[less than three, less than three]

I started this at 1 in the morning for my wonderful girlfriend, Kadaj :3 I hope you get a little enjoyment from this dear. I know how much you like Labyrinth.

Toby's 18 now and he's wishing he could disappear. Too many people are hassling him about the strange things he says sometimes and about the even stranger dreams he's been having. What had Sarah said about Goblins so long ago…?

Things in italics are either thoughts, memories, or dreams. Things in normal type are normal speech and whatnot.

I don't really know what else needs to be explained.

WARNINGS [and other notes]: A few OC's are gonna get slapped in here just for the purpose of making things a little more interesting, and besides… Toby doesn't have any friends when he's a baby right? Friends are vital to this fic. I also gave him a bit of a punk/ goth/ emo kid type of style. I just figured it would be fun to play around with. This is a SLASH fic with Jareth and Toby so if you don't like, you don't have to read it. Got it? Good. Now for those who DO read it… Please review! I'm not a huge fan of flamers so ya'll can go away now if that's what you're gonna do. Kaythanksbai.


[less than three, less than three]


"Just fear me… Love me… Do as I say and I will be your slave…" Toby Williams woke with a start, swallowing hard to try to relieve the dryness in his mouth. Who had said those words…? That voice sounded strangely familiar as well but he couldn't place it. Maybe it was just something from one of the stories his sister used to tell him when he was a kid. He had loved those stories oh so much but since Sarah had moved out… all the stories had left with her, and Toby often sat around in her old room looking through old books and theater props that she had left behind.

"Who are you…?" He whispered to the voice he often heard in his head, looking out the window from his bed. "Why can't I ever see your face?" Somewhere deep in his imagination Toby thought he heard a chuckle, but it must have been the house settling. Damned old place was always making weird sounds. The teen licked his lips as he rolled over, trying to get the dry, sticky taste of sleep off his tongue. It wasn't working. With a sigh he heaved himself out of bed and stretched as he glanced over at his clock, running his fingers through his shaggy dark brown hair.

'Three-thirty in the God damned morning… Why couldn't you have woken me up two hours from now?' He thought sourly to his dream, knowing full well that now that he was awake it would be hell trying to get to sleep again. Making his way down the hall quietly he peaked into Sarah's old room and all his feelings of aggravation left him. He loved his sister a lot and just thinking about her and how she would tell him a story before sending him back to bed on nights like this sent a jolt of loneliness through him. He tiptoed past his parent's room and down the stairs quickly, not wanting to risk waking them. The house felt much too quiet as he pulled a glass from the shelf, having to sand up on his toes to reach one, as they were all tucked in the back of the cupboard and he was a bit shorter than most boys his age. His dad had always assured him that he would hit a big growth spurt someday but he was eighteen now and "someday" was starting to feel like "the thirty-second of Never". The teen sighed as he turned the cold tap on the kitchen sink and filled the glass. He smirked a bit to himself when he heard the slight 'clink' of his lip-ring against the side of the glass. At first he had gotten the piercing to piss off his parents (which he had succeeded in doing), but now he kept it because he had grown to like the look. One of his close friends, Anya Marie, had suggested he make the full transformation from a quiet kid that no one really noticed to a darker, yet at the same time, more flamboyant, nuisance two years ago. Toby had protested at first, telling her that, first of all, it didn't really seem like something that would look good on him and second, he wasn't gay. Not in the least. But Anya had only grinned at him. Somehow she had known that he would go along with it whether he wanted to or not. And he did.

"Sneak." The brunette chuckled softly setting his glass down and starting back up the stairs, still smiling at the memories.

First to change had been the clothes. Normally he was just… neutral. Blending in with everyone else in the school just right, but Anya and her boyfriend, Kata Malchick, had seen to it right away that Toby was squeezed into a pair of her black jeans (Kata's pants would have been far too baggy on him, he was a twig and the other male had a larger build than him all together) and thrown into one of his baggy, band t-shirts. He felt a bit awkward as Kata looked him over while Anya was off gathering a few other things to try on him. He couldn't help but blush a little as those dark eyes swallowed him up, never once leaving his slight frame, almost as if he were seriously considering something other than the change in wardrobe. He had been so entranced by his friend's eyes he was caught completely off guard when Anya tackled him to the floor and sat squarely on his stomach.

"A-Anya! What are you doing!" He had shouted in surprise.

"I thought you said you WEREN'T gay." The girl had teased him, leaning down close to his ear.

"W-what are you talking about?" Toby felt the blush rise to his cheeks again as he remembered Anya giggling and asking him why he'd been staring at her boyfriend. That was the last thought the teen had before he slipped back into sleep, much easier than he had first thought.

"You'll know soon enough, Toby…" A voice whispered as he started falling into a cross between a dream and a memory. "You'll know soon enough…"


"I thought you said you WEREN'T gay, Toby." Anya teased in her friend's ear after tackling him to the ground.

"W-what are you talking about?" He stammered back. "I'm not."

"Then why were you staring at Kata like that? Hmm?" She giggled. Toby shoved at her shoulders. She was heavier than she looked.

"HE was staring at ME!" The brunette defended himself, a blush starting to creep over his cheeks. "You should be more worried about that than my sexual preferences." He muttered.

"She's not worried about me. I can look all I want, so long as I don't touch." Kata winked at the two of them, leaning against the wall, crossing his arms with a little smirk tilting his lips that only made Toby blush darker. He HAD been checking him out! That son of a-…

"Hey wait a sec! What the hell do you think you're doing Anya!" Toby's voice rose an octave as his friend pulled an eyeliner pencil out of her little bag of tricks with a giggle.

"I told you. We're changing your ENTIRE image." She explained. "Kata come here and hold his head still for me, will you?" The older male pushed himself away from the wall and brushed his hair out of his eyes before sitting down behind Toby and putting a knee on each side of his head and his hands under his chin to hold him still. Anya just put her knees on his arms and sat on his chest so that he couldn't push her away. Not that he would have been able to at the moment. Kata was WAY too close to him for the teen to want to do much of anything.

"Don't worry." Kata whispered, leaning down and letting his lips brush over his helpless friend's ear ever so slightly. "She won't stab your eye out. As long as you don't move." Toby gulped and nodded as Anya moved in with the pencil, dragging it in soft careful lines over his lower lids.

"Ta-da!" The girl sat back and admired her work with a grin, not even noticing how Kata's thumbs continued to caress their friend's jaw softly in an attempt to calm him even though the 'ordeal' was over. "He looks good. What do you think, hun?" Kata just grinned.

"Looks great, babe." He nodded, releasing Toby's face and standing. He kissed the top of Anya's head with a gentle smile. "So how else are you going to torture the poor boy today?" He teased, running his fingers through her tri-coloured hair softly.

"I think I'm done… For today." Anya said, standing and pulling Toby up with her to fully survey her handy-work. "What do you think To?" She asked turning him towards the mirror with a smile. A short gasp caught in Toby's throat. He knew it was a mirror but somehow he thought it was a totally different person looking back at him. He stepped closer to the glass and touched the corner of his eye, admiring the work Anya had done.

"I could get used to this." He smiled.


"Toby, Toby, Toby… You'll be mine soon enough…"


"Are you sure you want to do this?" Toby only nodded at Kata's question. "It'll hurt." He warned.

"I know." The brunette's breath hitched as his friend's fingers ghosted over his lips.

"Want me to just do it quick and get it over with?" The concern in the older males voice made the younger's insides churn.


"Alright then. If you say so." Toby squeezed his eyes shut and a sharp pain shot through his lip then was gone, replaced by a slight burn and tingle. "Hmm. Not bad."

"Lookin' good!" Anya complimented, holding up a small mirror. Toby touched the hoop in his lip tenderly, flinching back when it throbbed under his fingertips. "Seriously To, I told you this would be a good look for you." She smiled brightly.

"You know I'm only doing this to make my dad mad, right?"
"Yeah, but still!" Toby had to admit… Anya was right. The look suited him better than the bland, "I'm-just-going-to-blend-with-the-crowd" look. He was confused when he saw Anya nod out of the corner of his eye but lit up red a second later when he felt Kata's lips touch the new pierce softly. "Awww! Toby, you're blushing!" Anya giggled.

"I think that answers your question dear." Kata chuckled. "I'd say he's a little curious."


Toby wanted to punch his alarm clock.

"Shut the fuck up you stupid thing." He groaned, pulling his pillow over his face. "You suck." He muttered when the buzzing didn't stop. "That was a good dream…" The buzzing still wasn't stopping.


[less than three, less than three]

Before I say ANYHING else… I'm sorry I turned Kata into a bit of a creeper/ made him bi honey! 33333 To all you confused people… Kata and Anya are two of my girlfriend's OC's. Kata isn't really a raging creep. So hopefully I haven't ruined him. Sorry babe. Loveeee yoooouuu 3

MOVING ON! Yeah, this first chapter was really just to explain Toby's style and give you an idea of the people he hangs around with these days. Don't worry. Things will get a bit more… Labyrinth-y… in later chapters. You just have to keep reading to find out why this is rated M. kolkolkolkolkolkolkol.

Well thanks for reading. Hope you liked it!

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[less than three, less than three]