Love forever

Chapter 1

Edward's POV

I was just putting my beautiful baby girl to bed when I hear my lovely wife coming up the stairs.

"Mason's fast asleep and Jack wont be home yet, so we can talk." she smile at me before walking over and kissing our daughters forehead before kissing my cheek.

"I'll be with you in a moment love." I've been think of how I was going to tell my lovely Bella that i miss my family. I know that when i left 10 years ago to fine my own mate that I would have to give up seeing my family, but now I can't really deal with just a couple of phone calls a month, i want them to be a part of my children life. And with Bella pregnant again, i feel like i need my family.

I walk in to our room and smile at Bella sitting on our bed.

"Love .." she cuts me off.

"Edward, baby I'm going to be driving to kids and Jack to la push tomorrow so your going to have to go to the airport for me." I look at her confused. A smile slowly appears on her face.

"Edward, did you really find I didn't know you missed you family, I've know you since we we're human, you my handsome husband might be the mind reader in the family but I can read you like a book, so I called you father last week and long story short they are coming to live with us. They will be here tomorrow." I could not believe what my lovely wife had done for me, she is right she knows me to well. I smiled at her before walking over to her and gave her a passionate kiss.

I was the luckiest vampire to have such an amazing wife.

Alice's POV

I just had a vision of Bella, Edwards wife, telling him that he that we are moving in with them. I smiled as i walked into the living room.

"Are you OK darling?" Jasper asked smiling at me, he known that we all missed Edward and that we we're all looking forward to seeing Bella.

"Yes, Bella just told Edward." i smiled at my parents as i sat next to my husband.

"How was he about all this? We haven't seen him for so long." Esme was starting to worry that Edward didn't want us to come.

"Mum, Edward is happy about it, really happy, he want us to come so no more worrying..." i was about to continue when i had a vision of Bella calling us. When I came out of it I only had enough time to tell them she would be calling.

Emmett was next to the phone so he pick it up and put it on speaker.

"Hello" OK that was not Bella voice. It sound more like Edward.

"Edward. Son?" Dads face lit up when every Edward called both our parents really missed Edward we all did.

"Hey dad, how are you?" we could all hear movement in the background.

"So dude you looking forward to seeing us tomorrow" Emmett said

"Hey Em of course, I've missed all of you, I'll be picking you guy from the airport tomorrow so don't worry about transport." I looked around to see them all looked shocked.

"Edward, honey you don't have to do that, we were going to look at a house before coming over to see you and Bella." my mum said

"Edward tell your family not to worry about a place to live, I've also got your father a job at the hospital" we could hear Bella form the other line, and we were all shocked, I didn't see any of this, she's sweet do do all this for people she dosent even know.

"Edward are we on speaker?" my father asked.

We could hear Edward laughing. "You are now dad."

"Bella dear you don't have to do all that for us." Esme said.

"It's nothing really. I enjoyed design your rooms, gives me something to do, plus we have to room. Now No more talking about finding a place to live." Bella sounded happy, as if this was not the first time we were going to see her.

"well thank you then dear, its was very kind of you. We'll see to both tomorrow. Goodnight son, Bella." Dad said.

"Goodnight" they both said then the line when dead.

Edward was right she is a awounderful person.