A/N So I actually wrote this referring to my someone very close to me that I love completely but can't tell that to. But I looked at it today and thought that it goes really well. It can either be the Tony talking about Ziva or Ziva talking about Tony, whichever you prefer.

So anyway, enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own any rights whatsoever to Doctor Who or NCIS.


I wish I knew,
I wish I could see,
If I mean to you,
What you mean to me.

My feelings I keep
locked so deep inside,
In fear if I tell them
you'll run far and hide.

I want to feel you
and hold you so close,
To let you know
it's you I need most.

I want to know how you feel,
And yet I can't see,
How I could mean to you,
What you mean to me.

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