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Chapter 1

"You were once a great person, destined for places of power and prestige. The people who knew you, feared you, and the people who didn't, had even greater reason to fear you. But now... if only they could see you now, poor, dishevelled Ziva David. Who would have thought that you were once one of Mossad's leading assassins." Covered in dirt and sores, Ziva could hardly lift her head. It had been months since she's been properly nourished with food and water. Her eyes took a few minutes to adjust as the hessian bag was pulled off her head. What little light there was seared into her retinas. She had said it herself, every person had their breaking point when enduring torture techniques. She could feel that hers had broken, she had nothing else to give.

Alone. Truly alone for the first time in her life. She saw no way out and no one would be coming for her, not after what she did. Every second she was closer to tears, for what she'd miss, who she'd miss, realising the mistakes she'd made and that you don't always get the opportunity to make them right. "You have an interesting history. The things that you have gone through, even before you turned 21, it's no wonder you turned into a brutal, heartless killer. How many lives of innocent people did you destroy? How many fathers didn't go home after you had encounter them? How many woman did you make beg for mercy? Was it all in pay back? Pay back for what you had lost? So much loss in your young life, everyone abandoned you with death, you couldn't cope with everyone you loved being ripped away from you, you couldn't control death could you, it came and took all that was precious from you... but then you found a way didn't you. You became death, taking lives at your will." The cruel, deep voice paused. "Did it ever bring them back to you? Tali, Axella, Arie, your Muslim best friend growing up? They are all still dead. You couldn't protect them, you couldn't stop it, and now you will join them."

Ziva felt the chill of the silver blade that would take her from everything. She held her breath terrified that the slightest movement would lead to her death as the blade slithered down her neck, it stopped, laid across the length of her neck. Her eyes grew large as the pain increased the intense agony...

"NO! Saleem!" she cried out as it jolted her from her sleep. She looked around, she had fallen asleep at her desk, it had been a hard case and she had wanted to get her paperwork done. She felt her stomach drop as she realised that Tony had done the same thing, she quickly spied at his desk, glad that he wasn't there, she was alone. She had been having these dreams for months now, stuck in the past, that hide out, the anguish, desperation and helplessness felt as vivid now as it had back then. In her dreams Tony never showed, neither had McGee, the ending was always the same, with her being woken just before witnessing her own death. These dreams terrified her, she dared not expose that weakness to anyone. She tried to shake her fear wiping her face dry from the few tears that had escaped her grasp.

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