The Gaurden Adventure time.

HI, Im Noober, you know me! i dont own this story. and DONT REED THIS ON A LIVE STREEM OR ELSE ILL GET REALLY MAD ALL OVER ee

once a pon a tim. a bunch of kittens were waklking down to the human sanctuary. then the gaurds said " Hay! this is a human sanctuaty, not a kitten sanctuary!" and then the other gaurd said " tom shup the fucup. and then ADRIAN FELL ON THEM.

"Oh, no! all the kitte3ns are dead now! Adrian what are doing?"

And then Adrian sais "I'm having a Brody quest!

And then the guards say "oh I get it."
And then Karen starts to cry "Oh no, you killed the kittens! They're dead now, and they were the last kittens in the universe!"

And then Adrian says "Don't be such a Bayblade Karen. Let it rip!

And then Karen says "I'll rip you!" three times and so she does, and he spins the rest of the time ripped in half.

And then Adrian says "Let's explore this human sanctuary"|
So they did, but there was nothing but fetuses inside, so they got bored and left.

And then that guy showed up and sayd 'Hahaha, I'll kill all of you especially you!"

And then someone says "We'll all end up dead anyways eventually so whatever" And then they dissapeared.

And then that guy saiss "Ph, you sure fooled me!" I guess I'll kill myself so he does.

And then they locked all the bad guys in a meat packing plant and left. And then I left/ To the left. And I said- "I'm going to make like my cabbages and split into two halfs. Your half. The left half. Th eend.