Chapter one

In a place untouchable by mere mortals, a teenage blonde stood in the middle of a large back garden, his eyes closed and his hands down by his sides. All around him the wind had picked up to rapid speeds, easily pointing out that something was going to happen.

The teen's eyes snapped open as he tilted his head back slightly, dodging a fist that was aimed for his cheek from another replica of him. Bringing up his hand he struck the clone in the chin, causing the clone to disperse as two more popped into existence and charged him. One clone jumped into the air and went for a flying kick while the other went for a sliding kick.

The original smiled as he flipped through the attacks, effortlessly evading both hits as he retaliated with two quick strikes, dispersing them as three more popped into existence. Two shot towards the original as one placed his hands together for a jutsu, going through eight hand seals.

Easily dispersing the first clone he grabbed the second clone and threw it at the third, the collision dispersing both of them. "That'll do for now. I've been at it all day." The teen told himself as he headed indoors to get a shower and clean himself up.

He was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the second container for the ten tailed divine dragon, a pink-white dragon of unparalleled might. Eighteen years old physically, in truthful age he was seven thousand four hundred and thirty two years old, the fourth oldest being to still be alive, the third being the dragon that had been sealed in his gut and the first and second oldest being alive were Kami and Shinigami.

When Naruto was eighteen with the nine tailed fox still sealed in his gut, he went on a solo mission against Madara Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha, defeating the latter but leaving him alive. Going against Madara he was effortlessly defeated and had the beast extracted, however a failsafe within the seal caused the fox, which was fusing with the other eight, to permanently fuse with Naruto causing the other eight tailed beasts to fuse with him also, the ten tailed dragon combining with his mortal soul and turning him immortal but placing him in a thousand year coma.

When Naruto awoke he was visited by Kami and Shinigami who explained everything to him. The young boy cried that all of his friends had passed on and were now in a place he could not go, however he was given a chance by Kami and Shinigami to become their avatar, working for them by going to various worlds and helping out the hero or heroine that required the assistance.

He jumped at the chance and gladly accepted. To begin with, the two gods began by sculpting a mansion which Naruto would live in alone unless he got himself a lover (or lovers) who wanted to be his. In the mansion Naruto was given access to a library Kami named 'all gods library' as she and Shinigami created it. The library contained a limitless amount of books, and Kami told Naruto that he was free to learn anything he wanted for nothing. She also added in that to read everything that came from his world in this library would take about a million years, something Naruto intended to beat.

He surprised Kami completely by finishing the entire section that fully dealt with his world in just under three thousand years, and mastered everything he had learned in two thousand years, able to go toe-to-toe with thousands of himself and still walk out of a brawl with very little problem. His tenant helped matters the best she could and Naruto saw the dragon woman as a sister and a lover, something she didn't object to being as it gave them much to talk about.

Due to his fusion with the dragon, Naruto found that he was no longer human. He had become a full dragon, capable of transforming into one whenever he pleased and able to transform back at will. His sister, who christened herself Keiko, could do the same as well seeing as though she was out of the seal that no longer existed on Naruto's stomach. She had Kami to thank for that although she could still fuse into him whenever she wished.

Naruto found working for Kami and Shinigami both fun and enjoyable as all he had to do was go to various worlds that they overlooked and keep things in check and helping out the main dude or dame complete their mission. Naruto had only been to one world so far, where a red haired teenager had travelled through time with people from the present, past and future had to defeat a beast that would destroy most of the world and leave it for dead.

The team, with Naruto's help and advice, prevented the event from happening by wiping it out upon its waking day, saving the planet from total annihilation. After the fighting was all done, Naruto left the world saying a permanent goodbye to those he had grown close to, although he gave two of the girls a kiss which caused them both to faint, despite the first being a scientist having a brain that could far surpass his in some areas and the second being from the distant past with strength that would make most men jealous.

"I wonder how they're doing now..." he said as he entered the kitchen, a wondrous smell entering his nostrils. He looked over to the stove to see his sister happily working away, cooking a delicious meal for the two of them.

Keiko stood at an impressive six foot, five inches shorter than Naruto's height. She wore a pair of dark green shorts with a green t-shirt to match her bright neon green hair. Her body was perfectly toned and she sported double D breasts underneath her top. Keiko loved her little brother, and always slept with him and got her share of fun when she was in the mood, usually once every couple of months which would last for a few days.

"Little brother." she said with a smile as he took a seat at the table, relaxing from his exercise. "How was your training?"

"Tough, but worth every moment. My stamina is slowly becoming what it used to be." Naruto replied earning a very perverted giggle from Keiko. Naruto shook his head, knowing Keiko would always think of every possibility including perverted or give the most unusual answer she could. "Keiko, it's been eight months since our last session. You said I'd have to wait two more weeks unless we go to a world by orders of Kami."

"Very true." Keiko replied as Naruto stood up and walked over to her. Keiko turned around and was instantly in Naruto's firm arms, his hands making themselves known on her rear underneath her clothing. "Ooh..." moaned the dragon girl before they kissed, Naruto enjoying the position he was currently in.

Keiko's toes curled in his grip and kiss alone, and couldn't wait for the next two weeks to come so she could get into his pants and have her prize that belonged to the only one she did love. Keiko could never get pregnant due to a very unique condition that she had, although that didn't dispirit her as she stated once to Naruto "if I can't get pregnant, then I just have to have as much sex as I can" and Naruto didn't object to it.

Before they could continue their pleasure the pan behind Keiko began hissing, Naruto letting go of his beautiful lover and letting her get back to cooking the dinner. "Anything of interest going on?" Naruto asked as he sat down at the table.

"Kami wants to see us once we've eaten. She's got another world that is going to need our assistance." Keiko told her lover as she began dishing up the dinner she was cooking. Naruto didn't look surprised; in fact he looked somewhat happy and a little excited.

"Yes! A world to cause some havoc in." Naruto stated with happiness in his voice as Keiko placed the dinner in front of him along with a knife and fork. "Thanks Keiko, it looks absolutely delicious." The two began tucking in, the conversation being placed on pause while the two dragons filled their stomachs with the dinner that Keiko had done for the two of them.

After the two finished their dinner Keiko placed everything in the sink and summoned a shadow clone who got to work on the dishes as the original and Naruto left the kitchen to go get changed and in Naruto's case, take a shower. "So where do you think Kami will send us?" Naruto questioned as they entered the bedroom, Keiko walking over to the wardrobe on the left hand side of the room.

"Don't know but I can't wait though." replied the dragon woman as Naruto stripped off and got into the shower that was built into his room, hidden from view by a wall that also held a couple of towels. "A chance to get out of here and have some fun in multiple ways." She added as Naruto turned on the water for the shower.

"Neither can I. Ahh...just what I needed after a hard day's work." Naruto stated as Keiko walked out of the walk in wardrobe a few moments later, holding multiple variations of green and pink clothes.

"Hey bro, what colour should I wear? Pink or green?" she threw the outfits on the bed and began looking at them as the running water stopped and Naruto walked out, a towel around his lower body and a puzzled look on his face.

"Hmm...go for pink but choose something for fighting. There's a good chance a battle or two will require us to stand in and help out." Keiko nodded as she walked past Naruto, her hand slapping his bum cheek causing him to grab his sister and bring her into a kiss, making her toes curl and her to moan in deep passionate bliss. "You know if you touch me there you get kissed deeply." Naruto warned her as he broke apart, Keiko grinning like a little girl happily that she had gotten away with something big.

"I know about your sensitive spots little brother, and I intend to get as much action as I can out of you while we're on the job." Keiko giggled as Naruto walked over to the walk in wardrobe, the clothes on the floor exploding into flames and burning to nothing, as if they were never there. 'You have no idea what you're in for little brother.' Keiko thought sadistically as the girl headed to the shower, stripping off and climbing in to get herself cleaned up.

Ten minutes later

Naruto and Keiko walked into the palace of the gods, seeing Kami and Shinigami sitting there waiting for them. Only a god or an immortal had permission to visit Kami and Shinigami without being subjugated to the gods laws, and even then the spirit would have to be either a servant of the god in question, or be given special permission to see them.

Kami was a goddess that overlooked heaven while Shinigami was a god that overlooked hell. The two worked in tandem with and against each other to make sure that worlds had a balance of good and evil, although many times there was more evil than good however sometimes the opposite was true.

Kami smiled as Naruto and Keiko walked into the room. "Naruto, Keiko, I am glad you have arrived. I have a job for the two of you." she told them as she stood up. The goddess wore a gold robe and had bright golden blonde hair which went down her back, stopping somewhere around the middle.

"Lady Kami, lord Shinigami." Naruto addressed them, giving a very polite bow as Shinigami stood up, the skeletal being holding his infamous knife in his left hand and keeping his other hand free. "It is a pleasure to meet the two of you."

"Likewise kid." Shinigami replied with a devilish smirk. "As my sister stated we have a job for the two of you." Shinigami motioned for Kami to continue, the heavenly deity nodding.

"As always another world has gone into a crisis, requiring your assistance to sort out the matter. The world is more a giant continent that has yet to see the developing world so it hasn't yet advanced into technology or advanced weapons." Kami allowed a smile to grace her face as Keiko began kissing Naruto, intent on getting into his pants. "The world however can use the art of magic, therefore chakra users are present yet do not know how to use it yet."

Naruto and Keiko instantly stopped kissing and turned their full attention to the deities in front of them. "Go on..." they both said in unison, their interest now collected by Kami.

"Various people down there can use chakra related abilities like the simple clone technique and the chameleon technique however there are very few skills outside of that. The villain you will eventually be going against wields a deep and dark power that has a mere fragment of my brother's power, so you'll need to exercise caution." Warned Kami, Keiko giggling as she fused with Naruto and appeared in his mindscape.

"I see. So any hindrances on my abilities or am I dancing mad this time?" Kami simply smiled, Naruto easily getting the message that he was allowed to go all out. "Awesome. Kami, you're beautiful as always. Shinigami, you're badass as per usual. Time to get on with my job." Kami and Shinigami both gave him a nod as he walked over to the 'job door' which he opened and walked through, instantly realising that he was falling. "Well, here goes nothing!"


A young eighteen year old green haired girl was currently relaxing on her bed, enjoying the sunlight that was beaming through her door. The girl lived alone in a small hut big enough for one person to stay in and had the necessary things to last for a few months there.

Her name was Lyn, short for Lyndis and sole survivor of the Lorca tribe, a tribe that was wiped out just over a year ago. She was the daughter of the chieftain of the tribe therefore making her an important person to those who knew the tribe. To others however they only saw her as a woman of very little standing, something which didn't anger her as she had expected it.

'I wonder what I can do today...' she thought with a sad sigh as she lay there, wondering how the rest of her tribes people that had also managed to escape from the one night massacre. 'I'm trying not to think of boring things but nothing is available to do.' she thought with a small sigh.

Before Lyn could question what had happened there was a loud sound from outside, almost as if something hard had just hit the ground followed by a very small quake. "The earth is moving!" she exclaimed in shock as she sat up, everything shaking as the tremor calmed down. "What was all that about?" Lyn got off of her bed and went outside to see a very surprising sight.

Right in front of her was a crater at least three times the size of her hut. Right in the centre was a very big human shaped hole, almost as if someone had fallen from the sky and plummeted deep into the earth. Lyn looked both cautious and curious as she walked into the small crater, keeping herself ready in case she saw anyone that required her help.

Walking into the centre of the crater she saw a man she had never seen before in her life. He lay at an impressive height and wore a white sleeveless thick coat with a pair of white trousers and a red sash around his waist. What stood out was the serene look upon his face and the blonde hair that seemed to gleam beautifully in the sunlight. 'By mother earth...who is he to survive a fall from such a great height to cause this?' thought the girl as she lifted him up, placing an arm over her shoulder and carrying the blonde haired stranger to her hut.

As Lyn placed him gently down on her bed she heard him mutter something that she couldn't understand. 'What did he just say?' she thought as he stirred slightly, Lyn placing a hand on his head to make sure he was in perfect condition. 'That's really odd. He is not unwell in the slightest. Truly a miracle he survived.' She backed off and turned around, not noticing the blonde haired man slowly opening his eyes.

"Uhh..." Naruto moaned as Lyn turned to face him, the green haired girl looking at him with a smile.

"Are you ok?" Lyn asked curiously as Naruto sat up, taking a moment to identify where he was. "I found you outside, in that, um, giant hole in the ground."

"And you brought me in here?" Lyn nodded, wondering what he meant. "Thanks I guess. Who might you be?"

"I'm Lyn, sole survivor of the Lorca tribe. Who are you?"

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, random person who fell out of the sky and cannot remember how he got up there in the first place." Lyn giggled at his words as the two suddenly heard things from outside.

"Stay here." She said seriously as she went out to look, Naruto getting to his feet and stretching a bit to relieve the small tension. "Bandits!" Lyn stated in shock as she walked in, looking a little afraid. "There are four of them! I have to stop them or they'll terrorise the towns." She seemed to be talking to herself more than Naruto. "I don't mean to ask too much, but can you fight? There are four of them and I won't be able to defeat them by myself."

"Of course I can." Naruto said with a warm smile. "When you see me in action, don't be too surprised." Lyn followed Naruto as he walked outside, the four bandits seeing him and instantly giving a battle cry. Lyn looked fearful as one shot towards him, Naruto smirking as he raised his axe intent on killing him. Before Lyn could say anything Naruto evaded the attack and slammed his fist into the bandit's face.

Lyn stood there in utter shock as the bandit went from his location to a very far distance away from them in one strike, Naruto remaining impassive as the other three charged him, attempting to make mince meat out of him. The three axes swung at the same time, Naruto flipping through the attack space and sending another flying with his foot. "Feel free to join in." Naruto said loudly, Lyn shaking her head and drawing out her sword ready to strike.

Lyn darted forward as the last two turned around to face Naruto, who jumped into the air and dodged their strikes. He smiled as Lyn cut one down and the other turned around, his axe hitting her blade with such force that the bandit dropped his axe, which was a big mistake as he fell to the ground, his head rolling away from his body. Naruto landed safely as the last two bandits that had been sent flying charged angrily, intent on killing them. "They never learn."

Naruto took the first as Lyn engaged the second, both bandits being killed within seconds. "You're really skilled, especially being able to defeat them with just your bare hands." Lyn said to Naruto as he smiled. "Where did you learn to fight like that?"

"I mostly taught myself with my techniques and skills and I trained with them furiously, constantly seeing the strengths and weaknesses of my moves." Naruto explained as the two headed back to the hut, Lyn looking thoughtful. "You're not too bad with the sword either. You want to spar?"

Lyn gave him a surprised look. "Not today, I'm a little tired for some reason. How about tomorrow?" Naruto gave a nod and the two headed indoors, Lyn wanting to know more about her companion but knowing it wasn't unfair to ask about their private life. However her attention was caught by the amount of food she had, which was almost all gone much to her surprise and disappointment.

"Fair enough." Naruto took a seat on the ground as Lyn sat on her bed, the Lorca girl relaxing as Naruto began to think about various things. 'Ok, from Lyn's general attitude she is trusting of people and very kind.' he thought as his stomach gave a small rumble.

"Hey are you hungry?" Lyn stood up as Naruto nodded, knowing he needed something to eat to keep his stamina up. "I've got some meat and water if you want it."

"I'm not really that hungry." Naruto's stomach however spoke otherwise as Lyn smiled. "I guess I've been caught out." the Lorca girl grabbed a bag by the wall and walked outside with Naruto following her to the side of the crater right next to the hut where she began sorting out a small campfire.

"Wait a second; you can't make a fire without putting a ring of rocks around it!" Naruto pointed out, Lyn stopping and looking at him confused. "What if a small fire broke out? The grass would let it spread." Lyn's eyes widened as she realised his words, Naruto heading into the crater to pick up a few. Grabbing several small ones he jumped back out of the crater and leant down, placing them around the small campfire. Unfortunately for Lyn, she was having no luck in starting up the small fire. "Allow me." Placing two fingers in an upright position Naruto focused his chakra and created a small flame on the tip of his fingers, which he dropped into the circle of sticks and grass to begin the fire.

Lyn watched in sheer amazement as the fire grew into a gentle flame, crackling with the wood. "Wow. How did you do that?" questioned Lyn as she busied herself with the food, placing it on a stick and letting it cook.

"It's a family secret, one I'm not allowed to reveal." He lied, Lyn giving a face of understanding as he sat down on the grass. "So tell me a bit about yourself." Lyn turned the meat and looked at Naruto.

"There's not much to know really. I was born on the plains and I grew up with my parents until several months ago when we were attacked by bandits." Her face hardened. "The attack only took one night. They killed...everyone, even my parents. The survivors...there were only, less than that..." she looked furious as she tightened her grip on the stick the meat was on, Naruto watching her dark expression.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know." Naruto spoke, Lyn shaking her head and becoming happy again.

"So tell me about yourself, if you remember anything." Naruto smiled at her small joke, although by her expression she didn't get it.

"Don't really remember much. My mum and dad I never knew, and my adoptive parents weren't much better. Only real memory I have is being thrown out of my home at eight years old, having learned their secrets fully against their will." Naruto knew he was lying, but sometimes a lie to get further would be better than telling the truth.

"My goodness..." Lyn stated in horror.

"It gets worse. Wherever I went, I was treated as an outcast. No-one in the village I lived in would take me in, so I was forced to fend for myself which wasn't hard considering the skills I learned. When I turned nine the village was attacked and destroyed, by troops or bandits I don't remember, and I survived and began travelling. Over nine years I travelled and fought many people, never taking lives but only defeating those that believed I was a weakling."

Lyn looked horrified. 'He's been through so much, beyond what I could ever imagine to go through. Not even my tribe would be so inhumane to do that to one of our own.' "Naruto I'm so sorry for the events that have happened to you. If only I'd have known I wouldn't have asked."

"Don't worry about it Lyn. I'm a stronger man because of what I've been through." He gave her a smile. "And is that meat cooked or are you trying to burn it?" Lyn turned to the meat and pulled it out of the fire, using a small knife to cut it up and serving it with a few herbs and spices. "This is quite nice." Naruto stated as he took his first bite. "I never thought you'd be such a great cook."

"T-thanks." Lyn said with a blush as the two tucked in, eating in complete silence except for the sounds of munching and nibbling. Her eyes watched as Naruto ate the meat from the stick, not even worried about the small bits of bone inside of the meat much to her surprise. "Do you have any friends or family?"

Naruto paused as he finished his bit of meat with a slight smile. "I do. I know a girl called Keiko, who travels and often follows me. Chances are she'll be here in the next either day or after that." Lyn gave a look of understanding.

"Do her?" asked Lyn, hoping to not strike a nerve.

"I do. Keiko I see as a sister and a lover at the same time, as she's been there with me since the village burnt down. She also happened to know the basics of my family secrets and we began learning how to use them together." Lyn gave Naruto a nod of understanding as he stood up, looking at the sunset. "It's getting a bit late. Shall we get some rest for the evening?"

"Y-yeah." Lyn stood up as Naruto summoned a ball of water from the air and dropped it on the fire, a loud hissing breaking the silence as the fire was completely eliminated. "Hey Naruto, we need to go get some food tomorrow ok?" Lyn told him as they headed into the hut.

"No problem." Naruto took a seat on the edge of the bed and looked around, noticing various items for a single person to live with including a few changes of clothes and another iron sword. "Oh Lyn, Keiko might be here later so I'm going to stay up."

"Of course!" she said behind him as Naruto felt the quilt shuffle up, indicating she had climbed into bed. Standing up Naruto headed outside to do some exercise as Lyn laid there, thoughts running through her head about the man. 'He is really handsome and rather cute, especially with his hair. I wonder if he loves her deeply or just as brother and sister?'

As Naruto stepped outside the tent he felt the wind on his face and quietly began to focus his chakra, concentrating gently as he wrapped it around himself. Before he had a chance to do anything a flash of green in front of him blinded him before he was taken to the ground by a very familiar girl. "Hello Keiko."

"Big brother!" she said happily as she kissed him, Naruto returning it warmly. The two got up as Keiko jumped into his arms, Naruto carrying her out of the crater with ease and setting her down. "Let's do some sparring. I need to loosen up a bit."

"Sure thing." Keiko took a few steps forward and spun around, both of them going into different fighting stances, ready to spar at furious levels. "Pure taijutsu or all out?" Keiko gave an evil grin, indicating it was an all out fight. "Fine by me."

For a second, neither of them did nothing. Then, like lightning, they were gone. The two reappeared in a freeze frame, Naruto with his fist extended out and missing Keiko by inches before they disappeared again. Like lightning their battle erupted, the two teleporting around the field at speeds no human could ever read.

Dodging a kick aimed for his neck Naruto went in for a punch aimed for Keiko's stomach which she jumped over and used the momentum to go straight into a grab, wrapping both of her legs around Naruto's neck and throwing him into the air. Landing safely Keiko spun around and concentrated chakra into her fist, doing a five-forty and ploughing her fist into the descending Naruto who was sent flying.

'Impressive Keiko.' He thought as he self righted and stood a good distance from her, knowing it would be a while before he got himself back to his original fully battle ready state like he was in the previous world. Naruto gave Keiko a nod as he blurred out of sight and slammed his fist into Keiko's gut, the girl taking the blow but feeling almost nothing from it. "We're not getting anywhere are we?"

"No. Let's go to the next level." Naruto smiled as he vanished and slammed his fist into Keiko's back, reinforcing his punch with a flick of his chakra to empower the strike. Keiko arched back before spinning around and the two going into a rapid blow exchange.

Naruto and Keiko had five levels of sparring. The first level used pure taijutsu and nothing but, negating the usage of chakra completely. The second level stuck with taijutsu but they now used chakra to empower their strength and speed, allowing them to move faster than sound and also hit considerably harder than usual. The third level employed ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu and also took the fighting to a whole new level, the two going further with chakra than the second level and neither of them holding back as much. The fourth level allowed them to go mostly all out, using everything in their arsenal of skills and techniques to win a spar. Forbidden techniques weren't permitted in the fourth level and the two would always take a spar to level four and no higher. The fifth level permitted them to use everything they couldn't do at level four.

A general spar between Naruto and Keiko would go on for several hours before they would call it quits. However they would go on longer if either of them needed to get back in shape or try something out, which would usually leave the other either in a crater or barbequed well.

"Hah!" Naruto called out as their fists and feet continued to slam against each other's in a close combat dance, neither of them gaining the upper hand on each other, although they weren't trying to get an upper hand in the first place. Keiko smiled as she grabbed his hands and wrapped her legs around his, pushing him to the ground with her on top of him with a very perverted smile. "I know you're eager to get into my pants but you'll have to wait until we find a bed or a quieter place. The last thing I want is for Lyn to wake up because of our time together."

"I know." Keiko let go of her lover and bent down, kissing him on the lips gently before they began kissing each other furiously, Naruto running his hands down her back before planting them on her backside with a firm grip, turning the dragon girl on. "Mm...That's good..." she moaned after the kiss was broken before going in again for a furious battle with her tongue against his.

After a good kissing battle which Keiko lost miserably, the two stood up and got into stances, ready for round two. "Dance!" they cried as the fight resumed.

The next morning

Lyn awoke slowly, feeling the comfort zone of her bed all around her. "Mm...that was a good sleep..." commented the female as she sat up, looking around for the blonde haired man. "Naruto? W-where are you?" she asked a little tired as she got out of bed, seeing everything the same and having a feeling that he was outside.

Lyn's eyes widened to extreme lengths when she stepped outside. All around the entire field looked as though something had completely destroyed everything there. Various rocks lay everywhere with the lake completely destroyed, and the ground now inaccessible for horses and other mounted riders to traverse. 'By father sky and mother earth...what infuriated him so much to cause so much destruction?' she thought as she looked around, noticing someone standing on top of the rock formation.

The figure jumped down and Lyn easily recognised the blonde hair. "Naruto!" she exclaimed in a surprised voice as he walked towards her. "Did you cause this much destruction?"

"Yeah. Actually it was me and Keiko, who turned up about two minutes after you fell asleep. We've been out here the entire night kicking the crap out of each other." Lyn's jaw dropped and Naruto was sure if it could hit the floor, it would've done so. "Did you enjoy your sleep?"

Lyn picked her jaw up from the ground. "Yeah. Who's that?" Naruto whirled around and saw a very tired looking Keiko climbing out of a small crater. "Is that your sister figure?" Lyn was very surprised to see she was looking tired and slightly beaten up but nothing too bad.

"That's her. Hey Keiko, you feeling tired?" the girl wrapped herself in his arms much to Lyn's ever so slight jealousy and then kissed him, Lyn feeling happy for them but also a little jealous.

"I'm fine. So brother, what's happening today?" Naruto gave a shrug as he turned to Lyn.

"Aren't we supposed to be going to get some food?" Lyn gave an approving nod, Keiko smiling. "Shall we get moving? I highly doubt the day will wait for us." Lyn gave another nod and the three of them headed off, passing by the hut and heading to the nearly town, which was approximately half an hour's walk.

For the entire duration of their journey to the small city, neither of the three spoke. Keiko had jumped onto Naruto and was holding onto him as he walked towards the city with her in one arm, her legs wrapped around his waist while Lyn walked the other side, keeping up with them and remaining quiet. Her mind however was full of thoughts about the various plainspeople who had escaped the night of the attack.

"Hey Lyn, is this the town?" Naruto's voice got her out of her thoughts as they arrived at the entrance, a set of stone walls making up the entrance to the small village. She nodded as they entered the small village with various people walking around, going about their daily activities. "So we need food and water and also some supplies."

"Yeah. I'll go get the supplies ok?" Naruto nodded as Lyn headed up the road, the blonde haired boy pulling out a flute and beginning to play gently. People who were all around paused to listen to his warm tune, listening to the slow warm sounding melody that entered their ears and filled them with a sense of inner peace.

Naruto's flute playing caught the attention of two knights who happened to be passing by, one of them wearing green armour and the other wearing red. Their horses that were with them both stood next to them, their chestnut brown skin gleaming warmly in the sunlight. They stood there, letting the gentle melody that Naruto was playing float through their ears and smiled to the various notes he was hitting.

"Good playing brother." Keiko told Naruto as he finished, earning him some money from a few villagers as the green armoured rider came over to them. "Yes? How can we help you?"

"Such a beauty!" he stated to Keiko, the girl looking slightly surprised as Naruto placed away his flute and saw Lyn walking out of the shop as the cavalier's companion came over to sort out his companion. "May I have the honour of your name?" Naruto gave a look of disbelief as her expression went dark.

"Sain! What have I told you about your attitude?" he reprimanded him before turning to Keiko. "My apologies miss. He does this a lot."

Keiko shook her head as Sain continued to ogle her, much to her annoyance. Naruto could easily tell what was going to happen as he began counting down in his mind. ''

As Lyn walked to Naruto's side about to question what the matter was there was a loud scream of pain as the two saw Keiko's leg shoot straight into the green armoured man's privates, making him drop to the ground and clutch his manhood. The red armoured knight stood there with an open jaw as Naruto shook his head, Lyn looking surprised but mentally cheering for Keiko's actions.

"Keiko." Naruto's tone had gone from calm to serious. "Heal him. He didn't know." The girl gave him a very offended pout before bending down and channelling a bit of chakra to her hands, using her medical skill to recover most of the damage done. "Now let's get going." Naruto began walking off alongside Keiko and Lyn as Sain stood up, the red armoured man glancing at Lyn with a confused look before scolding his companion.

As the three left Naruto noticed several bandits glaring at them, one with a scar stepping forward. "That's the girl. Kill her!" Lyn looked shocked as Naruto and Keiko moved in front of her, ready to keep her safe. Before the two immortals did anything a green and red blur shot in front of them, each holding a sword and lance. "Damned knights, always meddling in other's affairs."

Lyn sighed a breath of relief as Naruto and Keiko kept their guards up while the knights nodded. "Then we'll just kill you all!" the bandits scattered to their left, Naruto watching them leave and wait a good distance away from them, a few closer than others.

"Alright, I'm no strategist but I see multiple plans." Naruto told the group, the two knights nodding. "You two knights will take the bandit down there while Lyn and Keiko will take the bandit there. If any more show up, feel free to take them down." both knights nodded and shot to the bandit to their right while Lyn teamed up with Keiko to engage the bandit in front of them.

Naruto smiled as he saw Lyn and Keiko rip the axe wielding man apart with no problems as the other bandit landed a hit on Sain, the man giving a cry of pain as the red knight took him down. "Sain! Why aren't you using your sword?" the man scolded him, Naruto shaking his head.

"The lance looks more heroic." Sain replied, Naruto sweat dropping at his stupidity as the other knight gave him a serious look. "Ok, truth be told, I forgot to buy one."

"Oh, take my spare sword." the red knight took out a sword from the scabbard on his riding gear and handed it to him. "Next time your incompetence could cost you your life!" Sain shook his head as his companion turned his attention to the bandit next in line for his death.

"Allow me to make up for my previous mess up!" he took the sword out and placed the lance away and attacked the next bandit as Naruto moved towards the lead bandit's location, a fourth bandit attempting to get in a sneak attack on Lyn and Keiko but was easily dispatched. "Whoa! I missed?" Sain stated in shock as he missed the bandit and managed to evade the bandit's attack.

"Sain! Are you ok?" the red knight called as he evaded another strike from the bandit and retaliated with a powerful strike.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I missed my target though. How could he have dodged it so easily?" he questioned as the bandit tried another attack only to get Sain's sword in his chest, ending his life.

"Sain, the bandit was hidden in the trees. A branch must've got in your way." The knight's eyes widened in realisation as he nodded, placing a hand on his face where the branch did scrape him. "Make sure to keep your surroundings in check otherwise you could end up dead!"

Naruto shook his head at the two's interaction with each other as Keiko slammed her foot into a bandit's leg, completely shattering his kneecap and everything down from there. His head was soon missing from his shoulders courtesy of Lyn and the two women nodded to each other and returned to Naruto's side, ready to finish today's battle. Naruto gave them an approving nod to finish it and the two teamed up with the knights and shot forward as the last bandit gave them a growl.

He was finished within moments, unable to survive a four way pincer. "Ugh...blasted knights..." he managed to utter out before his last breath left him. Lyn gave a happy look to Naruto as Keiko promptly jumped her brother while the two knights got down from their mounts and stood by Lyn.

"Fantastic work Naruto! That's all of them!" Lyn smiled as Naruto broke the kiss and nodded, resuming it as Lyn addressed the two knights and began speaking with them, Naruto too busy with his kissing contest to pick up on their conversation, although he did catch certain parts of it.

"Um Naruto?" Keiko got off of Naruto with a disappointed look as Lyn got his attention. "I was speaking with the two knights and I learned that I have living family, a grandfather who lives in castle Caelin. If it's not too much to ask would you, um, t-travel with me?" she gave a very light blush as Naruto folded his arms.

"Sure. Keiko and I don't have anything better to do, and you could use some expertise in the sword." Lyn gave him a stare that easily read as 'shut up!' which Naruto laughed at. "You also owe me a spar." Lyn could only smile as the knights nodded to each other.

"I don't believe we've introduced ourselves fully." The red knight spoke up. "I am Kent and this is my companion Sain. The two of us are knights in the service to castle Caelin." Naruto gave him a nod of understanding.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, and I unfortunately fell from the sky." Lyn began giggling as Sain and Kent gave him a very disbelieving look. "Don't ask. Don't know how I got up there or why I was up there in the first place." Keiko proceeded to jump on Naruto, the immortal holding her up with one arm as she wrapped her legs around his waist. "This is Keiko, a sister and also a lover to me. We're not related."

"It is a pleasure to meet you." Kent gave a polite bow, whacking Sain with his lance to make him bow as well which he did, albeit reluctantly. "Shall we get moving? We have much ground to travel." Keiko got off of Naruto and the five began their travelling together, Lyn looking back at the bandits with a look of anger and slight sadness before turning her attention to the journey the five were now going on.

"Ah, the wind feels beautiful." Keiko rubbed her hand through her hair as the wind around them picked up, Naruto watching the grass blow in the wind, almost like a sea of green.

"That it does." Naruto replied as the group headed southwards towards their destination, the castle of Caelin. "So Kent, Sain, how long have you been in service to castle Caelin?"

"Six years." Kent told the blonde haired man. "The two of us were often given the same jobs, and we started training together and eventually became friends. Most of the knights would class us as rivals."

"Naruto!" Lyn called out, the group of four seeing her walking to the left. "There's a shrine here that is said to grant travellers safe passage to those who pray at it. Can we take a diversion to pray there please?"

"Unusual for a shrine to be around here!" Sain pointed out. "Although a diverted path won't really hurt." The others agreed with his words as they followed Lyn towards the shrine, Keiko taking a good look at Lyn's rear in the process before diverting her attention to Naruto and responding by jumping on him, Naruto carrying her bridal style with the group.

"Here we are." The five had arrived a few minutes later at the side of a small church, which had several houses southwards of them and a wall around it with a number of mountains to possibly slow down bandits or those trying to flee.

"Hold on." Naruto told the group, listening around. "It's quiet...too quiet for my liking." Keiko gave Naruto a slightly alarmed look as Lyn, Kent and Sain looked around. "Something's wrong, majorly wrong."

"Excuse me." a woman dressed in standard civilian clothing caught their attention. "Are you going to the shrine?" Naruto gave her a nod. "A few bandits arrived not too long ago and are intent on taking the blessed sword by force. Could you please do something about them?"

"Bandits attacking a sacred place! How despicable!" Sain stated as he drew out both his sword and lance, Kent doing the same. "Come Kent! Let us show them why they do not attack a sacred place!" Kent was in agreement as three bandits appeared, Lyn drawing out her sword as she shot towards them with the knights.

Naruto shook his head as he walked past the now dead bandits to the fortress, which would serve well as a small rest point in case one of the group were injured. "Hey Sain! Don't you think it would be a good idea to patch yourself up?" the knight gave an approving nod and shot over to the small fortress and looked inside for the items needed to patch himself up, Naruto returning to the others with Keiko to sort out the problem of the wall.

"We need an entrance through the wall." Lyn told Kent as Keiko was smiling. "Naruto? What are you-" before Lyn or Kent could stop him Naruto slammed his fist into the wall, effortlessly breaking the wall down like it was nothing. "Um...ok, we have our entrance."

"How did you do that?" asked Kent as Sain reappeared, looking patched up and his wounds having healed up somewhat. "Ok never mind, let's take them." Kent and Sain shot in and targeted one bandit who had charged them, easily killing him as a final bandit came in from the front door, Lyn taking care of him as Kent and Sain targeted the swordfighter trying to rip apart the shrine.

"Remember Naruto, we can't get involved that much." Keiko reminded him, Naruto wrapping an arm around his lover passionately. "Ooh...big brother..." she wrapped herself in his arms and kissed him, doing her best to try and best him in a battle of tongue, which she lost miserably at.

One of the main rules set by Kami and Shinigami was that Naruto and Keiko had to help out the hero or heroine of the world they were sent to in any way possible. They could however, by a certain loophole in the deity's laws, take a maximum of three people out of the world permanently and bring them to his side. Naruto spluttered in surprise that he was allowed to do such a thing although Keiko was happy about it, as it meant she got satisfaction from both sexes causing the blonde haired avatar to faint with a slight smile on his face.

Naruto would only do this if Keiko would say yes to it. The blonde haired immortal did not want to hurt her feelings, and even if he did take another woman into his life, he would treat her as his goddess like he does Keiko.

"Good work Sain. Good work Kent." Lyn said warmly as she approached the altar, seeing the bandit at the altar dead. Naruto and Keiko walked up to the altar as the priest, a quite old man dressed in blue robes, came out of the door.

"Your clothing...are you of the Lorca tribe?" the priest asked as Naruto looked at the sword on the altar, curiously looking at the blade.

"Yes I am. I am Lyndis, son of chief Hassar." Lyn replied to him.

"I see. Please step up to the altar. I will allow you to lay your hands upon the Mani Katti."

"Thank you!" exclaimed the green haired woman as she stepped up and placed her hands upon it, only for the weapon to glow. "Hm?"

"Ah, it seems the spirits have found you suitable. Not once have I come across someone capable of wielding the Mani Katti." Naruto watched as Lyn drew the sword from its resting place, staring in sheer amazement at the blade that rested in her hand.

"I...I don't believe it...the sword...finds me worthy?" Lyn repeated as she continued to look at the weapon, taking her leave out of the front door with the four of them following her. "Look everyone...the Mani Katti is in my hands..."

"The blade finds you worthy to wield, probably due to your kind-heartedness." Naruto explained, the trio turning to look at him. "I've read stories about how certain weapons have unique wielders, and become chosen masters of their trade. The weapon finds you worthy because of how kind you were." Lyn could only look confused at his words. "Here's an example. I was a complete stranger to you, yet you took me in and gave me food. If that isn't kindness then I don't know what is."

"Thank you Naruto." Lyn replied with a look of understanding. "Well, shall we press on? We have much ground to cover." The group nodded and continued on their way, Naruto looking at the group with a content smile on his face.

'This going to be damn good fun.' He thought with a smile.

Hello people! Yes this is me with my first fanfic, an immortal's adventure. This story will span nine different worlds and require Naruto's help, gaining himself a number of lovers before he eventually returns to his own. Yes Naruto is going to have a harem, and the people have already been decided for this world.

IMPORTANT: something I will say you may do. If you wish to continue with the fic AFTER Naruto has saved the world and left, you are more than welcome to do so. There are a few rules e.g. Naruto cannot return to the world, neither can the lovers he took with him but apart from that, you can go wild!

Also, you will get to vote for certain worlds for him to go in to assist in (out of a select amount or a game series (star ocean 3 or 4? For example)) and help out the hero/heroine/villains in that world. Yes Naruto is godlike, and is an immortal (he can die, but he just resurrects moments later) and can do things beyond what others can do.

Other notes: I have other planned stories on the way including a Disgaea/Naruto cross (with a majorly fucked up Harem to go with it) DMC/Naruto cross (with a harem but not as big) and possibly various others. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the first chapter of an immortal's adventure. HAPPY HOLIDAYS PEOPLE!