Mischief Makers: A Cybot's Tale

A Mischief Makers novelization, by Komodin

Ah, this is quite a sight to behold…

A bright-yellow sun rose high over the land of Clancer, its rays shining down upon the vast, open landscape. Morning dew sparkled on the various trees and plants dotting the landscape as the sun's rays shined down onto the forest. Birds chirped in the trees and flowers swayed in the wind as butterflies darted from one petal to another. Hidden in the light of the morning sun, a massive house-like structure was held aloft high above the planet's surface via three huge rockets. Two long blade-like structures, connecting to huge green spheres, stood erect on the brick-red roof of the aircraft. Yellow as the sun it was basking in, the entrance of the aircraft was adorned with a face-like image consisting of two glass circles and a silver elongated triangle.

Inside the ship, an elderly man was silently staring out a closed window in a small room right by the entrance. The man had a stocky build, with a round belly and a thick, white beard not unlike that of Santa Claus. Round glasses adorning his face, he wore a white lab coat and green bandanna tied tightly on his head.

Gosh, I'm bored… the man thought, shaking his head, I came to this planet to unwind, and I can't even leave the ship...

Theo shifted his position and stared out the window, hoping to see his robot return soon. Outside he saw the beautiful landscape of Clancer; the bright, clear sky, the rolling hills, the vibrant green grass and trees that seemed to stretch for miles. Dotting the landscape were block-like temple structures with holes and grooves craved into them. Images that resembled a ghostly face adorned the structures, giving them a slightly quieting look to them that sent chills down Theo's spine.

As he stared out to the beautiful scenery, a rising feeling from his gut beckoned him to venture out into this new world. "And yet…" he sighed as he made his way back to his seat, "Marina told me to stay here 'til she's done scouting…"

With that, Theo let out another sigh as he sat back down. Hours has elapsed since he had last seen Marina. He had spent most of the time tinkering with his gadgets and nick-knacks he brought with him, watching his stories on the ship's intergalactic television, and had eaten most of the remaining food in the supply storage room. All he could do now was sit and wait for his robot, Marina, to return from the scouting.

Gosh, I'm getting tired… His eyelids grew heavy as he tried to stay upright on his seat, a huge plush pillow. Perhaps I should take a nap… until Marina comes back, anyway.

Suddenly, an odd laughter pierced through his drowsy state, and in a flash, Theo shot back up whipping his head around in alarm.

"Huh?" he uttered in confusion, "I have visitors already?"

Holding his hands up, he slowly trudged over to the entrance of the ship. Thoughts raced through his head as he walked ever so closer. "Was it Marina?" he thought, before shaking his head. "She couldn't have been back this early. It can't be the locals, either; if my calculations are correct, I should be over five hundred feet above the planet's surface!"

Reaching for the handle, he slid the door open, revealing that… no one was there?

"Huh?" He poked his head out the window, flitting his eyes to and fro. "Where did they go?"


Before he knew it, a strong blow struck his face, sending him flying back in the floor of the room.

"W…What the heck was that?" he screamed, furiously rubbing the back of his head. "Marina, did you do tha-!"

Just before he finished his sentence, a figure ran into the room. Theo turned his head to see the figure standing in front of his table.

The figure had an odd body shape: it consisted of a headless torso with rubbery skin, white as chalk, and shaped like a lightbulb. Its arms and legs were dark purple, and their shoulders appeared more like round spheres connecting the arms to the body. Its face bore a similar appearance to the faces adorning the temple structures, with piercing red eyes from within its sockets.

He slowly crawled his way backwards towards the other side of the room, trembling at the sight of the creature. "Wh-who are you?" he uttered, making his way to his feet.

After a second of silence, the creature started giggling and fell to the floor in a laughing fit. Amidst the giggling fit, it reached into its pocket and pulled out a handheld device. Raising it to its mouth, it yelled, "H-h-he's here! Get him!"

Suddenly, more of the mysterious creatures ran in the room through the sliding door, carrying all sorts of tools and weaponry.

Theo quickly spun around and ran for the entrance to the main laboratory as fast as his elderly frame could allow him to. As he reached the entrance, a loud cracking sound rang over his head. As he looked, more of the creatures jumped down on top of him. He fell to the floor with a loud thud as the creatures swarmed around. He tried to reach for the door, but they all slapped his hand away. Two of the creatures grabbed him and pulled him to his feet. Suddenly, two more of the creature and began to wrap thick ropes around him. He tried to squirm away from the attacks but the creatures overpowered him. Before he knew it, he was tightly bound from head to toe by the ropes.

As he looked on helplessly, the creatures began to run and jump around the room. They opened cabinet doors, swung off the lamps and destroyed most of the professor's equipment. Thoughts raced through his head as he saw the scene unfold. Who were these creatures and why were they doing this to him? Where on the planet was Marina?

Once they had finished vandalizing the room, the creatures ran back over to him, picked him up and carried him to the entrance of the ship. Looking outside, he could see a small fleet of ship hovering right on front of them. Some of the aircrafts were small and rounded ships that held a symbol emblazoned on their chassis that resembled their ghost-like faces.

One giant aircraft hovered right in front of the fleet. It looked like a red version of the creatures that attacked him, with green glowing eyes painted on the front. The pilot of the giant craft sat in a tube-like seat attached to the back of the giant aircraft. It bore a strong resemblance to the other creatures, except it had red limbs and eyes. On top of its silvery-white hair, it wore a four-pointed gold crown on his head with a blue jewel embedded in it. Whatever the creature was, it was the leader of the vandals.

"Ah, Professor Theo Liteyears, I presume?" the red creature yelled. Its voice had a condescending, mocking tone to it that, going by its greeting alone, irritated Theo.

"Yes, sir!" one of the creatures yelled, saluting towards the red creature. "We've just found him completely unguarded, sir!"

"Perfect!" The red creature reached in its aircraft and, suddenly, one of the machine's arms shot forward and grabbed Theo in its crab-like pincers.

What is this? he thought, as the claws lifted him off his spaceship as if he was jus a simple ball.

After a second of hanging in the air, the claws shot forward, towards the red space ships. As it reached the aircraft, it slowed to a halt, and then slowly, it hovered up to the top of the ship and lowered Theo down on top of it. After Theo was placed on the top of the giant aircraft by the claws, the red leader looked at him and laughed.

"Do you feel the power of the Great Empire, Professor?" the leader yelled mockingly. "You're coming with us!"

I've been captured by the Empire of Terror? Theo muffled in a frightened tone. Though he had never personally crossed them up until that point, he heard tales of their treachery and cruelty many times before from those who have. Just thinking about them sent chills down his spine.

The red leader put its hand to the side of its head. "Oh, sorry, what was that?" he said smugly. "Here, let me help you with that!"

The leader reached down in its cockpit and pulled out a large knife. Theo, even being bound and gagged, jumped back in surprise, nearly falling off the ship. The leader pulled him back towards him and, in one quick slash, the rope around his mouth fell to the top of the ship.

"Now, what were you sayin'?" the leader said, putting the knife away.

"Wh-who the heck are you?" Theo stammered, still frightened by the strange creature.

The leader stopped laughing and said, "Oh, right, my apologies. I guess we should get the introductions out of the way." The leader lowered its "head" and continued, "My name is Marzen Clancer the 64th, a proud... well, Clancer!"

"What?" Theo gasped. "You're a Clancer?"

"Wow, nothing escapes you, eh, Professor?" Marzen replied, rolling his eyes. "Of course I'm a Clancer, you old geezer! This whole armada you see before ya is made up of Clancers! And guess what? I'm their leader! Their king! Their… as you Earthlings say, grand poo-bah!"

"W-well, what are you gonna do to me, then?"

Marzen began to chortle. "We, as in me and this armada, were ordered to take you to the Emperor; that's all we were told to do."


"However, what I do know for certain is that you'll have a horrible time with us on the way to Imperial HQ! Get ready to cry and scream because it's all downhill from here for you!"

Marzen reached in the cockpit and fired up the engine. The strange aircraft began to float higher upward and hover away from his space ship.

"No!" Theo screamed, scared and in total disbelief of what was happening. "I refuse to have any part in your schemes!"

"Oh? And how do you plan on stopping me?" Marzen asked smugly, wagging his finger dismissively. "One: you're all tied up! Two: you're in the company of my awesome armada, packing more weapons than you've ever seen! And three: in case you're planning on jumping, well, look below you! We're so high up, it's crazy! I'm sure your precious Marina wouldn't like seeing her daddy look like a pulpy pancake!"

With Marzen's words in mine, Theo, with a sigh, finally conceded. What does the Emperor want with me? he thought as the craft carried him away. His life was in danger and there was only one person that could save him now. Theo did what he only could in his predicament...

"Marina! Where are you? Help me!"

Marzen laughed. "Told ya you'd be screaming! Get ready, Professor, 'cuz this is gonna be a bumpy ride!"

In the blink of an eye, the ship accelerated to full speed and zoomed off as Theo continued to shout.


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This chapter is where we meet our ever-unfortunate Mansel-In-Distress, Professor Theo Liteyears, as well as one of the main villains, the Grade-A Jerkface, Marzen Clancer. The latter should prove to be quite an irritant for our hero, who will make herself known in the next chapter.

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