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Our bodies were pulled together in the gathering light as we sped forward to our time. The last time we travelled the white tunnel we were going to save our family, now we were returning to it.

You know that feeling when you are on a rollercoaster and are about to throw up; well that is how I felt. Worst part is, when I tried to look at my body or at Tensa for that matter, all you see is a little ball of light. So I can safely say, I was not about to hurl.

This time when the portal ended and the gate opened we stumbled and fell, just like before. The ground met my face with open arms.

"Tensa! You really can't do that right, can you?" Now, I know my brother pretty good, considering we are twins and all, but I have never seen the face he was making now. Staring into space, looking at the Seireitei at night, but he looked afraid and well confused.

"Uhm, Yuki?" He didn't look at me, but grabbed my shoulder and in slow motion slid to the ground as if he was bone tired.

"Oh, I got you." I grabbed him by the elbow and let him lean against me.

"You are going to kill me-"

"Why would I kill you?"

"You didn't let me finish." I sat him down at the rocks, so I could look him in the eye.


"I think…" he hesitate a second. "We are in the wrong time." He looked away and scratched his head, just like our dear Dad did when he knew he was in trouble.

"Wrong time? What do you mean?" The words flew out of mouth like a missile.

"Like, I think we are in our future, look around." And so I did. The Seireitei looked the same, except where we were standing on the Sokyoku Hill; there was a monument of Old Gramps himself and underneath in bold letter stood :


"Wait, Gramps isn't dead in our time." Tensa cocked an eyebrow then nodded.

"Also Hisana and Raidon, they aren't here." I scanned our surroundings and again, there was nothing, not even a tumble of wind. "I think we should go home."

"If it even exists in this time, maybe we moved to the World of the Living, so that Dad, and the whole family, can get away from the memories." We both knew that Dad hadn't taken it so good when Mom died, I mean the man was in his room for a week, crying! "Can't you just portal us back so our time?"

Tensa looked at me with the famous Kurosaki-you-gotta-be-kidding look. "Two problems there Sis. One." He shoved his finger in my face "I need to know where, more like when, we are so that I can know how many years we have to go back, I can't just type in the year and POOF! And secondly." This time he shoved two fingers in my face.

"I will break your fingers if you do that again."

"Secondly." He repeated. "I'm too tired, I'll be able to do it in a day or two, just let me sleep."

"Fine." he slid down the rock and automatically went into sleep mode on the floor. That's when it occurred to me that there were no Shinigami, last time we blew a hole in the 1st Division's Barracks and had 9 Zanpaktou's in our faces, because we made a sonic flare of spiritual pressure. Why hadn't someone come for us?

"He can sleep anywhere he wants, can't he?" the male voice came from the other side of the statue of Gramps and sounded oddly familiar.

"Who is there?" I wanted to summon Kaen no Shinzo, but decided against it. A tall orange haired guy stepped out of the shadows and into the moonlight. He looked just like my father. His nose was a little different, and maybe he was a little shorter and more muscular. I stared at him and at Tensa. He was taller than Tensa, that, I could say with certainty.

"Come on, you can guess who I am, can't you Yuki?" The way he said my name… who are you? "Yuuuukiii!" he howled, like he was in agony, or worse boredom.

"Hang on." I was probably crazy for thinking it, but, "Raidon, is that you?"

"BINGO!" The tall guy was my little brother, my little brother that was 12 years younger than me.

"Tensa is gonna freak because you are taller than him." My little brother only snickered. While we were walking through the Seireitei, Raidon said nothing. He only held Tensa in his arms. "Okay, out with it, which year are we in?"

"Well, 2045… in the World of the Living of course." I froze. That meant in this time I should be 33. 15 years in the future.

"So you are 21?"

"Almost!" He smiled that the corners of his mouth almost touched his cheek. Considering in what good mood he was, I tried to get a little information out of him.

"So, where do all us live, I trust most of us isn't in the Seireitei no more?"

"Well, Hisana is still here, living with uncle Byakuya, because she was nominated as the next Kuchiki." He smirked like he was remembering something hilarious.
"What about Tensa and me?"

"Well you of course spend your days with-" That's when he caught my plan. "I'm not suppose to tell you!"

"Oh, come on!"



"Not happening." We bickered until we came in view of the place we call home. It wasn't as show-offy as Uncle Byakuya's place, but it was sturdy, just what is needed to raise Kurosaki's. I stopped for a moment, just enjoying the scenery. I haven't seen it in months, it was a sight for sore eyes.

"You coming?"

"Yeah." We entered the house, but it was so quiet. Well duh, it is like one in the morning! Raidon bid me a good night and said my old room waited for me. While I headed up the stares I heard him talking in the kitchen with someone, I was curious to see who, but I knew that messing with the future, this time, wasn't such a good thing, you could call it female intuition.

I wasn't tired, sort of like jetlag; you could probably be call time-lag, or something. 15 minutes later I found myself on our roof, my sacred place. The Sokyoku Hill stood almost next to us, seeing that our house was at the Squad Nine Barracks.

"It's cold out and shouldn't you be resting?" Although I was looking away from the voice, it belonged to Toshiro, no doubt about it.

"Well, seeing that I'm experiencing time-lag, I'd say no." He sat next to me, from the corner of my eye, I could see that he hadn't changed at all, well from my present that is. Since I saw him in the time I wasn't born yet, he grew and started to look like a real man, not a young teenager.

"Aren't you going to ask me what awaits you in the future?" Cocking an eyebrow, I turned to him.

"I want to, but I know you better than yesterday Toshiro. All that you'd say is-" And in a mocking voice I said. "-Sorry Yuki I can't, I don't want to tamper with fate and future."

"I do not sound or talk like that."

"Well, you'd say something like that." There was a small moment of silence "The one Raidon spoke to earlier in the kitchen was me, right. Me from this time?"

"Yes, you wanted to greet yourself. That was kind of weird, I should say."

"It won't be the first time I'd talk to myself, remember when I died." He nodded. "Well apart from the first two minutes, it was cool."

"You never told us, how you did that?"

"Did what?"

"Save yourself, by being…two." He had trouble phrasing his sentence, but wouldn't we all.

"Oh. After we vanished and returned, when my dad almost died, we hid in the Sokyoku Hill. In that time, Tensa and I quickly went back in time and saved my sorry ass. Okay, I saved my sorry ass, because Tensa was too tired to go with me."


"You don't believe me?"

"Of course I do. I'm just glad you did that or else…" He trailed off as he started to dig in his Haori pocket for something. "You need this. Drink it now." He held out a small glass bottle with a pink fluid.

"What is this?" I took the bottle and unscrewed the lid, it smelled like strawberries and icing.

"It's something that will save you from Jinsei."

"How did you know?"

"Easy, your mom. After you were born she and your Grandfather asked Urahara for his help in creating an antidote, he finished it a year ago, I have been carrying around this bottle for almost 11 months, knowing that you'd show up now."

For the first time I thanked the mess we were in at the moment, or else I would have died in less than two years. I lifted the bottle to my mouth, but just as I was about to drink it. Toshiro grabbed my hand and pulled me into his arms.

"You'll pass out from it, so I'll say Good-bye now."

"Good bye? Why, I'm still alive in this time and we are still together, aren't we?"

"Of course we are, it's just you aren't this carefree girl in the future, I miss that." He gently touched my lips with his finger and than kissed me.

"I'll try to stay the same for you, okay?" I looked into his eyes and downed the bottle of pink stuff, which hopefully would save me.

When I woke up, I was in my room. Not just my room, but in my time. I slid out from under the covers with a mayor headache. Unfortunately for me, an enemy was waiting for me in the form of a small six year old boy with a too big smile.

"YUKI!" He collided with me sending me back to my bed.

"Woh, Raidon… calm down." I looked at the six year old and immediately remembered the 21 year old. He was so much the same in the future.

"You're awake, finally." He ran out of my room screaming 'Yuki is awake, Yuki is awake!' Feeling very groggy and tired, I hauled my body off my bed, again and went down to the family room. But instead, two not so little boys ran straight in to me. Making me collided with the floor.

"Bryan. Kyou. I. can't. breathe." The two adjust the way they were crushing me so that I could breathe, but still kept me down on the floor.

"We missed you so much. We promise not to ever read your diary again, if you stay!" the two said together.

"When did you read my freaking diary?"

"We didn't mean to." Then they started to cry, which they never do.

"What is wrong with this family today?" I mumbled, not expecting someone to reply.

"You get this reaction, when you and Tensa do not exit a portal with Hisana and Raidon, then two weeks later Tensa stumbles out of a portal, with an unconscious Yuki in his hands." His voice was rough and older, just like I'm used to.

"Dad!" I wanted to jump up and hug him, but I was restricted by my twin brothers. "Can I get some help?" I pointed to the twins.

"Kyou, Bryan there is cookies in the kitchen." And with a flash they were gone, screaming 'COOKIES'. I got up and stood next to him.

"Those two are seriously weird for 11 year olds."

"Actually they are 12. You missed the birthday. And Masaki is 2 and talking our ears off." I stared at him in awe. Did we really miss much time while we were in the past? "Come on, there is food in the kitchen."

"Dad. That is what a kitchen is for."

"Don't be a smart ass with me, Lieutenant Kurosaki. Or else I'll ask your captain that you should do all that paper work, alone."

"Dad. You are my captain." He only shrugged and continued down the stairs. On our way to the kitchen we came across Hisana sitting on the couch, reading what looked like a manga (note: my sister doesn't read manga ever!).

Masaki was at Hisana's feet tugging on her pink bunny-teddy bear.

Interesting fact about said soft toy, it was the first toy our dad bought us (along with a blue one), I used it, then Hisana and now Masaki. You can guess why only the girls used the pink one… when Bryan and Kyou had to share the blue one, well let's just say, Raidon had half of a blue bunny.

I hugged Masaki tightly to my chest and greeted Hisana, but that was when I heard a bickering in the kitchen. But it wasn't between Dad and the twins. After putting Masaki down, my legs brought me to the kitchen in a flash.

"I told you… the boys won't listen if I say they can't and you say they can."

"Well, why can't they get a cookie?" His scowl was only playful.

"Because, it is still too hot."

"It is not, Midget." He took a cookie of the plate and bit into it and… "Oh shit it's hot" followed. I wasn't staring at the baka I called my father, that was hoping up and down in the kitchen in search of milk. No, I was looking at a woman as short as me, wearing a purple apron.

"Mom?" She turned to me and smiled. She was real, she was alive. Before I could stop myself I hugged her and started to bawl like a little kid. "How are you alive?" She didn't answer me only placed her hand on my head and kissed my forehead.

"Yuki, you and Tensa, changed a lot in the past." The hug continued when Tensa strolled in.

"Yo Sis, glad you are awake." He grabbed a cookie before Mom could warn him and just like Dad, he too went searching for milk to cool down his tongue.

"Oh, Yuki." Dad gulped down a glass of milk. "Because you told us that your mom was pregnant… in front of Byakuya." I cocked an eyebrow, nothing good follows when my dad talks about Byakuya "You are grounded for the rest of your life."

"WHAAT!" I would've argued with my father and I did, but that was just how my family was…

And I loved them.