Abby sighed. It was an overall slow week at NCIS. Not one of the teams had caught a case that required her expertise. Sighing again, she started shutting down her babies for the night. It was days like this that really made her think about him. They hadn't spoken in what . . . twelve year now she thought. They hadn't even fought. She had fought with her parents about him. They were very disapproving. This had led to him being very self-conscious and after one very awkward meeting, she had just sort of stopped saying his name three times.

"Abbs. Hello Abby. Anyone home?" It was Tony. She smiled. Tony was the only one that could pull her out of her thoughts about him.

"Penny for your thoughts," he said smiling his usual charming smile.

"Oh just thinking about an old friend."

"Oh, what's his name?" Tony smirked.

"Beetle. . ." Abby trailed off.

"Beetle? That's an odd name. Did you have nicknames for each other or something?" Tony's confused look made her smile. Deciding there was nothing wrong with saying his full name.

"His full name is Beetlejuice."

"Beetlejuice? That's stranger than just Beetle."

"Yeah Beetlejuice was always strange." She suddenly went wide-eyed and clapped her hand over her mouth. Tony looked at her strangely. Then there was a sudden wind through the lab and a strange man appeared. Tony drew his gun and aimed it at the stranger.

"It's show time! Who has summoned the great and powerful me!" the stranger said.

"Beetlejuice?" Abby asked nervously. Tony had never seen Abby really nervous. And how did her friend get in here?

"Lydia?" this man, Beetlejuice?, asked also nervously. Tony looked on, absolutely confused.

"Who's Lydia?" He asked but his question went unanswered as Abby, or was it Lydia?, tackle hugged her friend.

"I never thought I'd see ya again, babes."

"Sorry, BJ. I shouldn't have abandoned you like that."

"OK! What's going on?" Tony asked going into serious cop mode.

"Tony this is Beetlejuice. BJ this is Tony DiNozzo." Abby said giggling as the two men sized each other up.

"Man, Lyds, you have a lot of explaining to do." Beetlejuice said while glaring at Tony.

"And all the time in the world to do it." Abby smiled. She knew Tony and BJ could like each other with a little work and time.