5 years later...

Jenny had announced that there was a new team of agents joining the NCIS headquarter. She was not specific about anyone. No names or anything was said. Just that those were basically the best agents.

Gibbs, Ziva, McGee and Robert were waiting for the new set of agents arrive. They were told that those were great agents. Everybody was excited about the agents coming, even Ducky, Jimmy and Abby had come there and Jenny of course was there. She sat on Gibbs's knees. The eyes were on the elevators and finally the doors opened. 2 men walked out of there. They were sent by looks.

'' These are special agents Stanley Burke and Alex O'Hara. I believe those two are familiar for you. Aren't we missing someone ? '' Jenny asked.

'' They are coming, '' Alex said.

'' They just got lost in the airport, '' Stanley said.

The elevator dinged again. Tony and Elizabeth walked out of the elevator.

'' Sorry we're late. Agent McKenzie had some trouble with his luggage, '' Tony explained.

'' It's okay. And these are Elizabeth McKenzie and Anthony DiNozzo. Special agent DiNozzo will lead the team and I believe that these two teams are going to work together a lot, '' Jenny said.

Everybody greeted each other with hand shakes, only Tony got hugs from Ducky, Abby, Jenny, Ziva and McGee. He was finally standing in front of Gibbs.

'' Gibbs, '' Tony said.

'' DiNozzo, '' Gibbs said.

'' Are we starting from the new leave ? '' Tony asked.

'' I'd like that, '' Gibbs said.

'' Then it's good, '' Tony said.

'' Welcome home Tony, '' Gibbs said and pulled him into a hug.

'' Good to be home, boss, '' Tony said.

Gibbs sent a little laugh to Tony after breaking apart.

Abby, Ducky and Jenny all had a smile on their faces to see Tony and Gibbs finally really making up. And Tony was back home, not on team Gibbs, but he was back. And that's the thing that really matters – their friend was back.