Dark Mind

One Piece Fanfiction

Summary: After getting into a fight at school, Luffy is sent home and has to recuperate for the next several days. Not wanting to stay home, she leaves and gets into a lot more trouble than she can handle. (AU| Female Luffy)

Pairing: Akainu-X-Luffy

Genre: Drama, & Crime

Warnings: Rated T for language, violence, kidnapping, sexual themes, and possibly OOCness

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece

11:33 p.m.; Thursday 30 July; Around the corner of Shakky's Rip-Off Bar

For the first time in several weeks the air is tepid rather than being blazing hot and is actually comfortable to walk in.

The orange bulbs of the lamp posts light the way down the street in the mid-summer night; the only place where the lights cannot reach is in the dark alleys. A few cars go up and down the street, either wanting to go home to rest for the next day or stop for a few drinks.

From the dark alley thirsty eyes watch a young woman walk into the distance. The female is wearing white heels, a yellow summer dress with lemon prints on it, lemon earrings, is holding a closed umbrella by her side and has a yellow hat on.

The man rubs his hands together as his tongue darts out from his mouth and licks it. "Mmm, a cutey. A cutey indeed. Hm, hm, hmmm…"

Stepping out onto the sidewalk the man quickly makes his way towards the young woman, putting a fake mask on. "Excuse me, mmm, miss," he waits for the young woman to turn around and inwardly smiles, seeing that she is in fact attractive, "—can you help me, I seem to be lost."

6: 47 p.m.; Friday, 31 July; Inside of the Absolute Justice Courthouse

The last case of the day is in session.

The Plaintiff, Victoria Cindry, is a famous stage actress who enjoys performing for others. She has beautiful, white skin, short, blonde hair that frames her face, lavender eyes that hold genuine gentleness to them, and she is a very compassionate woman.

The Defendant, Absalom, works at a morgue as a mortician. He is a tall man with tan skin, long, blonde hair that is normally under a tall hat, and he has devious, obsidian eyes. Word about him at work and from close friends is that he is a major pervert. It is a bad thing to have a reputation like that, especially in the situation that he is in right now.

Absalom is sitting in the witness stand as the plaintiff's lawyer, Sakazuki — known as Akainu in the courtroom — is standing in front of him, waiting patiently for the accused rapist to finish speaking.

"—and that's why I couldn't have raped her." The mortician crosses his arms while trying to stare the lawyer down, only for the 30 year old look completely unfazed.

The lawyer walks to his left with his eyes closed before turning his attention to the suspect once more. "We had thoroughly checked Ms. Victoria's body both internally and externally, and found skin cells that did not belong." Walking back to his temporary table, he picks up a folder before looking for a certain piece of paper. Finding said sheet he turns back to the accused before reading a few things. "These cells belonged to Gasparde and Musshuru, who, when we looked into it, have both recently passed away. We also discovered that you were the one who had performed the autopsy to their bodies prior to Ms. Victoria's kidnapping and rape. Sakazuki turns his gaze back to the defendant. "Do you deny performing the autopsies?"

Absalom scowls at the lawyer before answering the question. "Yes, it is true that I was the one who did that but I don't know why she would have their cells on her body or whatever. Maybe she just snuck into the morgue and fucked those dead guys after I left for all we know."

The judge, Gan Fall, slams his mallet down. "Refrain yourself from using such language. You are inside a court house."

The mortician rolls his eyes before nodding and glancing at Cindry, who in return averts her eyes from him.

"For what reason would Ms. Victoria sink so low as to having intercourse with corpse when she is engaged to someone?" Sakazuki looks from the defendant to the other lawyer, Kuzan — known as Aokiji in the courtroom — who looks completely uninterested in the whole situation. Apparently the defendant isn't going by what they had went over since he can't even talk properly in the courtroom.

"Why would I know why she's want to have relations with the non-living. That's her business." The mortician blandly says, wanting to get out of here as quickly as possible.

Seeing how the bored lawyer is taking a deep breath, Sakazuki can tell that the man doesn't even care about winning anymore, he just want to get out of here. He can't really blame the other lawyer, except he just wants this sad piece of crap to be locked up for even thinking about raping anyone.

Akainu puts the piece of paper onto the table before turning his attention once more to the accused then to the judge. "I want to check his hands for DNA of my client."

"I object!" Absalom quickly stands from the stand.

Gan Fall uses his mallet once more looking at the Defendant. "Overrule." He looks at the lawyer. "You may proceed."

"Like hell you are. My hands are clean." The defendant quickly spits out.

If Aokiji isn't trying to be professional right now then he would have face palmed himself. Doesn't Absalom know that he is falling into Sakazuki's trap? And this is the exact reason why the tall lawyer told his client to stay calm in court. Then again, Sakazuki does make the victim always tell on themselves, that way he doesn't have to be consumed too deep in his job. Not that he doesn't like it, it's just that everyone always think that they're so called order is the right one before they get sent to prison.

Gan Fall looks to his lower left to see the defendant.

"Exactly why won't you get yourself checked if you claim that you're clean?" Akainu questions as he stands by his seat. Bringing his attention to the judge, nodding his head. "That is all," and he sits down.

The judge turns to the Defendant. "You may step down."

Absalom knows that if they do check his hands then he will be caught. While he was giving the autopsies, he had already run out of disposable gloves and instead of waiting to get some more he just used his hands before going on a woman hunt the same night. He didn't expect to actually go as far as raping someone, more or less being taken to court for it. Sure enough, he had the cells of the two corpses under his finger nails because he didn't thoroughly wash his hands as he should have, and with his hands roaming all over the bonded woman's body, naturally there would be traces of the corpses on her.

Cindry lets out a small smile. The person who had violated her is about to get what he deserves. She turns to her lawyer and gives him a gentle smile before nodding her head down with a small "thank you."

Kuzan know that the other lawyer just won. About time someone did. He was just about to lower his sleeping mask over his eyes and go to sleep, despite him being on the job.

The jury suddenly stands up and single files into another room. Little chatter can be heard within the audience as the judge gets up and walks into another room as well. Absalom whispers in the lawyers ears.

Kuzan nods his head, completely ignoring what his client had just said.

A minute later, the judge and the jury all come out at the same time and they wait for the judge to sit down before they sit.

Gan Fall looks at the Plaintiff and then the Defendant before turning his attention to the jury. "Have you reached a verdict?"

An elder woman, Tsuru, closes her eyes and stands up. Once her eyes opens, she answers. "We find the Defendant… guilty for the charges against him."

Absalom instantly stands up, not caring if he's the courtroom. "I AM NOT GUILTY!"

Kuzan just sighs and places his chin in his hand. "Just give it up. You already lost so you might as well do the time."

The mortician stares down at the lawyer. "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE ON MY SIDE!"

"ORDER IN THE COURT!" Gan Fall looks to his bailiff, Wyper. "Bailiff, remove him from my courtroom!"

Wyper nods and heads for the Defendant, grabbing his arms and handcuffing the man.

Absalom struggles against the bailiff before turning back to his lawyer while he's getting dragged out of the room. "I PAID YOU TO HELP ME! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO—"

The door closes behind them.

Gan Fall stands up with the mallet in his hand. "I sentence Absalom twenty-five years in prison for the abducting and raping of Victoria Cindry." He slams the mallet down before climbing down the stairs to the judge stand and walks out of the room from the door behind his chair with the jury following him.

Cindry stands up and picks her things up before giving a full bow to her lawyer. "Thank you very much. I really appreciate everything that you have done for me." Giving him a sweet smile, she places her small purse on her shoulder before walking around the table and down the aisle to leave the courtroom.

Sakazuki picks up some files and folders before placing them in his briefcase. He would have been more about justice and order but this is his last case before his two week vacation starts and working for ten months with no days off is slowly starting to get to him. At least with his vacation he can get some much needed rest.

Kuzan places a hand on Sakazuki's shoulder, making the older lawyer look at him as he rubs his tired eyes. When he has the lawyer's attention he takes his hand off and gestures the older man to follow. "Come to my office. I have to give you some papers form the higher up."

The older lawyer sighs and reluctantly follows. He really needs to get away from work and any subject dealing with it.

Once they get to the lobby of the courthouse they walk to the left and into the elevator. Kuzan pushes button 3 and the door closes a few seconds afterwards. The inside of the elevator is very spacious. It has gold railing along the sides of back of it, there is a mirror on the ceiling with fluorescent lights in all four corners, there are golden tiles on the floor with black patterns on them, and there are elegant ivory patterns on the bronze walls.

The elevator stops when they reach their designated floor and the door opens. The people who are waiting for the elevator take a step back, allowing the two lawyers to step out. Once away from the crowd they go down a corridor before turning to the right and they reach the first door on the right to Kuzan's office. The owner of the office opens the door and lets his guest in before going in himself, closing the door afterwards.

Kuzan walks behind his desk as Sakazuki walks further in the room and sees a picture frame on the table. He reaches down and picks it up.

The darker lawyer is rummaging through papers that are scattered on his desk, trying to find a certain document that the higher ups wanted him to give to the man. Noticing that it's not on his desk, he looks around his chair and on the bookshelf behind him to see if he had misplaced it there.

Sakazuki notices that the picture is of his colleague, Garp, who is an important person that works for the World Government, and a young lady. The female has waist, length black hair, large dark eyes that are happy in the picture, possibly because she's holding a large piece of meat, and strangely enough, there's a scar that is directly under her left eye.

Looking back to his searching colleague, Sakazuki sighs and picks up a coat that is on the edge of the desk with his free and, finding the important paper. "It's right here."

Turning to look at where the older lawyer is, he sees that the paper is indeed there. "Ah, so that's where it's been hiding."

"Maybe if you kept your office organized then you would know where everything is located." Sakazuki hands the coat over.

Kuzan takes the coat and hands the paper to the other before noticing that his colleague is holding the picture. "Ara, you're interested in that?"

"This is why you wanted to take the day off?" Akainu glances at the younger before turning his attention back to the photo.

"Ah, it was her birthday. She had just turned nineteen and really wanted me to celebrate it with her and her grandfather." He remembers how the girl constantly called his phone every half hour and kept following him for an entire day before he finally gave in and agreed to go to her birthday party in Party's Bar.

A small smile reaches Kuzan's face and he shakes his head at that thoughts. "Even though she's always getting into fights at school, she's a good kid."

"How is she a good kid if she's getting into fights?" Fighting is never good unless it's for self-defense but that can sometimes lead to bad things. Sakazuki hands the photo to the lawyer.

The younger male takes the picture and lets out another small chuckle, which Akainu notices, as he looks at the picture. "She never starts the fights, she always finishes them or claims to at least. Can't say that she uses her head to stop her hands but she only does it when she stands up for her friends."

"That scar that she has, she got that from a fight?"

Kuzan shrugs his shoulders while he puts the picture back down and grabs his things. "Who knows. She's had that scar ever since she was seven. Garp never lets anyone talk about the subject for more than a second and if she brings it up then she automatically gets in trouble. Sometimes I think that he's too hard on her."

"He's doing a good thing. The youth need discipline now a days." The older male looks down at the document in his hands. "Promotion papers?"

Kuzan covers his mouth to hide a yawn. "Looks like the higher ups want to make you a judge or something like that."

Sakazuki closes his eyes and lets out a slightly irritated sigh. "I'm going to enjoy my vacation."

"Ah, but of course. It says somewhere on there that you have until the end of next month to let them know if you want the promotion or not." He opens the door and was for the other lawyer to step out first before he turns the lights off and lock his office door.

"I assume you got one as well and you're going to decline them, right?"

Kuzan takes a minute to answer as they walk back towards the elevator. "Not yet, I'm still thinking about it. It's just if I do accept then I'll have more work to do and as a lawyer I already have enough to do."

"You're just lazy," is all that Sakazuki says before they enter the elevator.

Once inside they hear two young men talking amongst each other. "Did you hear, a female got kidnapped last night in the lawless zone."

"Again? That's been happening more recently."

12:50 p.m., Wednesday, 4 August, Red Line College

Some of the students are heading to their classes, some are more anxious to get there than others as some students are leaving to take a break. Students are heading downstairs while some are going up and others crowd around the door, trying to delay having to go inside for a few more seconds. More students are coming out of the cafeteria and others are practically running into the library to study for exams.

Outside of the cafeteria is a small group of students, a few dollars in one student's hand and a small piece of paper in another hand.

A girl with orange hair puts a hand to her face and sighs. "Why don't you just study like everyone else does, Luffy?"

"Ah, just let her be, Nami. We both know that Luffy wouldn't study for this subject. Heck, she won't study for any subject if her life depended on it."

Nami, the long, orange haired female, is in her second year of college. She is wearing a light green shirt, white capri, and her brown high-heel sandals. Her hair reaches her lower back.

"Except for culinary."

The copper head moves her hand and glares at her male friend that has a unnatural long nose. "She still shouldn't spend her money on something like this."

Usopp, the long nosed male, is also in his second year. He is wearing white sun hat that he'll have to take off in his next class, big headphones around his neck, a blue blazer with a yellow shirt underneath, and green cargo shorts. His long wavy hair is pulled back into a ponytail since he's at school.

"And besides Nami, Luffy here is one of my best customers." The male holding a small slip of paper put an arm around the girl's shoulder.

Nami puts a hand on her hips and shifts her weight to the side. "I don't care, she could be giving me the money instead, Adin."

Adin King is in his fourth year. He has blue hair and has Heterochromia; his left eye is green while his right is brown. He is one of the smartest students in the school and doesn't mind selling answers to any exam so long as the students don't expose his business to the teachers or any officials in Red Line High.

Luffy laughs at that as Adin shakes his head with a small smile on his face. "Well anyways, here's the answers to the biology exam Luffy."

Luffy is in her second year. She is sporting a teal hoodie, red cargo shorts, her custom made sandals and straw hat that she constantly gets in trouble for wearing to her next class.

It was a miracle for her to even be at this school as she clearly doesn't fit the recommendations at all. She is always getting harped on by her professors —except for two— that she isn't supposed to complain that she's hungry, tired, bored in class, or fall asleep because she has a mild case or narcolepsy or so she say, or excuse herself to go to the cafeteria to grab some food in the middle of the lecture. The only reason why she did get accepted is because her grandfather works for the World Government and those who work for them can practically go anywhere or get anything they want so long as they have order. If it wasn't for that then Luffy would go into a normal college.

Luffy hands over her money to Adin —much to Nami's displeasure— and in return gets the answer sheet from the man who save her life when it comes to exams. She would study more but the main reason why she doesn't: it's just boring.

"Luffy…" Nami whines as she hangs on the smiling girl's shoulder and they start walking towards one of the buildings close to them, "—do you have any more money that you don't want?"

Usopp looks at the orange head almost in disbelief. "You can't be serious."

The money hungry woman turns to her surprisingly shocked friend. He should be used to this by now. "Hey, if she's willing to give up free money then I want some."

"You are unbelievable." Usopp shakes his head as they continue to walk.

"Well, I'm gonna go ahead so I won't be late. See you guys later." Adin smiles and walks ahead of them.

Not a moment later do the three students hear a scream from behind the cafeteria. Without a second thought, Luffy runs towards the scream.

"Luffy, come back here!" Nami screams after the running girl before she shakes her head and runs after her with Usopp by her side.

"What do you think that is?" Usopp asks while trying to catch up with his impressively fast female friend.

"I have no idea."

Behind the cafeteria building is a group of people and two second year students. One of the girls is on the ground with a red mark on her left cheek and the other girl is on her knees, holding the other's shoulder.

"That's uncalled for. Why did you hit my cousin?"

The older woman is standing with her arms crossed. Her blond hair is brushed back and out of her face, she has purple tinted glasses, she's wearing a yellow shirt, black skirt and she has black knee high heels. "Do you think that I actually need to listen to you? I can do as I please."

Silk, the second year student that's holding her cousin's shoulder, has long blonde hair that is in a ponytail, is now glaring at the older woman. "She just said the truth, witch."

Kaya, the second year student that has long blonde hair, is using her other hand to grab her cousin's arm. "Please stop, Silk. It's not a big deal. I'll just give them the—"

Silk turns to look at her cousin. "You can't be serious?"

Kalifa just smirks as she places both hands on her hips. "You should listen to her, girl."

"Shut up!"

"Ahhaha, she told you off Kalifa." Jyabura says with a smirk on his face. He's one of the people trying to get the pendant from the girls. He has black long hair that's braided down his back, wacky purple sunglasses on top of his head and is dressed in black.

A vein appears on Kalifa's face before she clenches her fists. Not even bothering to look back at the male that acts like a wolf for some reason, she raises her right leg and drops it down in an axe kick, aiming for both of the cousins.

Silk holds her younger cousin close, not wanting her to get hurt anymore, and prepares to get hit from the kick. After a few seconds she doesn't feel anything. Looking up she sees someone's back in front of her and the person's arms are above her head, blocking the older woman's leg. Turning her head to the left she sees Usopp and Nami with their hands on their knees, breathing hard. She quickly looks in front of her and notices that Luffy is the one in front of her. "Lu-Luffy…"

Kaya looks at Luffy through Silk's arms. "Luffy…"

Luffy has her knee on the ground and pushes her arms up, forcing the leg off. The girl gets up and cracks her knuckles and gets into a fighting position before glaring at the four older people in front of her, ready to fight. "Don't hurt any of my friends."

To Be Continued...

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