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Chapter 13

Sarah smirked – she may have been out of the fight for a year but what the Angels continued to forget was that she was one of the strongest warriors of Heaven ever created; she wasn't just going to forget her hundred years of training... Ready and waiting for Zeburial to collide against her, Sarah used her speed to move both her and Laylah out of his path making him fly literally inches past her and onto the bridge just behind them.

Growling he regained his balance and lunged forward delivering a hard knuckled punch across her cheek, hearing her face crack at the impact Sarah's face forcefully snapped to the side.

"Mum!" Laylah cried from behind, instantly wrapping her quivering arm round to support her. Widening her eyes Sarah groaned - that hurt more than expected; feeling the warm liquid fill her mouth – Sarah gathered what she could and spat the blood to the ground. Sensing him about to deliver another hit her way, Sarah didn't give him the chance; tilting to the side she lifted her leg and kicked him full force away from her – sending him crashing back into the wooden fence.

Straightening up Sarah angrily watched Zeburial pull himself to his feet, circling Laylah round so her back was against the woodland Sarah's eyes never left his as he hurried towards her – stepping back, Laylah proceeded to step with her – hearing the bushes rustle behind her daughters back; Sarah knew she could go no further "Stay right here..." She advised now stepping away from her daughter and towards the ever so wrathful Angel.

"But mum..." Laylah continued to plead watching helplessly as Zeburial raised the blade up in her direction...

"I'm going to enjoy this..." Zeburial smirked; his grip tightening on the handle of the blade.

Sarah just smirked in return; from her last blow she could easily tell him and the vessel that contained him was not prepared for the force she was resisting him at – this only fuelling the Angel's antagonism for her more, thrusting the blade forward; Sarah arched out of its reach whilst stepping forward. Raising her arm, she swung her clenched fist right into the centre of his face causing him to stumble backwards; weakened Sarah lunged forward for the blade but Zeburial was wise to what she wanted – swiping the blade upwards and across he caught her...

Cursing through gritted teeth, Sarah used her free hand to reach up and grab her arm; quickly peering down at her jacket to find it had been sliced open along with her upper arm – the blood now flowing freely down her skin.

Stepping back, Sarah could feel her arm burning but this was the least of her worries...how was she really supposed to beat him with no weapon? Clenching her jaw she growled "I happened to like this jacket..." She replied sarcastically...Believing he had the upper hand, Zeburial once again thrusted the blade in her direction; dodging to the side the blade missed her stomach by a matter of centimetres – reaching down she grabbed his hand that held the blade and squeezed...cursing he felt every single bone in his hand break; not being able to resist her grip he dropped the blade to the ground. Not giving her a chance to use this to her own advantage and grab it, Zeburial swung his whole body round – using his free hand to forcefully left hook her in the side...

From where she stood Laylah watched in shock as the two of them fought, tears streamed her cheeks watching the amount of blows her mum was taking...soon enough she felt the guilt of her actions, if she hadn't have done what she did her mum wouldn't be suffering all of the consequences right now. She wanted to move forward – to help her in some way but she was frozen, the fear filling her from the bottom up.

Hearing an almighty crack Laylah watched in horror as her mum was thrown full force into the woodland behind her – she could literally hear the trees dropping as her body collided against them "Mum!" Laylah cried. Swiping her head back Laylah watched Zeburial smirk victoriously as he grabbed the blade from the ground...walking towards her Laylah finally felt the urge to move away from him – always keeping her front to him, she backed away towards the lake.

"Now where was I?" Zeburial sarcastically asked; smirking at the little girl that could go no further the moment her back collided against the wooden fence. Still crying Laylah looked worriedly from side to side; there was nothing she could do...stopping just in front just to torment her that bit more – Zeburial waved the blade in her direction, riddled with fear Laylah couldn't help but yelp.

Smirking he raised his arm in the air along with the blade, holding it there...Laylah as much as she tried couldn't avert her eyes; her whole body trembling – just waiting for that moment.

Moving forward to thrust the blade downwards, Zeburial suddenly felt a force grab his arm from behind – Laylah looked up and sighed in relief to see her mum...pulling his arm back with such force; he let out a painful cry as his arm was literally snapped from his shoulder – the skin now just holding it in place. Clenching her jaw Sarah watched him drop the blade to the ground and smirked...her daughter will never feel what she did. Stepping forward she kicked his knee caps out one by one making him drop to the ground...Laylah watched in dismay as her mum moved forward and overpowered him to the point of him not being able to move; gripping either side of his head.

"Sahariel, please..." Zeburial surprisingly started to plead but he had pushed Sarah too far; no way was she showing mercy.

Lifting her eyes from him she looked down at her daughter "Sweetheart, do me a favour and close your eyes..."

Laylah nodded but this didn't stop her from hearing the cracks, crunches and moans that were to follow. Sarah's fingertips were that tight in his skull that blood was starting to seep – hearing his cries intensify Sarah smiled...he deserved to feel more than what she was torturing him with. Considering her daughter and what she must be feeling at this point, Sarah quickly twisted her hands in opposite directions causing his neck to snap in two - that angry she almost pulled his head away from his body.

Releasing her grip she watched his lifeless body fall to the ground – taking a deep breath she sighed 'And that's only Zeburial...' She thought to herself; stepping back away from the body she clicked her thumb and middle finger together quickly evaporating him into nothing...no trace of him ever being here.

"Okay you can open them..." Laylah heard her mum say softly, opening her eyes she looked up at her; the tears instantly gathering again seeing the after effects of her fight - her eye now severly swollen, was bloodshot and starting to bruise and her lip, had violently been split open from many of the hits she had just taken "I'm so sorry..." Laylah whispered rushing into her arms.

Landing on the ground Sam didn't hesitate, he'd distracted the Puca in the moment of hurling it across the car with the force of his own frame and now time was of the essence with his brother laying lifelessly on the opposite side. Being encased in the body of a man, it attempted to stand, to balance itself from the blow it wasn't expecting but Sam being the machine he was, was there using the full force of his fists to drive the creature back down to the gravel below. If Sam could feel, he assumed he'd be furious at what the son of a bitch had just done to his brother moments ago, hell still having all of his memories in check he remembered the typical and rather aggressive 'Winchester anger streak' the brothers had and the way in which they brutalised countless monsters depending on how much they'd hurt or threatened their family - but the job was the job; they both knew the risks and would accept the consequences as and when they happened... All Sam knew at this moment in time was that instead of killing this thing that was continually resisting against him, he needed to sedate it before hand delivering the package to Crowley himself. Letting out a loud and shrill warning cry, the Puca fought, blocking Sam's attack's it waited for the perfect moment to move against him but it never came. Eyes hard like steel Sam wanted this hunt over with, already the search for his soul was wreaking more havoc than it was worth; clenching his jaw he relentlessly ignored the protest of his own body - instead he pushed on, slowly but surely weakening the threat below...

How many hits could the Puca take? Sam not running out of energy anytime soon found the threat neutralising itself... driven solely by the purpose of completing the job, he wasn't sure if he'd managed to sedate the thing solo or if the Puca had actually come to the conclusion he wasn't winning against the force striking down from above... Bloody and broken, the creature lay still against the ground, ensuring he was out for the count Sam didn't waste any time in bagging him up; arms and legs bound tightly together it wasn't going anywhere.

Exhaling deeply he stood, hurrying around to where his brother lay, unmoving... "Dean!" He called, instantly kneeling at his side inspecting the damage of the wound. The sight was anything but good, he was pale, emotionless, barely breathing; lying in a pool of his own blood "Dean!" He shouted a second time, even nudged him slightly in the hopes of pulling him back from the darkness but nothing was working and Sam suddenly knew what needed to be done. Sarah... If he got his brother back to her, she'd be able to help; at least he assumed she would - she was an Angel after all, an Angel that in the past did all that she could for the elder brother without question or consideration. The question was how much time did Dean have, and could he get him back in time? All too well trained in cleaning and fixing up the fighting injuries they both seemed to keep having Sam quickly removed his suit jacket, leaning forward he didn't hesitate, pulling the blade cleanly from his brother's side he replaced it instantly and firmly with the material. Now all he needed to do was shag ass back to Bobby's and get him to Sarah, no pressure; especially with his pulse rate starting to dip slightly...

"Evening Moose..." Came Crowley's sudden and ever so aggravating voice from behind. As if their night could possibly get any worse? Swiping round, Sam glanced hatefully up at the demon that stood feet from him; if it was up to him he'd tell Crowley where to shove his damn soul before quite happily swiping his blade cleanly through his throat. "Nice job on the Puca, all wrapped for Christmas and ready to go I see..." He continued smugly watching the younger Winchester rise carefully and stealthily from the ground, his hard eyes moving between Crowley and the demons he'd brought to secure the Puca. Smirking evilly, Crowley's eyes found Dean, he rarely found pleasure in anything anymore but seeing the older more infuriating and self righteous brother at his worst had him smiling on the outside "Tut tut, Dean Winchester, sleeping on the job? Never thought I'd see the day. I'll be sure to thank the Puca for that little trick later. Cookies all around for that little triumph"

Flicking the comment completely off, Sam just smirked angrily "I'll leave you to enjoy your new toy. I guess we'll be seeing you again when you get tired of beating on this one only to come up empty again...surely you're not losing your touch are you Crowley?" Knowing time was something Dean had little of, Sam about to turn his back carelessly on the King of Hell of all people, was halted by the sound of his irritated voice...

"Sorry to disappoint my little insect friend but you'll be seeing me a lot sooner. As it happens I do have another job for you. A special one. One that if you are successful, will get your soul back double time..."

Knowing even with all of his conflictions about the damn thing, this was the end goal - to get his soul back once and for all; Sam slowly turned his head back round to see the colossal smirk appear on the son of a bitch's face "I'm listening..."

The night sky had settled across the estate in the time it had taken for Sarah and Laylah to arrive back at the house, feeling the effects of not tussling for the past year it was safe to say Sarah's body was definitely protesting from the fight. Needing to take her time, Laylah remained close at her side; her arm linked tightly with her mum's - both for safety and support.

Seeing the familiar lights of Bobby's home, Laylah let out a deep sigh of relief only to be halted instantly in the moment of her mum groaning in discomfort "What is it?" She asked worriedly.

Pushing through the pain, Sarah just smiled - forcing the discomfort to the back of her mind "It's nothing. I'm fine sweetheart. Come on, let's get inside" Because if the truth be told, that's all she wanted in that moment; for her daughter to be inside and away from any harm that may or may not be lingering on or around the estate.

Huffing at the response, Laylah frowned at the numerous cuts and bruises that were starting to form across her skin "You do not look fine mum, you look hurt... hurt because of me..."

Watching her daughter's head dip to the ground, Sarah passed her a sympathetic look; kneeling just in front she reached out and gently lifted Laylah's chin "No..." She replied sternly "Not because of you, it will never be because of you"

Feeling a tear fall from her eye and glide down her cheek, Laylah just nodded; she never intended or wanted any harm to come to her mum when she had made the decision to fall - Now, it just seemed like her mistake was starting to catch up with her big time.

"You two okay?" Bobby's soft and concerned voice suddenly asked from the side. In the moment of Sarah standing and turning to nod at his question, he couldn't help but catch the sight of her face; his reaction instantly confirming it wasn't pretty in the slightest "What in the hell? What happened?"

Smirking Sarah did not see the point in coating the truth at this moment in time "What else?" She asked rhetorically.

Bobby nodded instantly recognising the look he was receiving from those pained blue eyes of hers, glancing worriedly across the darkened estate his gaze dropped to Laylah "And how are you doing honey?"

Laylah was quiet, her saddened eyes saying all they needed to as she looked up at the older man. She was undeniably scared at the whole situation but more than that she was experiencing guilt at its most hurtful point. It was quite simple really, if she hadn't of done what she did; none of this would be happening...Understanding he passed her a small smile, taking a step back, he motioned for them both to head inside "Okay that's enough drama for one day I think, come on, dinner's on the table and it's likely to be as cold as me soon..." He attempted to joke.

Feeling the corner of her lips rise at the comment, Sarah passed him a small smile; together they headed back into the house - Laylah first, disappeared into the kitchen in the moment of entering. About to follow Bobby and Sarah found themselves instantly being halted at the sight of the car lot lights violently start to flicker "Did I speak to soon?" Bobby asked; casting a worried glance over at Sarah who appeared to be more agitated than concerned.

Exhaling deeply Sarah back stepped away from the house, turning to face the darkness that surrounded them at every angle, sensing the threat not too far away; Sarah's eyes carefully scanned the lot. She could see nothing but she could feel them, waiting patiently in the dark for her to turn her back on her responsibility. Problem was, that wasn't even an option for the Angel and Sarah was planning on seeking them out well before the morning sun would appear.

Turning her head, she quickly glanced back at Bobby "Keep Laylah inside, no matter what you see or hear..."

Being the woman he knew her to be in the past, Bobby expected to hear something exactly like that come from her lips. But, Angel or not he did not like this idea at all, more so because she'd already been in one fight today; Bobby shook his head "Sarah, no... haven't you been put through the meat grinder enough? Just come inside...We'll find another way"

"There is no other way, this is what I have to do, what I always have to do" Bobby was quiet, his concern only growing for the devoted Angel that stood in front, if the truth be told she was right, that rule didn't just apply to Laylah; he knew from the tone in her voice it applied to everyone she believed to be in her charge "Protect my daughter Bobby"

Clenching his jaw, Bobby just nodded before watching her disappear into the darkness; about to do what she did best.

"I'm listening..." Sam repeated to the overly confident demon that surely one day would get what he deserved. Time was running out and Sam was anything but an idiot, Crowley was delaying him from getting Dean help. Son of a bitch.

Crowley smirked "Patience is a virtue Sam, you will come to learn this from your next hunt..."

"Which is?" Sam asked, trying to reign in his impatience.

"An Angel." Sam couldn't help but let a sarcastic snigger escape him; much to Crowley's annoyance "Something funny Sam? Because the longer you stand here making jokes - Dean's turning a nice shade of white...now that is funny..."

Shaking his head, Sam cocked his eyebrow up at the notion "An Angel, really Crowley? Are you just intentionally making things impossible? Last I checked, you demonic sons a bitches are the only ones that walk alongside us..."

"Oh contraire, unfortunately I cannot provide a stairway to Heaven for either you but I do happen to have it on good authority that this Angel took the dive not so long ago and is lurking somewhere within humanity. You two knuckleheads are going to find them for me..."

"Yeah because this suddenly doesn't sound like a needle in a haystack...You got anything else we may find useful?"

Sneering at the sarcasm, Crowley just growled at the younger Winchester "All you need to know is that this Angel is very special to me. A treasure for sure. One that is half human, half Angel. She is the key to one of my many plans to wreak havoc on this pathetic planet."

If there was any moment when Sam was proud of not having a soul it would be right here and now, being soulless allowed him to keep Crowley out of his mind and prevent him from seeing the location of the Angel he spoke of...Poker face of steel, Sam continued to listen to the strategic plan Crowley had in place for when they eventually captured it. It was almost delightful that Crowley's plan had failed in the moment of him saying it because there was no way Dean would give up his own daughter to the King of Hell. For now, Soulless Sam was safe; and he had Sarah to suddenly thank for that.

"You make the impossible possible Sam, or you'll be saying bye bye to your soul forever and Dean will have no choice but to live with a shadow of man he used to call his brother. It's your choice."

Motioning his head quickly at his so called minions, they were gone at the speed they arrived. Ensuring they were gone, Sam wasted no time in hurling his brother up over his shoulder and hurrying over to where the Impala was parked. Resting him down in the back, the older brother was still, the colour no longer visible on his features, hesitantly Sam once again found himself checking his pulse - his brother, the fighter, was barely hanging on... "Shit..." He hissed, rubbing his hand angrily up through his hair; he may not feel the emotions he should but his brother wasn't dying on him tonight. Climbing into the driver's seat, he brought the engine to life with an aggressive roar, throwing the gear into drive the car sped from the alley it was patiently waiting in - gunning it for Bobby's.

Stealthily Sarah searched the lot, her training allowing her to not only blend into the darkness but to remain silent. Struggling to keep her focus the longer she remained out in the open, Sarah wasn't going to deny what her body was feeling; she was tired, aching and needing to rest but for her daughter she would remain outside. Knowing she had searched from one corner to the other, Sarah paused; was she really starting to go round in circles?

To the untrained eye, they would assume the threat had disappeared in the moment of them searching the grounds and return to the house but Sarah, could still feel the energy lingering. Casting her glance from side to side, a very unusual sense of doubt passed through Sarah's being as she contemplated her situation further...What if Turtbebial, her dreaded and relentless guard from prison had somehow managed to find her? What if he was the one playing with her mind, luring her away? Did she have even the slightest chance of defeating him with so little energy? "Where are you?" She whispered into the night. The car lot was silent, all that surrounded her was the whistling sound of the wind picking up the farther she headed away from the shelter of Bobby's.

Exhaling deeply, Sarah remained alert; her defensive stance preparing her for whatever may attack but even she was beginning to doubt her own senses in that moment. Knowing she did not have the option of turning back without finding the threat she thought she'd originally felt, huffing in frustration; she raised her hand - pushing it up and through her hair.

"Come on, I know you are out there..." She murmured angrily. Forcing her mind to focus, she allowed her senses to radiate out further in the hopes of locating them but in that exact moment of her doing so; she instantly felt them behind... standing only feet away... Swiping round, she didn't hesitate in throwing her fists up in a defensive nature; expecting a fight she was definitely not prepared for the face that stood opposite. Her facial expression must have shown the shock and confusion at their arrival because they simply just passed her a supportive smile; one that never failed to calm the angst and concern that continually grew within the conflicted Angel "Jaoel?" Sarah quietly asked; slowly lowering her hands to her sides.

Taking a step forward, his deep brown eyes glanced caringly down at her; undeniably noticing the new battle scars she was sporting across her skin "Hello Sahariel..."

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