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Warning, this chapter contains rape, so if you don't feel comfortable with that, don't read. Sorry.

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"I told you I was a monster, without a soul. I told you to stay away from me, that I was dangerous. But you didn't listen, did you Isabella?" His face was suddenly only centimetres from mine, his suddenly freezing breath played across my face, and my fear strengthened. He sighed again, his smirk back again as he chuckled evilly.

"And now, I'm afraid, you'll have to suffer the consequences."

He stepped in closer, and I could feel every part of his body press up against mine. My breathing hitched, and I felt his chest rumble with a silent growl of appreciation. His hands lightly trailed down my arms, leaving goose bumps in their wake. His face pressed against my hair and he breathed in deeply, taking in my scent. I felt his nose trace down my face, lightly skirting across my cheekbones, my jaw, before moving down the curve of my throat and stopping at my jugular. My fear grew until I felt almost numb, and my eyes closed without any conscious thought. His icy lips pressed lightly on my pulse point, causing my already accelerated heart rate sped up even more. His chest rumbled again, the growl just barely reaching my ears.

"I love it when you feel afraid Isabella. Your scent is absolutely divine," He chuckled darkly, hungrily. "And fear makes it just that little bit stronger. I want it Isabella, I want you." He breathed in once more before his ice-cold tongue made its way slowly from my collarbone to my jaw.

"I can't wait to taste you." At those words, a scream started building in my throat, and my chest ached with the pressure of keeping it down. My already shallow breaths sped up, leaving me light-headed, and on the verge of a panic attack. My legs started to tremble, and just as they were about to give out, I was pressed harshly against a tree with the bark rubbing against my back. The urge to scream was growing, and was nearly un-repressible. When I felt his arousal pressing into my stomach, I simply couldn't hold it in any longer.

My scream lasted no more than a fraction of a second before me covered my mouth with his hand. He brought his eyes up to meet mine, his face twisted with rage.

"Stupid little girl, do you want me to make this more painful than necessary?" I blinked a few times, not wanting to say anything that would make him angrier, so I shook my head. His face cleared of anger quickly, and he smiled gently.

"Don't worry. It'll all be over soon."

I looked at him, my eyes pleading for him to not do this, for him to let me go. He brought the hand that wasn't covering my mouth up to my cheek and wiped away tears I didn't know had fallen. He let go of my face, his hands moving down my neck, over my breasts, and stopping at the hem of my shirt. His fingers made their way back up my torso, stopping at my chest for a second before tearing my shirt away from my boday, my bra meeting the same fate half a second later. He didn't waste any time; his hands were on my breasts, kneading them a little too hard, pinching my nipples until they stood, hard and red, from the coldness of his fingers. I gasped from the pain, and Edward mistook that for pleasure, pressing down even harder. I whimpered, and closed my eyes as he chuckled.

"Eager are we Isabella?" He smirked. "Ok then."

The sound of material tearing reached my ears as the pieces of my jeans and panties floated down to the forest floor. His hands grabbed my hips as he ground into me and I fisted my hands at my sides, trying not to cry out in pain as his grip on my hips tightened, and I swore I heard my hips crack under the pressure.

Suddenly, the pressure lifted from my hips and I almost sighed in relief. Then his arm wrapped around my waist, and I felt the tip of him press against my entrance. All sense of relief left my body in a flood of panic.

"Look at me Isabella." In an idiotic act of defiance, I shut my eyes even tighter. I tight squeeze around my middle cause me to gasp in pain again, and my eyes watered.

"Look at me, Isabella." This time, I didn't dare not do as I was told. I opened my eyes, and met his black ones. Immediately, I felt him thrust into me roughly, breaking my barrier and filling me completely. He paused for a second, and moaned loudly. My face screwed up due to the stinging pain that comes with losing your virginity, and the crushing pain of his arm in a too-tight grip around my ribs. A couple seconds later, he pulled out almost fully and slammed himself back in. He set a very fast pace, almost inhuman speed. I felt the bark of the tree scrape against my back, and he went faster still, letting out an animalistic growl.

"I don't… know why… I waited… so … long for this…" He moaned out between each thrust. The pain was almost too much for me to handle, and I let out a sob. His hands went back to my hips as he went impossibly faster. I knew he was close, and I prayed that it would just finish.

Suddenly, he roared loudly, and his movements became even more jerky. He buried his face in my neck and I felt another slash of pain, and I could hear him swallowing greedily. I started feeling light headed and dizzy, and he stopping drinking to look up at me. He had a trail of my blood dripping from his mouth, down his chin and onto his white shirt. I felt a faint burn in my neck, kind of like bad sunburn. He grinned at me and then he was ten feet away, staring at me with a sick satisfaction in his eyes as I slid down the tree to the leaf-covered ground, and just lay there, in too much pain to move. The burn in my neck had gotten stronger, and was gaining intensity with every second gone by. Another cream built in my chest and I got the feeling that this time, he wanted me to scream. I felt it tear it's way up my throat, but before I could open my mouth to let it free, he spoke.

"Goodbye, Isabella."

My scream was so loud, and so high-pitched that animals I couldn't see ran from it. It lasted for what felt like forever but was probably only a few seconds.

Then I was in fire.

I screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed. My throat felt raw, and my voice was hoarse, but I kept screaming, over and over. Then the pain got impossibly stronger, and any grasp I had on where I was, and why I was there disappeared.

I lost myself to the burning.

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