Chapter 3

She smiles, indulgent and comforting. The world around her burns, ash falling like the winter snow. There she stood in the middle of the chaos; her arms wide open, beckoning.

He turns his gaze away, looking down upon his own shaking hands. He stays in his place, refusing to go further. The blood puddles beneath his feet, not actually his own but still blood none the less.

Her smile disappears, a frown taking its place. Slowly she lowers her arms to her side. She looks at him, disappointment shining through her eyes.

Silently he cringes but still he does not move.

"Sis..." His whisper resonates in the deafening silence. He looks up to her. The flames surrounding her made her look like an ethereal goddess and yet the image was haunting.

He meets her eyes; those cold slitted green eyes bore no trace of the woman he once knew. That was not his sister. That was not Sakura.

Suddenly, the woman before him changed. Pink long tresses turned to silver, porcelain skin turned into deathly white flesh, slitted green eyes bleeding into malicious crimson.

The sound of malicious laughter rang through his ears. As the woman stood laughing he saw the fallen figure of his sister sprawled by the woman's feet, face covered by her pink tresses.

Suddenly he found the strength to move. Rushing towards the woman, eyes focused on his sister's fallen form. The deafening shriek rang trough his ears the image before him fell away into a white abyss and with a jolt, he found himself suddenly back on the copter. Tseng raised a brow at his obvious distress but made no inquiry on its cause. Zack took a deep breath to compose himself, and with a shaky breath he focused on clearing his mind but the haunting image of his sister's fallen form still lingered in the back of his mind.

Sakura wandered around the streets of Wall Market. From the corner of her eyes, she saw some unscrupulous men watching her with clouded eyes. Keeping her guard up, she walked on in a brisker pace, following the signs that led to the train station. Faintly she tensed, her senses catching on the signs of her being followed. Sparing a quick glance behind her, she found at least three men following her at a short distance. She continued forward to the train station.

Sakura found the train station empty, no one was around. This was bad. She stood in the middle of the train station, surveying her surroundings. Tightening her hands into a fist she took the position of the best fighting stance she could recall. The three men who'd been following her finally arrived. They looked at her smugly. Their eyes raking over her form, how funny it must seem to them that this petite looking pink haired girl would try to fight them.

"Lookie here boys, we got ourselves a little fighter." One of them said, it appeared as though he was the leader.

"Hehe, Feisty looking little bitch… the boss would probably like her." The second one said, chuckling loudly.

"You're right, the boss would probably enjoy breaking her in." The third said with a smirk.

Sakura tensed. Those assholes were really asking for it.

The first one approached her. His gait filled with arrogance, when he got close enough he tried to put his hand on Sakura's shoulder. Sakura caught his hand and twisted it, breaking the bone in one swift move. The man howled in pain causing his companions to attack her. Sakura pushed the man back towards his friends. One came at her from the left, fists swinging in the air, Sakura dodged the attack and countered with a powerful side kick sending him flying towards the wall. Another came at her with a blade in hand, he tried to slash her but Sakura was able to knock his weapon off his hand. She gave him a nice punch on his face, knocking him and several of his teeth out.

The one she'd sent flying was seriously pissed, he drew out his gun and shot at her. Sakura did her best to dodge the bullets but one of them grazed her shoulder. Hissing in pain, Sakura unconsciously healed herself. She went after the one who was shooting at her, unaware that the speed she was using was much too fast for normal people. It appeared as though one minute she was several meters away but was now suddenly in front of the shooter. She caught the nozzle of the gun and aimed it on the floor when the shooter pulled the trigger. She twisted his arm and dislocated the man's shoulder. The man fainted from the pain.

When the three men were finally incapacitated, Sakura started to relax but then another presence caused her to tense once more.

"Wow yo! I've never seen anything like that before." Sakura looked around to find the source of the voice. She found a guy leaning against the wall of the control room of the station. He had messy red hair and wore goggles on his forehead, he was dressed rather messily as well. His dress shirt was untucked and his black suit jacket was unbuttoned.

He started walking towards her and Sakura once more took in a fighting stance, causing the mysterious guy to chuckle.

"Don't be so tense! I'm not gonna attack you, yo!"

Sakura raised a brow at him but didn't relax. She wasn't going to take any chance in case this weird guy was lying.

He stopped a feet away from her, looking around to survey the damage she'd caused in the station. The wall from where she'd kicked the guy earlier had a dent, there were holes from the bullets on the walls and the floor. The men who'd attacked her were in a bad shape. Over all he was impressed.

Smirking rather smugly he held out his hand towards her.

"The name's Reno, yo!" Sakura blankly stared at his outstretched hand. She contemplated on whether or not she should shake his hand. Minutes passed by but he still had his hand out waiting for her to take it. Finally deciding that he probably wasn't going to do anything bad to her, she took the hand and firmly shook it and introduced herself.

"I'm Sakura Fair."

"Fair?" Reno looked thoughtful, he'd heard that name before. Zack Fair, recently promoted first class SOLDIER. How were they connected?

"Yes, Fair. Is there something the matter?" Sakura looked at him carefully, maybe he knew her brother.

"Nope. It's just I've heard that name before." A slither of hope rose in her. Finally, she was getting closer to finding him.

"Really?!" Reno studied her subtly, from the looks of it she was really excited about that name.

"Yeah, but I can't remember who it was…" It was a lie but she didn't know that.

"Zack Fair? Do you know him?"

"Ah yeah! I remember him! He's from the SOLDIER program."

"Can you take me to him?"

"Sorry no can do miss."

"What? Why?"

"Company policy."


"Hey, I'm not joking! The company doesn't let civilians interact with SOLDIERS."

"So, if I'm not a civilian I'll be allowed to see him?"


"You're a TURK right?"

He shrugged. He neither confirmed nor denied it.

"I know you're a TURK."

"Really? How so?"

"The black suit and your mannerisms. Only TURKS act the way you do, I know you've been gauging reactions from me from the minute you introduced yourself."

He raised a brow at her, surprised that she knew what he'd been doing.

"Make me a TURK."

"What?!" This was a first for him. No one ever volunteers to be a TURK. Most of them had to be threatened or offered a lot of money to make them even consider being a TURK.

"You heard me. I know you're probably going to offer it anyway. So I'm saving you the hassle of trying to rope me into being one by volunteering and besides you said that civilians aren't allowed to see SOLDIERS if I'm a TURK that means I can see Zack right?"

He chuckled, this girl was really surprising.

"You're willing to do anything to see Fair?"

"Of course."


"Because he's my brother." The way she said it seemed like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

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