Love forever

Chapter 28

Carlisle's POV

It's been one busy day first Rose goes into labour then our Alice follows not long after and now my sweet Esme was screaming at me for putting her though this

As a doctor I know all women yell out at their husbands or boyfriends no matter how many times they have even birth

It was a human experience that I thought I would never go throw

But here I am, my hand almost turning to dust under my wife's hand and hearing words that I never thought my sweet Esme knew

Who knew my wife could be so colourful?

"I have someone who would like to meet her mummy and daddy" The doctor said placing my little girl into my wife's waiting arms

"You sure she's going to be OK" Esme asked

We had told our doctor that we had lost our son when we had first got married, that our son never had a chance to live

The doctor understood our worries, saying most parents that have lost a children go through the same thing and he keep telling us that our little girl was as healthy as can be

But that did not stop Esme from worrying herself sick

"She is perfectly healthy Esme" our Doctor said smiling

"So does this little angel have a name?" the nurse asked

"Lilian Raine Cullen" Esme said sobbing happily

"A beautiful name for a very beautiful little girl" The nurse smiled

Moments later I found myself standing next to my sons outside the nursery talking about how cute our children where

"Hey Bella said I would find you all here" Michell said coming round the corner

"So how are the mummies doing?" he asked

"I think Rose is going to cut my dick of" Emmett said

"I not letting my dick anywhere near Alice" Jasper moaned

"I think Esme is just happy to have a baby" I smiled

"Don't worry Bella was like that but it passes" Edward said smiling

"It will be your turn soon Mic" Emmett joked

"Not for another four months mate" Michell replied smiling

"So is Eli with you?" Jasper asked

"Nope, doctor's orders, she's one bed rest for the rest of her pregnancies, but she sent me on a mission to get baby pictures" He said waving the camera at us

We all had a good laugh at that

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