"I'm gay, i'm gay, i'm fucking gay." Kat chanted to herself as she curled up in fetal position and allowed herself to be insulted. She had turned on her mp3 that Coop got her as a birthday present and was presently listening to a truly revolting band known as AxCx, who's insulting songs plunged her into a deeper depression.

"Oooh, if I shot myself here Coop wouldn't even care!" Kat wailed as the songs continued to batter her ears, of course she never did shoot herself. Since at that moment Coop walked in through the door, with a fresh lipstick stain on his cheek. KAt glared at Coop angrily who blushed and wiped the stain off with his sleeve.

"Phoebe was a little more demanding today." Coop said nervously, as if defending Phoebe's possessive action on her man. Kat continued her unflinching glare. Of course, since she was an alien her glare seemed a lot more, well, unhuman than any other creature on this planet. So the glare hurt Coop a little on the inside. Coop walked up to his girlfriend and begging petting her behind the ears, as he knew she loved.

"Come on, it was just a little kiss. It's not like i'd do any of the stuff I do with you with her. I mean, if you ever gave me permission to have sex with her..." Coop began, but was interrupted by a glare from Kat.

"Not saying I would, but if I did I'd wear protection. Remember the time we did it, in my room." Coop said with a smile, Kat tried to glare at Coop but had to smile as well. She had to admit that it was a great night for both of them.

"I'd never do anything like that with Phoebe, just you." Coop said with a smile as he reached his hand underneath Kat's stomach and started scratching her.

"And do you know why?" Coop asked, Kat looked up at him with a lovesick grin on her face, she knew the answer but she loved it when Coop said it. Coop leaned forward and whispered in his beloved's ear.

"Because I love you."

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