Chapter 18

"Please, I don't want any trouble" A woman pleaded, blood dripped from her nose to the warehouse ground below; after being back handed across the alley she had stupidly run into in a panic - she'd somehow entered a dim and deserted warehouse on the edge of town. Now, with her head spinning and her eyes struggling to see through the darkness, she could only just make out six shadows moving threateningly towards her "Please, just take what you want!"

A man laughed evilly, sending chills all the way down her spine "Oh I intend to darling but first you need to give something to me. Something I unfortunately can't take without your consent"

"What's that?" The woman asked; fear shaking her from tip to toe.

"Your soul" Another voice answered, always growing closer.

"My what?" No way could she have heard that right? Who the hell had jumped her?

"Your soul" The second voice repeated, suddenly appearing right behind her, gasping she swiped round in the exact moment of something hard and sharp colliding against her cheek - sending her to the ground with a bone cracking thud.

"All you have to do is say yes to my question, we seal the deal and this pain will end..." The original man interjected. Crying out the woman could not describe the agony she was feeling, they were breaking her apart, piece by piece - all the while just laughing at her, mocking her for being something so weak.

"Please stop!" She screamed. Sensing them surround her. Suddenly they were no longer still, they were kicking and stomping down on her like wild animals. Who were they? "Okay, Okay, I'll do it! Just please stop hurting me!"

Crouching down to her side, she could feel the man's foul breathe on her face, almost smirking victoriously at what they had done "Now that's what I like to hear. Okay you need to slowly repeat after me. I give you my soul now. The deal is because I can't take it anymore. I just want it all to end"

Whimpering, the woman tried to catch her breathe "I...I...give" She paused, her whole body throbbing...

"Say it" The man snarled "Or so help me. Your body will cover this floor from corner to corner..." She fell silent, trying to force the words from her tongue but the fear had her, stopping her from making any sound at all.

"SAY IT!" He screamed about to hammer his fists down on her already trembling and broken body when an almighty BANG sounded above them "What the?!" Eyes flying to the ceiling that had suddenly just exploded inwards, all they could see was debris falling hard and fast from the sky, falling in their exact direction... diving out of the way, they all had to dodge their fair share of brick and metal. Pulling himself up off the ground, the instigator of the whole attack just growled at the disruption; feeling a whole new kind of presence standing in the room with them he swiped round to see a woman standing a little way back across the room on the other side of the rubble. Smirking his eyes moved up and down her frame, she was small, visibly no match for him and the five men standing behind. Was she just plain stupid or suicidal? Whatever the reason, she was fair game and he now needed another soul. Hers would just about satisfy that want.

"Who the hell are you? You have no idea what you just interrupted. For that you will pay, bloody" He threatened, in an attempt to intimidate and frighten her - his eyes suddenly disappearing into the black that had replaced them.

The woman just smirked "So you sick and cowardly demons weren't just trying to bully a woman's soul out of her? Oh how times have changed" Watching them suddenly group together in the moment of her plainly letting them know she knew exactly what they were, her expression shifted and quick - even they could not miss the brief flash of blue that momentarily brightened the darkness surrounding her "No, you abominations will be the ones to pay, and I can promise it will be excruciating"

"Who are you?" One of the demon's asked.

The woman eyed him wrathfully "Someone who does not have to answer a 'thing' like you"

"Oh now that's not very nice is it love" A third demon interjected "Especially as you seem to know everything about us yet we know jack-shit about you"

"All in good time" Was all she responded with, so calm the demons were not hiding their frustration well.

"Fuck that" 'Thing' hissed, stepping forward out of the wall they had created, his raised his hand in her direction "We have ways of making you tell us what we want to know, your funeral bitch!" He cursed.

She could feel what 'it' was trying to do, it was trying to grasp her being in the most painful way... Amateur. For a human, they would have been tossed across the room like a rag doll by now but these demons wasn't messing with a human... Almost laughing at it's ridiculous attempt, the woman walked forward, pausing just to the other side of the wreckage that separated them from her "Please. That's child's play"

"Is it now?" Another snapped spitefully. He and another demon didn't hesitate, moving forward one had picked up a chunk of brick whilst the other had grabbed two metal poles; quickly they threw them at her. Not even moving, the woman simply raised her arm and with a flick of a wrist knocked the objects away with ease before they impacted against her - but even this didn't stop them from trying over and over to hit her.

Catching the ringleader just smirking at her, the woman was caught momentarily off guard in the moment of a metal bar being roughly shoved into her back, that sharp it pierced right through her frame. Furiously, she swiped round to see a rather confused and now scared demon looking at her "Nice try" Smiling she showed no remorse in the moment of her thumb and middle finger clicking together - blasting the demon's body in all directions. Turning back she casually took hold of the bar and pulled it through, dropping it to the ground with a clank "Really?" She asked.

"What the hell are you?" Instigator growled.

"Your worst nightmare" Suddenly she was in front of them, forcing them to take a cautious step back away from her. Clenching her jaw she raised her hand in their direction, effortlessly clutching onto the four demons inside their hosts. Feeling themselves being burnt alive beneath the skin that held them, they screamed. The original demon however remained unharmed, for the time being, trying to move he found he couldn't, trying to smoke out undetected was also impossible...All he could do was watch the demons at his side be slowly set alight "What do you want?"

Glaring at him, he could almost see the fire over the blue, this woman without a doubt had an axe to grind "You" Clicking her fingers together, the hosts and the demons inside evaporated into nothing. With nowhere to go she almost found it amusing that the demon was stuck by forces he was yet to understand. Stepping forward she harshly gripped onto his being, focusing all of her rage he felt it and couldn't stop the curses and cries that followed "Who are you?" He barely asked; the pain unreal - hell had nothing on the grip that she was currently torturing every inch within him.

"They call me Sahariel. I hear you're looking for my daughter..." Eyes widening, the demon's stomach dropped. Oh he had heard of her and he knew exactly what she was. Angel. Seraphim. Shit. "Big mistake"

"What do you mean she just disappeared? Isn't that what Angels do Dean?" Sam asked a little too sarcastically.

Cutting him a sharp look, Dean hissed a frustrated breathe out of his nose before turning back to glance out of the window; in the moment of him entering the lounge this morning he'd been greeted by Sam with a possible new job to do. This however was surprisingly the last thing on Dean's mind. After Lisa had called the night before, he'd called to Sarah multiple times, only to get zilch and now neither Sam or Bobby have seen her... No way could he even consider doing a hunt until she returned, Laylah could be left under Bobby's protection but he wasn't her mum, or her dad for that matter.

"If I know Sarah..." Bobby interjected, appearing from the kitchen "She wouldn't have gone far..."

"But she has..." A soft voice answered pulling all of their attention's round to see Laylah in the doorway.

"How do you know?" Sam asked.

"Because I can't sense her. She's too far away"

Watching her dip her head to the ground, Dean passed her a sympathetic look, understandably she was worried about her mum and Dean again, could do nothing for the Angel that was doing exactly what she did when she got put into situations that could hurt her "She'll come back Laylah. I promise. She wouldn't leave you" Yes Dean was saying that to console her but in some way he was hoping deep down, she wouldn't leave him again either...

"Maybe I should go and look for her?" Laylah suggested raising her head to look at the three men staring blankly back at her.

Sam almost laughed "What you going to do? Just walk down the road blind and pray you won't get caught?"

"Sam..." Bobby interrupted "If you can't sense her sweetheart, where will you know where to look?"

"I don't know. Everywhere. She could be hurt..." Laylah snapped back; beginning to feel frustrated.

"Laylah" Dean softly said pulling her attention to him "You looking for her solo is not an option. I'm serious. You got too many things looking for the two of you at the moment" Pausing he watched her huff at him trying to impose his new 'fatherly' authority over her "Plus, your mum would actually kill me if I let you out of my sight..."

"So come look with me!" Laylah could almost sense him about to try and talk that idea out of her "It's my fault okay! She left because of me! I need to find her Dean, please"

"What happened?" Bobby asked; watching her move across the room and perch herself on the edge of the sofa.

"My curiosity happened" Laylah replied guiltily "The curiosity that seems to keep getting her hurt..."

Dean looked positively puzzled, what could she have possibly said? If there was anything that pushed the Angel over the edge, it was Dean and his past... "What did you ask?"

Laylah glanced up at the man that now stood in front and smiled sadly "I think I dropped you in it... Mum said that Angel's weren't the only Supernatural force on Earth, I stupidly asked if that force had black eyes?"

Dean's eyes widened slightly, so that's how Sarah knew about that night, thank you for that Laylah he felt like saying but he couldn't blame her, hell she'd just fallen from a place where it was all halo's and white wings; to come crashing down to Earth and have real evil try and grab her - who wasn't going to start asking questions about that? Shaking his head, he smirked "I think I'm quite capable of dropping myself in it right now..." He attempted to joke.

"So you asked a couple of questions, why would that make her leave?" Sam jumped in, knowing the sooner they found Sarah, the quicker they could crack on and get this next hunt done. Time was a ticking and Sam needed to keep himself occupied, not sleeping and doing practically nothing right now was becoming frustrating for the younger hunter.

Laylah was hesitant "Because she believes a threat still exists?" Laylah replied only having her assumptions to go by. Looking back up at Dean she could tell from his facial expression that he was waiting for her to elaborate... "Because she somehow replayed my memory last night. She cut the link just after that thing said I would be his..."

Dean huffed, closing his eyes he pinched the bridge of his nose, now he understood her frustration towards him; that he maybe should have mentioned...

"So she's gone looking for the demon that attacked you?" Bobby asked.

"One or a handful less to worry about if you ask me" Sam smirked.

"She doesn't know what the hell she is walking in to!" Dean snapped swiping round to face them.

Bobby nodded, seeing that painful look on Dean's face, the worry, the frustration of not knowing "She'll be fine Dean"

Dean about to respond, felt a sudden draft in the room to his right, that strong it had paper's from Bobby's desk flying across the floor "That I will" Sarah answered. It took Dean a moment or so to compose what he was feeling first. Relief that she had returned, rejected that she had ignored his calls and unbelievably pissed that she was so easily making him worry about her again after all this time apart. Glancing round all those feelings disappeared in the second of seeing her... She'd definitely been tussling with something. She looked completely fine on the outside but her clothes, they were covered in dust and what had to be blood splatter and that wasn't what was really concerning Dean. What was, was the gaping circular hole that had torn itself right through the top and black military jacket she was wearing... "Angel remember? Not human" She continued, more so looking at Dean in that moment sensing the concern swarming inside of him.

Dean smirked angrily "I remember"

"Mum?" Laylah asked, hurrying forward, she almost flew into Sarah's open arms "What happened?"

"Tying up loose ends" Sarah simply responded lifting her eyes to Bobby, Dean and Sam "I apologise for making you all worry, it was not my intention"

Sam smirked "What's to worry about? You're a kickass Angel. I told these two you'd be back. I guess they just don't want history repeating itself" Dean just rolled his eyes at his brother's blunt and to the point reply.

Pulling back, Laylah's hands moved to Sarah's jacket "Are you hurt?"

Sarah smiled, shaking her head, she glanced down at her daughter "No I'm not. I am fine sweetheart"

"Where did you go?" Bobby interjected.

"To stretch my wings" Sarah replied firmly, her eyes motioning to Laylah; her daughter did not need to know every detail.

Bobby just nodded, taking the hint "I was just about to make some breakfast, you fancy some?" He asked, glancing down at Laylah. There was really no need for him to see if there were any other taker's, Sam being soulless didn't eat. Sarah being an Angel didn't eat and Dean, well he'd quite simply eat when he was hungry; which wasn't much anymore.

"I need you to come somewhere with me..." Dean heard Sarah's voice echo within his mind, glancing over at her their eyes locked "Will you?" Subtly he nodded knowing no one else in the room was privileged to her question.

"Speaking of..." Dean spoke up "I'm going to head out and stretch my legs, grab a few bits from the store"

"Would you mind if I joined you?" Sarah asked, playing along perfectly "Laylah needs a few things"

Dean paused before nodding "Okay, you need anything?" He asked, looking over at Sam who just shook his head.

"I'm good. Beer's always good"

"Already on it" Dean smirked, turning his attention back to Sarah "Ready when you are"

Sarah nodded. Stepping back out of her daughter's embrace she smiled "Laylah you stay here with Sam and Bobby, eat something and we will be back soon"

Clearly not happy about her mum disappearing again, what could Laylah do? Turning for the kitchen, she paused, looking up at Dean "Look after her, please?"

Hearing this Sarah closely watched the interaction between her daughter and Dean, time had undeniably been lost between them, time Sarah wished she could give back. But to then watch Dean smirk, rest his hand on her shoulder and reply in the only way she knew he would 'Goes without saying sweetheart' had tears quickly appearing. Out the corner of her, she spotted Sam eying her questionably, swiping round she headed for the front door; already feeling uncomfortable with her conflictions she didn't need to feel anymore awkward about their situation "Are we going?"

Nodding Dean's eyes watched her disappear into the hall but not before catching sight of another gaping hole in her clothing, mirroring exactly the same position as the other one on her front. What the hell had happened? Straightening up, he quickly turned, grabbed his jacket from the hook and hurried outside after her.

Question was, where on earth did she want him to go with her to? He was fairly certain, a spontaneous bar stop was out of the question this time around. Things were definitely not the same as they were before.

Pulling up next to an abandoned barn just off to the side of Bobby's estate, Dean switched the ignition off, his eyes looking through the windshield and up at the old tattered building. How did she find these places? First the lake, now this... Funny thing was, it looked a lot like the barn she'd been brutalised at by her 'so called brother Lucifer'. She had been near enough silent the whole drive, just staring out of the passenger window at the world passing her by; only talking when there was a need to give directions. Slowly he turned his head to look round at her "Why are we here?"

"Because you need to see something" Sarah simply replied, grabbing the handle she pushed open the passenger door and stepped out onto the gravel "Because we need answers" Closing the door she waited patiently - allowing her response to slowly sink in, soon enough he'd exited the driver's side and was staring at her from across the Impala "To what?"

Smiling Sarah didn't answer, instead she motioned her head in the direction of the barn, silently asking for him to follow her. Sensing he would, she turned, disappearing through a rust covered sheet that hid the entrance.

Throwing the sheet to the side, Dean followed closely behind, blindly trusting her not to walk him in to disaster. Entering the main room of the barn, Dean's eyes quickly scanned the few dozen's of Angelic symbols that suddenly surrounded them before being drawn to the centre, strung up, bloody, beaten and visibly broken hung a man - clearly out for the count at this moment in time with the way his head was slumped forward.

Whistling he eyed the Angel questionably at his side "So this is what you do in your spare time?"

"Just wait before you start jumping to conclusions" Sarah retorted.

Cocking his eyebrow up at her, he sneered "That's some good advice..."

Obviously implying she should practice what she preached, she huffed, glancing up at him "I could not stay..."

"But you shouldn't have left either. I mean, what was you thinking, with everything?"

Stiffening Sarah eye's were suddenly glaring "What was I thinking? I was thinking I could not just sit there whilst you took that call after I..." She paused, feeling her senses uncomfortably intensify 'Read your mind and felt your want, felt your need for me' Her mind continued silently... "After we..." 'Connected in the only way we can' Shaking her head she moved a few steps away from him "No, you cannot keep doing this!"

"Doing what?" Dean argued "What the hell am I doing?"

"Getting to me! Like you always do. Like you always have!" Sarah exclaimed "The only one who can, and it hurts Dean, as much as I do not want it to, it hurts!"

"I'm not trying to hurt you..." Dean replied, his anger quickly fading at how conflicted she appeared to be.

Sarah exhaled deeply, needing a distraction from whatever it was that was threatening to sidetrack the reason they were here, stepping forward she paused just in front but slightly to the side of the man that hung lifelessly "I did not ask you here to argue"

Dean chuckled sarcastically "Clearly. I don't think John Doe over there would be such a good Judge, Jury, or Executioner"

Remaining quiet, Sarah closed her eyes momentarily, clicking her thumb and middle together it didn't take long for the man to stir from the stupor he'd been forced into earlier that morning. Groaning at the freedom to move, he pulled his heavy head up to find her standing in front, arms crossed against her chest. Fractionally tilting his head Dean's original assumption of a man suspended from the roof was incorrect. It was a demon, trapped in the meat suit he'd commandeered, sneering his eyes still threateningly moved over the Angel's frame "You. I thought you'd given up trying to break me and left me here to rot"

Sarah smirked "I have an unlimited amount of time and resolve, you have answers I need"

Scornful, the demon just sniggered "Give it your best shot. I'm not the King of Hell's best salesman for nothing"

"What an achievement for such a trivial being. I am impressed, not" Sarah mockingly shot back "And for your information, you are yet to see my best. You may not even get that far..."

Laughing the demon was doing all it could do postpone the thing it clearly was terrified about. Angels were not a force to be messed with, ever and Sarah unfortunately was a woman of her word "Getting ridden by you for the next few hours? Even being an Angel, I might just make an exception. Looking like you do, I'm definitely up for mixing pain with pleasure"

Jaw flexing and fists clenching. Dean was struggling to keep his anger inward. Who the hell was this son of a bitch? Saying the things he was, was really starting to piss the hunter off "Who is he?" He interjected gruffly.

Turning her head, she quickly glanced back at him "This is what you 'apparently' handled?"

Dean was momentarily stunned. Trust Sarah to find the asshole he'd let slip through his fingers that night, in his defence he was more concerned for Laylah's safety and wellbeing at that point. Angry, he glared, almost directly through Sarah at the thing that hung helplessly - moving forward he stepped into it's sight "This is the demon, the exact one? How did you find him? Isn't that like trying to find a needle in a real messed up and overflowing haystack?"

Sarah nodded "It is a good thing I have my senses. Every Supernatural force leaves a unique scent. I memorised it's stench from a memory. It was not to hard to track, especially when him and his little unimportant friends were causing so much noise."

"Fuck you!" The demon hissed, eyes moving to look at the man that stood just behind, the demon could not help but feel a little confused in the moment of recognising the notorious hunter "Winchester, why am I not surprised? How did you end up getting tangled in this crazy Angel bitch's crosshairs?"

Dean smirked "Just lucky I guess" Catching out the corner of his eye, Sarah glanced over at him briefly.

The demon snorted "You are not in good company. You think you know Angels but she..." He paused, glaring at her "Seraphim's are the worst. They are vicious. Unpredictable. Merciless."

The time Dean laughed "This coming from a demon..."

"Typical Winchester. Always sitting on the fence. One minute you're working with us, the next, you're slumming it for the other side. Oh well. On your head be it. With a Seraphim, you're definitely going to burn" Suddenly his eyes were back on the Angel who was clearly itching to rip his head off "And to think, you brought another one in to existence..."

"Why do you want her?" Sarah asked.

The demon smirked "Her blood would make a nice starter..."

Clenching her jaw, Sarah arm's struck, right hooking the demon across the face; even Dean could hear the snap of what had to be tendon or bone. Sorry host.

Growling the demon snapped his head back round "How about you untie me and we make this really interesting?"

"That would be pointless. How about you tell me what I need to know?"

"Baby Seraphim needs to be put to sleep. One of you is enough!" He spat only to feel her lashing again, breathe leaving him and face crumpling in pain she effortlessly broke apart the body that contained him.

"Sarah..." Dean tried to interject. Watching her, he'd forgot how strong and ruthless Angels could be. With the demon just continuing to resist her and being spiteful, this was only antagonising her. She was losing it and fast.

With the demon barely breathing and Sarah to lost in the rage that consumed her, she clearly didn't hear the demon say stop. Moving for her, Dean shouldn't have been surprised by what happened next, she must have sensed him about to try and intervene because she'd swiped round and knocked him away from her. With the amount of force she struck him with, he flew, across the barn; bracing for the impact that was bound to come he was shocked to never feel it. Slowly he opened his eyes to find he was standing unharmed in the spot where he should have landed a lot more harshly, finding her, his eyes locked with her apologetic ones; she'd obviously quickly realised what she'd done and had caught him before he could hit the ground.

But even being knocked nearly into oblivion, the demon did not miss the look the ever so unforgiving and brutal Angel had passed the hunter. Blood dripping from multiple wounds on his face, the demon smirked; putting two and two together... "Oh now I see why you're here Winchester..." The demon said, pulling both Dean's and Sarah's attentions to him "I remember now. The little brat was with you when I came collecting. Come to think of it, you was rather protective" Pausing he glanced between the Angel and Dean before turning his nose up at the idea "Really? What is it with you Winchester's, one prefers demons, you the Angels..." Suddenly he laughed, almost too pleased that his mind was working on all cylinders, even after nearly being beaten to his death "You're the father. Dean Winchester. You are half the Angel that Crowley wants, he's going to love hearing about this one! I might even get promoted!"

"I doubt that very much" Sarah interrupted now standing inches from him "Crowley will never know about this conversation because you are about to cease to exist. No hell. No nothing. If you will not tell me what I want to know. I have no other use for you" Taking a deep breathe she focused her gaze and all energy on the demon inside the body that barely held him "Exorcizamus te, Omnis Immundus Spiritus, Omnis Satanica Potestas..."

The demon beginning to feel himself be literally pulled from the host piece by piece, started to scream and plead with her to stop. "Omnis incursio, infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio, et secta diabolica..."

"Please, stop!" The demon couldn't help but cry, no matter how hard the soldier, being exorcised is not something you are trained or prepared for; sweat dripping from the host's body – every attachment he had made internally Sarah was making sure to hack each one free "I'm begging you, stop!"

"Why does Crowley want my daughter?" Sarah proceeded to ask calmly.

"Shit..." The demon cursed "Do you have any idea what he will do to me if I talk to you?"

"Nothing compared to what I am about to do" But the demon suddenly fell silent obviously contemplating what she was actually about to do to him, nodding Sarah continued on "Suit yourself...Perditionis venenum propinare. Vade, Satana, inventor et magister omnis fallaciae, hostis humanae salutis..."

The demon screamed "OKAY! Bitch, you really want to know?!" Feeling her hold lessen, he smirked and evilly "Crowley wants the human side of her soul. Having the grace of an Angel combined gives it unlimited power. Her soul is priceless"

Appearing at her side, Dean stepped forward "That's just not going to happen" He growled defensively "Besides she cut what grace she had out, what good is that to you?"

Sneering the demon glanced over at Sarah "That's a good point but even with her own grace gone, the girl's soul is still protected by a grace much more powerful. Isn't that right 'mum'?" He mocked.

"It's not happening!" Sarah snapped, stepping forward she looked the abomination right in the eye; forcing it to to look at the blue flickering "He won't ever have her!"

"But he will. Crowley always gets what he wants. Your days are numbered and poor baby Sahariel-Winchester will be slowly fed to the hounds of hell. That is of course once Crowley has stripped the very thing he needs to be build his empire"

"No!" Sarah shouted at the painful premonition that was trying to fight itself into her mind. Ground suddenly shaking Dean planted his boots into the ground, steadying himself against the tremor she was creating. Pulling her arms apart in a ripping motion, the demon's screams could still be heard echoing as body parts without warning exploded everywhere. Jumping back towards the door Dean got the hell out of dodge. Standing there observing the scene before him, he was truly shocked at what she had just done. Blood, bone and muscle was splattered everywhere. It was visually horrific, luckily after living this life for so long and with his trip down into the pit, Dean not only had witnessed far worse at the hands of Hell but after everything, he was luckily gifted with a strong stomach.

Sarah however remained deadly still and Dean for once wasn't quite sure how to handle her... "Sarah?" He said warily.

"What has she done?" Sarah asked shakily; no longer acting like the Angel he'd seen moments ago...

Still refusing to turn and face him, he exhaled deeply and slowly moved for her, stepping over what mess he could "Sarah?"

"He can never find her Dean..."

"And he won't" Dean suddenly replied from behind. Grabbing a hold of her arm he gently pulled her round, never had he seen her so worked up. Her eyes, orbs of blue, flashing over and over. Raising his arms, he cradled her face with his hands, forcing her to look up at him "He's not going to find her, let alone touch or hurt her. I can promise you that" Sarah nodded, a single tear rolling down her cheek but Dean was quick to wipe it away "What do we do?" She asked.

"What we have to. Come on, lets get out of here..."

Nodding Sarah was about to step forward when Dean had gripped hold of her jacket "Wait..." Looking down he pulled it open slotting his fingers through the gap that had been torn through the material "What the hell happened last night?"

"I needed to clear my head. Whilst I was doing this, I sensed the demon, already fired up I guess I needed a distraction. Locating him, I found him and five other demons trying to force a woman to give up her soul. They hurt her bad..." Watching Dean's instinctual reaction to save people she smiled sadly "I moved her from the equation to a safer place before the roof of the warehouse hit the floor. They tried to hurt me but me being me, cannot be hurt by any object unless it is a Devilian or Angilian blade" But Dean was not convinced, feeling his hand slip under her jacket, Sarah's breathe got caught in her throat "Dean I am fine" Lifting her top slightly, his fingertips stroked over where a wound should be; expecting a through and through he felt nothing except Sarah's subtle senses "Like I said, I am okay"

Dean nodded, pulling his hand from her "What was it?"

"A metal bar. I heal fast, you know this?"

"I know"

"So why are you looking like you just lost me?"

Dean did not want to be here. Drowning in his vunerability, he turned his head to the side, looking at her just made him feel like he was losing himself over and over. "Because I can't do 'that' again" He simply replied.

"Me neither. But this time, I will not feed you false promises. This time, I have no idea what is about to happen"

Dean smirked "That makes two of us. I guess we're going up this blind alley together"

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