Pregnant Lady

Sarek awoke at the end of his sleep cycle. The space next to him was empty. His mind immediately checked the marital bond. Amanda was a mere five months into her pregnancy and had developed two very worrying symptoms.

The narcolepsy appeared at three months gestation. The first incident -finding his wife lying in a heap- was alarming to say the least. When he reached her side and checked her, he realized she was merely sleeping. As long as his wife obtained adequate nocturnal rest and several short naps throughout the day, her symptoms were nearly under control. But lately she was not receiving the proper sleep at night because of the latest development in her hybrid pregnancy. As Sarek sat up in bed he suspected that next habit was afoot.

He stood and made his way to the kitchen area. And as suspected, his wife was indeed indulging in the second troublesome symptom. "Amanda, you should be sleeping at this time," he informed her.

"I know," she said around a mouthful of melted Muenster cheese on toasted rye with black olives and garlic pickles. "But I'm hungry, Sarek."

His wife, these days, was always hungry. Five months along and not at all showing, she had also managed not to gain an ounce of weight. But the baby grew. His son seemed determined to swallow every calorie his mother consumed leaving her nearly famished at all times. It was a deep concern for T'Niye, her healer, to see that the mother was losing weight as the child grew. The nutrients she could not provide for the child were being taken directly from her and given to the developing fetus. Amanda, it seemed, literally couldn't stop eating.

As well as the sandwich in her hand, there was a slice of the latest delivery made by Maya earlier that day. Her best friend seemed to have partway become dedicated to making sure Amanda had something high calorie on-hand at all times. Sarek had to restrain a growl when the artificial chocolate confection showed up at his house. There was a sexual restriction on himself and Amanda until she entered her third qua-mester. He had only five weeks to wait until then, but he decided in the meantime to avoid chocolate, even fake chocolate, in case he could not control his reaction to it.

He sat down at the table with his wife. "How much have you ingested today, Amanda?"

"Well the days I go to work seem to be a slight problem. I can't eat during the time I'm teaching. I have to wait for my break. I seem to do better if I can snack constantly, but that would be so unprofessional!" she complained as she finished off the last of her sandwich.

Part of him groaned in want as he watched her dig into the faux-chocolate desert before her. She seemed to realize something then. "I'm so sorry, Sarek!" she said as she swallowed her first mouthful of cake. "Do you want a bite-"

"Amanda!" he said, shocked at what she was about to suggest. The woman had been attempting to seduce him for the past week. She had become sexually aggressive and it was becoming harder to resist her. Even if the chocolate in the cake wasn't real, he couldn't help but wonder what his wife had up her sleeve. He could tell she had had something planned for him. It would be just her brand of mischief to slip a real piece in, just for him, to heat things up a bit between them.

"Sarek, we have no proof that sex will hurt this pregnancy," she said as she continued eating since she could read his true concern coming at her from their bond.

"I do not wish to find out," he said. "T'Niye is of the opinion that perhaps this precaution should be taken and I tend to agree."

"Well until then at least I can eat," she said. But she was clearly disappointed.