Author Note: Before you write this off as just another Edward and Bella sappy love story... please give it a chance. It will not be a typical Happily Ever After. I have worked hard on this story and really hope you all enjoy it. I plan to post once a week for this. I will be posting the first chapter right along with the epilogue. I want to say a quick thanks to my beta twilight-is-lovee, I almost gave up on this story but she convinced me it was worth it.

Love Hurts by Bon Jovi



Love hurts. That is the truest statement I have ever heard. When you truly love someone it creates a physical ache so strong that it's almost more painful than it is really worth.

I fell in love when I was seventeen and most people think this is a cliché but I truly found my soul-mate in Edward Cullen the summer before my senior year. There was a connection between us I just couldn't explain. Even the thought of saying goodbye to him at the end of the day caused my chest to ache and my breathing to become labored.

It never seemed to matter what we did, we could never get it right. It was like fate was playing with us. It dropped everything we could ever want right in front of our faces only to rip it away as soon as we got attached.

For years I pinned over Edward Cullen. I cried myself to sleep every night as the pain of being away from him ate away at me. Every time I thought I was over him, he came right back into the picture only to steal my heart again as he rode away on his proverbial white horse.


Isabella Swan. It's a name that can be a statement all its own. I fell in love with her the moment my eyes landed on her. Every breath that leaves my lungs is for her and only her, but I stupidly let her slip through my fingers time and time again.

At seventeen years old I experienced an emotional rollercoaster that most people only dream of riding. I fell in love, lost that love by all fault of my own and then got her back only to let her leave me again.

I vowed to make Bella my wife. I was determined to make her mine regardless of how long it took to make that happen. She was my only true love, my soul-mate, and we were put on this earth to be together but I consistently fucked everything up.

Bon Jovi sure knew what they were talking about when they wrote Love Hurts. It's a pain that never dulls. I love Isabella Swan and I will do anything to make her mine.

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