Chapter 1

Karofsky's story since Lima, Ohio

June 2013 – Graduated from McKinley High School

September 2013 – Started at St. Olaf College in northern Minnesota on a hockey scholarship

June 2017 – Graduated from college with a double degree, Economics and Psychology. Moved to Palo Alto, CA after being recruited by a venture capital firm.

September 2021 – Started MBA program at Stanford University. His employer pays all his costs and provides Dave with a two-year paid sabbatical.

June 2023 – Graduated with MBA, returns to the venture capital firm. Dave's career is very successful. Is assigned to evaluate an internet start-up for a possible investment. Met Neil McAdams, founder and CEO of the company that Dave is evaluating.

October 2025 – After two years of dating, Dave and Neil get married.

January 2027 – Neil's company launches IPO, netting him several hundreds of millions of dollars.

March 2030- Neil finances Dave's own venture capital firm. Karofsky & Partners is extremely successful. Life is good for Dave and his husband.