Edward alone too" she informed us.

"I'm not letting you go" I growled, holding her even tighter. Comfort swelled in me and I tried to fight it. I knew it was her doing. "It's all right daddy, I love you. After all it won't last forever. I promise" she pleaded. Jenna hugged our daughter tightly as they whispered to each other, before she looked back up at me. I was still refusing to let her go as the rest of the family said their goodbyes. "Daddy" she said softly and I shook my head.

She smiled softly leaning up hugging my neck as she kissed my cheek. "You're the strongest man I'll ever know daddy. Don't worry, I won't forget you. You'll always be my hero" she whispered in my head giving my cheek another kiss before turning towards Aro.

"I'll allow you to bring one person with you" Aro told her. She nodded looking back towards the family. But she wouldn't ask, she couldn't. Everyone was paired off. Edmund ran forwards hugging his sister. The two argued with each other through their heads. Edmund pulled back from the hug and nodded his head slowly before he hugged her tightly again and headed back to us. Jenna picked him up instantly, holding him tightly against her. Over compensating already.

Leah stepped up lowing her head to Piper. She accepted placing her hand on Leah's head. Holding on as Leah lifted her up and put her on her back before looking over at us. Her eyes promising to look after her before she looked over at Jacob. He gave her a nod, as did Seth before Leah turned around and headed after the guard who were already disappearing from the clearing.

Piper looked behind us and smiled with a big wave as she filled all of us with content and love. She hadn't disappeared from the clearing yet and I already missed her. Jenna squeezed my arm. "It's going to be okay daddy" Jenna whispered, I looked down at her and Edmund, pain had mauled Edmund's features from being separated from his twin. I hugged the both of them tightly against me. "It's all right, she'll be okay" I said softly.