The fat Italian had almost died earlier in the day in his own turf. An unknown sniper had shot at Mark and almost got him in the chest. Guards took out Mark's attacker. He was just glad he wasn't dead. Now he was back at his home. He was still scared after the attack. His hideout was safe. It was an abandoned warehouse in Staunton Island. Mark sat at his desk with several guards surrounding him. Mark stared into space. He had a headache and began to lightly massage his forehead. He was waiting the rest of The Leone Family Mafia. The Italian Mafia was lead by a man named Joey Leone. Mark was second in command and Toni Cipriani in third. Luigi Goterelli, Misty and Curtly were part of it too. Everyone patrolled a different section of liberty. They didn't care much about Shoreside Vale though. It was barely gang populated as it was and proved no threat. The most part of it was civilian's houses, the airport and a few stores. The Leone Mafia was on good terms with The Red Jacks and Purple Nines as of now and The Cartel was ancient history. Luigi patrolled The Redlight District since his bar/strip club, Sex Club Seven, was located there. Joey's garage was in Trenton so he patrolled Trenton. He would however stay at his father, the late Salvatore Leone's, home or Misty, one of Luigi's girls, apartment. Toni, a total momma's boy, patrolled Saint Mark's because his home and restaurant are located there. There was Curtly too. He was Luigi's bodyguard and right-hand man. As soon as Mark had massaged his headache away the rest of The Mafia walked into his study.

Toni: I hear you were shot at!

Mark: Almost assassinated by some sniper in the shadows. He lived too. We need him dead. Joey if you agree I want thugs all over Liberty City. I don't want this man killing one of us and escaping alive or even making it to a sniping spot alive!

Joey: We'll send thugs out. Can't guarantee he'll be caught though we don't have enough thugs to patrol every corner of Liberty. Mark you just gotta watch your back and take extra precautions when you go out in the open. Look where it got my dad.

Misty: Joey, when are we gonna get out of here?

Joey: C'mon Misty. Just remember watch your back and don't take no ****.