This is all human.

(Bella POV)

Forks, Washington.

A place only on this earth to torture me.

You must be wondering who I am.

I am Isabella Swan.

Call me Isabella and I'll fuck you up.

Ask anyone, I will be called, Bella nothing else.

Except my friends who call me Izzy.

I have brown hair six inches past my shoulders and blond highlights.

I have muddy-brown eyes.

With straight white teeth, a small waist, big breasts and an ass to die for.

Thanks to Victoria, James and Laurent and Emmett I was the envy of most girls.

Did I mention I have belly piercing?

I left Forks because I was bullied.

Lauren, Jessica, Mike, Tyler, Rosalie and last of all

Edward Cullen.

The motherfucker never quit.

He was the leader.

Always the first was to mess with me.

It was the final straw when they tied me up

And cut my hip.

They were inexperienced and left a scar.

It was only small. 3 inches at most.

But it was enough for me to break.

Charlie - my dad - never knew I was being bullied.

Only the kids at school did and they never told.

The closest thing I ever had to friends in Forks were Angela, Alice and Jasper

They cleaned me up, though we hardly ever spoke in public.

Anyway enough about me, on with the story.

I parked my black Ferrari - a good luck present from my friends - in the driveway.

I admit I am a little nervous to see my dad again.

Before I looked a lot different.

Buck teeth, obese, frizzy untamable hair, glasses and braces.

I still cringe at the memory of my old self.

A lot had changed.

Thank god for contacts

I took a deep breath and knocked three times on the door.

Twelve seconds later the door opened.


He still looked the same. I smiled

"Are you lost?"

He asked me.

He didn't recognise me I thought, mentally laughing

"No, I'm looking for my dad,

He goes by the name of Charles Swan"

I watched as his face went from confusion

To recognition to joy.


He yelled as he picked my up and hugged me.

Wow, Charlie isn't usually very emotional.

He must have missed me more than I thought.

I laughed and yelled to be let down.

"I missed you"

Charlie mumbled the words into my hair.

I wrapped my arms around him

"I missed you too dad"

I told him truthfully.

He is one of the only reasons

I'm glad to be back.

The other being by friends in La Push.

Jacob, Paul, Jared, Quil, Embry, Seth and Leah.

Me and Sam didn't get along very well.

I wonder if they will recognise me.

"I have a surprise for you Bells"

Charlie grinned and I was instantly suspicious.

The last surprise had NOT been good.

Charlie led me into the living room.

In there was 9 guys and one girl.

I recognized them instantly, well 8 of them.

My guys - and Leah.

They all stared at me with puzzled gazes.

All but one.


He jumped up and charged for me.

Swinging me around he yelled in excitement.


Sam snapped at him.

Embry nearly dropped me and my eyes narrowed.

"Who's this Embry,

And why have me never met her before?"

Paul sent me a flirty grin

And I winked in return.

Embry picked me up and apologized for dropping me

"It's okay you didn't mean to"

Always the sweet one Embry.

I turned to the guys - and Leah.

"Well it's nice that everyone remembered me"

I fake-sobbed into Embry's chest.

None of the boys wore a shirt.

My old-self was always acting.

I could turn the water works on and off like a switch.

I could almost hear light bulbs go off in everyone's heads.

I forced my grin away.

Suddenly I was ripped away from Embry and in a very tight hug.

My head was pressed against someone's boobs.

Obviously this was Leah.

"Um… Leah. I'm not really into girls"

I mumbled, trying to get my head away.

Everyone laughed and I was in another pair of arms.

I sighed.

Apparently this is how it's going down.

I was passed from person to person until I was face to face with Sam.


I started.

Sam was just staring at me, not speaking.


He replied.

I shrugged and walked to the two faces I didn't know.

I stuck out my hand

"I'm Bella Swan.

Who the hell are you?"

Sure I was blunt but that's how it is.

The taller one grinned a wolfish grin

"I'm Colin. This is Brady"

He nudged the boy next to him

Who's eyes were glued to my chest.

Colin smacked the back of head.

Brady shook his head

"Hey babe"

He winked at me, trying to look sexy.

"Down big boy. Too young

You can't handle all this"

Laughing with everyone else,

I went and sat on Paul's lap.

Me and him had always got along the best for some reason.

Paul snaked his hand around me waist automatically.

"I could handle you"

His breath was hot against my neck.


I agreed

"Just not in this lifetime"

I added.

Paul laughed good-hearted and leaned back putting his arms behind his head.

"You know what. I liked this position"

Paul said smirking.

He probably expected me to move or blush.

I did neither.

A splutter from the other side of the room had me turning.

Shit; I forgot my father was in the room.

Widening my eyes innocently I smacked Paul's chest.

Climbing off I walked to my father

"Daddy, he was rude to me"

I had him fooled.

Paul had lost his smirk, I was fighting my own.

When my father wasn't looking I stuck my tongue out and smirked.

Paul narrowed his eyes and mouthed

'I'll get you later' Witnesses sniggered.

I let out a yawn. I was exhausted from the plane and the drive here.

"Daddy I'm going to bed" I told him.

I let myself be hugged by everyone again.

I didn't have the energy to smack Brady when he groped my ass.

After doing my nightly routine I was in bed asleep.

My last thought was

'I start school tomorrow. They best be prepared because this time… I'm not backing down'

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