The tipsy Mitsune Konno or Kitsune the Fox as she was also know by, slowly made her way to the Inn. She had let herself drink more than her fair share again and had slept it off in the cab ride home. She was about to enter the Inn when she spotted Keitaro sitting outside of the inn on a bench. Her mischievous grin reddened her cheeks as she crept up on the young man. Grabbing him from behind she made sure to press her breasts on the back of his neck.

"Hello there suga~" She whispered into his ear as her hands ran down his chest. She waited for his usual overreaction. Instead he kept still, not a single peep as he kept his gaze to the ground. Confused she let go of him and took a seat next to him. "What's got ya down this time? More Naru troubles?" She could tell by the way he cringed that she hit the nail on the head. "What did ya do this time?" She asked as she rolled her eyes. This was now the fifth time she had to counsel the poor ronin.

"I... don't know."

"Did you trip, and rip her top off again?"




"You groped one of the other girls didn't ya? You scoundrel!"


"Then... what?"

"I don't know! I remember reading a book. Motoko walked in and sat down next to me and we were talking."

"About what?"

"Umm... School I think."

"That's it? Ya didn't put any moves on her or nothin?"

"NO! I was actually having a nice conversation with Motoko... for the first time EVER really. Next thing I know I hear Naru screaming, and I was sent flying out the roof." Kitsune blinked at this information. Why her lifelong friend was being so violent to the Ronin she didn't know. At one time she thought she had it figured out, but this time it seemed so random. She didn't want to call Keitaro a liar and he was the last person she would pin as one. "Whatever don't believe me..."

"Keitaro! I didn't say anything!" Keitaro went to get up but was pulled back down by Kitsune who hugged him back into the same state as before. "Calm down now... let your younger sis help you." Keitaro chuckled at this, saying "But you're older than me by a few months." earning him a bonk on the head. "Ouch!" She then rubbed the spot she hit. The two sat there looking out at the city. She was still stroking his head as he rested in her arms. "This feels familiar." He said breaking the silent's.

"Really?" She purred into his ear as she hugged him.

"Do you remember when we first met what you said when I bumped into you?"

"It's been a while sug~ I don't think so..."

"You asked if we ever met before." Kitsune froze as she relived the event.

"It's cute you remember something like that." She held him tighter to make him blush. "But

I'm sure I'd remember meeting a guy like you."

Keitaro sat up from her embrace, red in the cheeks as she giggled. "You think so?"

"I know so..." She hugged him again. "You feel better now?"

"Y-yeah... thanks."

"You're welcome..." The two suddenly felt a heavy feeling in the air. Looking up, it was Naru casting the heaviness. She was almost glowing with a dark energy.

"PERVERT!" She screamed as she sent Keitaro flying over the city with her famous Naru punch. Kitsune watched as he landed, making a loud crash that echoed through the night.

"Naru! What the hell?"

"What do you mean? He was all over you! Gezz first Motoko now you, He's getting worse every day."

"What did he do to Motoko?" Naru was starting to pick up on the irritated tone in her friend's voice.

"D-does it really matter?"

"Actually it does Naru. You have any idea how many times I've had to help him out of those slums you put him in, just for you to knock him right back down?" Kitsune could see Naru's eye's darkening.

"So you two get along quite well don't you?" Kitsune felt her anger grow.

"It's not like that!"

"Really? From what I saw, I could have guessed otherwise."

Kitsune wanted to scream at her and slap her, never had she felt so angry at Naru. Instead she turned away and started walking. She could hear Naru calling for her but she ignored it as she quickened her pace. Not wanting to be followed she turned the walk into a run. She thought she could hear Naru behind her so she ducked into the nearby temples as she tried to catch her breath. The drinking and smoking wore her out. She waited to see if anyone was around before she started talking to herself. "She was implying that I'm disloyal as a friend? How... AHRR!" She went to sit down when she spotted a bottle. Picking it up it read 'Temple wine'. "Well what they don't know... besides it's their fault for leaving it out." She popped the cork and started drinking from the bottle. Looking around she realized the only time she was ever in the temples was during a festival. Even then she was usually drunk. Walking out the back she spotted a small building, taking another large drink from the wine she entered to find a small well boarded up. "Must be so kids don't fall in..." She said to herself before turning to leave only to find a small sign that read:

'Grand Wishing Well of Hina. May all your wishes come true.'

"Humf... whatever..." She said before drinking again. Taking a seat on the well she found a hundred yen piece by her feet. Chuckling she picked it up. "What to wish for... the horse races, something to put a little extra cash in my pocket?" She then remembered what Keitaro had asked her.

"You asked if we ever met before."

She stared at the yen peace before letting out a deep sigh. "I wish I could relive when I first met him... though I doubt anything would be different..." She found a small hole in the wood and slipped the yen though as she waited for the splash she asked herself "Why did I wish for that?"

She slumped down next to the well as she tried to finish the bottle. "It would have been nice to have a guy like him in my life back then." Her speech was starting to slur a bit as her eyes got heavy. "He might not be the tall, dark, and handsome type most girls would drool over. But... he's got something about him that makes my heart skip a beat once in awhile."

She passed out not long after that. Drinking the wine as quick as she did, and the fact she already had a lot before didn't help. She woke as she was being lifted up and carried to the inn. She could remember the smell of coconut, vanilla, and lemons. This was Keitaro's smell. His coconut body wash, vanilla shampoo, and lemonade lip balm. She nuzzled herself into his chest as the warmth from the indoors washed over her.

They were now in her room as Keitaro lay her down in her bed. He was about to leave when she grabbed his coat. She tried calling out to him before she passed back out.

Mitsune woke with a spinning and throbbing headache. She looked at her clock that read fifteen past noon. She waited for her senses to regain themselves before getting out of bed. She felt something tickling her bare skin. Looking down she was in her underwear and a T-shirt.

"Did Keitaro... change me?" She then found what was tickling her. It was her long hair that went down to her lower back. "W-WHAT? I haven't had long hair since..." Looking around her room there were posters of bands from her past hung on the walls, clothes and cd's scattered around the floor, and not one liquor bottle in sight. What came next really confused her. Her door opened as a thirteen year old Naru Narusegawa stepped in. "Hey Kitsune-Sempai did you skip school again? You know Hinata's not going to be happy about that." She took a whiff of the room before making a sickly face. "Gezz have you been drinking again? You reek!"

Mitsune stood there dazed at happenings around her. "N-Naru... how old am I?"

Naru looked at her with a mix of worry and confusion. "You hit your head last night? Well... you're three years older so- sixteen." Naru watched as Mitsune dug around her night stand until she found a mirror. She stared at herself, touching her blemish free face, and running her fingers through her silver hair. "Are... you ok?"

Mitsune grinned as she set the mirror down. "I've never been better Naru. Tell Granny I'll be going out tonight so I won't be here for dinner."

"O-kay then, just be careful. I don't like the idea of you staying out late, and conning guys out of their booze. It's dangerous you know."

"Oh you know me sug, I'll be fine." with a roll of her eyes Naru left the room. Mitsune started picking clothes to wear after a dip in the hot spring. "Sixteen Wow! This has to be a dream! I have to make the most of it before I-"

"I wish I could relive when I first met him..."

She gasped as the memories from last night return to her. "I-is this... really the day? N-no this... this is a dream! Right?"