Tony sat behind his table. He was looking at the screen thinking. He had a choice to start over in Rota Spain as a team leader or he could stay here work with Gibbs, Ziva and McGee as senior field agent, again. Of course there was the undercover mission he was assigned to, but it was just a long shot one. He knew his time was up, but he just couldn't decide. The bullpen was all empty already, it was late night. Tony stood up and walked to the director's office. He knocked on the door and entered.

'' I've made my choice, '' he said.

'' And I'll respect it, '' Jenny said.

'' When am I leaving ? '' he asked.

'' In 2 days. I'm giving you the days off so you can take your time to get things ready. You'll start next Monday. I'll make some calls, '' she said.

'' Thank you, '' he said softly.

'' Tony, are you sure you wanna go ? '' she asked.

'' Yeah. I think I am, '' he said.

'' Okay. You want me to tell Gibbs ? '' she asked.

'' I think it's better like that. I'll pack my things, tie my loose ends and then I'll fly out, '' he said.

'' Tony, you know I am happy that you took the job, it is good for you career, but I am also sad that team Gibbs will lose a good agent. I think I'm going to miss you while you're gone, '' she said.

'' I think I'll miss everybody too , but I am not so sure that I am wanted here. Somehow I feel like I am trapped with the people, that are forced to work with me, '' Tony said.

'' Yes. It's your choice and I won't even try to change your mind, '' she said.

'' Thank you director. I think it's goodbye, '' he said.

'' Take care Tony, '' she said.

'' You too, '' he said.

'' I really hope that we'll work together on a case again someday. You are really capable and good agent, even if you don't hear that often, '' she said.

'' The right word would have been never, but thanks anyway. I'm gonna go get my things now, '' he said and left Jenny's office. Jenny looked at the door, hoping that he'd come inside and choose to stay instead. She expected him to make the other one.

Tony walked back to his desk numb. He put his things into a box. Reaching the bottom drawer he took out the box, where he kept Gibbs's awards and put it on his desk. He also left the key that opens the box. Finally he was done. It took him a lot of time since he was not moving too fast and really wasn't eager to walk out of his job in this building, but it was done. He had to do it. NCIS headquarter held way too many memories – painful memories specially. It's the place that always reminds him of Kate – his dead partner, the time, when he was framed in a crime, all the headslaps, the times, when Ziva and McGee had picked on him, the jokes about his dating habits and not a single kind word, when he had done something right – only slaps on the back of his head and shouting, when he screwed up. Nothing kind to remember anymore. After another check, that he had all of his things he shut the light and entered the elevator. The elevator ride seemed long and finally he was down. He walked out of the building into his car without looking back.

Tony sat on a couch thinking about his co-workers. Wonder if they'll miss him ?

Gibbs is the boss. Never saying something nice to him. He always gives him only headslaps. He shouts, yells and always points out his weaknesses. He never shows emotion – he was not even worried about him, when he was kidnapped. Instead he replaced him with McGee. Tony thinks about Gibbs greatly – he is like a father figure to him, but Gibbs seems to think he is lower than the grass. Probably he won't miss him, he just... moves on without any feelings.

Tim or McGee or Probie or McGoo or McGoogle or... whatever he is called is a capable agent. More into computers and and really doesn't like him. Tony always makes pranks, spreads fake-rumors and teases him any time he gets. McGee probably hates him. Tony would hate himself if he was McGee. The fact is that McGee is good agent and friend, though Tony has never told him that. Lately it seems like McGee is in a club with Ziva to make him unhappy. McGee doesn't respect him, he never has, though Tony is an agent with higher rating. McGee seemed to have troubles with him, even when he was the boss. There is not even a chance that McGee will miss him, probably feel relief that Tony is gone...

Ziva is the newest member of team Gibbs. She is there to replace Kate literally. Ziva is one of the reasons, why Kate was forgotten so easily. Her life mission seems to be teasing Tony and make him miserable. She is in with McGee to play pranks on him. At the beginning she had asked everybody except him to dinner at her place. He felt betrayed, but no-one really cared about that. Ziva seems to be unsatisfied with everything he does, she has no respect and really questionable if she'll miss him. Everyone who has spent few hours with the team, knows the answer – no, she won't miss him.

There is of course Abby. Abby has been in NCIS longer that he has. They usually get along, but sometimes it seems like he doesn't exist to her. They have always been good friends, but somehow she manages to make sure he knows that he is alone. She doesn't play pranks, but she sometimes just makes fun of his suggestions and his comments. Not to mention his lifestyle, that she doesn't like. Still Abby is a loyal friend and she'll probably miss him for awhile, like she did with Kate. Then new guy takes his table and Anthony DiNozzo is forgotten even by Abby. It's logical and he understands, except he'll never forget Abby with her goth style and tattoos and dog collars and Caf-Pow! and... Bert the Hippo.

Of course there are Ducky and Jimmy. Ducky has been there even longer than Abby and he is the only person who refers to him as Anthony. He is usually called Tony by everybody. Ducky will probably miss him a little, he always seemed as the loving grandfather to him. He likes Ducky and his long stories about everything. Ducky is a good man and medical examiner. Jimmy is Ducky's assistant. He'll probably remember him, but not miss him really – they weren't that close. The autopsy team will remember him hopefully, but not miss him longer than few weeks.

He couldn't forget the Director Jenny Shepard. It seemed to him, that she had faith in him. He got the team leader position and with that also an undercover mission, that will stay unfinished by him now, but at least he was assigned there. Seemed like she had more faith in him that Gibbs. He'll miss Jenny, when he is gone, it was her offer after all that will get him away from the team Gibbs. She is funny, good and also hot. He might have a slight crush in her, but just a slight that is also filled with respect. Jenny at least said that she hopes to see him again, so she'll probably miss him for awhile. At least there is hope. They were close, but like friends, so she really might miss him, but they were not that close for him to say it for sure. He knows that he'll miss Jenny for sure. She was kind and sweet and... nice with him.


Tony had fell asleep on those thoughts. He woke up in the early morning. It was nearly 5 am. He knew that there was a place he had to go before he left – he had to visit Kate for the last time in a long time. Without breakfast or anything he left and drove to Kate's grave. He had been there for many times. She was his partner and good friend. He might have had a huge crush on her and she might have felt something too, but now they'll never know.

'' Hey Kate. It's me. Sorry it's been so long, I just have been busy at work. You should know how it feels. Anyway, I came here to tell you that I am leaving DC. I am not leaving NCIS though, but I am transferred to Rota Spain and I think it's a good chance for me. I'll get my own team again. I think I told you that I was the team leader, while Gibbs was in Mexico, but now he is back. I thought about my friends in NCIS. Probably they won't miss me at all or just for a short time and then I'll be forgotten like you. Though, you have to believe me that I'll never forget you. You know I like the sunrise at this moment. It will be my last one here probably. I am leaving tomorrow, I think I am taking the early flight so I can check things out before I start there. That also means that I can't visit you, while I'm there, but I'll keep on thinking about you Kate. It's Saturday today and I am kind of sad that it's not workday, so I don't know if they'd come for me, but the same I don't know if I want to know that at all. I miss you Kate, you know that. I wish you were here too, but you hopefully know that too. You know I never said nice things to you, but it's not too late. Kate I think you are an extraordinary woman – you're sweet, kind, strong-willed, tough, comforting, pretty and insanely hot. You probably had heard those things from all men, except me. I believe you knew I liked you and it was probably a crush. But it doesn't matter anymore... '' Tony said.

He sat in a silence for awhile.

'' Goodbye Kate, '' he whispered and then left.

His steps were short, quiet and slow. He was doubting himself. That day he just had to pack and book a flight. That's all he had to do and then he was gone... far.