Game and Match: Sakuno?


He woke up to the sound of Sakuno's cell phone ringing. He turned his head sideways to see Sakuno carefully turning around to answer; her bare back to him.

He listened to her talking to Tomoka softly, not wanting to wake him up. He was wide awake already. Her soft hair spilled against the white pillow and some landed on his chest, exposing one side of her neck. He turned his body sideways, a hand under his chin, as he gently traced her exposed soft neck with his fingers. He smirked when he felt her relaxing to his touch, already knowing he was awake already. A smile reached her lips when she felt his hand traced her spine, and feeling his lips trail kisses where his fingers touched. He knew Sakuno was blushing when he heard her clear her throat when his hand snaked around her waist and his kisses went lower down her spine. He stopped at the small of her back, and at the same time Tomoka had hung up. She turned to him, and he kissed her flat stomach, tracing her tattoo with his fingers.

"Morning, Sakuno."

He murmured against her stomach. She smiled shyly at him when he shifted so he was halfway on top of her.


She sighed when she felt his hand, previously on her stomach, moved upwards to slide up the side of her body, stopping just below her ribs.

Ryoma kissed her throat and was about to continue further downwards when a Himalayan cat suddenly hopped onto the bed. Sakuno laughed as he groaned out loud and pulled the covers to cover her chest. Karupin snuggled against her lap, and Ryoma dropped back to his place next to Sakuno, glaring at the cat.

"Don't tell me Karupin had been sleeping under this bed the whole night?"

Sakuno smiled as Karupin turned on his back to let her scratch her belly. The cat purred as she complied.

"Guess so. Poor kitten."

Ryoma tugged at the cat's tail playfully, but the feline ignored his tug. "He's not a kitten anymore. He's just a perverted old cat."

"Meow." Karupin answered back lazily.

Sakuno sat up straighter and by doing that, she exposed her bare back to Ryoma's eyes. He sat up and let his wife lean into his chest. Her soft hair tickled his skin as she shifted closer. He fought himself from groaning. She was tempting him without even knowing it.

The glint of her wedding band on her left hand caught his attention. Wrapping his arms around her to pull her closer, he observed the ring on her finger.

They had been married for three months already, and it had been three months of him waking up to see her smiles, three months of eating her cooking, and three months of going through the days watching her pull on her socks before they both got to work. Never in a million years would he have thought that even mundane happenings in his life could be enjoyable if Sakuno was there.

That night when he came to her small apartment, they had locked her front door in a haste and made love through the night, not even minding the mountain of boxes in her room. He fought back a grin as he remembered how self-conscious she was of her appearance. She was perfect, not a single spot marred her skin, and he had kissed her eyelids, her cheeks, her stomach, her knees to reassure her that she was as beautiful as he had imagined. She had smiled up at him, and shyly whispered a silent 'okay', she pulled him down for a searing kiss and they got to work, oh yes, they did. He remembered helping her load her boxes in a truck the next morning; and Sayuri offered to help clean the new unit. The three of them had missed lunch and compensated by having dinner in her new house, with Sakuno and Sayuri laughing together at the younger girl's silly jokes.

Momo had called him that midnight and told him that he, Vlad and Kaidoh had 'taken care' of Mizuki. Ryoma had nodded, and wondered what the guys had actually done to the twisted ex-reporter. The following day the news revealed that an unconscious but still alive man dressed in only a tutu was found in the corner of an alley. The cops had mentioned that the man had woken up in a clinic, rushed to the cops and begged them to send him somewhere safe.

Sakuno had been working for more than a month when the Tokyo Dragons won the Tennis Cup. The team celebrated at a bar near her house, and he clearly remembered staying the night at her place after that. The next morning he had hugged her from behind as she was busy sorting her books in his shirt, and proposed to her. It hadn't taken a second when she turned around to face him and said 'yes, yes, yes.' Thanks to Tomoka and Sayuri, also with some supervising from Nanny Tinsel, they wedded successfully five weeks after that. He had no qualms about the arrangements because his job had been to show up at the altar, take her hand and say 'I do.' That had really easy.

But watching her dance with every of his damn teammates - and even with the old Kevin Schneider- during the reception had been really hard.

Ryoma had insisted Sakuno move to his crib after Sayuri decided for herself she wanted to move to a boarding school in Kyoto. Apparently, she had an interest in country boys and promised to both Ryoma and Sakuno she would behave and bring back a cute country bumpkin as a boyfriend.

Karupin joined the couple after Nanjiroh had dumped the cat at them, saying that they should practice taking care of a brat before they would have little ones of their own. Sakuno had blushed when Nanjiroh had mentioned about grandchildren. It didn't even affect Ryoma who in turn told his father to mind his own business because they were working on having children of their own. The Dragons Captain even emphasized that they would work on it without the perverted old man's intervention.

But honestly, Ryoma didn't even mind about family planning. If Sakuno were to be pregnant, he would be as happy and contented as she was.

"Ne, Ryoma…"

He loosened his hold on her as her voice brought him back to reality. She turned around to look into his face, and she smiled warmly at him. As usual, he felt his insides warm up and when she leaned into him to press a kiss on his lips, he felt that familiar tingling tickling the insides of his stomach. She always had that effect on him, and he silently prayed that it would last as long as he lived with her.


She turned around to straddle him, her bare thighs underneath the covers warming his lap.

"Sayuri-chan called me yesterday before you came back from the airport."

The blanket covering her chest slid down between their bodies and his eyes dropped to her chest, pressed up against him. He distractedly told Sakuno to continue.

"She said she found a cute guy."

Ryoma snapped his head to look up at her.


Sakuno laughed softly, watching how he reacted instantly. "She's asking permission to spend the summer break in Kyoto, with that boy."

Her husband scowled. She bent down and kissed the corner of his mouth.

"Don't worry, she'll be staying with my dad… and Yukio."

Yukio, that big, huge, goliath of a dog?

Ryoma hated that mutt. If he thought that Karupin was an old brat, the dog was a devil in disguise. It acted so sweet in front of Sakuno, but it would tire him out when she would turn her back.

But as cheeky as the dog was, it was reliable. He had to give Yukio that.

With an inaudible curse, Ryoma relented. "Fine."

Sakuno rewarded him by moving closer to him, bringing him back to where they had stopped. She lowered her head and kissed him fully on the lips, and ran her hands along his strong arms. Ryoma could feel the cool ring around her finger as she ran her hand up his shoulder, and he knew that she would always be his as she had promised him; and he would, in return, always be hers.

It still bewildered him how she affected his life so much.

He had battled the most important match in his life, but in the end, he lost. But that didn't mind him too much, because Sakuno was on the winning side. He couldn't ask for a better way to lose in a match.


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