Important Author's Note:

Discontinuing Stories (?)

I know, it's the dreaded author's notes and I'm sorry for it. Really I apologize from the bottom of my heart but it has to be done.

I, the author (A.A. [Sorry, I still refuse to give our my real name so you get my initials instead but I love you all the same]) will be discontinuing my stories. Now before I get lynched by my viewers who I'm sure are turning into an angry mob let me explain my reasoning.

Originally I was unable to update because my desktop computer has had no internet since the beginning of the year (I'm actually doing this on my sister's laptop), and even though that was the case I was still working on the next chapters to Why We Don't Go In Gramps' Room (which was going to be hilarious), In The Mirror (which was going to be dreadful but not the last chapter), Dark Mind, (which was going to be between comedy and really dramatic), Similar and a few others which I'll explain in a bit.

Another reason I couldn't update was simply I didn't have any time to. Normally I'd be able to pull off at least 1-2k words whenever I work on it if I'm not distracted with the previous chapters but I couldn't get more than a few hundred words the last few times I tried. But that's only when I had time. Like I said, I've been a busy little beaver pretty much all year since I'm back in church. Yay.

The main reason why I won't be able to have any updates now is because my folder holding all of my stories have been completely erased from my computer. Normally I would have had a backup on my flash-drive but because I'm out of school for now I had no reason to have it on there. So, that's a bit of a mistake on my part but what can you do? Sure I can cry about it but that's still not gonna bring it back into existence.

Yes, I do at least remember the big plot points of what I was going to write but if anyone has ever experienced writing something really good the first time and losing it, then trying to write it again it never comes out the same which also makes you not want to write, but that actually be just me though. That and the fact that I didn't really have the drive to write no matter how many times I tried to force myself to.

So, unfortunately, that is where I am right now. Now if you're curious about why the ? mark is there then I'll tell you. If by chance I actually get time and remember at least a few of the lines that I was going to have in the story(ies) then I'll work on it and later on update a chapter. So I'm not 100% giving up on my stories, it's just about 99.3% for now.

And to all of my viewers who have sent me requests for other stories, I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. I'll do this though. If I find the time I'll do a one-shot of the story but in T format if you still want me to. I absolutely refuse to do M's anymore, and that includes in making new M stories for myself. If I'm able to then I'll finish WWDGIGR & ITM ( too lazy to write the title again) but there will be NO MORE graphic, yaoi smut. I am officially, 100% percent finished with writing graphic, yaoi smut or any smut or yaoi for the rest of my life. And I'm not going to relapse this time, I refuse to. I'm off the stuff (wow, I made it seem like it was a drug… who knew).

Anyways I wanted to let you all know why I haven't been able to update for so long and I do truly apologize from the bottom of my heart that it has come to this but like I sad there's nothing I can do about it. So thank you for taking the time to read this and I give you more thanks for reading my stories and following me. This isn't goodbye, it's just a very long intermission, hopefully.

Like always, I wish you all the best and take very good care of yourselves.

~Le. Jester. Vixen.