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So I noticed a lack of RayxSuki fanfics out there and decided to change that! This is going to be an ongoing fanfic about my favorite Tower Prep couple. I'm going to try to update as quickly as I can, but I'm also working on an ElixClare Degrassi fanfic.

Enjoy "She is Love!"

"We shouldn't be doing this," I tell him shakily as his fingers snake into my raven-black hair.

I glance around the small space we are confined in at the moment. Mops, cleaning supplies and brooms line the short walls of the janitors closet, the only place in Tower where I know my friends won't find us. My eyes adjust to the darkness of the space and come to rest on the beautiful dark haired boy in front of me.

I glanced down at his wardrobe: khaki slacks, an un-tucked white collard shirt under the standard red sweater with the Tower Prep insignia stitched in the corner. The uniform of Tower.

Looking back up at his deep, chocolate brown eyes I can see that they are filled with some emotion I've never seen in them before. It's something powerful and strong, like him. I can see the confidence gleaming in his eyes as well as he smirks at me checking him out and whispers, "Like what you see?"

I swallow nervously as I gaze up at him, "Get over yourself Snider." His frustratingly gorgeous smirk grows as he leans down closer to me.

"C'mon Suki, live dangerously," his deep voice whispers as his lips move closer to mine. He backs me up against the wall, trapping me between his arms that rest on the wall on either side of my head. I hear something crashing down, though neither of us seem to care enough to find out what I was.

"What if Ian o-or CJ or Gabe walks in. What would I tell them?" I stammer as his lips ghost over mine. Teasing me, taunting me.

"Relax. We've been secretly dating for months haven't we? They won't find us." He sounds so sure of himself. Then again, when doesn't he sounds sure of himself.

"Ray," I bleat softly as his lips brush my earlobe.

"Suki," he mimics my tone, "We're in a janitor's closet. The only person that knows we're in here is Whisper 119. And she's not going to tell on us."

I can hear the smirk in his voice. I decide he's right and close my eyes as I let him take control.

His lips travel down my jaw and finally press themselves against mine, soft at first, but then with more ferocity. His hands cling to my waist desperately as if he is afraid I'll disappear any second. I know he's being as gentle as he can with me. I mean, it's not easy for him with his strength power. He must feel like he's barely touching me at all because he's so afraid of hurting me.

Everyone here at Tower, we're all "special" as Headmaster likes to call it. We all have abilities that set us apart from everyone else in society. Ray's just happens to be Strength. And I mean lifting 250 pounds on a daily basis strong. Mine is Mimicry. I can mimic anyone's voice if I've heard them once and I can copy anything, from handwriting to pictures, perfectly. My best friends all have powers too. Ian has Preflex, the ability to see things right before they happen and react. CJ, she can read anyone just by the messages their body language is sending and Gabe… well, Gabe uses Hypersuasion to make people do whatever he wants them to do.

That's why we were brought here, I guess. Our abilities took to this mystery school where nothing is as it seems and trying to get answers is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Ray brings me out of my thoughts when pulls away and draws me close to his chest, resting his chin atop my head.

"What am I going to do without you?" he murmurs. Yes, Ray knows about our plan to escape Tower Prep. I know he won't tell anyone what we're planning. After all he wants out himself, but can't join our group because of one small problem. Ian, CJ and Gabe all hate him with a burning passion.

That's why we have to keep our relationship secret. If they ever found out, I know they would never trust me. And if they don't trust me, I can't escape this place with them.

I close my eyes and we just stand there for a while, holding each other. Neither of us want to face how soon I'm going to be leaving. The preparations for our departure are set. The only thing left for us is to wait for the right opportunity. I don't even know if I'll have time to tell Ray goodbye.

"I love you, Suki," he murmurs quietly. I pull out of reach, taken aback. Ray's dark chocolate colored eyes widen as he realizes what he has said.

"Oh God, Suki… I-I…" he stammers, trying to come up with an excuse. I smile and shake my head, pressing my lips to his softly.

"I love you too, Ray." His lips capture mine once more as he pulls me flush to his body. I'm not sure how long we're like this, trying to get the most of our time together.

"Suki, Ray, curfew is in 10 minutes," Whisper 119 tells us from her soft speaker in the janitor's closet. Ray laughs as we separate from our embrace, but keep our hands linked.

"I can't believe Whisper hasn't reported us," he laughs, causing me to smile.

"I can't believe we said our first 'I love you' s in a janitor's closet. " I tease him.

He pouts and sticks his tongue out at me like he's four, "It just slipped out, okay? I was planning on telling you in a much more… romantic way. I had a picnic and candles and everything."

"I'm only kidding! This was perfect." I laugh. He rolls his eyes at me and grabs my hand. Ray reaches for the door to let us out. As soon as he opens it, I know something's wrong. Walking out of the closet, I'm confronted with my worst nightmare.

Standing there with incredulous and appalled looks on their faces are my three people who I never wanted to find out about us.

Ian, Gabe and CJ.

Suspense! Just as a warning, Suki may seem a little out of character in the next few chapters, but it's only because she's dealing with a lot of stress and isn't going to be the positive, majorly upbeat person she usually is.

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