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I sighed contentedly as the plane soared through the clouds, bound once again for Washington State. Seeing that Jasper had absorbed himself in browsing through real estate online, I allowed myself to become lost in my thoughts.

Four months.

That was all that was left of my time in office, and though I was still expected to remain on board to consult with the Interspecies-Human Global Alliance (formed by yours truly) I was mostly free to enjoy the rest of my existence with the man who would hold my heart for eternity.

And I was more than ready for my eternity with him to finally begin.

My presidency had been a productive one, especially once I had finally vanquished Maria and was free to pursue the plans that had begun taking form when all the drama had broken out. Fifteen years ago my first four vampire rehabilitation compounds opened in North America, and two years after that, I had compounds open in Europe, Southeast Asia, and China.

During that time, I managed to establish myself as a prominent anthropologist in Italy, trying to gain favor in higher society. The time for remaining hidden was coming to a close.

When I finally wrangled myself an invitation to a party at the White House for a charity benefit, I dazzled the Secret Service into allowing me access to the Secretary of State. On what would have been my thirty-eighth birthday, I gave a presentation to the United Nations, backed by Jasper, Carlisle, and Edward. Jacob had taken over as Alpha in his pack a couple years after our showdown with Maria, and in conjunction with and on behalf of twenty-two shape-shifting tribes, he accompanied me in this presentation. Together, we outted the vampire and the shifting communities to the world.

There was pandemonium at first, without a doubt. There were protests staged outside of the vampire compounds for months. People beat drums wearing garlic wreaths and leis, Home Depot ran out of preformed picket boards within two days. "How to Make Silver Bullets" was one of the top-trending Googled topics for weeks. The shifters were accepted much more readily than the vampires were, however, since the general public was more than a little creeped out by animated corpses, as one popular televangelist dubbed us.

Because of the rehabilitation compounds, and a manufacturing process that Carlisle and Edward devised for the sale of bottled animal blood, many vampires had begun living amongst the humans before the big reveal. School teachers, doctors, engineers, designers; one by one they began to "come out" to the public. Of course, once a few loved and respected Hollywood celebrities came out, the stigma of being a vampire suddenly lost much of its taboo. And that's when human donors came to be.

It began as a bootleg racket; vampires and humans alike running bottled human blood for consumption. As it turned out, if you offered humans enough money, they would willingly, sometimes eagerly, give up a couple pints of blood. It took some finesse to get this legalized and it involved creating a department that would help supervise and regulate the practice. The Interspecies-Human Global Alliance was the end-result, starting with regulating "bleeders" and consumers, and expanding their reach to involve civil rights and educating vampires, shifters, and humans how it is possible to live amongst each other harmoniously. A partnership was also formed between the American Red Cross and the Immortal Essence Group; once people realized the kind of money that stood to be made from donating blood for vampire consumption, volunteer donations to the Red Cross dropped dramatically. The Red Cross now receives thirty percent of the blood donated via Immortal Essence for consumption.

Since there is evil present in all walks of life, policing was still very much a necessity, and so with Jasper and Emmett's assistance, a global security force was enacted and prisons meant to contain vampires and shifters were built. It proved to become a popular choice of career for vampires and shifters alike, considering they were they only ones physically capable of handling the dangerous offenders of their species.

After a few years, once people got used to the idea of vampires and werewolves actually existing, let alone managing to co-exist somewhat peacefully with one another, the fae decided to come out of the woodwork too.

Yeah, none of us saw that coming.

Pretty much everything humans grew up understanding to be myths and fairy-tales were proving to be true after all. A televised summit was held and when all was said and done, they too were brought in under the IHGA regulations. That was five years ago, and so far, so good. And in four months, it would no longer, for the most part, be my problem.

Did I already mention I only had four months left?

It was hard to believe I was now approaching what would have been my forty-eighth birthday. I still looked like a twenty-four year-old, and often times I would act like it too. Carlisle and Eleazar schooled me like I was Eliza Doolittle in the early years. I learned how to appropriately present myself as a world leader and dressed the part too, much to Alice's delight. When I was out of the public eye, however, I was still very fond of my weathered jeans, sassy heels, and well-worn Chucks. It was going to be so nice to be able to wear that stuff on a daily basis again.

Jacob still looks much the same as well, though he plans to cease phasing once Tyler is old enough to take the mantle of alpha, and all the responsibilities that come with it. At twenty-seven, the time is coming near.

Yes, my baby boy is now a man, though he had been since he began shifting at the tender age of fourteen. Frequent involvement with vampires - well, me and my family to be specific - had caused the gene to trigger once puberty hit in full swing. Ironically, his first phase happened when Tyler found out about me being his birth mother. He was helping go through Billy's things after Billy passed away and came across some old photos of me with Jake when we were kids and teenagers, followed by me with Jake and Lexi when I was about eight months pregnant. He did the math and asked some rather pertinent questions. Jake told him the truth and when Tyler became upset, he promptly turned into a wolf.

He had about a six month period where he wouldn't talk to me. When I'd call, he'd ignore my emails; he could hold a grudge like his father. Finally, I'd had enough and the next time I was in the state to visit and handle business with the then-new Seattle vampire compound, I made a point of going to see him.

Jake and a few of the elder wolves were on hand in case things got out of hand. I arrived at their house, the treaty having long been amended to allow me and my family on their land, and stood quietly while Tyler railed against me verbally, calling me every vampire slur he could come up with, and I'm pretty sure he made up a few new ones. I was impressed at his ability to remain in his human form, considering the level of anger he held toward me.

"Are you finished?" I calmly asked when he'd finally quieted. He nodded once, not looking at me, scowling instead at the ground to his left. "I get that you're upset. And you have every right to be. But I'd like to know what angers you more: that I'm a vampire, or that I gave you up."

I could feel his pain and knew my answer already before he answered, but he needed to say it. "You just gave me away. And then you come back years later a bloodsucker, running in to save the day, and try to pass yourself off as 'auntie Bella'? Why did it take me almost dying, twice, for you to come be with me? How come you, any of you, never told me the truth?"

"Come here a minute." I took a step toward him and held out my hands. He looked at me warily, and then at his father, who after a quick glance at me nodded at him in encouragement. Tyler begrudgingly came to stand in front of me and took my hands.

The first thing I sent to him was absolute joy, with more than a little fear and trepidation mixed in.

"What is that?" Tyler asked, awestruck. I gripped his hands tighter when I felt him begin to pull away, and then sent him some calm when that triggered his wolf to try to react in defense.

"I just shared with you the way I felt the day I learned I was pregnant with you. I was scared to death at the thought of becoming a parent so young, but I loved your father and I loved you so much already in that first moment that I knew you were with me; that loved trumped over everything else."

I then thought back to the day that I learned Jake had imprinted, when I was six months along, and shared with him the way I felt in that moment.

He gasped. "What is- What are you doing? It hurts!" I could see the tears brimming in his eyes.

Shaking my head at the others, feeling their concern at the situation, I replied, "This is the way I felt when I learned your father imprinted on Lexi. I wanted to die, but you were my one thing worth living for. You can thank your aunt Leah for seeing me through to that."

I then thought of the day he was born, and how it felt the moment I held him, oh so briefly in my arms, sharing that emotion with Tyler. "Now what do you feel?"

"It's…a mix of happy and sad. Like I want to laugh and cry all at once."

"This was the day you were born. You were the most beautiful baby boy I'd ever seen and I loved you instantly. But I was also grieving for the fact I'd decided to let you stay with your dad and his imprint. I was correct in my assumption that you carried the gene to shift and you needed to be raised amongst others of your kind, learning the legends and your purpose in this world."

"But couldn't you have just stayed? Why did you have to give me away and leave me?"

"I thought I was doing what was best for you, and I still think for the most part I was. I was a mess at that time, Tyler. I'd lost not one but four people – you, your dad, my father, and Edward – within such a short amount of time, my sanity was barely hanging on by a thread. I had to get away and start over a new life for myself. But here, try this feeling on for size."

"So happy," he observed aloud.

"Understandably, your father took issue with the life path I chose. Rather, the fact I chose this existence over living. For a while, he forbade me from having any further contact with you. You see, he would regularly email me pictures and updates as to how you were doing, so I could still, in a way, see you grow up. I took it pretty hard when he told me that was over. But then your mom intervened and began sending them to me anyway. This is how happy I felt every time I got one of those emails.

"You see, I've always loved you Tyler, even before I showed up on your radar as 'auntie Bella'. And by that point, I was just glad to be a part of your life in some aspect. I didn't feel it would be right to tell you since you already had a fantastic mom who loved you just as much as if she gave birth to you herself. She's been there since the night you were born, and stepped up to become a mother to a stranger's baby. I wasn't going to take that away from her."

I felt as comprehension took hold in Tyler, followed by forgiveness. He sighed, looking so much like his father in the gesture. "Alright, I guess I can understand that. I can't call you 'auntie' anymore though, it just doesn't seem right."

"Okay… Well, you can call me whatever you want. As long as it's not some of those names you were spitting out a few minutes ago. Damn, who knew a potty mouth was genetic? Those were genius, I have to admit," I chuckled.

He laughed, "I'll come up with something."

Unfortunately, the one that stuck was "Dracu-Ma", much to Jake's endless entertainment, though it was often just "Ma" for short. Tyler's younger sister, Ashleigh, had taken over calling me Auntibella, as though it were all one word, ever since she was a toddler so it all worked out. Ashleigh was born nine weeks after Lexi and Tyler's rescue from Maria, and became the second female wolf to phase seventeen years later. I'd heard that she'd recently imprinted on a man from the Makah tribe and I was looking forward to meeting him at Tyler's wedding.

Tyler met his imprint, Thalia, a few years ago while in Seattle during a night out with the boys. She was attending the University of Washington, studying nursing, and happened to be out on the town with her older sister and a few friends. The attraction was instant, though he respected her wishes to finish her schooling before she move to La Push to be with him. Now that Thalia was done with college, they were getting married. It's hard to fathom the notion that I could be a grandmother in the near future.

Speaking of grandmothers, Renee finally did get the privilege of being one when Tyler and Ashleigh were still small. Before Marcus, now my stepfather, changed her, she and I traveled to Forks to stay at the Cullen home there shortly after Ashleigh was born. We stayed for over three weeks and Renee made visits to LaPush daily to kiss on her "grandbabies". She didn't think it was fair that Ashleigh didn't get the privilege of having her as a grandmother by blood, so she adopted her as a grandchild as well.

I'm not gonna lie, it was tough getting used to the idea of my mother with Marcus, but I could tell that his feelings for her were true. Add to the fact he'd been alone for several centuries, it was a little amazing that it was my mom that he fell for, so I finally did give my blessing for them to marry. Much like me, she was thrilled at the aspect of living forever with the man who would love her for all of eternity. The added bonus, to her anyway, was the loss of crow's feet, spider veins, and stretch marks after she changed. Renee had always been young at heart, and now she had a youthful, ethereal appearance to go with it. They've remained in Italy, having purchased a beautiful, spacious home in Rome.

The castle in Volterra was deemed the European headquarters for the IHGA, with the living space there being reserved for whoever is voted the next vampire president, so Jasper and I have decided to return to the United States after my term is up. One of the things we'll be doing while in the States for Ty's wedding is trying to decide where to make our new home. I'm thinking Seattle, though Jasper's got his eye on Texas. Most likely, we'll end up buying a home in each state. Peter and Char already bought a ranch in Texas a few years ago, so they have already been recruited to check out property in the area that we might be interested in buying.

Alice was staying in France with Sebastien, and Rose and Emmett were in Australia, having decided they were ready for some downtime for themselves. Rose had become very active in a myriad of charitable causes. She was on the board for multiple foundations benefiting everything from rape to domestic violence to underprivileged children to animal cruelty. Her face was on pamphlets and billboards all over the globe, sealing her reputation as one of the most respected vampire philanthropists in the world; next to me, of course.

Edward decided to become even more involved in politics, and once we were all out in the open, he and Tanya set up a home in New York. He started out serving with Carlisle as vampire ambassadors with the United Nations until being elected the first vampire in the United States Senate.

Carlisle and Esme were returning to Connecticut. He missed being a physician and was officially 'retiring' from the political world to go back to doing what he loved most: healing. Esme had managed to make a name for herself in the world of interior design, since publicity was no longer an issue. She often traveled back and forth across the U.S. to decorate some of the finest homes in America.

It truly was a good time to be a vampire.

"Countin' down to your last day of work again, sugar?" Jasper murmured. I looked over to him to see him watching me with an adoring smile.

"Guilty," I said with a chagrined smile and then leaned over to peck him on the cheek.

"Oh hey now, don't be skimping on the good stuff. Come back here." He cupped my jaw and pulled me back to him to meet his kiss. All these years together, and we were still the same Jasper and Bella we'd been since the Boston days. "I have half a mind to put that bathroom to good use," he whispered.

"There will be plenty of time for that later," I chided.

"Sh'yeah right. Once we get on the ground, you're gonna be diving into the middle of all the wedding hee-haw."

"Oh come on now, I know you're excited for Ty's bachelor party," I said dismissively.

"Are you kiddin'? Why would I be excited to subject myself to a group of horny wolves?"

"Vampires too. Don't forget Petey and Emmett are flying out for this too."

"Of course," he muttered. "What about Edward? Thought he was comin' to the wedding."

"He is coming to the wedding, but he will not be attending the bachelor party. He said it's 'unbecoming of a senator' to take part in such tawdry activities." Yeah, Edward really hadn't changed that much.

"Doesn't stop two-thirds of his jackhole colleagues from doin' shit like that. I bet Tanya isn't skipping the bachelorette party."

"Well, of course Tanya isn't skipping it. All my girls will be there to get to support my future daughter-in-law." Renee was coming too.

Jasper snorted. "To get her wasted, more likely."

There was definitely some truth to that.

We arrived in Seattle, which was the location for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. The actual wedding, and much of the reception, was being held tomorrow on a yacht – my yacht bought just for this purpose – that would set sail from Seattle and sail up Puget Sound back around to Port Angeles.

"Have fun and play nice with the boys tonight," I said, kissing Jasper soundly as I prepared to go meet up with the ladies.

"Behave yourself," Jasper warned with a smirk, that lickable dimple of his making itself known. "Remember, you still have four months left of being a world leader."


I arrived at Thalia's suite to find her already in Alice's clutches. 'Help me,' she mouthed when Leah opened the door to let me in. She was planted in front of the mirror, her hair being forced into an elaborate, swirly up-do.

I laughed. "Sorry, it's a time-honored tradition in being inducted into my family. The women must be Alice's Barbie doll at least once. You do look beautiful, by the way, as always."

My son's bride-to-be was definitely blessed genetically. She had green eyes, café au lait complexion, a head full of gorgeous chestnut ringlets that fell to her mid-back, and a trim, athletic build. My grandchildren were going to be amazing.

Alice stilled for a moment, and then tittered in her excitement, nodding her head at me enthusiastically. "They will be beautiful!"

"What'd I miss?" Thalia asked. She'd been clued into Alice's gift the day they were introduced.

"She saw a vision of your children," I told her. "No hurry on that though, I'm really not ready to be called 'grandma' yet."

"God, that's what my mom said too," Thalia moaned, with the softest hint of a twang. Though she was born in California, her father's career found the family moving around the south for much of her childhood. Ready for a change of scenery and a bit of independence, she moved to Seattle to go to U-Dub, which had to have been the Fates at work. Aside from meeting my son, she now had a nursing degree that she could definitely put to use in La Push.

"I thought your mom was coming, where is she?" I asked. I was really looking forward to seeing her.

"Her flight was delayed, but she landed a few minutes ago, according to little miss fortune cookie here," Thalia said. Alice stuck her tongue out at her. "She called right before you got here, said she'd meet up with us downtown." She winced when Alice pulled a lock of hair a little too tightly. "Ouch! Ease up, would you?"

"Quit whining, I'm almost finished," Alice chided. Her fingers flew, attaching bobby pins, twisting curls, and then picked up a large make-up brush to dust a subtle amount of shimmer powder onto her face and décolletage.

"Easy on the glitter powder, there's enough sparkly bitches in this party as it is," Leah snarked.

Alice stuck her tongue out at her while Rose and Tanya hissed, and I flipped her the bird as Thalia and Char giggled. Leah stopped phasing fifteen years ago, deciding she was ready to become a mother. Though she was nearly fifty, she looked like she was still in her mid-thirties and her features were almost regal. Her personality, however, had not changed one bit.

After Alice declared Thalia ready, I presented a small plastic bag I had in my purse. "Not yet she isn't." Thalia looked nervous at my smirk. "You can't have a bachelorette party without these."

Before she could dodge me, I had a corny "Bride-to-Be" tiara perched in her hair, a Ms. Bachelorette sash draped across her chest, and a necklace with a small blinking penis pendant fastened around her neck. "Are you serious?" she cried when she got a look at herself in the mirror.

"Oh absolutely," I grinned. I heard her sister and friends coming down the hall and went to open the door before they knocked. "I'd bet these ladies would agree." Of course they did.

"Oh my god, that's hysterical!" Thalia's older sister, Isa, crowed and then hugged me. "That's so awesome, good call Bella."

"Haha yes! NOW it's a bachelorette party!" Her other friends chimed in.

We loaded up in a glossy red stretch Hummer limousine that awaited us in front of the hotel. A few flashbulbs went off as I walked out with the group. "Madame Whitlock! Madame Whitlock! What brings you to Seattle?" "Look this way, please Ms. Whitlock!"

I sincerely hoped that when my term was up, the paparazzi would leave me alone, but I had a feeling that wasn't going to be likely.

I paused to let the other attendees pile into the limo as I answered them. If I ignored them, they'd only catch up to us later and I was hoping for a little bit of privacy tonight. "Just a night out with some family and friends. You folks have a good night."

"Looks like a bachelorette party, Ms Whitlock. Who's getting married?"

We'd never gone public with my having a son, instead letting the official story be that he was my 'nephew'. "My future niece!" I replied cheerily, and then slid inside the vehicle before they could ask me anything further.

We drove to Bellevue to an upscale, exclusive nightclub that catered to the fancies of humans and non-humans alike called Sparta. There were three floors that tiered over the main dance floor, one reserved for humans, one reserved for non-humans, and one, the top tier, which was open to all. Considering ours was a mixed party, we headed for the top where Alice had reserved the VIP section for us.

Our personal hostess, Natasha, seated us and brought out two chilled magnums of champagne and four warm carafes of Jaguar blood, as well as an array of appetizers for the humans. The music was pumping, and soon my mother arrived with none other than Thalia and Isa's mother, who greeted me in very typical fashion: "God, look at you, you sparkly whore, it's like you haven't aged a day!"

Though her flaxen hair was now artificially platinum, and the laugh-lines were being combated regularly with spa treatments, chemical peels, and outpatient preventative measures, Lara was still very much the same feisty bitch she had been twenty-five years before.

When I found out whom Thalia's mother was, it was the greatest act of kismet this existence had ever thrown in my path. By this time, she already knew who I truly was but we had fallen out of touch over the passing years. It was when Jake and Lexi held an engagement party and bonfire that our paths finally crossed again, and once the initial shock wore off, it was like no time had ever passed between us. We marveled over the insane coincidence that our children were getting married, and I learned that Isa was short for Isabel; Lara had named her after me. It made me sad that my dearest friend was aging while I remained forever frozen in time, but I was grateful that I would have the next thirty or so years to try to make up for lost time and make the most of our friendship for the time she had left. Some of my retirement plans involved a vacation for just the two of us.

Lara and I made sure that Thalia, Isa, and the rest of the human girls got fairly liquored up; for that matter, Lara put in a pretty solid effort of that herself. When we weren't dancing or encouraging the girls to take another round of shots, Lara and I regaled them with tales of our glory days. We spoke of the night we both got married in Vegas, and Lara, having a clearer memory of that event, nearly peed herself reminiscing about that decrepit justice of the peace.

I briefly checked in with Jasper, to see how the bachelor party was going. His response was one word, and one that I decided to just let lie: "Typical." It seemed a harmless enough response, but with rowdy wolves, and Emmett, and Peter, well…'typical' had a whole other meaning with all those elements combined.

At one point, I merely sat back and watched the scene before me, soaking in the feelings of joy, camaraderie, and love, with a hefty amount of blissful intoxication blended into the mix. I felt…good.

As the evening wore on to the wee hours, and an obnoxious amount of champagne and tequila had been consumed, we finally hauled the girls out of the club and stuffed them into the limo to take us back to the hotel. Alice left 'hangover remedy' instructions in the girls' shared suite, and we went off to our separate rooms to spend the remaining few hours of darkness with our mates.


The wedding took place on-schedule and without a hitch on the waters of Puget Sound. Carlisle and Sam co-officiated, with Carlisle leading the traditional Judeo-Christian ceremony, followed by a graying Sam who recited the ancient Quileute Imprint ritual. If my heart could swell with the amount of pride and love I was feeling for my son and his new bride, my chest would have exploded. As it was, Jasper reached for my hand and squeezed, meeting my eye with a look of loving understanding.

By the time the boat reached Port Angeles, the reception party was in full swing and it promised to turn into a rager. Vampires, wolves, humans, and even a couple of faeries were celebrating together and the atmosphere was full of nothing but joy, love, and hope for the future.

Jasper and I had plans of our own, so once we were docked we said our goodbyes and left the revelers to it, setting off in a waiting limo for a quick hunt in our old stomping grounds of Forks before continuing on our trip south to Texas with Peter and Char. They decided to stay a little longer at the reception party, so we decided to take advantage of the time alone.

The Cullen home still stood in its place in Forks though it had been remodeled and gated after there was some vandalism as backlash from locals who were unimpressed that the quietly beautiful, unassuming family they'd lived amongst were vampires. The limo left us at the front gate, but we didn't yet enter the property. Instead, I left my shoes where we stood and we took off running into the surrounding woods.

We each took down deer and a passing cougar, before we found ourselves in what was once my and Edward's meadow. The sun was setting and cast a background of a myriad of colors across the unusually clear sky.

"…what a stupid lamb…" I murmured to myself. How far I had come from that day!

"What was that, darlin'?" Jasper asked, as he lay back against the sweet-smelling grass, pulling me with him.

"You know what this place is, don't you" I asked, resting my head in the crook of his arm.

"You used to come here with Edward, didn't you? I remember catching traces of your scents here every now and then."

"This is where it began, when I knew it didn't matter to me what he was, what you all were. I needed to be part of his world, this world; it just felt right to me. I'd never felt right, felt normal as a human, and it was only once I was changed that my true destiny was realized." I stopped myself, turning on my side to meet his eyes. "Actually, that's not quite accurate. It was a car ride, running from a sadistic tracker vampire that planted the seed within me that 'I mattered'. That I was worth loving and that there was more in store for my life; that I was worth saving. I remember that, Jasper. Even then, you cared. And it was probably that day that I began to love you, just a little bit."

He chuckled, kissing me on the tip of my nose. "And then I tried to eat you."

I smiled. "Well, yes, there was that. But I couldn't even be mad at you for that, not even when my life was in danger! I understood why you tried to eat me and I couldn't fault you for following your natural instinct. Any other human would've been mentally scarred for life, and I was ready to follow your family anywhere. I'm not sure what I was more devastated by: Edward's abandonment or by the perceived lost chance at becoming what I am today.

"I know I bitched and moaned – a lot – about the huge responsibility I ended up with so soon after my change, but I know now that this was all meant to be. We were meant to be. Fate, destiny, kismet; I don't know what it was, but it's bigger than any of us. And look at what all we have accomplished, Jasper! I mean, could life be any better for us right now?"

Jasper gripped my waist and pulled me onto him, so my body lay atop his. He brushed back a lock of my hair and cupped my cheek as he stared in my eyes. "I think what we have accomplished together is amazing, and something to be extremely proud of, but all that matters to me now, all that I want in this world, is right here in my arms. No distractions, no family, no meetings, no missions; just you and me. Life couldn't possibly be better for me than it is right this very second."

I lowered my head to meet his kiss, drinking in every essence that was Jasper; his taste, his scent, his emotions. I consumed it all greedily, because he was right: this is ultimately what we had been working toward, and in a few short months, when my responsibilities were finally fulfilled, this was what was ahead of us.

Just being Jasper and Bella.

Clothes were quickly shed and, as twilight fell, our bodies became one as we reaffirmed our eternal love to each other, with only Mother Nature serving as our witness. Words weren't necessary; our bodies provided all the conversation that was needed. I sat straddling his waist, my hips moving against his almost leisurely at first. As our passion grew, so did our urgency. With a growl, Jasper flipped us so that I was on my back beneath him. He raised my hands above my head, pinning them to the ground by lacing his fingers with mine. My hips rose to meet his every thrust, each deeper and more determined than the last.

"Forever, baby girl," he whispered, looking deep in my eyes and opening his love for me to feel. "My love, my Bella, my everything…"

"Always and eternally yours, Jasper." My reply was rendered nearly breathless for the insurmountable love swelling between us before shattering us both in a mind, body, and soul-altering climax.

Our happily forever after began now.