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Chapter 16

Finding his way back in to the lounge, Dean found it empty, taking full advantage of the quiet he'd slumped himself down onto the sofa. Leaning his arm up on the rest, it didn't take long for his head to slowly dip onto the support of his hand. Drifting in and out of sleep, his mind could only truly focus on one thing at that moment in time. Sarah. "Dean?" She asked quietly; unsure of what he wanted from her but he remained deadly silent. Instead he leant down and brushed his lips against hers, and if on cue he felt it in the very moment of his lips touching hers; the electricity that had never seemed to leave them - the same electricity that had him groaning slightly at the intensity and had Sarah raising her hand to the nape of his neck; pulling him closer into her. Twitching slightly at their intensity, he couldn't help but fall deeper into his memory...re-living a moment that went from feeling seriously right to feeling so wrong, but why? Shaking his head, Dean stood "Maybe I'm still hopped up on all the healing juice you gave me but I'm still confused as to what this is actually about..."

"Dean please, I said I would never expect or want you to make the life you have more complicated...and this would just do that. I just can't - please, can you..." Needing some distance from the serious questioning look she was receiving, Sarah inhaled deeply "Can you just give me some time?" And then his mind started inadvertently filling in the gaps for him, suddenly Dean wasn't seeing Sarah anymore, he was seeing Lisa and Ben, his family, his life for a year. As if watching one of his and Lisa's more tender moments on the silver screen, he could hear Sarah's voice loud and clear 'I would never expect or want you to make the life you have more complicated' Son. of. a. bitch. How could he have expected her to take that news so well? Sam had been the one to drop that bombshell but Dean had stupidly never diffused the actual issue. Shit.

Pulling his eyes open, Dean shot up into the sitting position to find Cas lingering just in front. Not expecting anyone to be in the room with him, he jumped back slightly at the sudden appearance; his heart beating double time "Jesus, Cas! Really? Where the hell you been?!"Castiel remained silent, his eyes just glancing down at his friend; keeping his distance for a reason he wasn't quite sure of what to say first "I get that Heaven's kicking your ass right now but you do know Sarah's back right? I thought you'd be the first one to roll out the welcome mat..."

Castiel shifted uncomfortably, how was he supposed to navigate this one without dropping himself and Sarah right in it? "I know. I heard all about what happened, and what not happened..."

Understanding what he meant, Dean's head dipped to the ground; to this day the image of Sarah broken and bloody still hurt him in ways he couldn't describe "Did you know?" Dean asked glancing seriously up at Cas "About what her father had done? About her being alive?"

"No I did not" Castiel replied; shaking his head "I only heard when the chaos started. Whispers travel Heaven fast Dean and not only did I hear about a young Angel falling, I heard about that Angel's mother so when you called and advised she had fallen in to your path, I had to come and see for myself. I was just as surprised as you"

Dean smirked "You surprised? I somehow can't imagine that. I'm just shocked it's taken you so long to come see her, given your history together?"

"Space is what you needed. Space is undoubtedly what she needed to readjust. I have just been biding my time, whilst trying to control Heaven. Sarah breaking out has caused me a few problems, more and more of the Angels that have been wrongly imprisoned over time are stepping up against the forces that bind them"

Tilting his head, Dean looked at Castiel in confusion "So let them out?"

"It is not that simple Dean. Sarah breaking out is a mockery of the forces that work to control the Heavens. In breaking out of the Seventh Heaven, she has created Anarchy, this not helping with the war I am trying to prevent"

Dean sneered, standing from the sofa, he stood just in front "You can't be saying what I think you are, you would actually want her imprisoned against her will?"

"No. I would never want that for her. Sarah did what every mother would do in her position and Laylah of course, had no idea of what the consequences of her actions would be." Castiel replied

"Laylah" Dean couldn't help but repeat. Still he was trying to work out how he actually felt about having a daughter, half of him and half of the Angel he still undeniably loved. The same Angel that Cas had also expressed his affection for; just not in the ways Dean had - he did have his humanity after all. Yep this conversation was going to get seriously awkward. Most definitely more than the time Dean had dared to seek advice from his Angel friend about taking his 'affection' to the next level. "You said you heard about Sarah being Laylah's mother, did you happen to hear about her father?"

Castiel's expression was unreadable. There was no anger, disappointment or anything to give away what he was feeling. Instead he just nodded "I did. For what is it worth I am happy for you. You deserve happiness Dean, I just hope that your happiness is not short lived"

Dean smirked "Your joking right? Every time I get close to even feeling a little happiness, something happens and the ground is pulled out from under me again. I'm starting to wonder if that's even for me"

Castiel nodded "It is still something I hope you find"

Feeling the vulnerability building within at his friend's response, Dean just nodded; knowing he needed to flip the conversation away from him "So why are you here? You finally bucked up enough courage to pop down and say hi?"

"I am here to see Sarah but I needed to speak with you first. You need to be aware of the forces that are heading your way. Sarah is in grave danger, Laylah to"

Dean's jaw clenched at the very thought, he could not go through this a second time "I seem to have been down this road before Cas...so tell me, and tell me straight"

Exhaling deeply Castiel took a step forward "He knows Dean, God knows what Laylah has done and that Sarah broke herself out to locate her. Sarah was tied to Araboth Dean, forces beyond her control bound her to that Heaven but she did what no other Angel has ever been able to do. She went up against the Gatekeeper and won, incinerating every link that had her bound she escaped. Her father sees this as her making a mockery of him personally. Turtbebial is tracking her. He cannot locate her but he is searching. She has no more chances, his orders to kill..."

Walking in to the kitchen, Bobby found Sam exactly where he expected him to be; leant up against the wall with book in hand and a map spread across the table just next to his laptop "Any luck finding that Alpha?"

Sam huffed in frustration "Not yet. I've been looking, trying to pick up its trail but nada..."

Bobby nodded, positioning himself at the other end of the table "Maybe it's for the best at the moment..." Sam was a little too quick to cut him a sharp and infuriating look "Just listen will you? You and your brother are neck deep in Angel's and Demon's at the moment. Why not try dealing with the problem at hand first before being at Crowley's beckon call?"

Sam smirked, placing the book down on top of the map "You seem to be forgetting that this so called problem at hand is now interlinked with our ongoing Crowley predicament, unless, you want to hand Laylah to the King of Hell?"

Bobby's face stiffened at the very idea, shaking his head angrily "Hell no, that evil son of a bitch isn't getting squat from us!" Pausing he hissed an irritated breathe out of his nose "All I'm saying, is you've got a problem right here and now. No need for you boys to go out and purposely find another"

Sam nodded in agreement "But if we don't go and find Crowley an Alpha soon, he will come knocking and no matter how much Dean tries, he can't hide Sarah and Laylah forever..."

Hearing raised voices Bobby looked to the double doors that were now closed "Again?" He simply asked; assuming after earlier Dean and Sarah were back at each other's throats.

Sam couldn't help but chuckle "Not unless Cas has turned into a female..." He'd heard Cas appear and scare the living hell out of his brother which was amusing for a brief moment but he didn't see the point in bothering them; they had a lot to catch up with regards to the missing Angel in their life and Sam had a job to complete. A job he saw no problem with taking his sweet time on. About to pick up the book, he paused watching and feeling the walls surrounding them start to shake...

"Oh this can't be good..." Bobby said, standing he could feel the floor trembling slightly beneath his boots.

As if in unison Dean came charging into the kitchen, Castiel following closely behind at the same time as Laylah appearing in the doorway behind where Bobby stood; even Dean couldn't miss the concerned expression that covered her features - he wasn't an idiot, she could clearly sense that something was seriously effecting her mum.

"Dean, where is mum?" Laylah asked worriedly.

Dean shook his head "I don't know sweetheart but from the looks of things..." He replied glancing around the room at the many utensils that were working themselves off of the hooks that held them "...She isn't far..." Hearing her, his attention was pulled to the outside of the house, walking to the window he peered out in to the night to see Sarah across the lot thankfully unharmed but what was quickly angering him was the closeness at which a complete stranger stood in front of her at... "Who the hell is that?" He asked, glancing back at Castiel who was standing just behind but to the right of him...

Focusing his gaze, Castiel's face hardened in the moment of actually recognising the 'stranger' "That is Jaoel..."

"Jaoel?" Laylah couldn't help but repeat; pulling questionable glances from both Bobby and Sam. Dean however had heard Laylah but had slowly turned to look round at Cas "First name basis, really? Who the hell is Jaoel?"

"He is a friend. One of mum's from back home" Laylah answered; her eyes motioning to the sky.

Castiel nodded "Laylah is right. Jaoel used to be part of Sarah's unit." Watching them, Dean could not help but feel protective of her; for an Angel he was definitely standing a little too close for Dean's liking...and Dean did not like it.

"I am not going to fight you Jaoel" Sarah simply said "If you wish to stay, stay but I will not take what you need"

"Why have you got to be so stubborn all the time? Just let me help you!" Jaoel retorted angrily.

"Jaoel, just stop!" Sarah pleaded "I am ending this conversation!" Back stepping away from him, she turned and headed for the house but he wasted no time in flying in front of her - blocking her path.

"Friend my ass..." Dean growled, no longer able to remain still in the moment of him grabbing her heatedly "Laylah, you stay inside with Sam and Bobby" Heading for the back door, he shoved it open and hurried out into the night.

Hearing a door be pushed open and collide against the wall behind, it wasn't long before Jaoel could hear the oncoming threat and sense by all of their ear splitting thoughts, it had to none other than Dean Winchester, coming to her aid. Smirking his eyes met her angered ones "You might want to tell your little human to back off, I do not have the patience to take what the little ape should give..."

Side stepping Jaoel, Sarah found Dean, moving quickly towards them; raising her hand in his direction she attempted to stop him from moving into Jaoel's space "Dean, it's okay, he's a..." She started to say but had walked herself right into Jaoel's trap. Dean couldn't have had better timing even if he tried. Guard down, Jaoel didn't hesitate, he could finally do what he has wanted to do all along, placing his hand on her chest above her heart; he quickly started to transfer some of his much needed energy into her. Words falling away, she groaned, her eyes closing at the sensation; raising her hand she gripped onto his wrist for support as she slowly knelt.

"...Friend" Jaoel interjected, finishing her sentence for her.

Pausing just in front, Dean's glare moved between Jaoel and what he was actually doing to her because at the moment, she didn't look in pain at all - the only way Dean could describe the scene in front was intense and he hated everything about it "What are you doing to her?" He asked, taking a cautious and bold step closer.

Smirking Jaoel had moved himself round so he could look at the man his friend had stupidly fallen for "Dean, Dean, Dean, do not look so hateful. Can you honestly tell me since Sahariel helped you, she has looked herself?" Dean had no answer, he knew something was off when he'd gone to see her, he just didn't know what "Contrary to the thought's that seem to be pouring out of your pocket-sized brain, I am helping her, just like she helped you..."


"Jaoel..." Sarah interjected, almost breathlessly; gripping his wrist tighter she tried to fight against him but it was futile "Stop, you will need it"

Oh Dean could definitely feel something deep inside kicking up one hell of a storm, the way Jaoel's hands were on her; his Angel - there was no fighting against the adrenaline that was pumping, Dean officially despised the Angel in front. Pausing Jaoel could feel Sarah attempting to push his energy back, smirking at the way she persistently thought of others and not about herself, he simply just pushed back a fraction harder against her "You need it more Sahariel..."

"You see Dean..." Jaoel continued, pulling his attention back round to Dean who remained still; visibly struggling with what he was watching "Sahariel saved your life yet again only to almost lose all of her energy, the very thing that keeps us going. I am merely refilling the energy she needs to survive. Because of you, she will need it for the upcoming fight"

Dean sneered "Really? Out the goodness of your Angelic heart?"

Jaoel nodded "Sahariel and I have hundreds of years of history. Whilst you were down here playing house, who do you think was looking after her and Laylah?" Dick. Dean couldn't help but silently think; hoping he could read that one. That hit a nerve, even Jaoel could see that in the human's eyes but he refused to show compassion, he'd seen the loss Sahariel had suffered at the hands of the elder hunter "Tell me Winchester, who's loss was greater?"

Tilting his head fractionally at the question, Dean's silence was saying all it needed to. Colossal Dick. Was the next thought that passed through his mind, already angered he took a step closer towards the son of a bitch who thought he knew something about loss.

"Jaoel?" Sarah interjected firmly, quickly she tried to store the energy, this conversation needed to end. Pulling his attention to her, he glanced down to see her clearly still processing his energy but a lot more alert than before. One look was all it took to know what she wanted, nodding he leant and helped her up off the ground "How are you feeling?"

Breathing slowly, Sarah could feel the energy working itself into her system like magic but she could also feel Dean; the questions, the doubt, the anger that was brewing beneath his surface. Casting a quick glance his way, she instantly regretted it, seeing the confusion and hurt of what he had just watched "Grateful as always" Sarah started, looking up at Jaoel she smiled "But you need to go, please give us some time"

Nodding Jaoel glanced momentarily in the direction of Dean before returning his gaze to Sahariel "I told you, I am here to protect you and I mean that..." Watching him disappear into the night, Sarah nodded; feeling the draft he left in the moment of him flying past her.

Exhaling deeply, she turned to find Dean now standing feet from her "Well...he was a delight" He sneered; already worked up by the son of bitch his eyes heatedly travelled up and down her body, looking for any signs that she might still be weakened.

"I am sorry, he should not have come so close to the house" Sarah replied; undeniably feeling the intensity of his gaze.

"So Cas isn't enough in your fan club, you thought you needed another?" He attempted to joke, to lighten the atmosphere but Sarah would be a complete and utter idiot if she even tried to ignore the jealousy that he was emitting.

"Jaoel is my friend Dean, it is not what it looks like..."

"That..." Dean said slowly but sarcastically "Looked intimate..." And boy could he feel it, the resentment of another being with Sarah but truthfully, did he really have a leg to stand on? He did have Lisa and Ben after all.

Sarah smiled but there was a deep sadness in her eyes, she knew what she was about to say to him was going to be very different to Dean's side of things entirely but he needed to hear it "Dean, there has only ever been one person that I have been intimate with, so intimate that the feeling kept me going a very long time and that person is you. It has only ever been you. I gave you everything of me so how could I possibly give it to another?" It may not have been her intention but her words were like a knife, cutting him instantly down and for once, Dean had nothing to say.

Silence surrounded them and Sarah literally had to pull her eyes from his "I am going to go and see Laylah" He nodded and she left him, standing in the darkness, with the very things that threatened to destroy his sanity day after day; his thoughts.

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