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Chapter 14

Sarah was still, her eyes questionably glancing up at the man that stood in front, she could feel it in the pit of her stomach; something was seriously off about Jaoel suddenly appearing at her side and more to the point, how on earth did he locate her with so much protection surrounding the Angel and her daughter? "What are you doing here Jaoel?" She couldn't have coated the suspicion even if she tried, already she could feel the disappointment bubbling up inside; no matter what their history - him suddenly showing up was definitely suspect.

Smirking Jaoel couldn't help but snigger at the accusation "Nice to see you to. Typical Sahariel, always expecting an enemy"

Relaxing her stance, Sarah crossed her arms at her chest defensively "Care to convince me otherwise?"


"How did you find me?"

Huffing at her lack of trust in him after everything he took a casual step back; chuckling at whatever thought had just crossed his mind "You can imagine my surprise when I came looking for you after you didn't show for our meeting to find that you had literally broken yourself out of Araboth - Laylah to..."

Narrowing her gaze, Sarah could feel her frustration rising "You are intentionally dodging my questions..."

"And you are evading mine. Why did you leave?"

"Why are you here Jaoel?!" Sarah asked, this time a little more forceful "Did my father send you to do his bidding, just to hurt me that little bit more?"

Tilting his head at her comment, Jaoel couldn't help but look confused "Why do you think I am here Sahariel?"

Sarah smirked "Jaoel after everything, the one thing I expect from you is honesty as you have always given me. Do not treat me like this visit is anything else..."

Knowing the Angel all too well that stood in front, Jaoel finally came to the realisation of what she presumed he had come to do; inhaling deeply and uncomfortably at the thought he raised his hands in submission - taking a step forward "That is honestly what you think? Given our history? As if I could ever do such a thing? Sahariel, Please, I am here to protect you..."

Unsure and still assuming the worst, Sarah's eyes never left his, trying to search for the lie - she found nothing to support her accusation but given her circumstance she couldn't just accept his visit without precaution...

As if on instinct, out in the distance, - Sarah could hear the sound of the Impala approaching and fast. But it was something else entirely that pulled her body round to look in the direction of where the car was approaching from. Not only could she sense it, her whole being could feel something seriously wrong "Dean..." She whispered. Swiping round her attention turned back to Jaoel who clearly knew what she was about to do "Go..." He simply said "I will be around for a while"

Obviously not wanting to leave him wandering around with so many questions unanswered, Sarah had no choice; whatever she could feel from the car was hurting her. Reluctantly she nodded, disappearing before his eyes.

Tearing into the lot, Sam came to a skidding stop just to the side of the house, sounding the horn a number of times he wasted no time in pushing opening the driver's door and climbing out; surprised to see Sarah standing at the rear door in the moment of him straightening himself up "What happened?" She asked worriedly; glancing between Sam and the unconscious and blood covered Dean lying scarily motionless on the back seat.

Feeling her heart beating way too hard and fast in her chest, Sarah took a step back allowing Sam to swing open the back door and grab his brother "Tussling with the thing we were hunting, he got himself shanked in the side. He'd passed out from the pain but for the last mile or so he's been coming in and out of consciousness..." Pulling him effortlessly from the car, Sam supported almost all of his weight as they quickly shuffled towards the house, following closely Sarah couldn't help but feel her heart ache at the sight of him - Dean Winchester was never meant to look like this. Head lazily dipped forward, he was pale, blood still soaking the shirt he was wearing; barely holding on to what little breathe he had left.

"Can you help him?" Sam asked glancing over at Sarah, who's eyes were fixed on Dean and Dean alone.

"You know I will try..." Sarah instantly replied; desperately hoping Sam had got him to her in time.

"What happened to you?" Sam queried suddenly noticing the many cuts and bruises on her face and chest.

"Nothing compared to what has happened to Dean, let's get him inside..."

Nodding they approached the door, swinging it open from the inside Bobby appeared; his eyes instantly landing on Dean "What the hell happened boy?" He asked - the fatherly instinct inside instantly worried for one of his surrogate son's.

"Got hurt on the hunt" Sam replied flatly stepping them into the hall; what else could he say? He wasn't sure what feelings to display at this moment. All he knew was that his brother needed help; help he 'hoped' Sarah could give.

"Dean?" Laylah's voice suddenly came from the lounge.

Glancing down at her daughter, Sarah could feel her own sadness consuming her in the minute of tears appearing in her little girl's eyes at the sight of her father "Upstairs" She quickly ordered; in the minute of Sam moving for the staircase Sarah was following "Laylah you stay down here with Bobby, do not come up okay?"

"But mum..." Laylah started to plead.

"But nothing, please do as I ask" Sarah interjected - needing her to stay away, just incase she were to fail...

"C'mon sweetheart, how about finishing that program you were watching?" Bobby said watching her nod slowly; gently directing her back into the lounge - undeniably they were both worried by what their eyes had saw but no one could deny, he really was in the best hands and if space is what she required; then space is what she would get.

Lucky for Bobby pulling Laylah into the lounge when he did because in the moment of Sam entering the closest bedroom upstairs, Dean had stirred once again from the unconsciousness he repeatedly was falling into; groaning and cursing at the pain that was shooting through every inch of him Sam barely had managed to lay him down on the bed.

"Jesus Christ!" Dean almost shouted; clutching tightly onto his side as he shook from the adrenaline. He'd taken plenty of hits on hunts before but this, this was something entirely different.

"Dean!" Sarah called; instantly kneeling at the side of the bed - hands gripping to steady and support him through. Just like he had her after she had been brutalised by the many forces of Malphus and Thamuz.

Sam standing just off to the side found himself at a loss, surely he should be feeling something for what he was seeing; his brother in immense agony yet all he could do was stand there and watch Sarah show the emotions he could not...

Feeling it all, Dean fought against the sharp and intense pain that appeared to be striking him from every angle. Groaning he tried to force himself to lay still, his whole body being blasted by a pain no man could describe; trying to control his breathing he limited his air intake. He'd felt this kind of pain before, knew not to panic; if he panicked the wound would stretch and he'd undeniably bleed out but god damn, the more alert he was becoming; the harder it was to fight against what had happened. Eyes undeniably glazing over, he clutched at his side; to try and lessen the fire that was continually building inside - he could feel the blood, the warm liquid covering his skin the tighter he gripped.

"Dean, please..." Sarah tried to coax, resting her hands down on top of his, she managed to reduce a little of the force he was holding his side at "You have got to try and calm down, please stop fighting..." Too far gone, her words were pointless at this point; Dean's time was undeniably plummeting and Sarah knew what she had to do...no matter the consequences of her actions, she would never deny Dean of what he needed. The awful and distressing sounds he was making were torturing her, with the tears already gathered, she could no longer just kneel there and watch him struggle through.

"You need any help?" Sam asked, watching her move in closer to him.

Shaking her head, Sarah knew she needed the room empty to concentrate "It's okay Sam, I've got this, would you mind checking on Laylah for me please?"s

"Sure..." He simply replied, slowly back stepping out of the room; he made sure to close the door behind him.

With her skin already touching his she was able to subtly and momentarily relieve a fraction of the pain in the hopes of bringing his focus back to her and her alone, without him connected the chances of this succeeding were unfortunately rather low given Sarah's already exhausted state "Dean..." Sarah said softly, pained at the sight; he was curled slightly into himself, eyes clutched tightly together from the sheer amount of pain he was experiencing as his body proceeded to shake against her "Please, I need you to come back to me..."

It must have been by some miracle because slowly Dean could feel the pain lessening in that very moment of hearing her call for him through the haze, it wasn't disappearing but somehow it was becoming surprisingly bearable. Inhaling deeply his eyes slowly opened, lifting them he found her; kneeling just next to where he lay "Sarah?" He whispered, his throat undeniably hoarse and gravelly from the constant cursing and shouting.

Feeling him connect with her it was time, not knowing how long she had before the link would surely be disconnected; she had to work quickly "Let me help you..." She simply ordered, not even giving him a chance to nod or approve her request she used her strength to lean forward and push him completely onto his back. Feeling the wound stretch at the sudden movement Dean groaned, clenching his jaw angrily he watched her kneel just above him, his eyes locked with the blue ones that stared devotedly down at him; he couldn't forget that look even if he tried "I really need you to try and relax..."

Dean surprisingly smirked at her comment "Easier said than done sweetheart"

"Open yourself up to me" Sarah asked in the moment of a rather questionable look appearing on Dean's face. If there was one thing that would stop her from succeeding, it would be Dean and the lack of trust he had for her after everything "Please Dean, I need you to let me in, in every way - do not block me out"

Taking a deep breath she fell silent, focusing everything on Dean. Lifting her right hand, she cradled his cheek lovingly. Glancing up, Dean watched her eyes momentarily close before reopening - flashing a brief but light shade of blue. Beginning to feel a little uncertain, Dean suddenly had no time to mull over what was happening because within seconds he felt it, the pure and exhilarating rush of her energy pushing into him. Never feeling anything so powerful in all of his life, Dean groaned - his whole body pushing back against her power, the sensation alone forcing his eyes closed.

"Hello Dean..." Sarah's voice suddenly echoed into his mind - taking him back to a time that wasn't necessarily simpler but still a time he wished he could sometimes return to, to do things very differently.... Jumping at the sudden but gentle voice, Dean swiped round in the direction of where he believed it had come from; he turned to find a young woman standing at a short distance from him...At the time he had no clue who she was but now, he would recognise her anywhere. He couldn't help but take a few seconds to stare at her surprising beauty. She was the perfect size, her frame faultless, her dark brunette hair sitting just right on her shoulders and as the car lot lights hit them, her bright blue eyes sparkled as she looked at him. "You are a tough one to find..." She said passing him a welcoming smile "But here I am..." Dean cleared the lump from his throat as his tough facade began to hide what he was truly feeling. "And you are?" Dean asked passing her a puzzled look.

"What the...?" Dean suddenly asked feeling himself be ripped from their memory, pulling his eyes open he looked up at Sarah; undeniably confused "What are you doing?!"

Growling at him still fighting against her, Sarah pushed harder "I am trying to help you! Please just let me!" Feeling the intensity of the rush only increase, Dean could barely control his breathing as a further memory felt like a freight train striking against him... "Sarah!" Dean called turning himself to look at her. Pausing Sarah held her hand on the handle as she turned and looked at him. "I love you..." Dean said; equally surprised at his response to her – He didn't know where that had come from...maybe he'd been hiding it – he'd never truly experienced it before therefore he must be incapable of showing it... but watching her leave; something inside switched and he couldn't just let her walk away from him.

"Son of a..." Dean growled out. Unable to describe anything that he was feeling, he was pretty sure he could take no more. Whatever Sarah was doing, was turning the elder Winchester inside out. With every sense peaking to the point of painful Dean wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to be feeling... "Sarah!" He shouted needing her to listen to him; finding the strength he quickly raised his hand in her direction; as if sensing what he was about to do Sarah grabbed it, forcing it down against the mattress just next to him - this only heightening everything... "Shit..." Dean cursed feeling his head drop to the side, this memory definitely being the one to break him down...

Moving against her, he could feel everything that was her, her exitement and emotions emitting through her and into him; he could feel him inside - suddenly in that moment feeling more whole than he ever has in a long time. Feeling her grip tighten on him – he could sense her thoughts and the way in which his touch felt against her...

Of course he was going to fight against her, Dean was notorious for fighting against the things he didn't understand. Needing him to open up to her, she had no alternative but to give him a little incentive of their past. Finally she could sense him starting to relax against the pull and was able to heal everything that was damaged within. Exhaling deeply she pulled back, glancing down to find him sleeping peacefully; understandably he'd crashed from that experience.

Smiling at her success Sarah slid herself to the edge of the bed, knowing she had to give the good news to the other's she stood - not expecting the world to slide suddenly to the left. Losing all balance, her legs were the first to go; struggling to sense the ground in order to brace against the impact - she hit the floor and hard. As if waiting for a reason to come in to the room, Bobby suddenly appeared; most definitely lingering outside just incase Sarah needed some assistance.

"Sarah?!" He gasped, leaning to glance down at her; it was fair to say the Angel was wiped out "Sam!" He called.

Smiling Sarah looked up into the older man's eyes "It worked Bobby, Dean is going to be fine..."

Nodding Bobby couldn't help but be happy "And what about you?"

"I will be okay. Just feeling a little tired...It has been a really long day" She tried to joke in a humanly manner - hearing Sam's footsteps appear in the bedroom alongside his.

"That it has..."

"What happened?" Sam suddenly asked; glancing between Sarah and what looked like his unconcious brother.

Bobby smirked down at the Angel that never ceased to amaze him "As always Sarah came through, can you help her into the next room? She needs rest before anything else - I'll keep an eye on littlen"

Sam nodded "What about Dean?"

"We'll let sleeping beauty wake in his own time..."

Still unbalanced from the amount of power she had forced upon him, Dean rested where she had undoubtedly healed him. He'd awoken feeling groggy and like he'd had his ass handed to him but after thoroughly checking he no longer had a broken nose and a hole in his side, no thanks to that evil son of a bitch he now wished he could gank just for the sheer amusement of listening to it die slowly and painfully. With her energy still lingering inside, it was safe to say it was difficult switching his mind off to her. Still not entirely sure of what she had done, Dean wasn't going to lie, she was in every thought; the memories he had of them together so strong in his mind.

Typical Bobby was checking in on the hour, every hour even though Dean no longer had any trace of ever feeling the bite of his own blade. Eyes closed, back leant up against the headboard he rested. Hearing a gentle and not so Bobby knock on the door, he opened his eyes to watch Laylah's small and hesitant frame appear in the room.

"Hey" Dean smiled, leaning himself up.

"Hi Dean, how are you feeling?" Laylah asked worriedly; her bright blue eyes searching for the injured man she had seen the night before. Problem was he'd caught the look on her young and beautiful face, the look he instantly recognised being it was very similiar to one of his own; he wasn't an idiot she'd clearly caught the sight of him last night.

"I'm good. Much better than before..." He tried to joke; to lighten the atmosphere.

Laylah nodded "Mum helped you?"

"She did. If it wasn't for her, I definitely wouldn't be sitting here" And wasn't that the truth? Cas strangely hadn't turned up like he generally did when something got screwed up so without Sarah's helping hand he undeniably wouldn't have made it. Surely he would have made an appearance by now? Given his and Sarah's history, how was he staying away? Come to think about it, he hadn't seen him since Sarah appeared in the parking lot? Surely he knew that she was back, alive and kicking? Where was he? Had something happened upstairs that they knew nothing about? Pulling his focus back from all the questions that could drive a man insane, Dean couldn't help but notice how quiet Laylah was; something clearly bothering her "Laylah, what is it? Where is your mum?"

Shifting her weight from one foot to the other, Laylah's gaze dropped to the carpet below; wanting more than anything to bare her soul to the man that was her father "She's resting. I have not seen her since last night..."

Pulling his eyebrows together, Dean leant forward "Resting? She okay?" And just like before, the worry for her consumed him so naturally; why on earth would she be resting and for that length of time?

"I honestly do not know, I am worried Dean, we were attacked last night..."

"What?! On the estate? Whilst I was out for the count?"

Laylah took a step closer; shaking her head "No, it was whilst you and Sam were out. An Angel came for me. We were out by the lake..." The further she got into the story, she watched Dean gradually move closer and closer to her "He and mum fought..." She paused, feeling a lump in her throat - making it difficult to continue.

Dean couldn't help but pass her a sympathetic look in the moment of tear's gathering in the little girl's eyes, she may be scarily mature for her age but she was still a girl; his and Sarah's... He was all too well experienced in knowing what an Angel fight looked and felt like; especially one involving Sarah. "Oh Dean it was horrible. Mum was so hurt. Hurt because of me and what i'd done..." And she broke, right down into Dean's arms as he leant forward and pulled her into them.

"Not because of you sweetheart" Dean replied sternly "Because it is what your mum and any other parent would do, protect their child from harm, forever..." Leaning against him, Laylah cried; letting all of her pent up emotion out. But Dean knowing Sarah and the type of Angel she was, suddenly had a thought, a very troubling one at that... "Hey, do you know if your mum was healed before she helped me?" When Laylah just shook her head, Dean felt his heart drop; remembering originally what Cas had said about Angel's always using a certain amount of energy - how much energy had she initially lost from her fight before thoughtlessly healing him?

"Dean..." Pulling herself back from his embrace, she glanced up at him "When you can, will you check on mum? I would, I'm just...just scared..."

Nodding Dean was already sliding himself to the edge of the bed "Of course. I'll go now..." For Laylah he would but also because if the truth be told, he wanted an answer to his question. Finding his feet, he stood; wavering slightly - smiling he didn't miss the way in which Laylah had instinctively braced herself to help him if needed. Definitely following in her mother's footsteps he couldn't help but think in the moment of heading for the door. Pausing he turned to look down at Laylah; who'd sat herself down on the bed "You want to come and see her?"

Shaking her head, Laylah couldn't think of anything worse than seeing her mum hurt again "I will wait here if that's okay?"

Understanding her silent meaning, Dean left it at that; nodding he pulled open the door and stepped onto the landing...

The next and rather pressing question was what bedroom was she resting in? With four other bedrooms to choose from Dean found himself moving for the one at the far end of the hall, the reason? All the other bedroom doors had been left open except for this one and knowing Sarah, she'd want somewhere quiet to rest and recooperate.

Unsure of the state he was about to discover her in, Dean exhaled deeply; raising his fist he knocked "Sarah?" Pushing open the door, he stepped inside, his eyes finding her laying scarily still on the double bed; laying on her side - her head rested idly down on a pillow. Eyes already open, she lifted them to look up at him as he slowly approached "Hi" She smiled; undeniably happy to see him up and walking around; Dean Winchester was not a man to be bed-ridden.

"Hey..." Dean responded worriedly "You doing okay?" His eyes analysing her the closer he got, too quickly was he spotting the bruises he'd missed the night before. He'd seen her sport far worse injuries than this but what was concerning him the most was the way in which she remained so motionless when she should be up and about.

Feeling her lip curl slightly upwards at the apprehension in his voice, Sarah nodded "I'm okay, just tired, really tired strangely and since Sam laid me down last night, unable to move..."

Cocking his left eyebrow up at the innocent innuendo that popped into Dean's mind, he forced it to the back of his mind along with the surprising anger and jealousy he felt at that very thought.

"Laylah told you what happened?" Sarah asked; sensing easily what he was currently feeling; at this moment in time she was thankful he wasn't shutting her out like before.

Nodding he knelt at the side of the bed "She's worried about you and rightly so." Now eye level with her he didn't miss the bruising that surrounded her left eye; casually she'd tried to hide it but Dean being Dean didn't miss a thing "Why do I get the feeling you'll never learn?" He huffed - his eyes gazing deeply into hers.


Dean smirked at the coyness she tried to continually use around him "Why on earth did you heal me so weakened?"

If only he knew what she would do...Sarah smiled, although her expression remained saddened "Because, it's you Dean..." As if there was any other answer she was going to give?

Inhaling deeply he closed his eyes momentarily - edging closer to her, god only she could make him feel so conflicted. After everything what was he supposed to do? He knew what he wanted, no matter what had happened, the heart wants what the heart wants and with his emotions running so high, he wanted to feel her so badly in that moment. Opening his eyes their faces were inches apart; her beautiful blue eyes worriedly glancing up at him; undoubtedly surprised at his sudden closeness "Dean?" She asked quietly; unsure of what he wanted from her but he remained deadly silent. Instead he leant down and brushed his lips against hers, and if on cue he felt it in the very moment of his lips touching hers; the electricity that had never seemed to leave them - the same electricity that had him groaning slightly at the intensity and had Sarah raising her hand to the nape of his neck; pulling him closer into her.

Having been without his touch for so long, it was taking a hell of a lot for Sarah to control her senses; heart suddenly beating too fast in her chest - she could feel all of her hidden excitement for him raise to the surface. Feeling him pull back from her embrace had her heart yearning for the man that could easily love her, the man that could kiss her without being conflicted because of what not only happened between them but because of the other love in his life.

Breathlessly they parted, both undeniably feeling their situation becoming that little bit more complicated "Thank you" Dean whispered, leaning back slightly to catch the sight of the tear rolling down her cheek.

"If there is one thing you don't have to do, it is to thank me for saving you"


How was she supposed to explain to the man she still loved so dearly what her heart was feeling? How it hurt to feel his conflictions about them, about her specifically? How it hurt to feel his longing for 'her' and the family he'd intentionally left behind to protect them from the monsters he was yet to face in his future? It is said that jealousy is a cold mistress and boy were the humans right, Sarah could feel it, an emotion she had never experienced before in her lifetime but now in this very moment was cutting her apart in the most vicious way. No where ready to conflict him further, Sarah did what any typical human would do in that moment and smiled "I'm fine, really. Being out of the fight for so long and having to re-adjust so quickly was a shock to my system. I am just tired"

Dean frowned at the lie he could see right through, did she really assume he didn't remember all of the tells she had? "C'mon really? You forget I know you...What is it?"

The problem was he did and Sarah refused to actively cause more hurt between them "Dean...I can't"

Not understanding in the slightest how this moment could have gone so downhill, Dean could feel his frustration rising at the way in which she was blocking herself off from him "Can't what? You can't talk to me now?"

"Not about this...It will hurt too much"

Shaking his head, Dean stood "Maybe I'm still hopped up on all the healing juice you gave me but I'm still confused as to what this is actually about..."

"Dean please, I said I would never expect or want you to make the life you have more complicated...and this would just do that. I just can't - please, can you..." Needing some distance from the serious questioning look she was receiving, Sarah inhaled deeply - not wanting him to leave her in the slightest but needing time to think all of this through "Can you just give me some time?"

And there it was again, that stumped feeling Dean got the last time she'd said those words to him back in the lounge... He remembered them clearly because in all honestly he had no clue what she meant...How could she make it more complicated than it already was? What the hell did she mean?

Exhaling deeply, Dean's eyes didn't move from her saddened ones, the situation between them was anything but easy. Nodding he was at a loss for words and clearly it wasn't just him struggling with the ramifications of Laylah's actions; turning on his heel he headed for the door "I guess we both need some..."

"I'm sorry" Sarah whispered in the moment of him reaching for the handle, she truly was; for everything.

What she wasn't counting on was for him to hear her... "Me too" Opening the door, he slipped out without another word.

"Great..." Sarah huffed "This is just great..." Closing her eyes, she allowed the tears to glide down her cheeks; such a human taught emotion that sometimes she wished she could be without. Once a soldier of Heaven, always a soldier of Heaven but just like before if there was anyone in the world that could weaken her armour - it would be Dean Winchester.

For Laylah, to protect her, Sarah needed to step up and be the warrior she once was - feeling weak and heartbroken wasn't going to win this fight. Trouble was undoubtedly heading their way and as much as she wanted things to be the way they were before, Sarah couldn't see it happening anytime soon.

For now, Dean and Sarah had one priority; and that priority was their little girl.

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