The room was quiet. Mamoru sat on his bed, his head in his hand, glaring at a random spot on the wall. He was brooding, per usual. His keen hearing picked up Haruka and Igawa's voices from down below, and slightly wondered what they were up to. He'd been in his room all day, just thinking. Juliet had tried to barge her way in earlier, but he'd quickly dismissed her to return to his thoughts. He found it was relaxing…well, sometimes. It depended on what he was thinking about. Usually he was able to go from topic-to-topic in a fairly organized manner, but today he just had one thing on his brain.

He squinted behind his glasses, his mind turning the question over and over again in his head. He was trying his hardest to sort it out, but for some reason it just seemed to escape him. He couldn't put the pieces together. It was frustrating as all hell.

His frown seemed to deepen, as for what seemed like the hundredth time that day he asked himself…

"Magnets…how do they work?"

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