Out from Under

IMPORTANT: I DO NOT, LET ME REPEAT DO NOT OWN ANYTHING SUPERNATURAL RELATED, just the characters that you DO NOT recognise (Just to be clear – purely fictional...)

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AUTHOR NOTE: Sequel to Crossfire- If you haven't read it, I would suggest reading it but you are more than welcome to start reading from here; I'll try and subtly detail what happened in the last one. Storyline is set somewhere in between Season 6 Episode 9 (Clap your hands if you believe) and 10 (Caged Heat) – The way I see it is that they could have weeks/months in between each episode so this is how I attempt to fit my own story idea in:

STORY SUMMARY: On a mission to get Sam's soul back, a hunt literally falls into their laps and the brothers are anything but prepared for the road they are about to go down and what they will discover along the way...


Another night just leaning against the window frame - gazing out into night; admiring nothing but the beautiful view that was clearly visible from any place in her home being that it was surrounded by not just mountains but water filled valleys to. Pushing the window open, as far as it would go – she climbed out onto the ledge and sat on the smooth tiles just outside; each night she would sit here to feel the fresh breeze gently caress her skin whilst listening to the calming sound of the wind chimes that hung just above her window; her mum had told her that someday when she was ready she would be able to hear more than just the sound of the metal lightly chinking against each other...whatever that meant...

She had the perfect life for a girl her age: A home that was safe and secure - never at risk of being harmed, a mum who loved and adored her – who would do just about anything for her and a best friend that she wouldn't change for the world. She had everything she could truly want until a few nights ago when during her usual routine of sitting on the tiled slab she could hear the sound of the chimes gradually change from a chinking sound to soft spoken whispers...whispers that although they were mixed she could hear clearly, whispers that anyone in her position would want to question and find out more about.

The whispers didn't make sense at all, occasionally she would be able to make out bits of what was being said to her but for the most part it was just gibberish – being that her mum said that this would eventually happen, she decided to ask the only person that would really know what was going on but in the moment of her not saying anything at all but her mum catching that overly curious look in her eye – she could instantly sense that her mum wasn't expecting this conversation for an extremely long time...catching her completely off guard, the conversation was very brief which was to be expected but this only intensified the inquisitiveness inside and the more she thought about what she heard – a hole inside started to grow and night after night, that hole would just grow bigger and bigger the more she tried to analyse each and every word. The girl wasn't an idiot, she was young but well educated and knew she was different – before tucking her in for the night, her mum would always say how special she was and how proud she is of the girl she was turning into.

But something was missing...something her very core yearned for and the older she got – the more her emotions and senses would develop and this only would make her yearn for it...whatever it was more and more. She was her own person and all of this wondering had been grating on her for days now, she couldn't talk to her mum about it after seeing how she reacted and her friend was nowhere in sight for once. No this time around she would take matters into her own hands and find the answers herself; it was the only way to stop the whispers, to fill that gap within her. Glancing down she looked at the small silver plated tube she held in her left hand and then at the blade she held in her right – educated meaning she knew she was doing but she was forbidden of doing so...not that this was going to stop her.

Not knowing what was going to happen, she could feel the hesitation but knew she had to push through it...taking a deep breath she clenched tightly onto the handle of the blade, feeling the fear hit her – she ignored it, raising her hand she plunged the tip of the blade into her stomach – her cries wouldn't be heard being that she picked her moment on a time she knew her mum wouldn't be home. Tears flowed from her eyes as she proceeded to dig within her, the pain unbearable as she screamed through gritted teeth – all she kept saying to herself was she needed to do this. Feeling the blade hit what it needed to, she curled the blade and guided what she needed out of the wound – the tube ready and waiting to catch what she needed to be free of.

Feeling the release, she took a deep breath and quickly tightened the cap of the tube before placing it in her trouser pocket. However she was unaware of what would happen next and she definitely wasn't expecting the pain that shot through her; she knew there would be consequences for her actions but her whole body felt like it was on fire – she screamed feeling the pain only intensify as it attacked her from the bottom up. Gritting her teeth she tried to desperately breathe through it but it was no use, it was agony – she had felt nothing like it and for a moment she regretted what she had done, she wanted nothing more than her mum to come and help her; save her from the pain she had inflicted upon herself.

"Mum..." The girl whispered over and over; falling to the side she screamed and she pleaded. Wrapping her arms around her, believing she had done what she needed to wrong; she cursed at herself for being so selfish. Now her family and friends were going to have to live without her, for no real reason really apart from her wanting the truth. Feeling her blood spread across her hands as she gripped herself, slowly but surely she could feel the darkness consuming her as her eyes started to gradually tire to the point where she could no longer hold them open anymore...she just prayed her mum would forgive her for her stupidity and not blame herself for her child's actions.

Chapter One

"Man...I still can't believe we're doing this!" Dean moaned yet again about working for a demon as he gunned the Impala down another darkened highway – they were on their way to their latest hunt, requested by the one and only Crowley who they were now officially bitches for. Dean couldn't stand the idea of working for a demon but they had the unfortunate problem of Sam being without his soul and guess who the one person to get it back was? The King of Hell himself...He could just turn around and tell Crowley where to go but Dean wasn't going to give up the hope that he could get his brother back; the one that cared, the one that felt – at the moment he was living with a stranger, Sam but not the one he remembered.

"Heard you the first dozen times Dean" Sam replied bluntly from the passenger seat "But we gotta do this, end of..." Sam was Sam, still Dean's brother...still John Winchester's son but inside something was different; he had all of his hunting instincts but none of the emotion or the annoying conscience that he believed used to hold him back – he didn't care, didn't love, didn't feel remorse for any of his actions...all Sam saw was a better version of himself, one that could get the job done.

If truth be told he didn't care they were hand delivering monsters to Crowley and he certainly didn't question or second guess what was happening to the creatures they would hand over after each hunt. All he knew was that Dean and him were working for Crowley in the hope that Crowley would just hand it over at the end...not that Sam believed any of what he had said because he wasn't naive and he didn't have the luxury of feeling hope – the more he thought about it, which wasn't a lot being that he didn't tend to dwell on too much anymore; he didn't know if he wanted his soul back...hunting for a year without it, Sam in himself had got used to living without it – living without the misery and the pain...why would the 'perfect hunter' in his mind want to change all of that?

Dean didn't feel the need to respond instead he just nodded and continued to drive. Even though he cared, it didn't necessarily mean that Sam would – Dean still loved his brother, fighting to get his soul back proved this but he couldn't help but think about a time when Sam he believed was gone for good – stuck in the cage with Lucifer and he was retired, living the natural life with Lisa and Ben...god he missed them more than he would admit, it hurt more than anything to hear Lisa finally admit that she and Ben couldn't be with Dean whilst he was living this life with Sam again...it wouldn't have been so bad if he didn't have that truth curse attached to him causing him to hear nothing but the truth, no matter how cruel it came from her lips it was still the truth. He hadn't spoken to her since, occasionally when he was by himself he would hold his phone in his hand and scroll to her number but something inside was stopping him from pressing the call button, stopping him from telling her that he was sorry and that he really does miss them. Maybe that something was that he knew somewhere down the line she might ask him to choose between her and his brother...and that decision troubled him the most because he knew no matter what had happened in the past, no matter who the person Sam is right now...he would always choose him. Not only because he still is his younger brother but because the loyalty between them, the whole Winchester line was so strong that even if he wanted to walk away...he couldn't.

"So what's next on the shopping list?" Dean finally asked; breaking the silence with his overly sarcastic question.

Sam leant forward and grabbed the papers he had leant on the dash "Well we have a few to choose from so just take your pick..." Lifting the first page he smirked "Okay so we have an actual werewolf in Pennsylvania, so far it's ripped three of the local's hearts out..." He explained casually whilst turning to the next page "Crowley believes there is a Shape-Shifter in California...looking at this report, four men have been arrested for beating and carving in to their wives..."

Dean listened to the list that was being read to him; he still couldn't believe he was being stupid enough to work with this son of a bitch but what choice did he have...the more pressing question that Dean had after all of the runs was where the hell were these things being taken after Sam and Dean had placed them in the hands of Crowley's butt monkey's...

"And finally we have an Alpha Puca causing a lot of trouble in Colorado..." Sam finished turning to the final page.

Dean raised his eyebrow at the name and looked round at Sam "A what?"

"A Puca...it's kinda like a Shape-Shifter, falls under the same law but it can be a creature or a man – tempts people into taking a ride with them, whether it's on their back or in a Camaro..." Sam started to explain.

"And that's trouble? Maybe we'll just stick to the ones that are actually killing people..." Dean replied turning his attention back to the empty and lonesome road in front of them.

"But they are killing people Dean, once people take a ride with them – they die from a heart or panic attack because the ride is that terrifying...Crowley estimates that the Puca has killed ten of the locals within two weeks..."

Dean nodded "Okay that seems a little more up our street...how do we weaken it?"

"Silver is my best bet...always works on a..." Sam started to suggest when both his and Dean's attentions were pulled to the sudden bright light that appeared in the sky above them...the light that bright they both had to look momentarily away until everything had fallen back into the darkness – beginning to turn his head back to the road in front, Sam heard his brother curse the famous 'Son of a Bitch' line before skidding the Impala to a sudden stop.

Still trying to work out what had just happened in that very short space of time, Sam glanced over at Dean who was now looking intently but worriedly at something out on the road, turning his head he saw what looked like a body lying in the middle of the road.

"What the?" Sam asked, the confusion spreading quickly across his face.

Dean didn't say anything; instead he grabbed the keys from the Impala and got out of the car. Following his lead Sam grabbed the handle and pushed the passenger door open; climbing out he walked to the front and paused – watching as Dean cautiously approached the body that definitely wasn't moving – Sam not feeling concerned was more interested in how a body just suddenly appeared in front of them...did it really just fall out of the sky?

Dean slowly grew closer to the body that lay on its side – facing away from him so he couldn't even make out what it was, reaching into his jacket he pulled out his .45; the way he looked at it was you still couldn't be too careful. Stealthily he moved round the body so he could see it from the front, narrowing his gaze and moving closer to it he could now see that the body that just appeared was a young girl...she couldn't have been more than 10 years old – So where the hell did she come from and who the hell was she? Taking another step closer, Dean started to lean at the girl's side – she wore no shoes, just a t shirt and some tight fitting trousers – nowhere near enough for the temperature at the moment. Her eyes remained closed as she lay deadly still on the road "What is it?" Dean heard Sam simply ask.

"It's a girl..." Dean responded looking down at the girl, still unable to figure out where she came from.

"A girl?" Sam asked; now even more curious of where she had come from.

"Yes Sam a girl, you know the opposite to guy..." Dean replied sarcastically suddenly noticing the girl's blood covered hands, tilting his head he slipped his gun inside of his jacket and shimmied forward; passing her a concerned look he moved his arm forward and grabbed her arm, moving it to the side to see her t-shirt soaked in blood "She's hurt..." Dean started to explain when he felt an unusual feeling spread within him...pulling his arm back he was quiet for a moment but still knelt at her side – that feeling, he had felt it before...

"So what we gonna do with her?" Sam asked; somewhere in his voice Dean picked up on the impatience he was feeling...Dean could feel his frustration start to rise being that the old Sam would want to help rather than just discard her so that they could continue on with their monster hunt. Being the same hunter he's always been, Dean had no intention of just leaving the girl in the middle of the road – moving so he was right at her side, he leant down and scooped the girl up into his arms as he stood from the ground "We're going to help her Sam..." Not that Dean would let on but having this young girl cradled in his arms was giving him a serious case of déjà vu with the subtle senses he could feel.

Sam nodded whilst watching Dean carefully carry the girl to the back of the Impala, leaning the girl against him; he used his hand closest to open the back door and pull it open – supporting her he leant in and laid her across the backseat.

"So we'll drop her at the nearest hospital then shag ass to Colorado right?" Sam asked heading for the passenger door.

Closing the back door, Dean looked up at Sam and shook his head at how cold he could be "You're kidding me right? This girl just drops out the sky and you're not even curious as to why?"

Sam contemplated his brother's question for a moment "I guess but we've got more pressing issues right now..."

Dean sneered before climbing into the driver's side positioning himself behind the wheel, Sam followed suit closing the passenger door behind him before taking a quick glance at the unconscious girl behind them.

"Sam it's not like this girl just walked out in front of the car...no she fell outta the sky so I kinda think it's our job to help her and see where she came from...maybe Cas can get his ass down here and help..." Dean said starting the ignition.

Sam pulled his eyebrows together and looked over at Dean "You think she's an Angel?"

"What else comes from up there?" Dean asked glancing up at the sky, he wasn't going to say anything for definite just yet but what he could feel from touching her was very similar to what he remembered in a time that he never could forget...

Sam nodded "Okay fine, we'll help her but if she's hurt? Shouldn't we take her to a hospital?"

Driving forward, Dean shook his head "Not until we know what she is...if we hand something that isn't human over, it's going to be a circus all day long for that girl..." Sam remained quiet, he couldn't actually see the problem – if the girl was hurt, take her to the hospital...who cares if she isn't entirely human, what are they going to do? But again Sam had to try and listen to the person that still could feel the difference between right and wrong.

"So what we gonna do?" Sam asked; curious of how his brother was going to navigate their newest problem whilst keeping out of Crowley's radar – knowing all too well that when Crowley didn't get a delivery on time, he would come looking...

"Well we're gonna help her...and then see who she is...what she is..." Dean replied stepping his foot more on the gas causing the Impala to let out an intimidating growl as it gunned for the closest town.

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