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Chapter 17

Pulling open the backdoor, Sarah stepped in to the outhouse, moving forward she paused in the doorway leading in to the kitchen to find Sam sitting at the kitchen table, head down he was carefully placing markers onto a map. Bobby however had been leant against the counter just in front of the window, justifiably curious of what was happening on the other side of the glass; hearing her enter he had quickly turned and suddenly she could feel an overwhelming sense of questions about to come from the older hunter. After Jaoel and now Dean, Sarah did not even give him the chance to start the conversation up; she just hoped her facial expression was saying all it needed to "Laylah?" She simply asked.

Taking the hint, Bobby nodded, his eyes lifting to the ceiling "Upstairs"

Grateful at him for leaving her to see to her daughter, she smiled, turning she hurried down the hall in the direction of the staircase only to be instantly halted in the moment of Castiel stepping out of the lounge and into her path. Seriously? Now?

"Cas?" Sarah asked, a little surprised to see him standing there; especially with all that was happening in Heaven.

"Hello Sarah" He flatly replied, in typical Castiel monotone. His eyes however scanned her, analysed her, he had not seen her since Forcas had detagged her wings and from what the Fallen Angel had reported afterwards - although it was a success, the procedure had not been pleasant for his closest friend "How are you?" He asked. He did care that was a given, he had always cared for her but still he continued to struggle in showing the emotion.

Sarah smirked at his question but there was no pleasantness in her response, dropping her voice to a whisper she took a step closer towards him "Oh you know, my daughter thoughtlessly carved out her grace and somehow managed to fall straight into her father's lap. Her father I might add who was never expecting to see me again apparently had finally found happiness in the arms of another woman, thank you for that update by the way. Oh and how could I possibly forget, my head is officially back on the chopping board. I am great Castiel, just great"

Sarcasm, she had learnt it well from humanity. Castiel just nodded "I am sorry, that was a stupid question."

Clenching her jaw, Sarah allowed her senses to vigilantly monitor the house, no way could she afford anyone eavesdropping on this conversation "Why did you not tell me about Dean? I asked you for one thing and one thing only and that was to keep me updated but of course in typical Castiel fashion, you could not keep your word." Sarah murmured. Having a lot of time up in her prison to just think and replay those heartbreaking moments, she still remembered the day she had said goodbye to Dean, to keep him and Sam safe against the forces of Lucifer she had asked, no pleaded with her long time comrade to keep him away but what happened, he'd buckled, giving it all away - forcing the human that still remained in his charge to thoughtlessly rush to her aid and in turn, forcing him straight into her brother's crosshairs. "Turns out Cas, you had left me in the dark for months..."

Narrowing his gaze, Castiel could not ignore the feeling that was beginning to swarm his vessel, slowly he could feel his frustration rising at her sudden outburst - he did not come down here to argue. "I made a decision, for you. What good would it have done to tell you? You were alone and isolated from everything. How would you have honestly felt if my update was to advise that Dean had finally moved on?"

Shaking her head, Sarah could hear Bobby moving for the kitchen door; their voices undeniably pulling his attention to the hall. Flexing her jaw she was quick in her movements, reaching up she grabbed a fistful of his trench coat, pulling him round with her and over to the bottom of the staircase. Hopefully being out of sight, would kill Bobby's curiosity. Exhaling deeply she released him "I would have been happy because that is what I had originally told him to do. Damn it Cas. You should have told me! Laylah falling is bad enough but to now have to feel what Dean no longer does, it hurts and if you had kept your promise I could have adjusted..." Castiel paused before responding. Unfortunately she had a point. His silence only provoking her to push her disappointment in him more "What else have you neglected to tell me? I did not even know about Sam returning, after everything that happened with the Winchester's, did you not think that it was important to tell me? Why did you just shut me out?"

What could he possibly say to defend himself? She was right but he did have his own reasons for keeping her in the dark, slowly he'd stopped updating her; closing the link between their minds for her own good and sanity. Face hardening he edged closer "You will never understand or accept why I did what I did but you at least have to listen to my reason why. You were locked away in Araboth, you had Laylah to take care of, you were already dealing with the loss of your brother's, quite simply you had suffered enough. I could not burden you further with things out of your control." Sarah fell quiet, well that certainly explained the radio silence he had given her months at a time. Ironically she was the one starting to feel like she needed to be in an Angel free zone. Castiel however was wrong, she could understand the thinking behind his decision but that didn't mean she was going to like it, in fact she couldn't help but resent him for holding information like that from her "I am sorry you had to find certain things out the way you did. I was not expecting you to ever return to Earth"

Sarah just sneered "You and me both. You need to go"

Castiel nodded, understandably she would need time to forgive his latest revelation; he just hoped she would be able to see past the secrecy and accept why he did what he did. He could not be at war with her again, the previous time was hard enough... "I will. As you can imagine, Heaven is in turmoil. More so since you obliterated the Gatekeeper into nothing."

Sarah glanced up at him, her eyes clearly showing the anger she felt "Did you really expect me to just stay put after I had just found out what my daughter had done? The Gatekeeper should have just given me the key when I asked politely"

Castiel almost could feel his lip twitch at her comment. As if that was ever going to happen. As tempting as it was to ask about Jaoel, Castiel knew better and more than that he knew Jaoel; those questions were for another time.

"Be on your guard Sarah. You already know the forces that hunt you...I worry..." He started, only to be interrupted by the sound of Sam calling his name. In that same second of his head turning, Sarah had her moment and disappeared from his sight; understandably she needed the time to process his unwanted and sudden silence.

Appearing in the bedroom Laylah had retreated back to in the moment of Dean advising her to stay inside, Sarah located her daughter, leant up against the side of the chair just gazing out of the window at the night.

"Jaoel is here?" Laylah quietly asked in the moment of feeling her mum's presence.

Nodding Sarah moved across the room towards her "Yes sweetheart, he had heard what had happened and came to see if we were okay..." She explained, leaning against the window frame.

Lifting just her eyes, Laylah glanced up at her mum warily "Is he angry with me? For what I did?"

Sarah smiled "No, of course not. Jaoel understands what you did and why you did it"

"Maybe he could help me understand. Will he come back? I would really like to see him..."

"Knowing Jaoel, he most certainly will return and he will just as much want to see you as you do him"

Dipping her head, Laylah's gaze found the beige carpet below "Dean did not sound happy at all about his arrival?"

Oh the men in her life, even when they weren't doing anything; they were still complicating things further for her. Exhaling deeply, Sarah just nodded in agreement "No not at first. But he does not know Jaoel like we do"

Pulling her gaze up, Laylah couldn't help but look puzzled "But he knows Castiel?"

"That is a very long and complicated story for another time but yes, Castiel has been an alliance of Dean's for the last couple of years. They have been through much together" Not needing to delve in to that history as well tonight, Sarah pulled herself from the wall "Come on, it is late, you need to get some rest"

Nodding Laylah stood from the chair, slowly following her mum over to where the bed was situated "How are you feeling from earlier? I mean you look a lot better?"

"I am, back to my normal self thankfully" Sarah replied pulling back the covers slightly so Laylah could climb in.

But before she did, she had wrapped her arms around her mum "That's good. Because you can't leave me. I need you"

Glancing down at her sympathetically, Sarah hugged her close, listening to the soft and heartbreaking sound of her little girl sobbing. Seeing her so hurt couldn't have been easy, up in Heaven Sarah was a force all by herself but down here on Earth, it was a whole different ball game. Pulling back, Sarah looked seriously down into her child's eyes "I am not going anywhere. I promise"

Wiping the tears from her cheeks, Laylah was quiet, climbing into bed she slid down against the mattress; watching as Sarah pulled the quilt up and over her "You know it is funny..."

"What is sweetheart?" Sarah asked looking down at her; confused by her comment.

"When I woke up here, I thought I was the only one, that man knew nothing of us. Turns out I was wrong, again"

"We do walk the Earth Laylah, we are responsible for it but we have to be careful. We are not the only force that can come and go freely." Sarah paused, that was definitely a discussion for another time "Try and get some sleep..."

Leaning down she placed a kiss on her temple before turning in the direction of the door.

"That 'force' you speak of, do they have black eyes?" Laylah innocently asked but quickly started questioning her inquisitiveness in the moment of her mum going scarily still.

Slowly Sarah turned, her eyes truly shocked by her daughter's question. How could she know of evil that soon? Surely she had not come face to face with a Demon so soon after her arrival? Sarah could only hope "How do you know that?"

"I...because..." Laylah started to say; suddenly very unnerved by the expression that was covering her mum's face "I've seen it?"

Suddenly Sarah could feel the sickness swarming her stomach, Hell had actually laid their eyes on her daughter? Was their current predicament not hard enough with the forces of Heaven raining down on them? Now they had to deal with the abominations? No wonder Crowley, the 'new' King of Hell had miraculously raised his ugly head "How? When?"

"It was when Dean..." Laylah continued to explain watching her mum's brow slowly raise at her father's name; clearly he had missed a few details...'Oops' Was her first thought. 'Sorry Dean' Was her second..."When he found me. I woke up in this room. Dazed. Lost. Suddenly looking at these two men I did not recognise. One was nice, the other not so much..."

Sarah was silent. Taking a seat next to Laylah on the edge of the bed she just nodded; pushing her to continue... "In between them trying to help me and figure out what had happened, there was a knock on the door, they claimed to be room service? Dean was suspicious but they were persistent. In the moment of him opening the door just an inch, this giant of a man charged in, his eyes changing to black and he was coming for me..."

Closing her eyes momentarily, Sarah could feel her adrenaline pumping protectively within, raising her arm slowly in Laylah's direction she could not miss the concern on her daughter's face "I need you to think about that time. Just keep thinking about it over and over, can you do that for me?" Sarah asked, resting her hand gently on her cheek; cradling it.

Cautiously Laylah nodded. Thinking about that time she could do but what she wasn't expecting was to feel herself be literally forced back in time to re-live that moment a second time. What was her mum doing?

Controlling the memory, Sarah manoeuvred herself carefully through her daughter's mind; quickly picking out the parts she was searching for...Laylah let out a worried cry for the man who had helped her as she watched a bulky looking man step over him whilst he recovered from the blow and into the room, with every step closer to her he took; that surge was beginning to grow to a point of painful – clutching at her now fast beating heart, Laylah's eyes watched the man smirk evilly at her.

"What do you want?" Laylah had to ask, she didn't understand the reasoning behind the violence – that was until she realised that the man standing at the end of the bed was not human when its eyes turned coal black...

"You..." It simply said; Laylah not knowing what that thing was let out a fearful cry as he lunged forward to grab her...

In the moment of this thing grabbing her, Dean suddenly appeared barrelling into it; sending them both to the ground...

...Watching the thing slowly pull himself off the ground – they watched an evil smirk cross his face "She will be mine" They heard him threaten before quickly exiting out of the body he possessed...

"Easy Laylah, come back slowly sweetheart" Sarah whispered watching Laylah's focus return slowly back to reality.

Shaking her head, she groaned at the nausea she was suddenly experiencing "What was that?!"

"That was me, getting the full story" Sarah replied.

"And you couldn't just wait for me to finish?" Laylah asked.

"Unfortunately not. I needed something you would not have been able to provide" Now her daughter was tired. Invasive measures certainly were tiring for those that had no idea of what was coming. Nodding Sarah stood, watching Laylah's head slowly dip down against the pillow "Rest. Everything will be okay. We will finish this conversation tomorrow"

Turning, Sarah headed for the door, face like pure thunder she was fuming. Not only did she now have her reason for Crowley's sudden interest in her daughter. Dean after everything, had kept something like this from her.

As if they really needed any more fuel added to the fire that burned between them right now.

Arms crossed tightly against her chest, Sarah leant against the windowpane, just staring out into the darkness. She'd needed some time alone, to calm from the anger that she'd previously felt about Laylah almost being grabbed by the clutches of Hell; coming to the room she had rested up in seemed like the most suitable place. Mind circling she could feel the anxiousness consuming her. Concerned for her daughter's welfare, Sarah tried over and over to come up with solution's that would keep her safe from harm - but so far, all roads were leading to uncertainty and further danger.

Hissing a frustrated breathe out of her nose; Sarah could feel Dean before his hand had even knocked against the wood. Giving her a second, he proceeded to turn the handle and push open the door slowly "Hey..." He softly said, stepping inside.

Sarah however said nothing. Her gaze remained fixed on the lot outside.

Closing the door behind him, Dean moved across the room, his eyes never leaving her, unmistakably she was upset. Knowing Sarah and the type of Angel she was and had always been, he assumed she was happy for him finding at least a little happiness but clearly she was struggling with the notion of him being so close with another. He knew if the roles were reversed, he sure as hell would be pissed at the thought.

"Sarah?" He called, hoping she would turn and talk to him but surprisingly she never did. This in itself getting his back up, Dean Winchester was not patient at the best of times, sneering he shook his head "Really? You're actually going to give me the silent treatment?" He asked "Not very 'Angel' like is it?" He mocked.

Slowly she turned her head round to look at him, her eyes silently ripping him a new one, even he could see that one "Do you have something you need to tell me Dean? Something that I should know?" She asked slowly and calmly; refusing to acknowledge his previous unwanted comment. Suddenly Dean was at a loss. Mind searching for what he should be telling her, he was coming up empty and he knew his facial expression was showing exactly that. What could she possibly be busting his balls for this time? Surely she wasn't still trying to change his mind on the whole Crowley saga?

"And here I was thinking this conversation was going to go a lot differently..." He replied sarcastically. Knowing he could not give her what she wanted, he huffed; his eyes hardening. His frustration growing at her continuing silence towards him "You going to stand there and glare at me all night or are you actually going to fill me in on what I should be telling you because I'm suddenly at a freaking loss over here..."

"Why did you not tell me about what happened when you found Laylah? With the demon?"

Dean's eyes widened slightly at her question. This was what she was pissed about? Had he not had enough to deal with that night? Not only had a girl literally fallen from the sky, Dean had found himself up against an Angel alongside that Demon she was now suddenly speaking of, and that was before the biggest kick of them all, then he had to go and find Sarah alive after all this time... alive after everything...

"Why didn't I tell you? Because it was my problem and I handled it" He replied defensively in typical Dean Winchester fashion watching her expression shift and dangerously quick.

"Your problem?" Sarah asked turning her whole body round to face him.

"Yes, my problem" Clearly she was struggling to keep her anger inward, continuing to move towards her, Dean couldn't help but look confused "Am I missing something here? I mean I am currently up to my eyeballs in demons at the moment. One more wasn't surprising..."

Sarah sneered, shaking her head at him "I am aware. But that demon was not after you was it? It was after Laylah, my daughter, our daughter." She argued, pointing her finger in his direction "That is why you should have told me"

Flexing his jaw, Dean tried to keep his frustration inward, going at each other was not going to help anyone right now "And I said I handled it. Did it hurt her? Does Laylah look injured? No. And you want to know why? Because I took care of her, even before I knew who she was. That's why I didn't think it was relevant telling you" He countered firmly.

Sarah nodded. She was angry yes but repeatedly bickering with Dean was becoming exhausting. What they had and what they shared was never simple but at least before she died, it was easier. "I know." Huffing she walked over to the bed "I am sorry" She quietly said, sitting down on the edge she placed her head in her hands; she wasn't going to lie - she was tired and completely fed up with the threats that surrounded her and Laylah.

Nodding he took a seat next to her. His weight compared to hers dipped the mattress slightly, this causing her left leg to slide slightly and brush up against his; even this movement alone had her glancing up and forward. Remaining quiet, he raised his arm in her direction, pausing only for a second he pushed through the doubt. He finally understood why she had been pulling back and now he could at least try and do something about it. Attempting to comfort her, he rested his hand on her spine, slowly moving it up and down in a circular motion - what he didn't realise was that his touch was stirring a much stronger feeling inside of her.

Suddenly he could feel her energy, his fingertips electric, even through the material of the tight black tank top she teasingly wore. There was no denying it, even after everything he still wanted her more than anything and with the way her breathing was deepening, she wanted the exact same thing. "Sarah?" He softly said; his hand never leaving her. Reacting to him on every level, she slowly turned her head and gazed at him "You know we need to talk..."

That's when she sensed that subject, of her, of them. Shaking her head, she attempted to move but already wise to her game from their time before, Dean moved his other arm round - boldly placing a firm hand on her thigh; holding her there "Please Dean, not about that. Not tonight" Her voice was shaky; she was rapidly losing all control the longer his hands were on her.

"Yes about that. Yes tonight. You need to listen to me. That part of my life, with Lisa and Ben..." Even Dean could feel her stiffen beneath his fingertips at the name. Even being an Angel, Sarah was so close to being a human. "...I left. Yes to protect them. Yes because I care for them. When Sam turned up and everything started to go to hell, leaving them was not easy, not in the slightest. They had been a huge part of my life for a year..."

"Dean..." Sarah tried to interject. In an attempt to stop him from continuing she placed her hand down on his, this only intensifying the connection between them.

"But..." Dean pushed on firmly "...even when I was there with them, something was missing in me. Something has always been missing in me, since the day I lost you"

Tears had slowly started to appear and roll down her cheeks "It's been tough, I ain't going to lie. Seeing you after everything. My head is not where it used to be. Too much has happened..." He started to explain.

"For you to feel like you did before?" Sarah couldn't help but answer and ask him at the same time, she had to; it was now or never. This conversation seemed to be only heading one way and she needed to know "For you to want me?" She paused; a lump in her throat suddenly appearing. Damn all of those human emotions she had worked so hard to learn. "For you to love me?"

Dean was quiet for a moment, his eyes just watching her; seeing her so hurt was definitely pulling on his heartstrings. Love her? Jesus, looking into those beautiful blue eyes of hers, he undeniably still did. Want her? Well, that went without saying. He knew he'd been a colossal douche bag after her surprise return but Dean didn't deal with vulnerability well and seeing her after his heart had literally been broke apart following her death made him vulnerable. Dean being Dean had to shut that pain out someway or another, he'd just had to shut her out.

Sarah on the other hand had taken his momentary silence as another answer - one she expected but one that was seriously going to hurt like hell, she smiled sadly "It's okay Dean, I understand"

He tilted his head "Understand what?"

"About how you feel and what you want. It will take some time but I will adjust. I have only ever wanted you to be happy"

Was she really implying what he thought she was? Raising his brow at her reply, he stepped in, not liking the direction in which she was mistakenly heading "Whoa, whoa. What do you think I feel?"

Sarah exhaled deeply, really not wanting to repeat one of her worst fears to the man sitting to her left "That you no longer want me. That you no longer love me..."

Clenching his jaw, Dean almost growled at what she was saying, after everything, how could she think that? "That so? And how would you know what I want? What I feel?"

Sarah paused, confused at his question, was he trying to trip her up? "You just said too much has happened?"

Dean smirked "I did but you cut me off before I could finish. Now you're jumping to conclusions, something the human version of you would do..." Sarah was silent, her sceptical eyes locking with his angered ones, when was she going to start believing what he was saying? Exhaling deeply, he moved closer in to her "You once told me you could only read people's minds if they ask..."

"Dean..." Sarah attempted to interrupt but Dean had a point to make.

"So I'm asking, cutting out all the bull and what you 'think' I want. Read mine" Sarah was hesitant. Really? Dean wanted her to read his mind? What on earth would she see lingering beneath that tough exterior of his? Did she really want the truth that lay behind those emerald eyes of his? "Sarah..." Dean repeated "Read my mind"

Nodding Sarah slowly turned her body round to face him "Do you have any idea of what this is about to feel like?"

Dean just shook his head "I guess I'm about to find out, lay it on me" He tried to joke.

Raising her hands, she rested one down against the material of his jacket just above his chest; the other she held against his stubbled cheek "It is going to be intense"

Dean couldn't help but smile before turning deadly serious "Just like everything else is with you"

Eyes locking and with the way he was looking at her, it didn't take long for her to connect with his mind, exhaling deeply she felt his pull almost immediately. Dean not knowing what to expect suddenly felt the rush of her energy, breathe leaving him he groaned at the force, his grip on her thigh tightening. How could she make him feel so alive? No matter how she touched him or what she did, when that touch disappeared, for some reason part of Dean seemed to fade away to, how?

"Relax Dean" Sarah whispered. Connected, she waited for Dean to let her in, forcing it would only intensify everything. Assuming the link would be gradual, Sarah for once was not prepared for the montage of emotions that struck against her, closing her eyes she fought for control over his mind. Dean however remained still, observing and feeling everything, Very aware of Sarah having a fistful of his jacket, Dean to was fighting for control over his senses; never in his life had he desired someone so much...

Dean's mind was quite simply a labyrinth. One Sarah was carefully navigating through without prying. When it came to her, Dean wasn't lying. Image after image, she watched herself through Dean's eyes, she watched the very moment's she had no clue about. All the while seeing all of their memories they had shared together. One flitting memory she caught sight of, was her and Dean at the Motel, the morning they confronted Malphus and Thamuz... "Angel or not...You have looked out for me and Sam for years, if theres anything I'm going to do, its going to be to return that favour" Dean said softly as their bodies stood inches from each other. As their eyes burned intensely into eachother, Dean leant down as he pulled her closer into him before kissing her gently.

Swiftly his mind was changing it up and she was watching a time she did not recognise, Dean and Sam were at Bobby's, quite possibly after she had been hurt by the Devilian blade? Strangely she could feel Dean's pain and frustration, the guilt filling him from the bottom up... Dean sneered as he moved from the car and turned to his brother "You know what...shove the self righteous attitude, I know why she's lying in that bed and if she dies..." Dean paused as he threw the beer bottle forcefully to the ground, the glass instantly shattering "Well I guess that's on me too..."

Continuing on, Sarah paused in the moment of Dean's eyes staring at a wooden door, he was still, just listening intently to something... "Sarah..." Sam softly said as he pulled her attention back to him "What is it?". There was a pause. "I am in love with Dean Sam" He'd heard that? He knew and still he came to her that night?

Smiling Sarah pushed on to a memory that had her stomach rolling and her adrenaline pumping. The night her, Sam and Dean at caught 'Luke', the Demon working for Mephistopheles and what she had done to assist the brother's but, that wasn't what was lingering in Dean's mind... In the club, his eyes never left her as he turned his whole body to face her – staring at the way in which the tight fitting strapless dress she wore curved in all the right places and how the high heeled shoes subtly made her legs he's never seen before seem that much longer "Damn..." Dean mimed feeling his heart beat fast in his chest.

Dean's mind shifted again, his thought's spiralling; struggling to keep a hold on what she viewing Sarah could almost feel the vertigo he was giving her... Suddenly she was staring at Cas... "I kinda wanted to ask what you meant back at Bobby's..." Dean started seeing the confusion remain – huffing "Wow, someone really needs to tune in their Angel senses...about Sarah and her worries with...you know..." Dean could still see that Castiel didn't understand so to subtly help him out, he winked – that's all he could think to assist his pure-virgin Angel buddy. "Oh Dean, you did not just ask Castiel that question?" Sarah couldn't help but ask watching that. As if Castiel needed anymore reasons to feel awkward about their relationship..."Dean..." Dean paused and looked back round at Cas "You are Michael's true vessel – to confine Michael, you must have some inner strength – maybe that is the strength that is needed..." Interesting, Sarah couldn't help but think; seeing things from a different perspective was certainly insightful.

"Sarah!" Dean called. Stopping her. "I love you..." Dean said; equally surprised at his response to her – He didn't know where that had come from...maybe he's been hiding it – he's never truly experienced it before therefore he must be uncapable of showing it... but watching her leave; something inside switched and he couldn't just let her walk away from him. "I love you..." Sarah whispered, repeating him.

Sitting opposite, Dean raised his head in the moment of her whispering those words, her eyes remained closed as he allowed her to freely walk the place no one knew except him. Surprising him, she jolted back, her grip on him tightening in the moment of her face crumpling in what seemed like pain... "Sarah?" He tried to call, to pull her back to him but it was no use; she forced herself to see what her heart didn't want to... Mephistopheles chuckled condescendingly "Dangerous game a human falling in love with an Angel – especially one that's so close to feeling the tip of an Angilian blade herself..."Dean's grip tightened on the handle of the blade, pushing through Mephistophele's grip he sliced a little deeper causing Mephistopheles to cry out; the blood flowing thickly from his neck as his darkened light started to surround them... Feeling all of his anguish in those final moments hurt like nothing else...but Sarah needed to feel it in order to understand... "I need to find her Sam" Dean responded; the seriousness on his face showing that he wasn't mucking around. Sam nodded supportingly "We will..." Dean sneered angrily "Will we?! We've looked everywhere Sam! I...I..." He started feeling all of his frustration get caught in his throat; pausing he turned his head to the side. He could not lose her.

Typical Dean, from one extreme moment to another, Sarah was standing in a motel room, one she would always remember. Nowhere to go with the feel of the mattress against the back of legs, she was trapped in between Dean and the one thing she truly was petrified off... Dean passed her a comforting smile as he stepped closer to her "Looks like I'll be the one guiding for a change..." He whispered leaning into her; kissing her, he gently deepened the kiss by sliding his tongue into her mouth. Adrenaline pumping and heart beating too fast for her liking, Dean had her losing control all over again, and that was only inside of his mind... Moving against her, he could feel everything that was her, her exitement and emotions emitting through her and into him; he could feel him inside - suddenly in that moment feeling more whole than he ever has in a long time. Feeling her grip tighten on him – he could sense her thoughts and the way in which his touch felt against her.

Watching her intently, Dean could almost guess what memory he had her watching from the senses she was transferring. Her eyes still closed, she concentrated on him and all of the emotions he needed her to know. Hearing her breathe be literally taken from her, Dean could no longer wait, with Sarah still distracted he leant in towards her.

Bringing herself slowly back to reality, Sarah slowly opened her eyelids to find Dean inches from her, her eyes briefly closing and reopening in the moment of the link being disconnected. "Now you know what I want. What I have always wanted" Cupping her cheeks, he moved forward about to kiss her when his cell suddenly starting ringing... pausing he huffed at the unwanted disruption "Son of a..." Leaning back, he knew he had to check, with this job it could be anyone, this thankfully Sarah understood better than anyone "You have got to be kidding me!" He continued to moan, shuffling in his jacket he pulled out his phone, flipping it open, he was definitely not expecting to see the name flashing up on the screen... 'Lisa' and what made that moment worse, Sarah had undoubtedly seen the name to...

Glancing up and over at her, she suddenly looked very conflicted at what she should be feeling; definitely a mix between upset and seriously uncomfortable.

Smiling sadly she just nodded watching his finger hover over the answer button "Impeccable timing"

"Sarah..." Dean whispered but she was gone, leaving only a draft as the phone continued to ring in his hand. Closing his eyes, he screwed them shut whilst shaking his head. Impeccable timing was a fucking understatement. Tapping the phone against his temple, he thought about just ignoring the call. Why now? But then his mind was shouting 'Ben' What if something had happened and they needed him?

Huffing he picked it up, holding it to his ear "Hey..." He answered, unable to hide the frustration in his tone at the woman who hadn't called in a very long time, the woman who had shut him out. "You okay? Ben okay?" He asked only to find the woman on the other side of the phone was intoxicated, harshly letting him know how much he had let her and Ben down, how she regretted ever meeting him before suddenly switching and telling him how much she misses him and how lonely she now feels being without him. Head already about to explode, Dean could not take this shit right now on top of everything else "Lis! Stop" He interjected dryly, instantly silencing her "Don't. I can't do this right now, I just can't!" And just like that, he snapped the phone shut before tossing it angrily across the room. Breathing heavily, he could not stop the anger coursing through him, how dare she even think about doing that to him after everything. Not only was it not wanted, it most certainly had just drove a further wedge in between him and the woman he did want.

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And the walking through Dean's mind thing. Difficult if I must say - I wanted to show a lot was going on. I broke it up to stop you guys from getting vertigo. ;)

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