The December came with huge amount of snow. The Christmas decorations appeared on the windows and the tree was in the middle of city too. The trees got lights and fake Santas appeared on the streets and in the malls. People looked out their red hats and everything like that. Dwarfs started visiting good kids and people were doing Christmas shopping.

Jenny was not planning to put the decorations on this year – she always did that with her father and that would just bring back the pain of losing him. She couldn't go back there again, she was healed and she wanted to let this all go. Thank God that the year is almost over. The good news was also that Jethro was coming home for Christmas and going back in January. They were planning to spend it all together.

The weeks passed fast and it was the night before Christmas, when he appeared on her door with his bags and smile. He was back. She hugged him tight and gave him many kisses all over his face. She was just so happy to see him again. She smelt the familiar scent that she loved that much.

'' I'm sorry I was acting bad the last time you visited, I had no right to get mad at you, I know you were worried, but I wasn't really myself and I wanna... '' she started apologizing, but he kissed her and she shut up.

'' Just ask me in and we're even, '' he said and smiled.

She smiled and let him walk inside.

'' You know it's really cold outside, '' he said after closing the door.

'' And it's warm in my bed, '' she smirked.

'' Jen... are you sure ? '' he asked worried again.

'' I hate that he was the last one to touch me and I hate that you brought this up again. If you don't want then okay, '' she said, getting pissed.

'' I'd love to. I just care about you and I don't want to hurt you, '' he said.

'' You won't, '' she said and smiled.

They walked upstairs and he made her his again.

On the Christmas night they watched TV and later had some activities in her bed. They exchanged the presents on the next morning. He got her earrings and necklace, while she got him a necklace with medallion and her picture inside and '' Forever yours, Jenny '' written inside. She also got him framed photo of them dancing in the ball.

It was 28th December when they were sitting on couch and watching a movie.

'' Jen, there is something I have to ask from you ? '' he said.

'' Yes, my love, '' she said.

He stood from the couch and fell on his knee. She was surprised.

'' Jenny, I know we just met less than year ago and we have been together really short time, but we have gone through a lot. You have gone through a lot this year, it was a real ride. Never, not once during that time I doubted about my feeling for you. Ever since you bumped into me on that street I have been falling for you all over again and there is no-one else that I wanna be spending the rest of my life. I also know that I love you way too much to let you. So I'm asking Jennifer Shepard, will you marry me ? '' he ended his speech and looked up at her.

'' Yes ! Yes, of course I will Jethro. I love you, '' she cheered.

His expression changed into relief and joy. He put the ring into her finger and kissed her. They celebrated the engagement on the couch in the living room.

'' You think I can give up my apartment ? '' he asked.

'' Aren't you living here already ? '' she asked.

'' You make a point. I'll give it up tomorrow, '' he said and kissed her.

They spent 31st December at her place like the past week. When it was close to midnight they outside and stood the same place, where she had been the previous year. The only difference was that she had a ring on her finger and her lovers warm body pressed next to hers.

'' 5...4...3...2...1... Happy New year ! '' came from everywhere... New year was there.


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