Prompt: Kirk, McCoy, Joanna - New boyfriend

Slight Overreaction

″Okay, here's the plan,″ Jim began ticking items off on his fingers as he spoke. ″Bones, you answer the door and let him in, offer him a drink, do that Southern hospitality crap you always harp on about. We want him to see you as the best one to confide in should it be necessary in the future, we don't want him scared of you. That's what the rest of us are for. Uhura will help you out while she examines his body language, silent cues, and sincerity.″

Receiving nods of understanding, Jim spun around to face the next group. ″Spock, you will stand by the door looking intimidating and blocking any escape attempts.″ Jim paused at Spock's raised eyebrow but continued after Spock released a barely-audible sigh and reached for his utility belt.

″Chekov, you'll work on the background check with Scotty on the kitchen terminals, which you may do any improvements you wish to.″ They both nodded and looked rather delighted.

Jim turned to his pilot. ″Sulu, you and I will sit in the corner and not speak. You polish your katana and I'll run diagnostics on all my phasers.″

He turned once again to face the entire room and clapped his hands. ″Everyone understand your roles in this mission?″

Joanna, who had initially turned a ghastly pale and then gradually shaded to angry red, was practically quivering in her boots. ″Uncle Jim! I thought Dad would be the one to overreact about this, not you. How could you?″

″I'm sure he's a nice boy, Joanna. We just want to make sure of it.″

″You are ruining my life!″ She ran out of the room with a giant huff.

Jim, remembering what he was like when he was Joanna's age, called after her retreating form, ″That's our job, Jojo, and we take our job very seriously.″