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Chapter 12

"Mum where are we going? We have been walking for ages!" Laylah moaned whilst following her mum along the never ending trail that lay within the darkened woodland.

Sarah smiled "You wanted to get out and you are out, besides we are almost there..."

"We are almost where?" Stepping through an opening in the bushes, Laylah paused at her mother's side; she never thought she'd see such a sight on an estate like Bobby's.

Sarah however knew right where she was as her eyes looked across the lake in front of her; stepping forward both Laylah and Sarah walked towards the wooden bridge that was situated above the water. The sound of the bottoms of her shoes walking across the old wooden bridge echoed across the empty estate as she moved further and further onto the bridge. Pausing she leant herself against the wooden rail and looked out across the lake; the sight was truly beautiful The sight was still undeniably beautiful; leaning forward Sarah rested against the rail...trailing her fingertips along the wood she smiled.

"Wow, who knew Bobby had this hidden away...it's beautiful" Laylah smiled; leaning next to Sarah she glanced over the rail and watched the numerous fish below swim in all different directions "You've been here before?"

Sarah looked down at her daughter to see that inquisitive look in her eyes, she smiled falling into another memory that she held so close to her heart Listening to his footsteps grow closer to her; Sarah couldn't help but feel the corners of her lips rise "I was wondering if you would find me..."

Dean smirked instantly realising without her sense of guidance; he wouldn't have "Well I wouldn't have if it wasn't for my own personal Angelic sat nav..."

"I sensed you needed the assistance" Sarah responded coyly feeling Dean lean himself next to her; turning her head she looked up to find him standing inches from her with his back leant against the wooden rail.

"Hey I'm not complaining; there's no doubt about it...I so woulda got my ass lost" Dean joked as he watched a smile appear on her beautiful face "But if it meant finding you, I woulda searched all night..."

"With Dean?" Laylah asked; after finding out that he was her dad – of course she was interested, of course she had questions but she also even being twelve was wise enough to know not too push the boundaries of this subject.

Sarah nodded turning her head back to the lake in front "Ask what you want to ask Laylah..." Sarah could sense the questions her daughter had; being her mother she could pick up on what she was emitting so strongly.

Laylah took a deep breath and looked at the lake rather than up at her mum "Why Dean mum? Why a human and not an Angel like you?"

It was coming and Sarah was waiting for it, keeping her eyes fixed on the lake; she scanned the sights in front of her "Laylah with the age you are you will not understand such feelings until you are older but Dean and I, we had an extrodinary connection even before I first met him..." Sarah paused; her mind quickly shunting her back to the time that she lay on Dean's torture table in hell, shaking her head she glanced down at her little girl "I was destined to find him, destined to help him...I never thought I would fall so deeply in love with him..."

Laylah nodded "But you did? And you left him?" At her side Laylah felt her mum stiffen at even the notion of leaving him "Because you died?"

Her eyes never leaving her daughters, Sarah could feel the tears gathering; passing her a sympathetic look she knelt down and wrapped her arms around Laylah who to had tears forming "Yes sweetheart..." Is all she could say; she couldn't lie anymore but she wasn't about to reveal her daughters family history...that would stay buried with her brother's.

"But we were up in Heaven, why didn't we come down sooner; why didn't you let me meet him sooner?"

Sarah pulled back and stroked her hand down the side of Laylah's face "Because we could not, even if we could have – coming down to Earth was not an option for us..."

Laylah pulled back slightly and passed her mum a confused look "Now I'm really not understanding, I came down just fine"

Sarah nodded "That you did but Laylah where we were, we were not supposed to leave..."

"Why? I don't understand..."

"Because the Heaven we lived in was our prison, more so mine..." Sarah finally confessed seeing her daughter's confusion only build from her response "My father put me there, locked away for Eternity..."

"But why?"

"For things that I did and he did not like – Araboth was my prison Laylah and because I was carrying you, it ended up being your prison to and for that I am sorry..."

Laylah looked down at the ground; her whole life she thought she never had a father...but at least she had a home that she could call safe. In the time of her coming down to Earth, her whole life had been pulled out from under her and apart from her mum she could no longer name anything in her life that was constant.

"The things you did, they were for Dean?" Laylah asked lifting her head to meet her mum's gaze.

Sarah nodded; truth be told – all what she had ever done on Earth was for Dean...

Still sitting at the table, Dean was now sitting beside his brother; standing got tedious right after an hour passing. Unlike his robot of a brother, Dean was beginning to feel tired and the amount of alcohol within his system wasn't helping either. Glancing down he opened his jacket and pulled out his phone, tapping the button he huffed; they had been sitting in the same spot for just over three hours and now looking constantly at the same women was anything but exciting.

"You know this could be a complete bust Dean?" Sam said taking another casual sip of his seventh beer.

Out the corner of his eye, Dean caught a more sophisticated dressed woman walk casually across the floor of the bar and couldn't help but slip into a memory or even a hallucination after all the beer he had been drinking "...That's if she turns up, I mean where the hell is she?"

Dean turned and looked across the room to feel a force nudge his arm, turning back he passed Sam a questionable look to find his brother looking intently at something – looking in that direction, his eyes found her as she casually strolled through the entrance to the club – his breath instantly being taken away and any words he was about to say, lost.

"Can't be, can it?" Sam tilted his head to the side trying to work out if it was the same girl, to his surprise it was.

Dean's eyes never left her as he turned his body to face her – staring at the way in which the tight fitting strapless dress she wore curved in all the right places and how the high heeled shoes subtly made her legs he's never seen before seem that much longer "Damn..." Dean mimed feeling his heart beat fast in his chest.

Getting no reply from his brother, Sam turned his head and looked to see him completely lost in thought whilst his eyes were undeniably fixed on a woman that looked a 'little' like Sarah leaning against the bar "You thinking bout Sarah huh?" Sam huffed; secretly becoming frustrated at his brother's broodiness.

Hearing what his brother had just asked and the sarcastic way in which he did it, Dean snapped his head round and looked at him "Will you just drop it and focus on the damn case?"

Sam tilted his head and passed him a questionable look "Doesn't seem to me that I'm the one who needs to focus..."

Dean clenched his jaw together and ground his teeth together in the attempt of not biting back; instead he just turned away and continued on scanning the club.

Trying to distract himself from the frustration he was feeling, Dean noticed across the room one of the numerous men in the room seriously trying to make nice with their waitress 'Jodie'; narrowing his gaze this guy looked like any other but a Puca was part of the 'Shapeshifter' lore therefore it could look like anyone but something inside Dean wasn't sitting right. The way in which he was whispering into her ear, the way in which she was lapping all of the attention up – intuition of all the sons of bitches he's fought and killed in his life told him that something about this guy wasn't right...

"There..." Dean simply said nodding his head in the direction of his assumed culprit.

Focusing on where his brother was looking, Sam raised his eyebrow "Dude, what...the guy trying to get his hand up Jodie's top? How'd you know?"

Dean huffed, in this job – something's you couldn't be sure on but this...he could just feel something off "I just got this feeling ...it seems to be targeting the waitresses so far right? The ones who are most up for a good time in the hope of getting a larger tip than normal? Well from what I can tell, Jodie's fair game..."

Sam tilted his head, contemplating his brother's assumption – he wasn't wrong but being a 'Shapeshifter' they had to be especially careful...he was smarter and more in tune to hunting rather than feeling meaning he knew if they stabbed the wrong guy, Dean would be the one to suffer the consequences because to Sam another body was in fact just another body...

Still out on the bridge, Laylah and Sarah were quiet; Laylah stood on the opposite side trying to process all that her mum had explained to her whilst Sarah just continued to take multiple trips down memory lane of the time her and Dean were standing in the spot she currently was...Sarah smiled as she took a step towards him; her eyes remaining joined with his as she rested her hand on his chest. It was surprising to her that over a short space of time she was able to control her emotions and learn to adapt to the ways of the human. Dean always being compassionate to her heritage leaned down slowly as his cold hands rested gently on her cheeks; tightening his grip he pulled her into him as his lips brushed against hers softly. As their lips would slowly join more passionately Sarah would feel her adrenaline slowly build alongside the excitment as her grip tightened on his shirt.

Feeling a force brush up against her, Sarah looked down to watch Laylah look momentarily up at her before moving closer and wrapping her arm around her "No matter what happened before, you are still my mum and I love you..."

Sarah smiled extending her arm around her daughter "And I love you sweetheart..."

"I'm just finding it hard to deal with; I don't know how to be with him..."

Sarah nodded knowing Laylah meant Dean "I know, but you act in a way that is comfortable for you"

Laylah smiled whilst nodding "Dean, he's a good man?"

Sarah smiled "Your father is a great man; he was destined to save the world and he did..." Looking up at the sky, Sarah noticed the sun starting to dip behind the trees, tightening her grip on her daughter she started to turn them "Come on, let's head back...what will Bobby do without his new cooking assistant?"

Laylah giggled; nodding she turned with her mum and together they headed off the bridge...

Stepping off the wooden slats of the bridge and onto the muddy path, Sarah felt a surge of energy shoot right through her, instantly stopping she pulled Laylah protectively behind her. Confused and picking up on her mum's energy, Laylah fell silent but from behind her eyes looked up to find her mother carefully scanning the area surrounding them.

"Mum what is it?" Laylah had to ask; the worry starting to consume her.

Sarah was quiet; she could sense whatever it was growing closer – her own senses starting to overwhelm her from not fighting for well over a year.

Looking forward she watched a figure slowly emerge from the opening her and Laylah had come from earlier that day; seeing who it was Sarah couldn't help but pass them a puzzled look whilst stiffening in the spot she stood.

"Well well, look who it is, its Heaven's latest outlaw..."

"Zeburial..." Sarah said recognising him as the Angel that first attacked Dean, the Angel assigned as Laylah's warden – How the hell he got past the barrier she didn't know; that was one thing she didn't make a mistake on...

"Oh don't look so confused...the barrier works when Angels are outside the perimeter, lucky for me I was inside..."

Sarah clenched her jaw knowing what he was here to do "Lucky or unlucky?"

Zeburial smirked "Didn't you hear? I'm the luckiest Angel in the Garrison – I finally get to punish you by killing the one thing you treasure the most..."

From behind Sarah could feel her daughter starting to quiver, realising what that last bit meant "Is this one of the reasons we shouldn't have left?" Laylah whispered grabbing hold of the back of her mother's jacket.

"One of them..." Sarah replied; it hurt to feel the fear that she could sense from her daughter – lifting her eyes she glared at the Angel that stood in front. With the anger starting to flow through her – the ground beneath them started to shake causing the trees surrounding them to rock on their foundations whilst the calm lake behind suddenly became rough with the strong reverberations.

"You knew the rules Sahariel, disobey and you die...now move aside" He ordered taking a step closer to her.

Feeling Laylah trying to pull her back from behind, Sarah never moved – lifting her arms she crossed them at her chest "You want my daughter, you go through me..."

Zeburial growled in anger, flying forward he stood inches from her; his eyes glaring in to hers "Sahariel, you I can't hurt but I will complete my order in killing your daughter...now move!" He demanded through gritted teeth.

Laylah watched worriedly from behind as her mum took another step closer towards the Angel "And in attempting to do your order, you will be the one that dies today..." She heard her mum threaten in response.

"We will see..." Zeburial started taking a step back from her "But you are at a disadvantage..."

Sarah raised her eyebrow at the overconfident Angel "And what is that?"

Opening his jacket, Zeburial reached in and pulled out an Angilian blade "I hear yours got destroyed the day you were incarcerated in Heaven...shame that"

Sarah smirked watching this only anger and confuse the Angel that stood in front of her "Zeburial, you came here threatening the life of my daughter...do you really think I am at a disadvantage without my blade? More to the point what makes you think the one you are holding will protect you?"

Zeburial growled; within seconds he was flying towards her...his order from her father was to kill Laylah but after letting her get under his Angelic skin he was now going to destroy them both...

Meanwhile back at the bar, Dean's assumption of the guy constantly hitting on Jodie was proving to be correct. For the next hour they watched that one and only guy continue to lavish the girl with attention, from the outside he didn't look evil; in fact the short mousey-blonde hair and big dimpled smile made him look nothing more than a corporate douche bag.

Just like they had presumed, Jodie had finally given in to his pestering charm and was now allowing him to lead her out the backdoor of the club – last time they checked the bar was still open and it was nowhere near her clocking out time...

Outside night had finally fallen across the town, however rain had started to fall violently from the darkened sky above moments ago; stealthily Sam pushed open the backdoor and both he and Dean moved out into the back alley behind the bar. Being well trained in hunting the Supernatural, they quietly opened their suit jackets and grabbed the silver blades they had already equipped themselves with before entering the club; dimly lit lamp posts were randomly positioned along the alley way but with the storm that was gradually worsening they weren't entirely helping the brother's to see what they were hunting. Hearing a whimpering sound, the brother's turned and cautiously headed towards it, walking further in to the alley they eventually found Jodie; being held forcefully up against the wall. She was struggling against him, pleading for him to let her go back inside but he just laughed condescendingly before tightening his grip on her.

Tightening their grips on the blades, the brother's grew silently closer to see Jodie's eyes completely fixated on the guy that was pinning himself against her; it was as if she was in a trance...watching something completely different but undeniably terrifying though her own eyes – he was taking her for a 'ride' alright.

Pausing they stood within the shadows, last thing they wanted was to ruin the element of surprise. Clenching his jaw in anger at what this son of a bitch was doing to the poor girl, Dean looked round at his younger brother to find him engrossed in what was happening; he was completely fascinated by it – his eyes not watching the Puca hurt her but more so what he actually was doing to her. After researching tons of lore on the Puca's, Sam remembered a certain entry in their dad's journal about these creatures being able to take their victims through time...almost like a more personalised but terrorizing simulator ride that won't end.

Dean however wasn't going to let another girl get hurt; shaking his head he turned and hurried out of the shadows.

"Dean!" Sam whispered angrily.

Not giving this thing a chance to react, Dean quickly shoved the guy full force away from her mid-trance making him stumble and fall to the ground. Turning his attention to Jodie who was now quivering, he stepped forward and pulled her to him; supporting her with a hand on either side. The Puca obviously annoyed at the sudden interruption growled, pulling himself up off the ground he was about to barrel towards Dean when he was grabbed roughly from behind and shoved in to a nearby wall by Sam who appeared suddenly...

"Hey, Hey...Jodie, you with us?" Dean asked shaking her slightly; slowly but surely she was coming round.

"What, what happened?" Jodie asked completely confused by what just happened; hearing his brother curse – Dean swiped his head round to see him barely able to control this thing one handed as it right hooked him across the face.

"Alright Jodie listen to me!" Dean quickly said "You need to get out of here, run...go!" He demanded; watching her nod before turning – she quickly hurried away in the opposite direction.

Now this so called Puca wasn't large – trust be told it was shorter than Sam, your typical sized man but in the moment of Dean turning to help in sedating the damn thing; he surprisingly watched his brother be tossed across the alley like a rag doll – his head colliding against the brick wall. Still wanting to defend his 'little' brother, never losing the instinct Dean saw red; charging forward he barrelled into the guy sending them both tumbling to the ground.

Fists clenched tight, Dean threw one punch down after the other; for them to deliver this thing to Crowley it needed to be sedated and from the strength it still undoubtedly had – their so called disappointment of a challenge was beginning to be one of the hardest Alpha's they'd ever caught. To the average eye Dean was just pummelling some guy but even through the dim light he could make out the darkened green rim that surrounded this guy's eyes; repeatedly altering between a thick and thin line the more this thing was starting to show through.

Feeling one of his hit's suddenly being blocked; Dean felt an almighty force grip round his throat that in turn pulled him closer to the thing he was hunched over; growing closer to the snarling and smirking human Dean couldn't react fast enough – the guy thrusted his head upwards off the ground, butting Dean right his eyes; the bridge of his nose instantly splitting. "Son of a bitch..." Dean cursed falling to the side clutching at his nose.

"You should know better than to interrupt my kind..." The guy casually said pulling himself up off the ground; even Dean was shocked by the amount of strength this thing had...trying to regain his balance and pull his vision back to some normality, Dean felt the collar of his suit jacket be lifted; uncontrollably he was hoisted into the air and thrown forcefully like his brother into a nearby parked car.

Groaning at the pain, Dean slipped down the car's frame to the ground; shaking his head he tried to focus through the rain to find his brother but he still laid motionless on the path a few feet away "Sam!" Dean called...

Surprisingly Sam through the darkness had heard his brother's voice, feeling the rain pounding down on his body; Sam moaned and slowly opened his eyes... using his arms to support himself, he leant up and shook his head...feeling an almighty throb echo through his head; Sam huffed. Reaching up he touched the top of his head to feel a large gash, pulling his finger back he noticed it was covered in blood – another injury to add to the list...clenching his jaw in anger at what that son of a bitch had done to him, Sam swiped his head round and powerlessly watched the following events unfold...

Still leaning against the car, Dean knew he had to move; that thing was still around...trying to push through the throbbing his body was feeling he was about to pull himself up when something suddenly towered over him – not functioning properly Dean lifted his head to see the smug son of a bitch standing above him, clenching his jaw Dean growled – pushing through the pain he went to lunge at the guy but felt a white hot pain suddenly shoot through him...in the background Dean swore he heard his brother call for him; cursing Dean felt his legs give out – the pain was unbearable...moaning through gritted teeth he glanced down to see his trusty silver knife sticking out of his side...

"Dean!" This time he heard him, his brother's voice echoing across the alley. Feeling his vision start to blur, Dean looked up at the Puca that still hovered over him before suddenly it was knocked off his feet by Sam's enormous frame crashing into it; sending them both across the car bonnet. Slowly he no longer could feel the rain hitting his body, as much as he tried he couldn't open his eyes and the sounds of the fight in the background that originally was echoing through his mind was now gradually disappearing – he could hear nothing as he slipped into the darkness that took no time in consuming him...

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