I'm sorry if the writing is bad, never been particularly good at English and this is my very first try at this but please, please, please review and leave tips if you think they will help me. Also, I'm sorry if some of my stuff gets repetitive (this one in particular as its told from two POV's), I try to write as much as possible but I'm always looking for new ideas so if you think of anything, please private message me. I have only written law and order stuff (Matt/Alesha) at the moment, but may do other stuff in the future. I would be extremely grateful for things they could talk about in casual conversation because I find that particularly hard to keep interesting.

Set after the last episode of the first series – "Alesha."

Matt's thoughts are the ones in italics and Alesha is in the regular font. If you can't be bothered to read the whole thing, then you can just read it from one POV. I hope you enjoy it

Chapter 1

I looked at the clock again, letting out a sigh. It was still only 6 and I'd never known time to pass so slowly.

I was struggling for things to do. I'd just got back from the trial and the flat was already immaculate. Cleaning had been my pastime over the course of the trial for when I needed distracting so I sat down and flicked the TV on. Nothing was on so I started watching the news, turning off as soon as I saw his face on the screen.

I almost went round to my Mum's. I hadn't visited in a while and I hadn't told her anything about what had happened. I should have, I know, but I knew if I did, I'd never see the back of her.

I'd kept my time on the streets to a minimum as well, at least while I was alone. I was fine walking with James but even now, with him locked up, I'd rushed home, feeling uncomfortable the whole scared me most though, was the thinking. Whenever I slipped into a daydream, or sat down with nothing to do, my thoughts would turn to him, and then all I would see was his face.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. The noise made me jump and I almost didn't answer. Then I heard the familiar voice, 'Lesh? It's Matt. You in there?'

I felt my lips curve into an involuntary smile, the same way they always did when I was reminded of the copper who I considered to be my closest friend.

I had always known he liked me, he made no secret of that with his playful flirting, but he had never acted on them, I guess he knew how awkward it would make things at work. And anyway, I had heard the rumours; Matt just didn't do relationships lasting more than a night. He steered well clear of commitment, took the simple roads in life. And besides, even if he had ever thought about it, I knew that after everything that had happened, he would have quickly dismissed those thoughts. I was damaged goods now, and even I wasn't sure whether I could ever be fixed.

I got up from my place on the sofa and opened the door.

I was on my way home and it was freezing! I should have taken the car - too cold to walk. All I could see in my mind was Alesha's ghostly face as she had left the courtroom. She did look slightly better after hearing his guilty verdict, but still, nothing like the Alesha that turned up to work everyday. I walked into the shop by the bus stop, hoping to linger until the bus came. It was a wine store and I walked around, pretending to browse. Still, Alesha's face was burned into my mind. I needed to see her, make sure she was okay.

Quickly, I bought a decent looking bottle of wine and went outside. I was pretty sure I could remember the way to Alesha's, though I'd only been there once to drop off a file. I walked as quickly as possible, searching for street names. I had to go back on myself a couple of times but I found the place after 15 minutes.

Someone was leaving the building as I came to the gate so I ran to catch the door and made my way upstairs, knocking when I reached the right door. No answer. I was sure she would be there so I called, hoping she would answer when she realised it was me, 'Lesh? It's Matt. You in there?' I felt stupid so I tried to keep my voice to a minimum, not wanting to disturb the neighbours. I heard some movement from inside and I straightened up, waiting patiently to see the face of the woman I loved.