Drabble that I came up with while watching the rain outside my house today.

Enjoy my friends

She sat on the edge of the back step. She watched the rainfall quietly onto the garden. It smelled fresh and green so full of life.

Spring had always been her favorite time of the year. She would go out with her teacher and they would sit outside, in the meadows or forests and just talk. They would talk and talk and talk. Over nothing, over weather, over whomever they were dealing with on the road or the villages and towns they came to. It had been a long three year trip and Glaki missed her time on the road.

Now that was gone. Her teacher had gone up North per-request of her foster-sister. She was due back any day now. She wished it was today. So that together they could sit on the edge of the back step and watch the rain and talk. Talk about her trip up North. Talk about all the new things she had learned while her teacher had been away. But mostly just to see her teacher's sharp grey eyes glitter with intelligence. Maybe she could get her teacher to hold her in her lap while she talked about her trip. Glaki loved it when her teacher talked.

Resting her chin on her hand, she watched the rain carefully. Every drop that hit the ground was beautiful. Her teacher had taught her that. Her teacher loved the rain as much as she did prehaps even more. However, of course…her teacher had a connection with the rain…or rather weather in general.

"Glaki! Come help with Dinner!" called the soft voice of Lark.

"Coming." With a heavy sigh, she stood and walked back into the house. The rain continued to fall onto the ground slowly.

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