Okay hi I'm Nikki 12 years old, I have straight blonde hair and darkish grey you know what I don't get?Why do people sing stupid songs and stuff like...Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind?...I mean honestly who in this crap hole we call earth has ever felt like a plastic freaking bag?I mean have you ever felt like a plastic bag?I HAVEN'T EVER IN MY WHOLE LIFE FELT LIKE AN EFFING PLASTIC BAG DRIFTING THROUGH THE WIND!And quite frankly I don't know anyone that has ever felt like sorry for that outburst I'm just going through a little bit of a problem at the moment.I just found out that I'm a half blood or a demigod.I just got at camp half blood.I mean don't get me wrong it's cool here and 's just that it's a little bit of an adjustment to what I'm used yeah and Athena is my mom,you know the goddess of wisdom and battle been here for a couple of see I ran away a while ago but this satyr found me,his name is he brought me here to camp a couple of days ago.I don't really have any friends here yet but I'm pretty used to that I'm walking to my cabin at the moment so it!I just saw Caty coming toward me,I don't like her,at all.

"What are you doing smart-ass?" she said.

"Well since your about as stupid as a plastic bag I guess Ill have to tell you what Im doing anyway as you can see I'm walking toward my cabin."I said.

"Did you just call me stupid,smartass?"

"No , I called you an Ice cream cone,Yes I called you stupid."I said sarcastically.

"And where exactly do you come off telling me that I'm stupid?"she said.

"I don't do I come off telling you that you're stupid,since you're so smart." I said sarcastically again.

''Shut up you smartass.''she said,as she walked away.

Yep you see she didn't even have a comeback,that's sad.I walked through the door to my cabin and set up on top of my bunk bed thinking about different things.

Yeah so that's the end of chapter 1 I know that its not long but that's about all I could think of at the moment.