Story title: Redefined – Gunn

Author: Eledhwen

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Up to and including 'Redefinition', AtS season 2

Summary: part of the 'Redefined' series of vignettes. Gunn's point of view.

Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be mine, Joss Whedon and friends'.


He paid and took his taco, turning away from the van and biting in, juices running down his chin. He wiped them away and automatically munched the rest of the meal down, but his heart was not in it.

"This was just a side gig," he had said, glibly, easily, outside the Hyperion a few hours earlier, and he had watched as Wesley's shoulders slumped and Cordelia's eyes lost more of their sparkle. He had pretended that he did not care, that working for the vampire alongside the Englishman and the cheerleader was not important. Now, leaning against a wall finishing a taco that tasted of cardboard, he knew he had been kidding them and kidding himself.

Angel Investigations did matter. His life had been turned upside down the day Angel had shown up dodging traps and saving Alonna's life. Until that day, Charles Gunn had seen demons, vampires, monsters, as bad. Unequivocally bad news, and wholly evil. But he had watched Angel struggle with his feelings, save lives, worry about Cordelia, and he had come to realise that his automatic human reaction, to treat Angel as a bad guy because he was a vampire, was wrong.

Yet now, as he efficiently threw the wrapping from the taco into a nearby trashcan, Gunn revised his opinion again. He had seen plenty of things that scared him in his years on the street. Until now, Alonna's demonic face had been the worst. Now, he revised that opinion, and placed Angel's unemotional confession and blank gaze as the most terrifying thing possible. And that fact, that single fact, made Gunn as scared as he had ever been.

He put his hands in his pockets and started off towards his 'hood; but he only took ten steps before he turned around and went back in the other direction. He was not sure what to sing, but he knew he had to sing, and ask the advice of the Host. For in throwing them out of the Hyperion, Angel had made Gunn lose his way. And he wanted more than anything else to find it again.