Chapter 1

I shall not tell you how boring living in the snowy town Shaelnir is. Too many details are unimportant. I will only tell you that heroes aren't heroes because of their heroic deeds. Yes, that's right.

Heroes are heroes because others that are considered unimportant help them from the behind. And guess who takes all the merit? The so-called heroes.

But no one ever wondered how it's like to be the one who comfortably sits aside and watches everything, helping the ones in need with much more than those heroes can do. No. Because important characters are important. Everyone else is left aside. And this thing pisses many people off.

And that's why I am here now; to make everything clear and prove to the world that you don't need to be one of the main characters to be important.

Like I said before, life in Shaelnir is boring. Too boring.

I live in Shaelnir. And I am a thirteen old boy with clearly nothing to do if I went and did such stupid things with my own future. Nobody noticed, anyway, but let's go back to the point.

It all started when I saw this brown-haired pointy-eared dude walk around he streets of Shaelnir. He reminded me of the princess that cranky hag that the citizens of Shaelnir call "queen" adopted a while ago. It's not like I have something against her, but the elf girl seemed rather possessed to me.

I had an odd feeling when I saw that hag so happy to have the girl next to her, but I said 'eh, I am having stupid impressions again'. I shall never ignore my stupid impressions ever again.

I saw the elf boy sneak inside Rob's house one night. That idiot friend of mine couldn't find a worse job, could he? I see no benefit coming from wearing a crappy servant suit and wander around those icy hallways, kissing the Snow Queen's feet all day. Good thing the elf boy stole his suit. I shall ask why did he do that?

The idea was funny. Following the elf and see what he intends to do, I mean. I must say that the sight of him in that servant lacy clothing made me burst. Because nothing was more awkward than a pointy-ear dude in servant clothes. Only then I noticed that he wanted to enter the palace. But still... Why did he have to put on that clothing?

"You may pass, but take care what foolish things you do, worthless servant" The guard from the servants' entrance growled at the elf boy, who only nodded in a humiliated manner. I have no idea why. Well, I didn't care at the time, whatsoever.

I made my way to the principal entrance relaxed, assured that the guard would let me in without having me kiss his spear. However, the mentioned object stopped me from entering the ice palace as the guard asked me in the most indignation-filled tone where I was going. I saw nothing wrong in entering the castle. What the hell was wrong with people?

"I forgot my servant uniform and the other guard won't let me enter" I almost started laughing at the pathetic lie I just invented. The guard scowled at me with hatred as I was about to sprint away and try enter trough a window.

"Ohohohohohohoho~!" The man started laughing in a freaky manner before I could act. "This happens all the time. Get in there boy and help yourself with one of the extra uniforms we have in the basement. There are like hundreds" I blinked stupidly at the laughing guard and entered trough the opened door, soon forgetting about the luck that fell upon me.

I never entered that castle before. One of the reasons being that it had a foul smell that reminded me of that Snow Queen the citizens worship so much. And the second reason being that the tickets for entering when there were festival days and the gates of the castle were open were fucking expensive. Plus, I liked wasting my money on ice cream.

The hallways were icy and, indeed, impressive. But the second I entered the enormous building, I heard a weird melody. There was a ball held in the main room, having lots of kings, queens and other noble blood dance while the Snow Queen looked at them with a mischievous smile on her face. I decided not to disturb her yet as I went to another room, where I saw the elf boy disappearing.

The pointy-eared princess was having a chat with him. From what it looked like, he wanted to escape her from the evil of the Snow Queen (That I knew it existed from the beginning!) and she clearly didn't want to believe him, claiming that he was insane. I saw the boy leave saddened, before heading over towards me.

"Who are you?" He asked, looking blankly at me. I raised my eyebrows.

"Who am I? Who are you?"

"I am Ean"

"Ean who?"

"Ean Okho" I threw him a weird look.

"Alright" I said shortly before he scowled at me, leaving the conversation abruptly and passing me with the intent of doing something I don't know.

He suddenly stopped behind the corner of the wall and watched something quietly. I walked next to him and asked him what he was doing and he just hushed me. I ignored the last sound he made and passed the corner with Ean whispering to me that I am an idiot and to get back. There were the Snow Queen and that green-armored man that followed her like a puppy everywhere she went. They were apparently talking their evil business... near the elf girl's room... when they could simply talk their evil business next to the throne. And they were doing in in a way that was so not obvious for the boy named Ean just as I speak now in a way that's so not sarcastic.

"What are you doing here, Bob? Go do your job" The Queen said, as soon as she spotted me.

"My name is not Bob" I said simply.

"Whatever, Bob, go do your work and don't forget to put your uniform on" The Queen said, turning her back and leaving, followed by that master of arms. While she left the room only to go to the throne again and realize that they left the ball room for a nonexistent reason, she dropped a mirror on the ground in a way that the mirror did not smash.

I hurried to pick the mirror and go running after the queen.

"Hey, lady, you dropped your mirror" I yelled, trying to catch up with the queen. Because evil Queens need to look themselves in the mirror before turning all the guests to ice. And they need to carry them in their hand because normal mirrors don't fit in a pocket. Not to say that royal gowns don't usually have such things as pockets only because the corset is just more comfortable for female characters. Or that's my theory.

But I felt shoved and my forehead soon met with the floor. That was going to leave a mark. I still have no idea why did Ean have to shove me that hard? No. Why did he have to shove me in the first place? Oh, right. He wanted to look in the mirror as well.

"Gimme that!" He ordered, snatching the mirror from me. He looked inside the mirror and hissed.

"I have to show this to Iya and she'll believe me" He said to no one in particular as I looked strangely at him while standing up.

"Who are you talking to?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. He shrugged his shoulders and sprinted away. Two guards passed me, resulting myself being shoved for the second time that day. Damn! Wasn't everything timed just perfectly? Soon later, I heard an electric sound and two thuds. Yeah, the guards clearly got someone mad.

Going to the throne room, the snow queen was laughing hysterically at the ice statures that decorated the whole chamber. Now my doubts were confirmed. The Snow Queen was indeed insane. I intended on walking to the crazy hag, but I accidentally bumped into the master of arms.

"I need to get away from her and regain my true form" He said to me as I eyed him blankly. What was wrong with everyone today?

"I never asked. Why are you telling this to me?" I asked as the master of arms shrugged his shoulders. I rolled my eyes and attempted passing him, but my shoulder accidentally bumped his once again. What do you say? I lost my direction sense too because of this madness. Because a thirteen year old's height is equal to a who-knows-how-many-hundreds years old man's.

"I need to get away from her and regain my true form" The master of arms repeated, robotically. I raised an eyebrow and poked at his armor.

"I need to get away from her and regain my true form" I bursted into a frantic laugh.

"Dude, you're like a coin operated robot. Just that you work on pokes, not coins." I said, captivating the attention of the Snow Queen who already remained out of air because of the author of this story keeping her to laugh all the time I was fooling around with the master of arms' weird talking function.

"Who are you?" She asked, looking at me blankly.

"I'm Bob...Uhh. I mean, I am someone unimportant"

"And what are you doing here, in my castle, someone unimportant?" She asked bitterly.

"I am following the elf boy who made your adoptive daughter see the truth and, who, along with her and many other characters that will appear along the quest will try and stop your evil deeds." I said, briefly as the Snow Queen's face turned even paler than it currently was.

I left the scene relaxed, catching up with the two runaways in something that was called kitchen, but that, in my opinion, was way too small to feed that mass of people, as a strident sound was heard and before a creepy soundtrack started playing. The two elves started getting agitated as I whistled sheepishly before my fault of un-masking them.

I saw some sparkles appear and a door was revealed in an empty place next to a table. Place that always was filled with the volume of the table in other role-playing games and that made it so obvious here that there had to be a hidden passage there. I followed them as the smell of the sewers greeted us cheerfully. The girl named Iya sealed the very-obvious-secret-passage-door before she turned around to see some chests.

Yes. That kind of chests that appear out of nowhere in role-playing games when you need them most. Whatever, they found many helpful stuff, including food and traveling clothes. And of course they refused to share the food with me on the simple reason that I busted them.

The way the clothes were exactly Iya's size made me total inert on what was going to happen next as I realized that everything was possible. I opened the leftover chest and a little green arrow that indicated the direction "up" raised and disappeared above my head. I had no idea what that meant, but I saw the two elves very mad after I turned to them.

"You stole our level, that's what you did!" Ean said angrily as I shrugged my shoulders and looked around.

"Who is he?" Iya suddenly asked the elf boy in a whispered tone.

"I don't know. But he can't possibly be someone that wants to harm us. He is unimportant" He responded just as loud, but loud enough for me to hear. What? Me? Unimportant? That was outrageous. Fine then. I'll leave it that way.

A thud accompanied by an ouch sounded like an echo trough the sewer tunnels. Ean glared at me annoyed while I was grinning at him happily, waving from the top of the ladder. Now, if I wasn't that important, Ean wouldn't have learn that you should never bend over at an edge of a ladder when someone is behind you.

Weeee~ This is going to be fun.


Fun both for me to write and, hopefully, for you to read. ^^ At least the first chapter was fun for me to write. Oh, btw, the boy's name is not Bob, by any chance. It is too unimportant to be said now.

Now I shall go get ready for school... . Hope you enjoyed reading~